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  1. wow. which granth is this from ? Dasam granth sahib ?
  2. Most Sikhs are Indians. We have seen the consequences of fighting for our homeland in 84 nd it was bloody. India today is much stronger than in 84. Any sikh rebellion would be crushed in an instant. It would be foolish to repeat the same again
  3. like how you know you lust women ? honestly use your brain man . you know who you're . The other person knws who he is
  4. Seriously ? plenty of gays call themselves gaandu ? in which world do you live. Maybe they have no self-respect and are internalizing all the hate crrap society throws at them. Still, society is culprit.
  5. You maybe senior in age, but are still juvenile with your thoughts and outlook on life. Maybe its a hangup. You're entitled to your opinion , as long as you call the other person with respect, else be ready to be disrespected yourself. Don't think just because you're a breeder, people will automatically respect you
  6. Thats why I am saying times have changed and will change more (if humanity survives the looming third world war). See son, a man taking up the exit hole still deserves the same basic minimal dignity you afford to other humans . Maybe due to his previous karmic sins, he's born with certain inclinations and can't change himself even if he wanted to . So lets not abuse him for his innate , unchangeable trait.
  7. I am opposed to you using the slur word "gaandu" . How would we feel if a gora called us a raghead ? Give respect, take respect. No one would respect you otherwise. Gay men thesedays don't take beating lying down. Times changed putt . Keep your patriarchy at your home
  8. Being a sikh was wrong for mughals . They despised us more than you could despise gaandus . Every kaum whether sikh or gay have to fight for their rights in this world
  9. You 20 year old buffoon ! Your education was a waste. It doesn't matter if you studied in a top school in western hemisphere, you're still the same punjabi trash of backwaters . If you're not a fa*ggot , stop speaking abt them and why and how they're . Go and patao a girl , marry her and get settled . I don't hate women . I have many female friends . Its just that I can never feel lusty towards women , I just don't have any feelings . And rather I have feelings for men the same way perhaps women feel for men. I am not even a porn fan , and don't watch it much . Honestly you're just trolling here . Gay is related to attraction, not sex or porn . grow up kid
  10. unless we have some proper, feasible and BETTER replacement for SGPC , what you're saying is not possible
  11. Why pulling innocent eunuchs and hijras into it ? what have they done to you or sikhs to be name called for hate ? Where are the "Awwal allah noor upaya, kudrat ke sab bande" parroters ? Lets stop making more fun of ourselves by saying one thing and doing another . People observe us.
  12. Is there a special committe of punj for confessions? Or any 5 will do What if someone in the panj are vaping discreetly themselves. How does it work then
  13. Such utter bs. My mom is the dearest person to me
  14. Welcome to Sikhi
  15. I highly doubt that. See , god is often referred to in male pronouns , although we know god has no gender , because gender is of body and god is bodiless. Still , at times , even in SGGS, god is referred to as husband lord and we as "his" wives. There are even shabads where a soul (feminine) asks other souls how she has impressed her husband lord, and how the husband-god pleased the wife-soul in bed ! If a non-sikh reads these and take it literally , then it would be like hell loose. So when Mian Mir ji's follower referred to god as "my lover" or wrote poems in his praises, people either of ignorance or scheme , called it homosexuality , when infact such spiritual seekers are most likely risen above any sexuality and lust.