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  1. Creation Myths: A Look at Hindu and Sikh Texts

    ONGKAAR is the most ridiculous innovation in sikhism. there's no 'G' sound there. It is OANKAAR (read dakhni oankar baani by Guru Nanak where its clearly written "Oankaar" ) the original sound is "Oan" , not "Om" but since in sanskrit , 'n' and 'm' are very close maatras , some people confused 'n' for 'm'
  2. Creation Myths: A Look at Hindu and Sikh Texts

    Yes I understood you were referring to three abrahamic faiths. Churning of sea and arrival of ganga etc are mythological stories which aim to deliver a point. I think somewhere in SGGS there's spiritual exposition of churning of sea and 14 things and what those 14 things actually mean. I heard a katha on it by maskeen ji
  3. Creation Myths: A Look at Hindu and Sikh Texts

    what makes you think we don't share atleast some creation similarity with hinduism ? Hindu texts say Parbrahm created universe and three gods by uttering "om" . We say it was done by uttering "oankar" (Dakhni oankar baani) Political agendas aside (RSS, etc) , I think hindu texts go in much deeper detail . Baani avoids it as its pointless exercise when you can barely save your soul in one human janam.
  4. Gurdwara Act rarely elects religious people for SGPC

    Geez, this one makes me cringe . "The editing of baani" . Wait , are you saying the SGGS we have today is edited from the original one ? Are there omissions or additions in it ? I doubt though
  5. BJP , the political arm of RSS is seeking to gain control over Delhi Gurudwaras via elections. Till now DSGMC is managing gurudwara affairs. BJP national secretary RP Singh justified the demand: “What’s wrong in it? When the two parties have been together for many years, then what’s the wrong in contesting gurdwara polls the same way?” http://www.hindustantimes.com/punjab/bjp-demand-to-contest-gurdwara-polls-rattles-partner-shiromani-akali-dal/story-8qXMIEsTED2kb7RoByY1zO.html
  6. Life on other planets

    Its not hindi bro. Its gurbaani
  7. Chaare Sahibzaade Past Lives???

    I have an english translation of 10 main upanishads (final layer of vedas), incase you wanna read it . I have attached a copy. Also you can see "Upanishad Ganga" serial on youtube. Nice spiritual stuff. DISCLAIMER : I consider SGGS as my only guru. The other scriptures are merely for knowledge gaining purpose. upnsds.pdf
  8. Life on other planets

    "Awwal allah noor upaya . Kudrat ke sab bande. Ek noor teh sab jag upjeya, kaun bhale kau mande". "Sab meh jyot , jyot hai soe . Tis ke chaanan sab main chaanan hoe"
  9. Chaare Sahibzaade Past Lives???

    Whoever that "saint" is bring in front of me, I would like to smithereen his arguments . This is EXACTLY why I insist sikhs should read Upanishads and other vedantic literature. This is EXACTLY why Guru Gobind Singh ji maharaj said Sikhs should read other religion's scriptures too. Firstly, there are 3 principal hindu deities , Brahma Vishnu and Shiva . Mahesh is just another word for shiva. But if you opt to take a spiritual dive , as per as both Hindu and Sikh scriptures, Shiva (the guy with snakes around his head and using trishul) is actually Mahadev . Shiva as per yogic literature is more deeper . Its the conscious aspect of brahm(waheguru ji ). Shakti on the other hand is creative and destructive aspect of natural force, another aspect of brahm. So Brahm has 2 aspects in universe : first is shakti (matter and energy) and the second is shiva (consciousness that impregnates matter and brings it to life). Thus shakti is thought of as female, while shiva is considered male. This is represented in hindu mythology as Shiva being mahadev , while shakti is durga/chandi/Saraswati , etc other goddesses. But both shiva and shakti have Parbrahm or waheguru ji as their base . Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaj says in Tav prasad chaupai "Anhad roop Anaahad Baani. Charan Sharan jeh basat Bhavani" (Beautiful is thy roop, Unstruck thy speech O lord, Even Bhavani (durga) seeks the refuge of your feet). As per hindu scriptures themselves, the three deities are subject to birth and death. So , no I don't feel 4 saahibzaade were incarnations of hindu gods .
  10. @13Mirch , you were the first to call me gaandu. So please don't call me names. Otherwise I have no problem with u. If u felt offended , sorry. BYE NOW
  11. Please stop following me lol. LONG LIVE FEMINISM ! Death to patriarchy !
  12. physical age is not same as mental age. Anyways i am off to do a bit of simran though. too much internet for one day
  13. LOL ! ignorance is so much bliss. You think hindu immigrants don't settle in punjab and a few generations later , they become more powerful by entering politics and roaming streets of punjab with shiv sena flags and trishul. Like how your ancestors came to UK to work but then settled. Also whats with the "low jobs" . Guru Nanak dev ji did farm work , he was low ?? Jatts ancestors did farm work . Superiority complex like yours is the reason why Sikhs will lose last bit of their sovereignty over Punjab. Very good sikho ! Do buy a pair of dhotis ready though lol. Thats what hindus gonna make u wear when they pull the last brick of sikhi soverignty over punjab. PS : gave both of u a 'haha' react going by the ludicrousness of ur answers.
  14. This guy has been harassing me since day one . Whenever I post or reply to his comments in a decent tone, he always hurls abuses I wonder what the admins are doing. See . Do gay people not have any value on this forum or in Sikhi ?? Why the hullaboo over equality in sikhi and all that if we can't respect another human . How can he throw such a crude word at me , hurting my sentiments Do admins tolerate of such behavior ?
  15. Exposing 13 Mirch's blatant verbal abuse

    so now go eat a paruntha , take a big glass of lassi after sometime, thats partly stuck to your mustache and say BURAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ... That will automatically make u a warrior *sarcasm*
  16. Exposing 13 Mirch's blatant verbal abuse

    I don't have time for going through the timeline by picking up what u said when. I got better things to do . I am not retreating. I know most of you are just paper tigers. Real Singhs don't abuse anyone weak. You all can't protect your daughters from sulley gangs roaming in UK or claim soverreignty from hindu thugs roaming in punjab. Instead ridiculing weakest of weak is your favorite sport. So macho !
  17. how do you do this simran . Please tell me in detail.
  18. Exposing 13 Mirch's blatant verbal abuse

    Yes you can use it in your next life or maybe somewhere down the rebirths if you end up being a homosexual . Then we will tell you to "stop it" or something similar to just stop being a gay like turning off and on a switch and then you will feel helpless, because the ink would have dried by then . We will see then ! and then you will realize the pain of having been robbed not by god but by fellow humans you always thought of as ur own.
  19. Exposing 13 Mirch's blatant verbal abuse

    "Victim card" is a phrase used to justify the continuity of oppression. anyways u won't get it . chhado pare
  20. I just stated facts. Rather than acting on real issues pressing the kaum , you guys prefer to bash gays on this forum. They're doing it on the Jasmeet Singh's thread too. Just go and check. You guys make me feel like some punjabi girl from a remote village of 19th century . No power, no respect, no choice in how to live one's life. Kissi naal vi bann ditta byaah vaaste, kyuki jo chahida oh milna nai . And on the other thread u called me as using victim card. Well hello ! I am a victim ! unless I have same rights or acceptance as you , Its not called "b*tching it out", its called being an actual victim. But you will never understand . so just let it go . BYE !!!!!
  21. our misfortune is our misdoing to an extent . When we leave our homeland punjab in masses, then what do u expect ? Today bhaiyye from UP and bihar are doing raaj over punjab. Just a few days back I saw a video of phagwara , hindus and muslims , both extremists almost having a fight with each other. I could only see a single singh with kirpan among themselves. Sikhs have the lowest fertility ratio in india of any community , except parsis. Why don't you so called "masculine" guys show your much josh in bed ? Uhdo tuhadi kyu patt jaandi aa ? Or is your manhood not virile enough. Anyways, I don't wanna go into detail in this one. You called me a GAANDU , which is worse than "FAGGGOT" . You could have avoided it , since it was not related to the topic at hand. You also insulted vedas and cow-mutra which shows your shallow level of spiritual concept. I would have been equally angry if you insulted Quran sharif btw . And you just check how much I have contributed to this forum with my ideas before calling BS
  22. Exposing 13 Mirch's blatant verbal abuse

    How about checking your own history esp in regards to the abuses you hurl at me . And the number of times you have used gaandu which is a VERY CRUdE word and vulgar word.
  23. I don't need certificate of sikhi from u fella . why don't you fight off the katue sulley taking your daughters and sisters away in UK ? I guess most of you pajaame can only ridicule homos on a website , I bet you can't even do it in real life because you know you will get your asss busted by first world countries egalitarian laws !
  24. I can call you names too but my parents didn't taught me that