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  1. Ah dekhlo, feeling defensive are we??? Soft spot for Taksal??? And he hasn't even said anything offensive!! Yet you have the nerve to disrespect and do nindya of every single Samparda and Jatha that doesn't suit your narrow-minded cultish mindset. What was it you said? Oh yes..." They see a blue bana and a farla and the fan boys are going baba ji baba ji your are the best" How would you like it if I said: They see the name Khalsa Bhindrawale and the fan boys are going baba ji baba ji you are the best. Double standards isn't you gobshite.
  2. Again this is what we're fed. "islam means peace, islam is peace". I have never heard such bollocks in my life. There was nothing peaceful about their demented leaders life. I just read that article on SikhNet. I have no idea what drugs that man on twitter has been taking. He is a left-wing whackjob. As are the people commending him.
  3. I wouldn't read anything on there. They are all hippies who look like Sikhs.
  4. Bro this is what they want you to believe. By their own law they are allowed to lie about the nature of their faith to keep it prospering. Mass terror and conversion by the sword have been policies of islam since day one. If you spend enough time around muslims you'll see what I mean. They have been doing everything you said from the beginning. You just need to look at their own history. We are fed all these lies and have been bombarded with them so much, they have now become the norm and if you speak out the truth you are labeled an "Islamaphobe". Islam is a disgusting and vile cult and God ain't got nothing to do with it. Hell even Satan (pun intended) wouldn't go next to them. It's a huge misconception that Guru Nanak Dev Ji's companion was a muslim. Many of the friendly stories and interactions between Sikhs and islamists are a load of bollocks barring a few. Any even those were with muslims who are considered heretics.
  5. I would seriously reconsider this viewpoint. Expand on this point.
  6. Nah say what's on your mind. Your views are most welcome here bro.
  7. Doubt Sikhnet will help. Diplomacy is bullsh!t.
  8. It's such a dreadful thought that our minds won't even entertain it. Almost stops us from even empathising. Someone actually said to me imagine if it was us, and we haven't bothered to think about it since.
  9. Nah Baba Ji, pakhandis like me canny be sava lakh. The only one of those that I don't like is sitins but that's just me personally. Give me example scenarios of each, get the ball rolling here. I need to see creativity (or smoke it) before I can be creative.
  10. And off the top of your head, kinni janta chai di ah? The way you said plan something and carry it out sounds very Taliban lol.
  11. Yes you are on a watch list. And if I was you, I wouldn't ask how I know. You better hope Baba Ram Singh Namdhaari doesn't come back to kick your arse mate.
  12. Me too bro, we've done jack all really. And look, just like every other campaign this one has died down too. You mention Bapu Surat Singh to someone now and they're like "who?". Not saying we should take huge risks but temporary risks. Right so you're saying something that verges on public disorder, disturbing the peace? Being a major pain in the arse? Getting reactions and provoking?
  13. Hypothetically we could order a bomb on the dark web maybe? It'll be like "Pow! Right in the kisser!" No but seriously what did you have in mind bro?
  14. Recipes

  15. I would have thought that Gravesend Gurdwara would have sevadaars for shoes like Havelock Road does. Should keep chappals in the car for when you go Gurdwara.
  16. Do you ever actually do veechaar with Sikhs or only with people of other faiths?
  17. Recipes

    Fair enough Singh. I see where you're coming from, and yes it's wise to be cautious around people from other communities given our history. But so far he's not said anything offensive or anything that overtly or covertly suggests he's a white supremacist. However I do understand your frustration bro in regards to the things mentioned above. If he does display any signs of inappropriate or unacceptable views, I will be right there to report him with ya. Until then, a benti, just try and take it a little easier on him. We have far more apne fudus on here who are constantly spewing bakwaas and have said far worse than he has, and if anything their intentions are certainly more nefarious. And yes, I watched a video on how ridiculous yoga is in the US. It's super annoying. I feel like a hypocrite now too because I was just watching Tommy Robinson videos haha. He's a right geezer. Can't fault some of his views though.
  18. Recipes

    You have access to all the required ingredients in Reno.
  19. Overcast? I have heard that before but as of yet I do not know where I stand on it.
  20. Recipes

    Lol yeah man. Fell asleep before I got stoned though.
  21. Recipes

    I've had them before bro.
  22. Changes as an Amritdhari

    What story?
  23. Nitnem of gursikhs/sants

    Maafi bakhsho Singh Sahib.
  24. Changes as an Amritdhari

    It might have been non-alcoholic!