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  1. The current government desires to exterminate the autonomous Sikh Identity by nationalizing it. These anniversary celebrations were nothing more than a veiled opportunity to strike at the roots of Sikhi by alleging that Sikh Gurus were nationalists and not humanitarians. Shame to our so-called Sants and Jathedars who fell head-over-heels for this line and are still touting it.
  2. As a side note, the name Harbi is etymologically related to the concept of Dar al Harb or the House of War i.e. the domain of the infidel.
  3. They are basically interested in making a buck. Madra is an exception, Nidar and Parmjit are plain bandwagon hoppers. Publishing Keay seems to go against their mission of exhibiting pre-colonial Sikhi. Now that Nidar is in Germany, he has remarried with a woman from 3HO. It should be noted that initially the man opposed them and is now in cohorts with them. Basically he's selling garbage to the incredulous and convincing them that he is some supreme martial artist.
  4. I personally believe that the rise of Christianity, in the Roman psyche, crystallized modern day Christianity we know today.
  5. Another school of thought propounds that he was only a pedagogue, a radical whose image was conveniently built up to ratify the digression of Christian doxa from that of the parent Jewish.
  6. Dancing is the newest stereotype for Sikhs. There is an impression, in some, that we are only good for dancing our butts off and nothing else.
  7. Funnily enough some members, on this forum, contend that he has full right to spread such rot because he is a mahapurakh. In New-Zealand he performed an ardass that may all his foes die of the plague. They are still hale and hearty...
  8. After the 'T' you only require 5 more letters and the dark clouds start gathering.
  9. You want the name of the Baba? Or would you prefer Pandora's chest to remain locked?
  10. Even the UK based Kashi House can be accused of bias. Academia is non-existent where Sikh socio-politics or religio-politics are concerned.
  11. And can you clarify why this comment may be indicative of 'deep rooted hatred?'
  12. Pretty rich coming from a troll himself. Crawl back under your bridge.
  13. Unfortunately I don't produce any garbage. Try the local dump maybe?