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  1. Malcolm X met a small group of my grandfather's buddies in Smethwick. The blacks and apnay used to put up with a lot of racism back then, The newer generations have little idea what the Sikhs had to face pre-70's especially. At that time, especially in Smethwick; they weren't allowed to buy houses or even shop at some stores. I recall my father telling me that Malcolm X took a lot of racial insults and slurs from goray as he walked through some streets of Smethwick.
  2. why cook or buy food, when you can get langar for free?
  3. Waheguru, Yes, I too recommend jkvlondon ji's advice and especially going slowly at your own pace. There a lots of other approaches to take at the same time such as well. I recommend writing a daily journal in a diary. Here, you want to try and document when the real negative bouts occur and what was you doing, who was talking, what you were thinking, was it someone that said something, ... what little event you feel gave the knock in emotions. All these journal logs will hopefully help uncover the roots of your weaknesses and negative emotions. Not sure where you are located, but I would recommend some no-medicinal therapy like CBT(Cognitive Behavoural Therapy) with a psychologist.
  4. All I've heard is that this bani was compiled by babas and deras for seekers coming for their dukhs and treatments. Maybe it prevented a few from diverting to other paths and getting ripped off by fake healers/pandits?... ..I would hope so! The important fact is that ALL GURBANI can HEAL.... Gurbani is the TRUTH, the ultimate TRUTH revealed by Guru. For some of us and our buddhi, it is easier to read and contemplate shabads that somehow feel directly aligned with words like Dukh, Sukh, suffering, pain.,illness..,There is nothing wrong with this as long as it brings the suffering devotee closer to akaal purakh. We all come across certain pangtees or verses in all paaths that seem to stick with greater affinity. These seem to give an elated feeling of joy and connection. Therefore, it becomes easier to do repetitive jap or kirtan of these shabads..This is how gurbani works and why there are different raags. If someone feels a stronger connection with certain shabads or compliation of shabads, then there will only be benefit if that person dwells further and further into that bani. What I don't like is when people start slating banees like dukh bhanjani by associating with babas and deras. At the end of the day GURBANI is the TRUTH, bani is Guru and Guru is bani. No matter what verses are sung in random order, you can never harm or hurt the untouchable truth. The goal is ultimately to get to that state where pain and pleasure are actually just the same thing.. Fact is that after you die, you realise that all the events and what you deemed as obstacles and sufferings in your life, were in fact divine blessings! Such is the wondrous play of Waheguru.
  5. There was no reason to snap at Simran345. If you weren't aware of the sites background then you could have said or admitted. Don't think that I'm poking or pointing at you but I know that sometimes we can find useful snips of information from other sources regardless of their agendas. Take what you find is of benefit and then ignore the rest.
  6. Is that the real reason? Does Christianity say other religions will go to hell? ....I never knew that! What does the hair really have to do with it? I'm saying this because I never took steps to go forward telling myself to keep my hair. I just went searching within using the Sikh methods of simran and then bam!!! ....I suddenly had this urge to NOT cut my hair, I felt a spiritual connection and didn't want to break it. You look in the mirror and tell yourself that the hair has to remain cut and styled, but there is also another mirror inside you that you have to find to reflect on. This mirror is the truth and much more powerful that any mirror in the world. I suggest that you try doing bandgee as suggested by harsharan and lionesswoman. The hair and all other matters will start coming towards you.
  7. Lot's of posts on here with bits of useful information. I'm just going to keep it short and answer the op's question to the best of my knowledge. NOTE- this is just my answer and my understanding of how MInd-Body-atma works. This is very believable. It seems you were given a second chance or simply the opportunity to experience the sukham(subtle) dealings of mind and atma. No one can give you the real answer because only YOU can find this. HOW do you do that?? By going inwards. Finding yourself, Japna, simran to cleanse your inner self to find the jyot. I truly believe that the rash was your body's way of "signalling" the message to remind you again. You had already remembered and mentally highlighted the significance of the yearly date, but I think that deep down, a part of you knows that you have not made the efforts to begin your journey of searching prabh seriously. Think of the rash/body signal as a little kick up the backside for you to get cracking. Believe me, once you begin doing Saas graas, saas saas simran and then deeper meditation,.. then the necessary answers and gyaan will come to you. You will know the reason why Waheguru spared you and you will know what needs to be done in life. I also suggest that you begin reading more gurbani and start to distance yourself from worldly attachments. The universal Gobind will start making changes in your life anyway and already you may have noticed that certain friends, family members..etc. are now somewhat distant in your life and newer faces may be appearing. ( Waheguru starts breaking the bonds of all negative people in your life as stated in Gurbani) Also, old habits, desires, ambitions. etc may have began to disappear or just don't seem possible any more. This is all part of the play, but at the end of the day, you need to break away externally and strengthen internally to find your answers. It may take you a while to find the direction you should be going in but the Lord will take a hundred steps towards you for every single one you take. I know about NDE's and that a lot of accounts are not genuine in totality. I was in coma for a month from a very serious motor vehicle accident. I was resuscitated on the scene from cardiac and respiratory arrest. I don't recall anything, but they say it was a matter of seconds when they pulled me out, resuscitated and got me airlifted in helicopter to hospital. I never go in deep detail of my NDE but I do want to clarify that there are many realms, lower worlds, middle worlds and heavens as well as temporary places of suffering(hells). Gurbani has all the answers and when you begin your inner journey, gurbani will speak to you with knowledge, answers and confirmations, that you woud have never noticed before, even if you had read it thousands of times! .
  8. TRUMP is the man and this is the guy that had more 'truth' in him than his opponent. Well done!
  9. You guys have to understand that there are 2 types of mukhti referred to in Gurbani. However, you may well find other texts with 3,4, or 5 types,...but in gurbani there is two....and that is all we should be concerned with. 1st) First is Mukti from Lakh chaurasi cycle. This means the coming and going, the avaa -->jaana. This cycle of life and death can be escaped with Naam. Once you get naam, once you merge with the naam, then you can be mukht at this level. My understanding is that this does not mean you are merged with Akaal purakh, this means merging with the naam. Japji sahib describes the "maniye" that are at the door of waheguru's nijh ghar. This is where the shaheeds are, the devi devte's,, the angels, heavenly beings..etc... All of these higher realms are experienced on the way to the door of Akaal purakh. 2nd Mukhti is the ultimate merging of one with Akaal purakh, the joti jyot, when you are completely dissolved back into the Mool and your Identity is completely gone. Remember that whilst in heavens like the shaheeds, devi devte's etc... you will still have some identity. You can remain there for eternity doing sift salah or you may want to merge completely into waheguru. In this case you Have to take human birth because this is the only joon out of the lakh chaurasi where you can do abyaas and bandagi
  10. It depends what karams you are talking about. There is a list of karams that you are born with. This is the "lekha" that the jiv carries with them from previous and then there is also the 'lekha" that you take with you when you die. The other karams are the seeds you sow now that will have to be reaped in this janam or the next.
  11. the term is actually "Gender Bender" and the person is also referred to as "Bent" If someone understands that "Kaam" is NOT "sex" and that "sex" is NOT "kaam".....then I may continue to have some fruitful discussion on this misunderstood topic.
  12. these guys are from Vancouver I think. I have heard that a private area of a beach was used for one wedding with security controlling the borders, so there was no regular tourists wandering in (jkvLondon ) However, I have no idea if this is what happens at all locations. One positive point I have heard from the young couples is that why should they have their parents spending 100K for some banqueting suite where open and kulah maas is served along with enough liquor, yet no Sikh complains or argues about the manmat activites at every major city, every weekend. On the whole, I agree with akalifauj that it's our own shortcoming and problem that we can't organise sensible monitoring and policing to avoid any beadbi at all costs. We Sikhs are the cause of most of our own problems but the first to go and start pointing fingers. It's a shame that the utmost regard and respect is not given to Gurusahib or the sacred value of anand karaj, whether it be at home, gurughar or abroad.