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  1. Changes as an Amritdhari

    This should be a thread in its own right and be put in the gupt section as a sticky!
  2. Changes as an Amritdhari

    I've actually never read any of Bhai Gurdas Ji's Kabits. Attend Katha of the Vaaran and have read some of Pandit Hazaara Singh's steek. They are absolutely mind-blowing. Sangat, yes. Non-Sikh, yes. Bemukh, yes. Guru Sahib, not sure. Guru Sahib of course knows everything - antajami, but, I cannot imagine Guru Sahib looking upon a Sikh with judgement. It's hard to describe with words without giving an impression of duality. Guru Sahib will always know what you did, that is now part of your lekha but saying the stain remains in the sight of Guru Sahib sounds a bit Judeo-Christian to me. Do you see where I'm coming from? I would agree on the point of such a prachaarak. No they shouldn't have a right to preach but it all depends on the situation. I mean I didn't watch the videos but they were all buying booze and were quite well aware of their actions. But we should also remember that many preachers and Kirtanis are not really Sikh nor do they have any intention of living like one. It's a job, nothing more. We just assume they're Dharmic bande.
  3. Changes as an Amritdhari

    A moorakh like me would need to listen to Katha on this. For now, what in your opinion, is the summary of what you posted? The blemish of apostasy remains in the eyes of who? Guru Sahib? The public? The apostate himself? I can understand that it remains but what exactly is it saying? Is this blemish one of distrust?
  4. Changes as an Amritdhari

    The Katha was Taksali based if that makes it any easier for you to understand where I was coming from. They have a certain flavour and way of explaining things. With Taksalis sometimes it's the small things that stick with you, and it's amazing how just hearing something once has the ability to change your soch, hell even your speech pattern! I completely get what you mean though. Guess it was just a misunderstanding, apologies brother.
  5. Changes as an Amritdhari

    My post was actually based on Katha, and so was originally narrated in Punjabi but thanks for the explanation. Personally I know nothing brother, I was merely talking about what I was told. What I was told made sense to me, if it doesn't to you then i can't really do anything about that. The Katha was about how Amrit has been reduced in status if you will, the Mahaanta given to Amrit. Not saying you're wrong but we all see it with a different perspective. Amrit is unbreakable. This is partly a matter of semantics. If one commits a bajjar kurehat they're on suspension. We're probably not gonna agree on this point because I don't believe Amrit can be "broken". And to say so, is wrong in my book. Or he was quite clearly slamming Amrit and Amritdharis. He said taking Amrit is fake. If you still think he's concerned why don't you counsel him? To me it actually seems he had all the answers to his questions in his own mind, they all seemed rhetorical. His post wasn't exactly the kind you'd expect to find on a thread about an individual who is planning on taking Amrit now is it?
  6. Khanga arm

    Gurvah Ji Ka Khalsa Gurvah Ji Ki Fateh.
  7. Khanga arm

    That looks familiar...
  8. Khanga arm

    Team up? Naam hug?
  9. Khanga arm

    Sorry I've already started the Pesh Booth Initiative. You're welcome to join as a pastor though.
  10. What I'm about to say in not in hankaar, just fact. I was one of those mone, granted I didn't have the skills or knowledge to do katha but I had a deep desire for Sikhi and I knew a decent amount for a beginner. Being pushed away didn't necessarily harm me, it harmed the Panth though (no I'm not saying I'm some Panth Rattan). Some people will never truly know what one experiences being a mona who's interested in Sikhi. There's a saying which is used by people who have addictions and are in recovery: "Talking with people who don't have first hand knowlegde of addiction is much akin to showing a dog a card trick...", the logic behind the quote can sometimes be compared to the experience of mone. You are judged on appearance alone and peoples preconceived notions that by being a mona you're showing disloyalty to the panth. Which is ridiculous. There are plenty of mone who have love for Sikhi, who are we judge them and guilt trip them. With Maharaaj Kirpa they'll keep their kes when the time is right. I can't say where we should draw the line but there needs to be some reform, that's for sure. Simply have kes doesn't mean jack in Kalyug. I really think kes is pointless if there isn't any prem for Sikhi because in most instances one only decides to keep their kes after something heartfelt, not guilt or expectations. Parents keeping the kes of kids is a different story, that should be encouraged.
  11. Sanatan Sikhi will always have a place for them.
  12. We complain because we don't have enough Sikhs in politics. When we do have one we still complain because he's not a Mahapurkh. A generalisation that one could make is Sikhs in political power have not always adhered to maryada as strictly as janta. The same is true for many other communities, and just like Jagmeet they know where their loyalties lie - for the qaum. I find it hard to believe that his motives are otherwise. If they were, he would have been at an advantage had he still been a mona rather than an Amritdhari. While there's no doubt that Raajneeti from a Dharmic perspective should always contain elements of righteousness, the means to reaching the primary objective, which I believe in this case to be the betterment of the Sikh Qaum and amassing political influence and power to wield in the international arena, may well be outwardly adharmic. This especially applies at a personal level whereby one may be exempt from certain religious laws to serve the greater good. Executing Ranneeti and Raajneeti simply cannot be held to the standards of Rehat Maryada namely due to the fact that this is Kalyug. As stated in another post we cannot and should not expect the neetikaars to be pious and religious figures. Unless of course we're happy being personae non gratae forever. If it later becomes evident that his motivations, intentions, and loyalties lie elsewhere, by all means tear him down.
  13. Pimple hair

    I'm in a position where if I make a joke, there is a high risk of it being taken seriously. So I'm actually gonna be serious and say, no I don't believe Sikhs actually do this. Doing ardaas halfway through has to be the most ridiculous thing I've heard. If one had such self-control in the first place, one would not be in that situation. Although it might work if you're praying for some divine contraception there. Japping Naam on the job...just plain weird, super weird.
  14. Pimple hair

    He's still a baalak. I think he's confused maryada with what he learnt in his sex education classes.