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  1. Why wouldn't a guy sitting in india not know what americans slur a "raghead" as ? Internet brings things I am not disrespecting dastaar. I tie one myself. The guy who pretended to feel offended (dallysingh) doesn't even wear one . I am just pointing out how he casually called me a "gayboy" while if he wore a turban or even otherwise due to brown skin, he would be targeted by americans . How would he feel like ? no offense intended
  2. I know those fagggoty , poooftery people really make me angry
  3. For how long "sikhs" will be your people ? you have foresaken pagg , now your son will most likely not wear it , neither his son I guess. After a few generations, your family might assimilate in hindoo
  4. How would you feel if someone called you a RAGHEAD ? sure , stereotyping is bad .isn't it ??
  5. waheguru ! no personal attacks please. Also why are you going on my orientation . It was misplaced earlier. what would i do by getting attention from this forum. Attention is of no use to me here
  6. I am surprised we're more interested in reading foreign scriptures like torah and quran, but not indian ones like Upanishads , which are actually quite deep and beautiful in philosophy
  7. My point is kurta we wear probably came from arabic thobes (robes). You can look at the similarity . The way its sewn (esp at the armpit ) in case of our granthis is also similar to how arabs sew it ! I am just saying Indians probably didn't have kurtas and pajamas either. Arabs brought it . Before that indians only wore wrapped clothes like saree, dhoti , lungi etc lol We owe our kurtey to arabs really .
  8. Arab chole don't open anywhere. BTW its called jubbah or thobe. They wear it during friday prayers here. Its closed from all side as split might allow indecent exposure which islam rebukes i think
  9. I knew that actually lol . It came in punjabi from arabic. Other interesting word "nehar" (river) is actually from hebrew ! Nehar in hebrew means river. It probably came via arabic and persian into punjabi
  10. BTW , did anyone else notice that the "chola" sikhs wear is quite similar to the arab men's dress . I wonder why !
  11. I can say a lot about muhammad here . But I am not going to , because I don't think I have that kind of kamaai to lambast a religious leader, even though he was quite controversial . And I don't want PAAP on my head, incase i m wrong lol
  12. NO ! Hadith is not scripture , the same way that sikh historian book is not a scripture for us There are 4 scriptures of east (4 vedas), and 4 of west (Quran, Bible , Avestha and Torah) . Even Gurbani mentions these as "CHAAR" . So there are chaar ved , chaar kateb ! Quran is not comprehensive as SGGS is ! Its not as great either . I am just saying that it can give you a person direction to spiritual life if they handle it well . I know it has verses which say life of this dunia is temporary delusion . Same concept as "jag is maya" . It introduces in a person unattachment of this worldly life, "bairaag" I might say. Ofcourse, only if someone skipped madrasa and kept aside the criminal law verses (chopping hands, heads, etc lol) which I believe were delivered in the first place because arabs were quite bewakoof kind of people. They had to be guided . Also Muhammad got revelation from outside (angel gabriel), not from inside , as in case of Guru sahib. which leads me to believe that prophet Muhammad was of not a very high spiritual state. no offense
  13. Hadisey are controversial ! Quran is not same as hadiths . Gurbani says nothing on hadiths . Hadiths are just life accounts of Muhammad by his contemporaries or so they say. Barbaric things of islam like circumcision etc are found in hadiths only, not quran ! Also , I am no apologist for islam. I am just saying our Guru sahib said "Bed kateb kaho mat jhootey, jhoota jo na beecharey"
  14. "Bed kateb kaho mat jhootey. Jhoota jo na beecharey" ~ SGGS (Do not say that the vedas or semitic books are false . False are those who don't comprehend their essence) Quran is one of those books , like uranium ! You can use it to run electricity plants or make it into atom bombs ! Unfortunately for this holy book, it landed amidst a bunch of buffoons ! Who didn't apprehend the underlying essence of it Who's kaafir ? they say its non muslims. Actually its those humans of any religion who refuse to thank god and are ungrateful. They say "Islam is the only religion acceptable to allah". True that, Islam (submission to will of god) is only religion acceptable to god . Its just that islam can be sikhi or hindu or buddhist too ! When you interpret these scriptures and saying in a metaphorical and subtle way, the beauty emerges ! and extremism fades into thin air !
  15. First limitation is "HE" . God is not a he . But we translate it that way. Some might think God in sikhi is a male. Secondly , how do you translate "gurprasad" and some terms which are unique to sikhi ! Also "sochei soch na hovei" , soche means "washing" , as washrooms in india are also referred as "sochalay" . Guru Sahib said "Soche soch na hovei je soche lakh vaar" (Washing , at tirth is not going to wash inside even if you washed 10000 times) but we translated soche to "think" and so the substandard translation was "By thinking about him a hundred times, he can't be reduced to thought) . Btw, this "soche" being "cleaning" was pointed out by white sikhs. Surprising how they understand it more than we do !