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  1. The shabad has to be looked at as a whole with the tuks that proceed. There are a few important messages in the shabad and they don't demean ancient texts written thousands of years ago. This shabad's important message is "chutah joh na bicharey"... To understand the context, you have to meditate/contemplate this shabad deeply. Spend some time on it and I would be more than willing to work through it with you so that you end up with a more truthful understanding. Few points to consider is that - Kabir ji is addressing this to the mullah,...He's not addressing the wisdom of the texts, but the practice and vichaar of the people...
  2. How does one make soul leave body

    OBE's are on low vibration realms and can't lead to enlightenment imho. "Consciousness expansion" is the way to go, where one can be here and somewhere else as well. When dasam duar opens, it is not an OBE.
  3. How does one make soul leave body

    My understanding is that It's your 'consciousness', not the soul that leaves when sleeping. This consciousness is enveloped in the body of mind which itself is in the play of maya.. Bani says "mann tu jyot saroop hai, apna mool pachaan" Once you can still your mind so that it sees your own jyot(Prakash), then you are in touch with your soul/atma. This is your mool that comes from Paramatma (atma) I know it's confusing, but I did do a detailed post somewhere with many references to gurbani so that it was a little clear to differentiate.
  4. 1699 Vaisakhi-eye-witness Account By A Mughal Spy!

    If anyone else tells me this kavi santokh version, I'll jhatka them myself ! It's shocking that so many sikhs adhere to this version and reproach all that is sacred and divine.
  5. Husband Wife relation

    Bottom line, as per "guest forever" Don't be behaving like rabbits. and i think that the below sentence from guest, pretty much answers the op's question.
  6. Dream? Peshi?

    na, just pesshimistic
  7. Dream? Peshi?

    I had a dream that pesci was laughing at me and calling me funny. I responded by asking "What do you mean I'm funny?"
  8. Hindu devte coming into my dad??

    Exactly! Why on earth would anyone think this? yeh, it's a case of not sticking to a dharam.
  9. The Experience Of Naam

    Thanks for opening a can of worms here! Simran ...you DO do!.. it is something that is practiced. In short; Naam jap is to recite the name of the primal one, so that one becomes adept in single-minded focus and falls in love with what they are japping.. Naam simran, is remembrance; correct! But it is done via practice or practical acts of worship. This is naam jap, mantar jap, kirtan, bhajan and can be extended into ANY activity through methods of practice.
  10. Gurus are avtaars of God. God has taken many avtaars throughout the ages, but lets just focus on sikh gurus, as that's why we're here on the forum. You have to understand that God is NOT the physical body/kapra/shell of the Guru avtaar, he is quite simply the Avtaar himself, and will continue to come and go as one, as he wishes. I've seen these debates and confusions before and then sikhs start coming out with contradictions: such as how does mool mantar say he is ajooni? but at the same time God is everywhere and in everything, meaning that we are just as much God as the person next door!.... it goes on and on... Keeping it brief, I'm gonna suggest that we all keep a few rules in mind prior to raising questions. 1) Bani does NOT contradict. Never has and never will. It is the truth, and the Truth can never contradict itself. Even in a court of law, if the accused or a witness contradicts themselves, then the Judge sees the truth, if any, as being distorted. So, if you find yourself seeing some contradiction in gurbani, then it's your understanding that is at fault and not the truth. You need to work on yourself to gain more gyaan. 2) Remember that we are born manukhs. Goal is to get to Gobind by becoming gurmukhs. .. ਭਈ ਪਰਾਪਤਿ ਮਾਨੁਖ ਦੇਹੁਰੀਆ ॥ Bẖa▫ī parāpaṯ mānukẖ ḏehurī▫ā. This human body has been given to you.ਗੋਬਿੰਦ ਮਿਲਣ ਕੀ ਇਹ ਤੇਰੀ ਬਰੀਆ ॥ Gobinḏ milaṇ kī ih ṯerī barī▫ā. This is your chance to meet the Lord of the Universe. What makes us Man-ukhs? ...simple set of equations given by an old member many years ago.... MAN= GOD + EGO(haumai) Man -(minus) EGO = GOD shed the 'I'(ego) and you are left with GOD. Gurus had No EGO, no 'I', Their physical shells is what we related to with our physical eyes, but their inner selves and messages were pure God, nirankaar himself. Dhan Guru Nanak tu heen Nirankaar. Don't let anybody tell you otherwise.
  11. Some interesting facts about raags.

    yes bhainji, excellent. I love it when someone talks about the upper realms and raags. This particular raag is associated with a very high spiritual stage of conquering the mind in near totality. Ultimate "mann jithay jagjeet" I get the impression that Guru Tegh Bahadur ji did immense bhagti for a very long time at this stage..
  12. Whole Family Against Me Doing Bhagti - help

    Excellent post!.....spot on! Gurbani tells us that the "bighan" (ਬਿਘਨ) always stand in the way of those who forget to chant his name. It's just that we get blinded by these bighans and can't see them. If you're not doing bhagti, then you definitely have these obstacles but you don't recognize or notice them. All the one's that are throwing the negatives at you, can't see their own bighans. They are too engrossed in the maya.. @Singh2017I'm gonna tell you for real, in simple terms....When a sevak starts on a serious path, then these very bighans, start to reveal themselves in many forms. At this stage, you just have to overcome them steadily(sehajay) and calmly. Don't let the negatives rub on and leave their imprints on you......don't absorb them or let them affect you....just try to step over them one by one,,.. ready for the next. You are using the kirpan inside your mind to win this battle and to keep slicing through. I'm not going to advise or say anything of what you should say to your mother or family. Because if you keep your strong faith and pyaar in sachay patchah, then hukam will guide and dictate every single step and interaction for you. The best thing you can do is ardas for them in the hope that they start seeing the situation through their "Real inner" eyes and not the outwardly physical eyes. It's important to keep faith, dedication and righteous discipline when treading this stage. After you pass this test of trying to battle through obstacles, then the Lord shall be pleased and will embrace you even further. Gurbani tells us ਕੋਟਿ ਬਿਘਨ ਹਿਰੇ ਖਿਨ ਮਾਹਿ ॥ Kot bigẖan hire kẖin māhi. ,Millions of obstacles are removed in an instant, Keep the faith, stay strong and don't tell anyone if they are right or wrong. Focus on finding your jyot within and hearing the shabad that comes directly from Nirankar and will be heard within yourself.
  13. Mythology or myths are allegorical narratives. They are used and told to help us understand our ignorance and negative traits, as well as how to overcome them. They are always aligned so as to show us the way to the Truth. Raam, raavan, sita etc.. all represent our very own battles in life and within ourselves. Whether these characters existed in real or not should be of no relevance and gurbani doesn't say either way because of this. Knowing whether they physically existed or not isn't going to teach or make any of us better if we don't comprehend the concepts. Nevertheless, where references are made in gurbani to such myths; they are to help us understand the meanings of these myths and how we could apply them to help us get towards the truth. The truth that is ek ongkar waheguru. There was a video from a Singh in the UK (i can't recall who) that tried to explain it better than me and attempted to untangle how the celebration of light or diwali, can occur within us.
  14. GUR from GURU

    It has to be looked at very closely, and I spent some time doing some vichaar on this issue. It's probably beyond my understanding or depth, but I do have my own interpretation that may have helped me in my minuscule development, and this is most likely to change in the coming future. There is a difference between where gurbani may say GUR and GURU. I say this because we shouldn't take bani lightly and should pay dhyaan to every single word. I have often applied metaphors to shabads and later realized that the allegories are only when you see certain shabads on their surface and not their nirgun measures. I understand that GURU is referring to physical-sargun form of guru. This is the guru or teacher that can educate on how to see the light in or from the darkness. Whereas GUR is not sargun form, but it's neither the technique or tarikah as mentioned in the slides. (I disagree slightly with interpretation on the slides). In my opinion, the GURU is the tarikah, the one that shows the way to the GUR. The GUR is what you find and experience after you have been shown the way. Every approach goes from gross to subtle, sargun to nirgun, physical sareer to sukham sareer.
  15. I'm Scared Of Dying! What Do I Do?

    Embrace it. Death is beautiful. Death is the birth to newer Truth. Do kamayee, get naam and prepare for the satch