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  1. This is the biggest lie peddled by us! Hindu doesn't mean thief in arabic. I hv checked it several times.
  2. That is bcoz of our complacency and the fact that punjabia di akal godeya ch hundi.
  3. Hindus control our leaders by remote control. They will attack us but always via some sellout sikh. Badals and our gullible sikh leaders come to my mind.
  4. Thank you so much for exposing these. I just saw these yesterday. This is not the first time they want harmandar sahib as their Hindu mandir. They cut the hands that defended their existence. Waheguru is watching! They will even lose india i tell you
  5. Mr Singh was actually singh I am not worthy of raising a kid. Your answer makes more sense. thanks Like a few other gay guys out there, I don't exactly fit into the gay scene either. as I can't bring myself to the shallow kind of existence most of them have. But then again most straight ppl thesedays have just as much shallow existence. Thats why I usually look towards spirituality
  6. dream

    I am seriously feeling apologetic about what I said previously to you in my previous post . But I feel at times you are a bit *insensitive* . Sorry again uncle ji , not that I expect you to talk to me or help me in my issues. Sorry
  7. dream

    mirch lagi uncle ji ? Don't think ppl will respect you just for your white beard when you personally attack people. Don't think I am dependent on you for salvaging me from my quagmire ! I am sure my family, my SGGS and my waheguru is enough for that. And if not, I have my karam and will expend it out crying or laughing. Maybe you should look at your own views first : which are already we know as islamophobic (hatred for all muslims , not just islamist ones), homophobia and now MISOGYNY !
  8. dream

    Where have I suggested that my comment was some sort of vendetta against you ? its all in your head . I would have replied same way for someone else who made that hocus pocus comment. Is the senile age getting to you ? Also I ain't your bro , you and me have a 50 yr age gap . Also whats wrong in feminine trait ? Punjabi patriarchal (evil) attitudes still trump egalitarian sikh values , isn't it ? no wonder then that the kaum is in such a quagmire.
  9. dream

    please do not pedel any nonsense , esp this hocus-pocus stuff which has nothing to do with sikhi
  10. Its ok then . Waheguru and SGGS will show me the path . Sometimes however I need help of people who can speak or type. You're acting pricey now. Remember waheguru sees all. I can speak harshly but you're way senior than my age . So I will pass. You anyways didn't answer my question way back 4 months back too when I raised a similar issue. You said "I can give you 5 point path that will fix most of your issues but I see you're not there yet". So you just wanted me to suffer more. Bye mortal . Take care . Remember you're not god . Bye peace out.
  11. So now you're personally attacking me ? Trust me, you 're better than this . Do you also call out on handicaps and disabled people on their disabilities when they have an argument with you ? that IMHO is very low thing to do . If I had , I wouldn't ask it here.
  12. I am noway overdramatizing. Its a fact. If you're reborn as a homosexual, then only you can know. Then others will also say "stop crying". I didn't talk of homos being carted to their death. I think death is better than dying everyday which your society forces us . But again you will not understand it because you're not one of us. Your views reflect not only your heterosexual male privilege but also your outdated views.One of the symptoms of privilege is unable to understand how you're privileged. Young men in india still get shock treatment for converting them to straight. Tell me how is this not HETERO-FASCISM ? Now who is forcing their sexuality on others like a fanatic ? is this any different than mughals beating and torturing sikhs and hindus to make them muslims ? But back then it generated a huge revolt from people like you, and yet people like you oppose us or just remain mute spectators Its only a matter of time when science discovers alternative reproduction which doesn't involve a male and female and the only pillar on which tyrannical heterosexuality stands will come falling down . See now you have had me uncle ji !
  13. what desires ? your society stops homos from marrying other homos and living a life a straight couple takes for granted. Politics is a fact of life but you people made it that way. Thats why cases of gays marrying unsuspecting women. Our society (which includes you and me) is part of problem
  14. Uncle ji I maybe at sea now but I won't be so forever. And when I am not, maybe then I can raise a kid. Besides indian law would allow me to adopt only a boy , although i wanted a girl . I would provide him the best of what I have and if he kicks me when I am old and he's young, then that would be his karam. Also growing up with a single father with all resources at hand and decent education and standard of living is better than living in competition with other orphans in orphanages. Rather than encouraging me to do this noble deed, you're stopping me just because I am gay and I am not a heterosexual couple , those orphan kids are mostly of those anyways , deserted sometimes ! Maybe because of your prudish views, you're Also would love to raise him as a gursikh. What are your opinions on me considering marrying a young woman who's not getting rishta elsewhere and if I tell her in advance about my condition and she still agrees to marry ? I know it won't be a happy marriage but i will atleast have a family. You're concerned about an orphan being raised in an environment you deem unnecessary, but at the same time you forget the kind of global environment your religious or right-wing people have created for us globally forcing us to living in hiding , with shame, without rights , merely an existence of food and breath. How come that doesn't sound selfish to you ?
  15. what do you mean to say my own existence is less than whole ? are you saying I am not capable of raising a kid or only couples can ? then what about people whose spouse dies. Don't they raise single kids ? didn't get you enough.