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  1. What a joke of a post. So they are doing from " inside" the nonsensical hindu ritualistic arti from "outside." When will we get rid of this anti gurmat practices? The Panthic Sikh Rehit Maryada, the official Sikh Code of Conduct, is very clear and states d. Anything except the afore-mentioned reverential ceremonies, for instance, such practices as the Aarti (waving of a platter with burning lamps and incense set in it in vertical circular motion) with burning incense and lamps, offerings of eatables to Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, burning of lights, beating of gongs, etc., is contrary to Gurmat (the Guru’s way). However, for the perfuming of the place, the use of flowers, incense and scent is not barred. For light inside the room, oil or butter-oil lamps, candles, electric lamps, kerosene oil lamps, etc., may he lighted.
  2. Behave yourself. Do not dare to write such language for our Gurus.
  3. People like you show where they have come from with their language. ..... gutter.
  4. So you support this hindu rituals like the arti they do at Hazur Sahib( totally contradictory to Guru Nanak's Arti)
  5. There are no might be Sikhs. You can either be a Sikh or not a Sikh. Choice is yours.
  6. No they cannot be called Sikhs. Call them Punjabi but not Sikhs.
  7. No it is the Sikhs in India who made this happen. It is a welcome development and hope the culprits get their due.
  8. http://www.tribuneindia.com/mobi/news/punjab/6-including-sarpanch-arrested-for-assaulting-rajasthan-sikhs/414008.html
  9. Good riddance. She has been sacked. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/katie-hopkins-sacked-lbc-radio-cheers-applause-presenter-fired-final-solution-manchester-attack-a7756961.html
  10. History will act as evidence if it has a parallel to epitome of sacrifice Guru Gobind Singh. There cannot be another 9 year old son who inspires his father to sacrifice himself for cause of Kashmiri Brahmins. There cannot be another father who sacrifices his 4 sons and then says" In putran ke sees par vaar diye sut chaar. Char muae to kya hua Jiwat kai hazar." what if I have sacrificed 4 sons my thousands of sons are alive. There cannot be a warrior like Guru Gobind Singh who instructed his soldiers never to fight anyone who is unarmed, respect women, children and elderly and never to attack anyone behind his back. His arrows used to bear little gold as He said I have no personal enormity with anyone I have to fight those who are supporting the tyrants so the gold is meant for their decent last rites. He was a philosopher far ahead of his times. He was a great writer whose literary writings like Choupayi Sahib wil remain immortal. Bhai Nandlal ji has described Him as MUQBAL-O MAQBOOL GURU GOBIND SINGH WAASIL-O MAUSOOL GURU GOBIND SHAHE SHAHAN SHAH GURU GOBIND SINGH. Today we celebrate the 350th birth anniversary of greatest saint warrior ever. Happy Gurpurab
  11. You are really thick headed
  12. People like you who love to talk nonsense are regarded as thick headed impostors who cannot break the shackles of castes.
  13. What part of English don't you understand that there are no castes in Sikhi and only backward Hindu mindset so called Sikhs talk about this rotten caste system.
  14. Can you stop your crap now!!!!!!!!
  15. When will this crap Hindu caste ist mindset change from these backward posters here? They are proud how low their ancestors were and comparing who was lower than them instead of appreciating the status of equality which Sikhi gave to all.