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  1. I have been a member of this forum since late 2011, during these last few years I have witnessed a great many changes in the administration and content of this forum. The current toe line, however, seems to be focusing more on aligning dissident opinion with the majority's through the use of bans and heavy moderation which-in most cases- I believe to be generally uncalled for. I understand that this is only my view, but nonetheless it is a concern which has been voiced on this forum several times before. At the end of the day, whilst profusely thanking all fellow accounts, I will also request the mods to pay heed to my reason for leaving this forum: Sikhi was never based on a majority consensus opinions where Jathebandi fanboys had rule of the roost. I don't understand, then, why this forum has mods who swiftly expunge any content which they deem to be an antithesis of their own cherished perceptions.
  2. Oh Guru Ji, look at the Nihangs of today. Even Nawab Kapur Singh will shed tears of blood when he sees the Nangta of Santa Singh's acolytes: Note : Link edited. Let’s remember gurpurab and shaheedi dihara going on this month.
  3. Thats a mess all this violence you mentioned They have gone on the attack again:
  4. Ranjit Singh, himself had a part to play. Despite the tenth master's injunctions to the contrary, he attached us to Hindu norms of "divine" autocracy. https://tisarpanthdotcom.wordpress.com/2017/06/06/raj/
  5. If you scrutinize this "social media prachaar" trend where individuals or groups set up blogs/sites to analyze Sikhi, you will see several patterns emerging. Initially you have what can be called the more idealistic sites such as Sikh Reality with it's prachaar of the Sri Sarbloh Granth. Such sites only provide a quixotic viewpoint from their own relevant associates and refuse to acknowledge any other analytical exegesis of their content. I am sure that if were to ask them to demarcate between allegory and praxis, regarding some of their posts, we will basically end up with the cliched moan of 'Sanataan Sikhi is far more superior than your Singh-Sabha Sikhi.' We then have Ramblings of a Sikh which caters to a broader audience, is analytical and deals with a range of issues. Come a bit further down we then have independent bloggers such as Ranveersp who personally share the fruits of their research online and are open to debate etc. And then we have sites like Tisarpanth- 100% aggressive and terror to friend and foe both. They are right in your face and aren't afraid to criticize. I believe that the first category will always try to efface these last two categories because essentially they are at war with each other (in a general sort of way).
  6. Possibly disillusionment?
  7. Regarding sampradas, though, they seem to have a few good points. I mean they support jhatka and all that but not the people using it as an excuse for eating meat.
  8. They are on Facebook, ask them. Plus how's the nang a good guy?
  9. Few years prior this entire scenario got out of hand. Nihangs attacking houses and having their own houses attacked in turn.
  10. Budha-Dal UK's gaap is that their dear Baba received money from the sangat for his "kar-seva."
  11. Tisarpanth is another site which, initially related to the Nihangs, has broken off with them. You can already see the war brewing on their facebook page. For example look at this present article and the byline for it on their blog: https://tisarpanthdotcom.wordpress.com/2017/12/14/heads-on-palms/
  12. I witnessed Thakur Singh shenanigans in New-Zealand, personally, but when I posted an article on this forum regarding Thakur Sio's gaaps our residential mahapurakh (at the time), a certain N30 S1NGH had the posts removed.
  13. As someone whose nearest and dearest perished during the Delhi, Kanpur and Calcutta pogroms I have full empathy for Pav Singh's expose which- if there are any doubts- has only recently been published by Kashi House. But it seems quite uncanny that Kashi House would elect to publish such a book. I feel compelled to theorize that in the aftermath of Nidar and Parmjit's warm reception at Nanded, and Nidar Nang's messy divorce, the publication of this book is only an opportunity to gain more associates and play with their emotions. It might sound ludicrous, at this stage, but I am sure Parmjit and the Nang's upcoming four volume release on the Budha-Dal will simply undo Pav Singh's work.
  14. Think Parmjit, of Kashi House, might soon go down?
  15. In the past few years, owing to a boom in the field of Sikh Studies, we have witnessed a number of impressionable Sikh youth fall under the sway of Nihang Dals in Europe. Whereas the Dals of the past were famed for their martial prowess and political pull, their modern-day counterparts are nothing more than hollowed out shades. Budha-Dal UK, for all it's seva, has ultimately been backed in the corner owing to several factors: 1.) It was initially adamant that Nidar Singh was not connected, in any form, to the RSS. The man's own admission, and controversial actions at Nanded, flew in the face of their pretexts and ultimately they were forced to go into damage control mode. 2.) They stringently opposed Balbir Singh's Jathedari and promulgated Baba Joginder Singh Ji as Jathedar in the imprisoned Baba Surjit Singh Ji's stead. Baba Joginder Singh, slowly, was assimilated into Balbir Singh's faction and now openly supports him and espouses his chieftainship. 3.) It cannot be denied that in his initial years Santa Singh performed seva for the Panth, but his connections with Congress are already well known among Nihangs and non-Nihangs alike. He openly espoused Giani Zail Singh's chief-ministry of Punjab, received a police escort, received governmental amnesty whenever he forcefully captured prime land or an eatery, and in the 80's was let off for having fellow Nihangs like Ranjit Singh Balangan and his family murdered. The UK Nihangs, contrary to history, are brainwashing their young acolytes into believing that he was some sage who opposed the "demonic" Sant Jarnail Singh or forewarned him against the Akalis- its an archetypal pretext from the Dal, "we don't support the Akalis, lets use this as an excuse whenever we shaft the Panth..."- no ready consensus is available, even from among the Nihangs themselves, as to what Santa Singh did: did he oppose the Dharam Yudh Morcha or did he endorse it? Such nefarious activities will surely prove detrimental in the future if not arrested swiftly. There needs to be pressure put on various foreign based Nihang Dals to implement transparency in their doings and provide a general indication of how they will resolve the historic differences which have crept up between them and the mainstream. Otherwise their present obsolescence will push them into oblivion in the near future.