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  1. Does anyone have any newspapers etc, from the time, regarding Santa Singh's 22 misdeeds mentioned in the below article? http://www.1984tribute.com/Jhujaroo-Jeevani.php?id=395
  2. Diwala sounds something like a masculinization of Diwali. Otherwise I am just asking my question based on the conflicting theories which I have heard over the years.
  3. Chaare Sahibzaade Past Lives???

    Its a metaphor, but the Sang Samaj thrives on conflating metaphor with reality.
  4. Chaare Sahibzaade Past Lives???

    This myth is actually found in the Gurbilas Patshahi Dasvi. A few months back the controversial Iqbal Deen, Jathedar of Patna Sahib, narrated it from on-stage.
  5. Just a kid impersonating an adult- he will grow out of it soon enough. We were all like this in our early days- gay or not.
  6. Why don't you make a thread about this as well? "Jacfsing2's blindness will bring about the demise of Sikh sovereignty..."
  7. The kid makes sweeping generalisations, when he is caught out he whinges and makes a thread claiming minority status.
  8. Exposing 13 Mirch's blatant verbal abuse

    Not into unhealthy foods like that, jhatka Maas though is what I prefer. Please, construct a new insult with that- something like: "you kanjar manmukh, you do jeev hatheya and think you are a soorma"
  9. Exposing 13 Mirch's blatant verbal abuse

    I never advised you to stop though, keep going. You accuse me of harassing you since day one, I request you to provide all the evidence- instead, you elect to beat a retreat by resorting to imprecations.
  10. Exposing 13 Mirch's blatant verbal abuse

    Do keep this thread up though. Next time you feel like having a whinge, we will all return here. OK? And the digression and the retreat? Lost steam already?
  11. Want me to shed a few tears? Just asking.... You are treating your own homosexuality as an Achilles heel: " I am gay, don't #%&@ with me."
  12. Got some more? Keep the vitriol flowing my fine friend. P.S. I never claimed masculinity but maybe you can make a thread on that as well? '13mirch is a radical masculine taking it out on poor me...'
  13. Exposing 13 Mirch's blatant verbal abuse

    You are playing the victim card, please go through all the threads where we have interacted and post up all the times I have given you affront- also please do not forget to check your inbox, in case that may evade you.