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  1. And when these two sacrifice Panthic needs to political expediency then all their Sikh supporters can cry us a flood of biblical proportions.
  2. Don't revert back to your base state... it will only derail an otherwise profound discussion.
  3. Maybe having researched the text, in question, before elaborating on it could have saved time.
  4. Probably setting up more base camps to launch attacks from lol.
  5. 'Did not promote inequality' and then, 'support structural inequalities?' Self-defeat in one go isn't it?
  6. I believe that problems with belief/ideology might be the problem e.g. Caste is a part and parcel of Hindu belief or a majority of it. Is criticizing Caste akin to criticizing Hindus as a whole?
  7. Naipul, in his India Rediscovered, states that given the diversity of Hindu society (Hindu being a geographical label) it was very easy for the British to re-engineer it into some form of a politico-religious philosophy. Men like Dayanand Saraswati, schooled in Occidental thought, were conveniently maneuvered into prominent positions from whence they could argue that akin to Christianity Hinduism too was a monolithic religious tradition. The evolution of this re-construction is the ultra-orthodox brand of nationalism which we see today in in India i.e. Hindutva, where Hindu (as per the fundamentalists) is synonymous with Indian and nationalistic.
  8. Historic manuscripts should also be utilized.
  9. What I find humorous is that the very parameters, of identity, utilized to define "colonial Sikhi" versus "pre-colonial Sikhi" are somewhat ambiguous. In relation to Hinduism, it is argued that modern Sikhi is but a Europeanized revamping; yet if the same parameters are applied to Hinduism then it emerges that Hinduism too is a Europeanized revamping.
  10. The Waqf board, look it up. Alam was KPS Gill's blue-eyed baby; an individual, who I spoke to and who was one of his victims, described him as being a lunatic seeing himself avenging the "persecution of innocent Muslims by the Sikhs and their Gurus." The Badal mafia brought his wife to power and lent him some prominence.
  11. Why don't you enlighten us to the theocratic elements in the Sikh state?
  12. Ex-DGP Izhar Alam runs his own outfit which is a facsimile of the UK grooming gangs,
  13. The Nirmalas were probably the most corrupt order at the time. We all know how Mehtab Singh, and his patrons at Patiala, joined the British in creating a new "loyalist" Sikh identity. His fellows were soundly thrashed at Hazoor Sahib. Unable to fight, they took to publishing literature downplaying the role of other Sikhs and glorifying their own so-called "unsullied" Sikhi. This is where the Sanataan School of Thought really came from.