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  1. Guru Gobind Singh jee niwas NRI is right outside front of shree darbar sahib , great little shop outside too for tea/biscuots/water/crisps etc, rooms are good too, no a/c but decent....butttt its a headache getting a room, the SGPC workers are bastards at best!
  2. i know a group who play around oldbury on sundays, i play sometimes as well, mainly singhs. Feel free to PM and i send you specific info.
  3. nothing wrong with pictures of gurus and shaheeds, ppl connect in different ways, would you be happy for all pics of gurus to be taken off the face of the earth?! that will surely help right?! we dont need RSS when we have this type of thinking within us!
  4. Thank you all for your help. I don't think I was clear enough though. Our tickets are direct to Hyderabad. So I was after travel info from there not punjab. Thank you
  5. Fateh jee After many years i have the blessing of going to Shree Hazur Sahib. When i went last time i got the train from Hyderabad airport to the main station, then a long train to Shree Hazur Sahib. This time i will have small children with me and wondered what is the best option these days, anyone been recently? any advice on travel and accommodation? it would be nice to stay as close as possible to Shree Hazur Sahib. your help will be much appreciated.
  6. i just had to write, initially i was very pleased at the post and idea of this seva and indeed its great and very humble. but it angers me to see how those singhs were acting, frankly it is weird and it dangerous if other younger singhs see that and feel its normal to more or less dance/bop to the kirtan and act they way they did! how weird man..!
  7. bhai baldeep singh teaches at Sedgley Street Wolverhampton on Friday evening Hall 4. probably around 7pm
  8. Sant jee would never hide and will accept hukam of akaal purkh, that is a nishanne of a brahmgyane. if that hukam was to leave then he would, nothing to do with ego saying dont run away. Guru Gobind Singh jee also left Chamkaur Sahib, next you will say he ran away too!???? the panth is in such a state sant jee will have to come back, no other leader (i dont think) will have the same impact. and we also have a bramhgyannes partakh bachan that sant jee is not shaheed and will be shaheed once he comes back during a time of heavy jang.
  9. forgive me if i have got this wrong but i once heard that baba jee did bachans about future i.e WW3 and beyond? does anyone know about what was said?
  10. whilst paat etc is very good you need to address issue of anger where does the anger come from?
  11. there are gurdwareh in Paris, simpel google search will show locations. I have been Paris a few times, generally you may get stares as anywhere in the wolrd but nothing out of the oridnary. Eiffel tower have metal detectors, i didnt go up the tower, my wife did and dont know how she got through, had we known about the checks she wouldnt have gone. So best not to go really. Otherwsie dont have your kirpan on show as you will draw police towards you, that way you wont get any problems. alot of young punjabis (illegal) be selling stuff by Eiffel tower, they warned me to stay vigilant of pick pockets just before polcie spotted them and gave chase, i saw about 20 of them legging it from all corners, funny thing is they ran right past army with guns doing patrols, but as army do not get invovled in such issues illegals can literally carry on in thier face. funny old world. so help out our fellow punjabis and drop them a few quid!
  12. this is a brilliant article http://www.huffingtonpost.com/ali-a-rizvi/picking-a-side-in-israel-palestine_b_5602701.html not everything is black and white thats for sure! shame all the muslims didnt protest when ISIS went/and are going on murder rampage, killing more than those killed in current conflict, or when taliban go round killing. its ok when its in fighting! fact is jews hate muslims and vica versa, thats why warsi has quit, alot worse has happended and she didnt flinch!
  13. I went there few years back with wife, was great place, amazing architect and overall great place to visit. We got the train from the airport which was very easy and saved taxi fares. Hotel was in centre so all places easily accessible. We used public transport (buses) which were fine and also a tour bus for 2 days. Some points to note: Don’t keep your kirpan on show, you won’t be doing yourself or other visiting Sikhs any favours lol Airport is quite strict, they detected my sly but didn’t say anything but knew about kirpan We used taxi from train station to hotel not knowing how far we were. The taxi driver ripped us off and charged 15 euros. Initially he wanted 30 and I haggled, so make sure you don’t take price first given. The journey was literally 30 seconds, but he blagged it and drove around pretending eh could find it I got pickpocketed by Romanian girls..yes embarrassing, couldn’t be more than 12..be very careful, if they approach you don’t take hands out of pocket and DON’T FEEL SORRY FOR THEM LIKE I DID ..just walk and even shout if u have to so they go away, they will tug your arms to try to get your hands out on the pretence they asking begging. I didn’t go into Vatican as had kirpan and didn’t want the hassle, far as I know they won't let you in so I wouldn’t bother with arguing as could escalate to Police and ruin your break Food wise Pizza is available absolutely everywhere and you can go for basic margarita which is delicious, depends how strict you are if your amritdharee I guess. But make sure they don’t use egg in it so get familiar with Italian term for egg Apart from that all good and great place to go ENJOY
  14. I know some may say..’oh no not this again..doomsday talk’ but the Syria issue is really concerning. If USA attack it could really escalate….what do you think? Has anyone been practicing survival methods such as lighting fires, basic medical care and so on…is there anywhere we can learn this ?
  15. could this be the thing weve always heard about i.e. floods, earthquakes..some say was meant to happen 21 Dec 2012, but some say that was the start of the end!!! surely does look freaky since Dec 2012...things are very odd with weather!!!