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  1. What would have been world history had Khalsa not been created by the Tenth Master? Time to reflect and thank Guru Gobind Singh for this world shaking revolutionary step. Please give your views on this.
  2. Great initiative
  3. How did Balbir Bazighar gain influence?

    The feet licking traitor is rotting in hell with his master Indra waiting for his shameless supporters to give him company.
  4. Budha Dal & Banda Bairagi - The Facts

    Well said Jonny. I don't understand why small minds bring up this kind of stuff again and again.
  5. Nihangs in 1984

    The Akal Takht which Santa built with blood money was demolished by Sikh sangat and rebuilt
  6. Nihangs in 1984

    He was the biggest sell out and traitor who licked the feet of Indra and did whatever she asked him to do.
  7. Past lives of the Panj Pyare

    Past lives and past are same in your small brain😁
  8. Past lives of the Panj Pyare

    Retarded people like you can't even think leave aside guessing. They are just born to bark like mad dogs
  9. Past lives of the Panj Pyare

    Never ever compare your idiotic self to Guru Gobind Singh
  10. Past lives of the Panj Pyare

    You showed your mental iq of a donkey by not knowing the difference between past lives and history
  11. Past lives of the Panj Pyare

    I asked you to do something and share your findings with us. Are you scared to do that now😁
  12. Past lives of the Panj Pyare

    Everyone knows you have a gutter mouth which comes from your gutter upbringing
  13. Past lives of the Panj Pyare

    Why the f you here then. Go rot in hell where you belong.
  14. Past lives of the Panj Pyare

    Go ahead and find about your past life. Do share what you were and what you learnt from that life. Can't believe the level of stupidity you can come out with😁.
  15. Past lives of the Panj Pyare

    You are so retarded it's not even funny. People must be repelled by your rotten presence