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  1. Sant Preet Singh Ji, " Shakti aa jani ya kramata da dhani ban jana hor gal hai, prantu hukum man ke rehna, hukum nu pshanana vadhi gal hai" Matlab rab di raza vich rehna chahida hai, usde shreek nahi banana chahida.
  2. Sant Isher Singh ji Nanaksar Kalerawale : " yaar honge, milan ge aape... Chit nu tikane rakhiye"
  3. I think because it's a highly spiritual to do dhyaan at forhead for ghrists, as they might get immense bairaag and want to leave the gresth jeewan, it might be advisable at later age. But ones who have Guru sahibs kirpa might do it and still be good in their gresth jeewan.
  4. ^^ waheguru ji.....raja bhagirath met Guru Nanak Sahib which changed his life and he became a Gursikh. fyi: some sidh jogis like gorakh nath became Guru sahib's followers too. We should not raise our finger at anyone if we don't have enough knowledge about the topic. Bhai Mokham Singh ji is very respected and learned Singh and he has earned this respect with Guru sahib's kirpa.
  5. Sant Baba Isher Singh Ji Kalerawale:- There are 4 types of sikhs 1. Oonghe - who come in the sangat and sleep 2. Soonghe - Ones who keep looking for others mistakes 3. Doonghe - Ones who listen to Gurbani and go deep in it to understand 4. Choonghe - Ones who get "Ras" from Gurbani Gursikh has to be either doonghe or choonghe.
  6. Beautiful Aad Waheguru Jugaad Waheguru.mp3 Hao Tumri Karao Nit Aas.mp3 Kya Jana Kya Hoega Ree Maayi.mp3
  7. Thank You Mehtab veerji, but the other onw is the one, actually by Surinder Singh Jodhpuri, not Harjinder Singh Srinagarwale Thank You Singhbj ji http://www.sikhnet.com/gurbani/audio/hoye-nimana-dhah-pavey
  8. anybody please.....this is beautiful shabad by Bhai Harjinder Singh ji Srinagarwale, just remember this tuk.
  9. Sant Baba Gurdial Singh ji Tandewale:- "In coming 10-15 years our generation will be born handicapped and abnormal, because of what we are doing today. We want or have only one boy who has turned "amli and shraabi". On the top of that, we are killing unborn girls, who were supposed to give births to "sant / bhagat / soorme". We are worse than animals, because even they never killl their own children. Wake up sangat ji. We'll not see any normal person in 10-15 years, tusin taras jaaoge"
  10. Sant Baba Gurdial Singh ji Tandewale:- "One who lives for others, remains in "anand" all the time" "Jehra doojeya layi jeeonda hai, oh hamesha anand vich rehnda hai"