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  1. Hi bro, I am a 'mona' myself and trust me theres nothing to gain by being this way. You are more likely to fall into bad habits over time. You might find yourself an attractive girl and be 'normal' but trust me theres nothing normal about it lol its all fake man, its a fake way of life Girls put tonnes of make up on to look like something there not. When the make up comes off nobody appreciates true beauty. Guys are all out to impress each other and show off to each other what possessions they have. You will find yourself becoming unhappy because your trying to compete for the best girl or the best car or the most money etc. Trust me man this is no way of life Its hard to understand at your age because theres so much pressure for you to be 'cool' and attractive and pull girls and the rest of it. When you grow up you will start to see yourself that even though a girl might be attractive, it doesnt mean that shes the one for you. Your gonna grow up and meet someone who you click with, looks wont matter, you will just be able to talk to each other openly and honestly and thats what will be attractive about her The truth is that I think your cool because your a proper sikh. Its a good way of life to be living, no competition with others about whos got what just simply a sikh of the guru.
  2. Does grooming still happen to sikh girls?

    Nothing to fear bro, but yeah it still does go on. The problem with grooming is that people think it doesn’t happen because we don’t see it but let’s face it - if your grooming someone your not going to do it openly are you? I really don’t think it’s been exaggerated at all. Someone close to me went through this and there wasn’t much we could do (legally) to help. The police was failing to act on it and in the end we took matters into our own hand. Only then did we realise how wide spread grooming is but I’m glad to say they all got dealt with and the girl has now moved on with her life. If you sit there being afraid, they will carry on doing what there doing. I feel as if there a threat to society in general but I’m gonna get told I’m islamophobic lol We might not have gone about things in the right and humane way when it came to these Muslims but I don’t regret any of it. For all the lives they ruined and all the family’s they broke they deserved all the pain they got and are still suffering As far as I know, conversion is a part of Islam itself rather than grooming in specific. I think it’s their duty to preach and convert people in general.
  3. (To be updated) My Sikhi right now.

    Congrats on your decision and staying strong! I think I could learn a lesson or 2 from you Look forward to hearing more from you - very inspiring!
  4. Friends

    Thats ok if she isnt Sikh, we should be helpful to everyone. Ive never understood why it seems like the most genuinely nice people go through a hard time in life or suffer health problems but ive been told that its to do with our karma and that we should keep faith in waheguru. When bhai jagraj singh of basics of sikhi died I couldnt understand why he got cancer in the first place. This is a guy who devoted most of his life to sikhi so why him? if it wasnt for me watching one of his videos 5 years ago I dont think i ever would have come back to sikhi. This is something I still struggle to understand but its the way of the world
  5. Friends

    Keep friends with the sikh girls but also talk to the year 7 sikh girl - Just because they swear it doesnt mean you have to, you can still talk with them without swearing. Also, keep a friendship with the year 7. Its tough when nobody wants to be around you like that so help her out, after all we are supposed to be helpful people. Dont worry about what other people think. I know this is easier said than done at your age but it makes sense to be friends with someone who is positive and happy than people that are judgmental right? I think you've already done the right thing by talking to her. I always think that if you feel sorry for someone, do something about it. No point sitting there feeling sorry when we can all do something about it
  6. Justifying Abuse

    I can think of a few other ways of dealing with someone like that lol I know alot of people wont like what im about to say but you have to question why the majority is usually muslim guys who abuse like this. I hear stories all the time and know someone personally who went through hell with a muslim guy. Something to do with the culture or religion surely? Ive never seen or been made aware of guys preying on girls and manipulating them the way they do
  7. Seeking a friend

    im deffo not holding my breath - if I kept thinking it could still be on the cards I would never get over it haha but its all good, the hardest part is over and Im alright now
  8. Sikh Sangat Logo

    I think I used to have that logo or something similar on my msn display screen back in the day lol
  9. Seeking a friend

    I really doubt that, its been about 3-4 weeks since we last spoke and shes already changed her mind once and then changed it back again. Im trying to accept that I wont be hearing from her again, i just hope shes happy with whatever she chooses in life and whoever she ends up with . As for me, I hope that god forgives me for my mistakes in life and finds me someone soon because being alone is tough lol
  10. Seeking a friend

    I used to always be out and about but ive never been that type of guy. Im not a very confident person in that manner so I havent been able to meet anyone in that way. Im trying to keep faith in waheguru and just hoping it will happen when he wants it to - I really hope he doesnt want me to be alone forever lol but what will be, will be
  11. Seeking a friend

    Totally agree and I understand if someone cant accept the mistakes ive made. I would find it difficult if it was the other way round
  12. Seeking a friend

    I totally agree. I’m starting this by going gurdwara more often. If I explained that to my friends they would think I gone paagal or be laughing at me. I guess there not true friends. Rather than encouraging and supporting they sit there and take the P lol I’m not really bothered about what they want think anymore. The most difficult part for me is explaining why I’m not coming out when they ring. Going to the actual gurdwara is easy because I enjoy it and want to do it
  13. Need some advice

    This thread isnt about me, I posted to help someone out and tell them I could relate to them. Didnt expect for someone to come on here and post details about my mum and dad like that. By the way I also posted that noones family was perfect and if she was the right girl for him she would stick around - I was not in any way taking shots at my family. I wrote that its discouraging when girls arent interested because of your family but discouraging in terms of the girl - not my family. My family has been given to me and ive accepted and loved them always (the reason why I would never leave my parents home which I also stated). I was simply stating that it was difficult and that I could relate to him If you have any issues with me or want to continue this convo feel free to message me id rather not do this on here So much for helping people out - I thought we as sikhs are known for that!
  14. staying away from bad company

    This is a good suggestion and im trying this at the moment. For example, certain nights of the week are 'pub' night - im replacing them with going to the Gurdwara Not sure if there is anyone else but if there is, reach out to me people! we could help each other in this This is a good point and your right, I feel like I cant say no to them. I get a phonecall off one of them or I ring one of them and were straight out. This has to change and I think for the short term, I just need to learn to not come out at all. When im a bit stronger and in a better situation I can think about being more sociable but restricting what I do when im out. At the moment I dont have that sort of strength to do that
  15. Need some advice

    I understand what your saying but the fact that you just openly posted this about my family sort of contradicts what your saying? Nobody else needed to know details about my mum and dad and im a little annoyed to be honest Im done with this convo, sorry. Dont appreciate opening up to someone about my problems on here and then being called out about them like this. Theres different ways you could have gone about this but you chose to put it here for everyone to see lol