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  1. PranaamShaheedaNu

    Singh's finding it hard to find life partners.

    VJKK VJKF Brother, To be honest with you - I hear what you are saying. I had the same issues although I didn't have a full grown beard. But when I did find the woman that I wanted to marry, not only did she encourage me to grow out my daari she has been ever more supportive of growing together in Sikhi. Since our Anand Karaaj we have only grown more in love with Sikhi. Trust me its hard but its worth it in the end when you find the right woman. Keep faith brother and do Ardas to Maharaaj
  2. PranaamShaheedaNu

    Marriage of Guru Nanak

    Hi Phenji, Maharaj Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji did not do phere around agni like Hindus do... please see below: Mool Chand arranged for the Brahmin priests to debate the exact marriage rituals to be followed with the Guru. The Guru was sitting besides a crooked mud wall (kandh) discussing the marriage plans with the Brahmin clergy. As the wall was damaged and in poor state, and there had been recent rains, some in the bride's party thought that it may fall on top of the Guru. An elderly lady was asked by the bride's family to warn Guru Nanak about the danger. The old woman approached the Guru and warned him of the pending danger from the damaged wall. Guru Nanak just smiled and said "Mataji, ehh kand sadeeya layah nehee digdee..." - "This wall will not fall for centuries. The will of God shall prevail." In fact, the wall is still preserved within the Gurdwara Kand Sahib and a celebration is held here every year on the anniversary of Guru Nanak's marriage. In 1487, the marriage finally did take place, and it did ignore the Brahmin rituals. Guru Nanak and his bride took four rounds instead of the prescribed seven around the sacred fire. It is said that he also spoke a few words at the ceremony. Unfortunately, these words were not duly recorded and nothing has been written regarding Sulakhani's thoughts or sentiments on the subject. That the event had a profound effect on her can certainly be taken for granted. At any rate, the marriage party and celebrations were a grand and impressive event attended by the rich and influential people of that lime. Early writers have indicated that it was a most grand affair as befitted the daughter of the town's tax collector. Dera Sahib Gurdwara was built at the place where stood the house of Mul Chand, father of Bibi Sulakhni, wife of Guru Nanak Dev where the actually wedding took place. Kand Sahib Gurdwara, was built at the place where the marriage party of Guru Nanak Dev was made to rest before the wedding ceremony took place, hope this helps
  3. PranaamShaheedaNu

    Dhan Guru Nanak Simran

    I didn't say that Nanaksar Samparda use a different Gurmantr - I said that they do Simran on Dhan Guru Nanak,,,
  4. PranaamShaheedaNu

    Dhan Guru Nanak Simran

    VJKK VJKF, Quick question to all Sangat - I know that Gur Mantr is 'Waheguru' but was wondering what are peoples thoughts on doing Simran on Dhan Guru Nanak? My understanding is that Nanaksar Samparda do simran on Dhan Guru Nanak... it is permissible in the Panth? Bhul Chuk Maaf
  5. PranaamShaheedaNu

    Moving Out

    WJKK WJKF I recently got married, around 10 months ago, and my wife moved in with myself and my family. My family are religious to an extent but dad and bro are pagg wale with cut beards. The first few months of marriage were okay, from around April we have seen a lot of issues, such as : 1. "your wife doesn't do anything" ie when the mrs cooks and it isn't to my parents approval they won't eat it. 2. If we go out during the weekend / for dinner or social - we get told we are being disrespectful and that we have too much money for our own good. 3. I've just decided to grow out my Dari and have it prakash- that's also been ridiculed. Don't get me wrong every family has issues and every marriage has teething problems. We've had our ups and downs but the other week we got told quite viciously to leave the house as we were not wanted. So I adhered for myself and my wife a rented apartment etc. My question I guess is how would you have dealt with it ? It just feels as if the world and its dog is after us at the moment. any suggestions / help is appreciated thanks WJKK WJKF
  6. PranaamShaheedaNu

    Looking For Bride !

    Northants, Mann, will take Amrit in the future
  7. WJKK WJKF I am a 25 year old law graduate, currently working as a Project Manager within the public sector. I am a Sehajdhari, I do wear a dastar but do trim my beard (at the moment). Looking for someone that is walking the same path towards Sikhi/Amrit! Please reply for more information
  8. PranaamShaheedaNu

    Jal Parwah

    Gur Fateh, Just a quick question, why do Sant Mahapurakh have their whole Body Jal Parwah? I have read and seen many videos, Daas is asking because of the recent sad Death of Sant Baba Ajit Singh Ji Hansali Wale, Daas's family was extremely close to BabaJi and a lot of us were wondering why this is happening. I would appreciate a serious answer, and no sarcastic answers as I have noticed on posts before. Thanks
  9. PranaamShaheedaNu

    Jal Parwah

    Gur Fateh, Just a quick question, why do Sant Mahapurakh have their whole Body Jal Parwah? I have read and seen many videos, Daas is asking because of the recent sad Death of Sant Baba Ajit Singh Ji Hansali Wale, Daas's family was extremely close to BabaJi and a lot of us were wondering why this is happening. I would appreciate a serious answer, and no sarcastic answers as I have noticed on posts before. Thanks
  10. PranaamShaheedaNu

    Marriage - "caste Problems"

    Jagsaw Singh, I'm Not an only child, I have one younger brother
  11. PranaamShaheedaNu

    Marriage - "caste Problems"

    GurFateh to all. Before I start could I please request that only those members reply that actually have sound advice to give and are not here to ridicule. Thanks I'm 24 years old, and have been introduced through friends to a girl, (as I told them I am Looking for a partner for marriage) the girl and I get on extremely well and both have similar future plans. I have brought this up with my parents, and they have discarded the idea as she is not from "our caste" as they remind me that we are Jatt and she is a Khatri. As far as we are both concerned, in line with the tenants of Sikhism we aren't doing anything wrong as the Gurus refused any notion of the caste system. Her parents have no problem at all, mine do. We are in this situation and don't know what to do, could anyone advise? GurFateh
  12. PranaamShaheedaNu

    Sant Jarnail Singh Ji & Nelson Mandela

    Why would you agree? Mandela was an educated man - so this means inciting violence is fine as he was educated? I do not think so. Sant Ji was an educated man, the vidiya that they undertook at Damdami Taksal is education whetehr you regard that or not. Sant Jis opinions were not just based on his own thoughts - he was a warrior for the Sangat, he took into account Sikh Rights. People sometimes forget that he as not just fighting for the Sikh nation, he has made it explicitly clear in many of his sermons that he is not anti any religion, all he wants for his that any person proffessing which ever faith - to be true to THAT faith. I beleve your justification for the flawed comparison has no standing. Bhul Chuk Maaf
  13. PranaamShaheedaNu

    Sant Jarnail Singh Ji & Nelson Mandela

    Waheguru Ji Ka khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh !! So I just thought I would collate some thoughts on something that I watched over the weekend, and thought it would be a good discusson topic. So please sangat do reply! As it was Father's Day over the weekend, I decided to buy my Dad 'Mandela' on DVD, as he has a great passion for Nelson Mandela. We have had many conversations about Nelso Mandela, and how many similarities there are between Sant Jarnail Singh Ji and himself. My Dad has already held the view that there are no similarities as (and I quote) 'Nelson Mandela fought a just war agaisnt tyranny and chose the path of peace, whereas Sant Jarnail Singh Ji chose violence as an answer to gain political power'. Watching the film and doing some research on Mandela, I have found my Dads view to be a bit flawed. Nelson Mandela started off with an extremely violent agitation against the Minority rule in SA, and even whilst he was in Prison the violence was further insighted by his wife Winnie. Even after he was released there was even further communal violence. Now with that in mind, if you look at the SItuation of 1984 and Sant Jarnail Singh Ji, i came to the conclusion that, SantJi had started the agitation in a n extremely peacful and loving manner in the form of Parchaar and awakenign of the SIkhs within Punjab and across India. From the time of Bhai Fauja Singh Ji's Shaheedi the Sikhs kept a very peaceful agitation alive, with protests etc. Now i guess the question is what do you think Sangat Jee, are there similarities? Looking forward to responses WJKK WJKF
  14. Baba Ranjit has implemented numerous projects - rather than questioning someone's action why not actually listen to their diwans and actually research the individual. He has organised many blood donation camps at many of his diwans; he has also initialised a hospital under the name of sant karam Singh charitable hospital. His parchaar has brought back sikhi to a lot of punjab as e does it in a clear and lamented way in order to make it understandable. Easy to point te finger at those who are speaking against Injustice how about ask yourself the question what have you or any of us actually done apart from be cyber warriors about it? Bhul Chuk Maaf Fateh Parwaan hoveh
  15. Kaval Nain Madhur Bain Kott Sain Sang Sobh Kehath Maa Jasodh Jisai Dhehee Bhaath Kaahai Jeeo