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  1. https://www.sikhs.org/meat_gs.htm The Khalsa Army Under Banda Singh Bahadur Eating Meat An eyewitness account of the siege of the Khalsa army at Gurdaspur and how the Khalsa soldiers and Banda Singh Bahadur bravely held out against the Mughal army for eight months is provided below: Khafi Khan, Muntakhabul-Lubab, pg. 723 "The Sikhs were not strict observers of cast, they slaughtered oxen and other animals and not having any firewood, ate the flesh raw. Many died of dysentry and privation... when all the grass was gone, they gathered leaves from trees. When these were consumed, they stripped the bark and broke off the small shoots, dried them, ground them down and used them instead of flour, thus keeping body and soul together. They also collected the bones of animals and used them in the same way. Some assert that they saw a few of the Sikhs cut flesh from their own thights, roast it, and eat it.
  2. The maoists are also capable fighters.
  3. China is gaining influence in Nepal. Both Uttar pradesh(UP) and Jharkhand are close to border with Nepal. UP has 7-8 crore muslim population and Jharkhand has the Maoist fighters fighting against the Indian state. In the future, China is going to provide the muslims and maoists weapon training and high tech weapons to fight against the Indian state.
  4. https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-global-oil-crisis-of-2020-What-is-its-impact-on-India
  5. another thing we need to understand is India is not very rich in resources like oil.Its population is increasing like crazy. There will be severe energy crisis in India in the future.People will kill each other for energy resources.
  6. Some people say that hukamnama cannot be taken from Sri Dasam Granth Sahib as it never got Gurgaddi. But when parkash of Guru Granth Sahib(then called Aad Granth) was done in Harmandir Sahib around 1604 AD, hukamnama was taken. We all know Guru Granth Sahib got gurgaddi in 1708AD and not in 1604AD. So does it proof that hukamnama can be taken from Dasam Granth Sahib?
  7. Many people believe that 'adhakk' is a new invention but there is a puratan bir of Dasam Granth called Bhai Daya Singh bir Aurangabad. It contains the great bani 'bhagauti astotar' and it contains the 'adhakk'.
  8. Dhan Dhan Bhai Maharaj Singh Ji

  9. http://sikhsiyasat.net/2017/06/01/punjabi-movie-based-bhai-randhir-singhs-mulakat-shaheed-bhagat-singh-released/
  10. Mention of shaheedi degh in fatehnama!

    this is the remainder of the bani.
  11. Fatehnama was a letter written by Guru Gobind Singh Jee to Aurangzeb. At the starting of this letter, there is mention of green goblet(shaheedi degh).
  12. 325th Charitar missing in Puratan Dasam Granth Bir!

    Baba Baljeet Singh is the mukh sevadar there. His contact no. is 9463513563
  13. Baba Natha Singh Jee was a Nagarchi Singh of Guru Gobind Singh Jee Maharaaj. Guru jee gave him shastars, sarbloh simrana, kanghaa etc. at Damdama Sahib, Talwandi Sabo before leaving for Nanded. Guru Jee ordered Baba Natha Singh to do parchar in Punjab. One puratan bir of Guru Granth Sahib and one puratan bir of Dasam Granth Sahib have been found at this place. In the puratan Dasam Granth bir, 325th Charitar of Charitropakhyan is missing.