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  1. Given that the overwhelming majority of jatts are muslim or hindu, that means that hindus and muslims are khalsa? Oh the manuisation of sikhs from jatt origin........ ........I'm going to enjoy this. Bring it on.
  2. Regardless, Wales, Scotland, NI are negligible compared to Birmingham. Every town/city is apart from London.
  3. The Sikh population is approximately 420,000 in the UK (2011 Census). Of those, approximately 120,000 live in London. I'm surprised that Birmingham has only 32,000. This will be greater than Leeds and Manchester, which have far fewer Sikhs than Birmingham. It makes you wonder, where are all the other 270,000 Sikhs then? There cant be more Sikhs in Wolverhampton, Gravesend and Leicester (50k each) than in Birmingham?
  4. 32,000 is nothing. I don't think there are only 32,000 Sikhs in Birmingham, that can't be right. No way.
  5. What Does My Dream Mean ?

    West London Singh is going LA South Central..!
  6. Sikhi in Malwa

    Sikhi in Doaba is weaker than in the other two regions, so I am told.
  7. inter-caste marriage

    Upon the editing by the above poster, I have withdrawn my comments. Everyone agrees caste has no place in Sikhi.
  8. A great day to be Brown / Black

    Daily Mail...where are you when I need you mate Lol
  9. It's been closed to traffic for over a decade at least. But I thought it was always open to the public.
  10. Overtly, yes it may be Indian govt friendly. But I'd rather it was that way round. There are other gurdwarae, including Southall and elsewhere, that project a panthic or Sikh nationalistic agenda but are in bed with the Indian govt behind the scenes. At least I know where I stand with Hibernia Rd.
  11. Yes, it was always specified whether it was prana southall or not. In our house it still is, occasionally. Prana Southall of course, has changed. The predominant community is Somalian of Afghan and the vibe isn't there. Who remembers Virdee brothers?! I still remember my dad buying all of our Punjabi books from there and I'd buy the odd bhangra cassette!
  12. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the access from Hibernia Road still in use? There are 2 gates. And yes, it'll always be known as Hibernia Rd Gurdwara! Slowly but surely, Hibernia Rd developed from a hut to a very well run, well-oiled Gurdwara. Of course, it has it's short-comings as do other Gurdwarae. I think a lot of sangat kept away from Havelock Rd from the late 80's-most of the 90's due to the sheer violence, and with two Gurdwarae in Hounslow, us guys didn't feel left out anyway.