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  1. Roma gypsies are descended from jats. Already well established links.
  2. He has publicly stated that he supports his mother. Given that he is now a public servant, it is vital that the public are aware of his background in order to view his forthcoming stance on key issues through the prism of his mother's history. It's not "putting labour politicians down", it's informing the public - that's the purpose of the press. Unless of course, you live in North Korea.
  3. I thought everyone knew this about Dhesi? It's common knowledge. Jagir's Kaur's daughter was involved with another guy who came from a "different caste". How he will navigate through the forthcoming caste discrimination bill and associated debate, any debates about so called "honour" violence and/or killings remains to be seen.
  4. Whether jats bow to Khatris or Brahmins or not is utterly irrelevant. The jats and "jat sikhs" of Punjab have officially been declared "backward class" which was one of their demands in order to gain access to government jobs in the reservation categories. Regardless of what jats think of themselves, and they certainly think a lot of themselves, the jats are shudra as per the caste system. In west London, the jats are prepared to marry anyone and anything to get the infamous "laal passport". Sikhs go around telling themselves and others "saadi qaum vakhri" - in what way is your quam vakhri? You all follow the caste system - just like the very people you despise so much! In fact, more so than them - oh the irony. So-called separate nation indeed. Keep deluding yourselves. This man was clearly deluded if indeed it was the case that caste was a prime factor. What a waste of a life over utter nonsensical non-sikh belief systems. Whether jats are a caste, ethnic group or a race is irrelevant. The Guru's were clear - recognise the human race as one.
  5. S4NGH, How do you know he is married or amritdhari?
  6. Ignorance? First of all, it's not the Trade and Industry Minister. For your information, the Minister for Trade and Investment is Lord Price. He wasn't in India last week. https://www.gov.uk/government/ministers/minister-of-state-for-trade-and-investment If you mean the former Business Secretary, Sajid Javid, then at least get the correct ministry. Isn't that rather "stupid" or shall I say, "ignorant" of you? Secondly, Priti Patel, will make no more trips to India than previous ministers. And why shouldn't they? For all the problems we Sikhs think India has caused us, India is, like it or not, a force to be reckoned with. Every country from Australia to the USA and Canada wants to do trade deals with India. What do you expect British government ministers to do, sit there and pass a good business deal when they see one just because of Jagsaw? Priti Patel or Joe Bloggs, trade missions to India are going to happen. Fact. Unless you live in cuckoo land, there is no such thing as ethical foreign policy. Thirdly, current Sikh leaders have done more damage to Sikh rights than any Patel can try. Be it Sikh Council UK meetings with Modi, Badal and Captain Amrinder Singh pretending to hate eachother when they have in reality, collectively made a fool of Sikhs, or gurdwara pardhaans lining their own pockets.
  7. In 2014 Theresa May spoke at the General Assembly of the Sikh Council UK. She also unveiled statues of Sikh soldiers at the National Sikh Heritage Centre in Derby in 2014. In April 2016 Theresa May signed the papers to de-proscribe the International Sikh Youth Federation (ISYF). This could be turning point in Anglo-Sikh relations.....
  8. Preeet, There's a way of life that is perfect for you........Hinduism.
  9. There is of course, an alternative viewpoint. There always is. One can not ignore the fact that, whilst the guru's through social reforms, pioneered banning the practice of sati, it took legislation from the British to enforce such a reform. It was wrong for Dr Lalvani to claim that the British pioneered such reforms, but he wasn't wrong to infer that despite such reforms led by the guru's, many Indians still practised this barbaric act. What he was trying to say ( I assume) is that it took legislation to bring about the termination of sati. Forward this to 2016. As we speak, the anti-caste lobby (Castewatch and the like) are petitioning MPs to introduce caste legislation into English law, effectively making caste discrimination an offence in England & Wales. Astonishingly, Sikh Council UK, who should be leading such a lobby, are actually against this piece of legislation from becoming law! [Apparently, caste discrimination doesn't occur in Sikhi.....hmmmm]. It will surprise no on this forum that the Hindu forum of Britain, led by Brahmins, are also against the legislation. In years to come, when caste discrimination will be accepted as punishable by law, an academic will come onto TV shows such as Big Questions and say "it took English legislation to stop certain castes discriminating against other castes...", and the Sikhs will say "oh no it didn't, the guru's abolished caste discrimination in 1699!" So, what I'm trying to say, is whilst the guru's brought about social reforms and no one can argue against it, many Sikhs don't follow them unless it's forced by legislation. I used an example of caste, but we could extend this to gender equality. As uncomfortable as it is, as a community we must acknowledge that there is a difference between Sikhi and Sikhs. Sikhs are by no means perfect. Sikhi on the otherhand, is.
  10. Only Rita Johal as far as I know. Not sure who the other 3 are....? As Starstriker says, Neelam was just a rumour.
  11. Isingh, Fantastic point. I've been observing with much dismay at the height of stupidity of the Sikh community and the so-called leaders of the community who have epically failed to understand what Khalid Mahmood MP has actually said. Know who your enemies are. I'll leave it at that.
  12. Quantivus, "No. Actually YOU are missing the point. Let's assume Jatts do consider themselves superior and you are right. How does that affect you? What actions have they taken in regards to feeling superior affected your well being?" Jats do consider themselves superior - no assumption required. Your question was, how does this affect me? Here's the answer. As much as pork is to a muslim, beef to a hindu, hierarchy/supremacy of caste is to a Sikh. It's anti-Sikh to it's very foundation. If something is anti-Sikh, it does affect my well being. In fact, such views of caste-based superiority should be confined to either hinduism, or the 17th century, or both. They certainly have no place in Sikhi. It makes me laugh frankly, that certain forum members who are supposedly the most "anti-India/anti-hindu" or alternatively, "pro-khalistani", are simultaneously the most "pro-caste" and by default, undercover hindu's by another name. Oh, the irony.