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  1. We don't have to get too worked up with principles yam and niyam, as these virtues will begin to manifest with simran and gurbani. Goal of all schools is to teach students to get into Samadhi/ sunn samadh. Only from there can someone have the ultimate experience of Truth. Saas giraas is one of many techniques used in gurmat, and gurmat is devised in manners suitable for grishti jeevan and for a Sikh to be sant/sipahi (saint/soldier). If you are trying some abyaas approach, then I can give tips and suggestions relative to my own trial and errors, along with success rates.
  2. I know. For me, abyaas is my utmost priority and my day to day is arranged around my abyaas, rather than trying to squeeze some jap in if one has time. It's a shame our people have these attitudes because I spent over 2 years asking and trying to find out what japna really is and how it could carry me. I was disappointed on many occasions when respectable Sikhs just closed the doors and wouldn't/couldn't answer. The Taoist's are one of a few that have same spiritual goals as sikhi..which is to meet "waheguru" in sachkhand. They call it seeing the "tao" when they get darshan of the almighty Ek onkar. .. Respect!
  3. @JUSTAJATT My dear friend. I'm glad you've started to take the spiritual side seriously. I can tell you've climbed up a few notches and the Akath katha gyan is beginning to pour in. Good man!.... keep it up!
  4. New York Gurdwaras have had famous fights before back in 2011 and 2005. I believe this one in Richmond Hill, has also had them before The other one with trouble was Baba makhan shah where the kirpans were drawn and Singhs were attacking with chimtas and shennas from the stage. Disgusting,... and then we expect NYPD to show respect.
  5. Just power the damned phone off at set time every night. Don't turn it on until you are in some other part of the house or room the next day. Say, you could leave it in the kitchen and don't switch it on until you having morning tea or coffee. Phones, gadgets and all the EMF is bad, bad,... bad..Having Wi-Fi and all these radio waves is never going to benefit a Sikh. I have my own theories and evidence of how gadgets, wi-fi and EMF has affected my own abyaas, but I'm not going to get in detail now. When the forum is full of stuff that is not inspiring, then just disappear for a while. Especially, if you feel it's spiritually draining, then it's time to go try raise your consciousness.
  6. I'd say that the inability to move symbolizes your own struggle in life. You may be quite strict on yourself and dominant with self discipline to make "practical" efforts. However, deep down you may feel that you are only making efforts towards waheguru in a ritualistic manner. You may feel that your heart and mind is not following the same physical discipline? Your sub-conscious is advising that you are paralyzing and halting your own spiritual growth. Lets say that your goal was to get to the gurdwara and do mathatek at first, and lets say that after the matha tek:you hoped to be in a higher spiritual state. This could be some kind of aim to making a higher connection with Guru sahib or sangat either by kirtan, paat or meditating .etc. Nevertheless, the truth from your subconscious is saying that you never really get past the first matha tek stage, and no higher connection follows. Unable to move whilst doing matha is where you drop all your inner energy and remain stuck. Your current position or state of emotions in daily life may also be the same, There are a couple of things to attempt to get you moving forward in life and developing further as a Sikh. These depend on your current phase in life. In spite of this, I strongly suggest doing ardas and asking for strength to progress with prem. Do ardas asking waheguru to help you absorb your "Mann and Chit" with the Ek Sachey patshah. Make this ardas priority rather than ardas for sukh, sat santokh, health..etc. When a sevak just longs for prem and jyog with Waheguru, then Waheguru automatically takes care of all your other issues. (I'm absolutely serious here, because this is the ultimate act of faith). All your life's pains and struggles will be taken care of if you truly offer yourself with utmost faith.
  7. I know that this thread and post is about 13 years old, but it's never too late to answer the OP. The reference quoted in OP is from ang 1123 ngrI eykY nau drvwjy Dwvqu brij rhweI ] There are nine gates to the one city of the body; restrain your mind from escaping through them. iqRkutI CUtY dsvw dru KUl@Y qw mnu KIvw BweI ]3] When the knot of the three qualities is untied, then the Tenth Gate opens up, and the mind is intoxicated, O Siblings of Destiny. ||3|| ANSWER= The 3 qualities refers to the 3 modes or qualities of Maya. These are Satogun, Rajogun and Tamogun. Bhagat Kabirji is referencing these 3 qualities in the pangti. When these 3(tre-gunn) are untied, then the 4th state/Chautha padh is attained via passage through Dasam Duar.. Some posts above have mentioned the 9 doors or Naun Darwajey. Now, these 9 doors have to be closed shut before the gupt,10th door/Dasam duar can be opened. The Dasam opens.and then the sevak's consciousness passes through this and leaves behind the Tre-gunn maya and enters the abode of the 4th dimension Chautha Padh. Waheguru
  8. Malcolm X met a small group of my grandfather's buddies in Smethwick. The blacks and apnay used to put up with a lot of racism back then, The newer generations have little idea what the Sikhs had to face pre-70's especially. At that time, especially in Smethwick; they weren't allowed to buy houses or even shop at some stores. I recall my father telling me that Malcolm X took a lot of racial insults and slurs from goray as he walked through some streets of Smethwick.
  9. why cook or buy food, when you can get langar for free?
  10. Waheguru, Yes, I too recommend jkvlondon ji's advice and especially going slowly at your own pace. There a lots of other approaches to take at the same time such as well. I recommend writing a daily journal in a diary. Here, you want to try and document when the real negative bouts occur and what was you doing, who was talking, what you were thinking, was it someone that said something, ... what little event you feel gave the knock in emotions. All these journal logs will hopefully help uncover the roots of your weaknesses and negative emotions. Not sure where you are located, but I would recommend some no-medicinal therapy like CBT(Cognitive Behavoural Therapy) with a psychologist.
  11. All I've heard is that this bani was compiled by babas and deras for seekers coming for their dukhs and treatments. Maybe it prevented a few from diverting to other paths and getting ripped off by fake healers/pandits?... ..I would hope so! The important fact is that ALL GURBANI can HEAL.... Gurbani is the TRUTH, the ultimate TRUTH revealed by Guru. For some of us and our buddhi, it is easier to read and contemplate shabads that somehow feel directly aligned with words like Dukh, Sukh, suffering, pain.,illness..,There is nothing wrong with this as long as it brings the suffering devotee closer to akaal purakh. We all come across certain pangtees or verses in all paaths that seem to stick with greater affinity. These seem to give an elated feeling of joy and connection. Therefore, it becomes easier to do repetitive jap or kirtan of these shabads..This is how gurbani works and why there are different raags. If someone feels a stronger connection with certain shabads or compliation of shabads, then there will only be benefit if that person dwells further and further into that bani. What I don't like is when people start slating banees like dukh bhanjani by associating with babas and deras. At the end of the day GURBANI is the TRUTH, bani is Guru and Guru is bani. No matter what verses are sung in random order, you can never harm or hurt the untouchable truth. The goal is ultimately to get to that state where pain and pleasure are actually just the same thing.. Fact is that after you die, you realise that all the events and what you deemed as obstacles and sufferings in your life, were in fact divine blessings! Such is the wondrous play of Waheguru.
  12. There was no reason to snap at Simran345. If you weren't aware of the sites background then you could have said or admitted. Don't think that I'm poking or pointing at you but I know that sometimes we can find useful snips of information from other sources regardless of their agendas. Take what you find is of benefit and then ignore the rest.
  13. Is that the real reason? Does Christianity say other religions will go to hell? ....I never knew that! What does the hair really have to do with it? I'm saying this because I never took steps to go forward telling myself to keep my hair. I just went searching within using the Sikh methods of simran and then bam!!! ....I suddenly had this urge to NOT cut my hair, I felt a spiritual connection and didn't want to break it. You look in the mirror and tell yourself that the hair has to remain cut and styled, but there is also another mirror inside you that you have to find to reflect on. This mirror is the truth and much more powerful that any mirror in the world. I suggest that you try doing bandgee as suggested by harsharan and lionesswoman. The hair and all other matters will start coming towards you.