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  1. Mods, is it possible to actually get Jonny back on this thread whenever he returns to the forum?
  2. A common human is a being full of the five vices. The Guru probably insisted on humanity (the concept of) rather than being a human. Two different things.
  3. Baba Khan Singh was Baba Binod Singh Ji's brother. "Dohra : Sri Guru Angad Dev (the Second Sikh Guru) and Sri Guru Amardas (the third Sikh Guru), Belonged to the Trehan and Bhalla sub-castes of (Sareen) Kshtriyas. (Their descendents Baba Binod Singh and Kahan Singh) received Khande-ki-Pahul3 , (And became members of the Khalsa Panth) as initiated Singhs. (1) Chaupai : While Bhai Kahan Singh was a brother of (Baba) Binod Singh Trehan, Baba Ram Singh Bhalla had another brother (Daya Singh). All of them donned the blue Khalsa robes, And adorned their turbans with dagga studded steel rings. (2) They partook their food in the prescribed steel bowls, And meditated upon the Timeless (Akal) Divine Almighty. When the revered (tenth) Guru Gobind Singh willed it so, They were deputed to accompany Banda Singh (to Punjab). (3) A large contingent of Khalsa Panth force was deputed to accompany them, In order to avenge the death of Sahibzadas from the Mughals. They were ordered to proceed against the Mughals and Hill chiefs, And destroy them after meting out severe punishments. (4) They were ordered to seize power from the Mughals and Hill chiefs, And gradually become sovereigns (in their place). The Khalsa Panth accepted the Guru’s express will, And joined their forces with the Banda Singh’s force. (5)" -Sri Gur Panth Prakash, pg. 453.
  4. Baba Baaz Singh Ji (son of Baba Binod Singh ji) was actually Shahid at Delhi.
  5. Why are you trying to digress from the topic at hand? The so-called letter of Bhai Mani Singh Ji has already been proven to be a forgery done much later. We have more solid evidence in the form of Mughal communications (quoted in Gupta's 'History of the Sikhs,') the Sri Gur Panth Prakash, Suraj Prakash and so forth.
  6. Typical Jonny; if other threads are anything to go by, then he has run off now.
  7. Jonny, on a personal level I have never had any problems with you on this forum. However when you start constructing "facts" to build a theory, I am sure more than one individual desires to silence you. Number 1: Dr. Ganda Singh's work is not without error and here's why: 1.) He is of the mind (or this is the impression we get) that Ratan Singh Bhangu exacerbated certain elements in his Sri Gur Panth Prakash to paint Baba Banda Singh as a villain. He contends that Banda did not desire to be sovereign, but himself admits: 'With the establishment of his power, Banda Singh assumed regal state.' -'Life of Banda Singh Bahadur,' 1935, pg. 80. Jagjit Singh touches upon this point, in his 'Percussions of History, and elaborates that in a period of ideological ascendancy the Khalsa would have never tolerated individual leadership as the entire Panth was sovereign and not just one Sikh. Why the Doctor doesn't touch upon this point is a bit of a mystery. 2.) He asserts that the salutation of "Fateh Darshan" adopted by Banda was a war cry ('A Short History of the Sikhs,' vol. I, pg. 92). This then was abandoned as it was feared that it might replace the Khalsa greeting. There is nothing provided to substantiate the premises of such a fear; why would the Khalsa abandon it's Guru given greeting? The Doctor doesn't say. 3.) In a transliteration of Banda's edict, dated Poh 12; Sammat 1, the Doctor touches upon Banda's following injunction: 'Do not eat meat, fish or onion...' He elaborates that: 'this injunction, for which there is no sanction in Sikhism, shows some of the old predilections lurking in Banda's mind.' (Ibid, pg. 92). We are never told how the Khalsa received this edict, and what it made out of these "old predilections." (It is crucial to note here that in the above point, there is subtle concurrence with Bhangu). Dr. Dhillon, another Banda scholar, would assert that prior researchers (including Dr. Ganda Singh) never provided or even utilized a full index of primary sources to narrate Banda's life but rather regurgitated familiar sources. Kudos to Dr. Ganda Singh for his research, but he was a man of facts and sometimes the facts flabbergasted him to such a level that he had to provide assertions, rather than evidence, to attempt to verify his own standing. Number 2: Here is a recording of Sant Jarnail Singh Ji. http://www.gurmatveechar.com/audios/Katha/01_Puratan_Katha/Sant_Jarnail_Singh_(Bhindran_wale)/41_Questions_with_Sant_Jarnail_Singh_Ji_Bhindrawalae/Sant.Jarnail.Singh.(Bhindra.wale)--41.Questions.with.Sant.Jarnail.Singh.Ji.Bhindrawalae.Part.01.mp3 What are his exact words? "When Baba Banda Singh Ji- in error- expressed a desire to have his persona worshiped, Baba Deep Singh Ji opposed him..." This is also verified by the Sri Panth Prakash. Several prominent jathas, under the command of Baba Binod Singh, left Banda owing to religious differences. However the Panth Prakash, for all its faults, also states that Banda himself then accepted the error of his ways during the last days of the Gurdas Nangal siege. His shaheedi and remorse so impressed the Khalsa, that the Panth held an ardass at Sri Darbar Sahib and forgave him. I do not know what you think about Sant Jarnail Singh Ji, but from what I have witnessed Hari Singh Randhavewale is a charlatan. Our differing views aside, hopefully this audio puts the matter to the rest and prevents you from slagging off more Gursikhs? Nor do you provide any substantiation of how Binod Singh constructed the canards, and how they proliferated to such a degree in the Panth. Usually when cornered, your type claim either brainwashing or RSS.
  8. Khalara actually researched his subject, I have always believed that the Akalis did him in.
  9. Hindu scriptures and the Koran are notorious for emphasizing fabrication. With the amount of right wing fundamentalism injected into India, Hindus are making some absurd claims.
  10. Akali Dal has betrayed the Panth since inception. The Sant was well aware of this fact.
  11. Why Sant Jarnail Singh Ji did not trust the pseudo-Sikhs of the Akali-Dal or the S.G.P.C https://tisarpanthdotcom.wordpress.com/2016/12/23/friends-and-foes/
  12. Is this site, Tisarpanth, right in saying this? https://m.facebook.com/Tisarpanth/photos/a.296605053810306.1073741828.296603627143782/857033257767480/?type=3&notif_t=like&notif_id=1480825807964917&ref=m_notif A https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=855210191283120&id=296603627143782
  13. Some exceptional excerpts from a rare interview with Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji Manochahl (BTFK):- Q. Is there any hope of the militants joining Akali leaders? A. Frankly Akali Dal leaders are irrelevant and most of them want the militants to be exterminated. Those who speak for us, do it only out of for fear of the bullet. Q. But Simranjit Singh Mann has been speaking for the militants. A. Mann is mentally bankrupt and keeps contradicting himself, which could be due to his torture in jail. I have met him and I have been disappointed. His bankruptcy is indicated by the people in his group. One of them sells opium and another used to refer to Sant Bhindranwale as a Chambal dacoit and Congress(I) agent. Yet Mann claims to uphold the ideals of Sant Bhindranwale. He thinks no end of himself just because he spent four years in jail. Read more at: https://tisarpanthdotcom.wordpress.com/2016/11/05/from-the-killing-fields/
  14. Tisarpanth??? They focus on the more sociopolitical side of things though.
  15. Validate is too weak. I propose justify.