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  1. The Jagmeet Singh thread

    Comically Jagsaw-Singh I realise a lot more than you think I do. Sometimes the 3rd party in any election can end up being the most important Party especially when coalitions come into play. Remember the Liberal Democrats in the last General Election? (although that didn’t end well for them but that’s another topic). Also there is a big difference between legalise and decriminalise. By decriminalising some drugs you end up removing the exploitation and crime that is adjoinined with drug dealing and smuggling industry. What this means is you are pushing for the lesser evil in eradicating drugs and problems associated with it from society. That in no way means that you support drug use. You are wrong about Jagmeet Singh he entered Politics to counter the Uncles who were in bed with the Indian Government. He was fed up with the double standards of then Uncles who were were so called Sikh Leaders but never spoke up on Sikh Human Rights issues. The NDP were the only Party who listened and promised to deliver so naturally this was the Party of his choice. This catipulted Jagmeet Singh into mainstream politics and at the same time gave the NDP a new lease of life with far more supporters. I just don’t get what your problem is with him!
  2. The Jagmeet Singh thread

    I think you’re jumping the gun. You and nobody knows what discussions have taken place about the future of his bride to be. Nobody is saying he is exempt from the responsibilities which come with being an Amritdhari but maybe he really likes her soul and maybe she has agreed to walk the path of a Gursikh. You think you are the only ‘Siana Banda’ who can see that this not correct according to rehit. I’m sure Jagmeet Singh has been advised on this so just wait and see. You should stop this witch hunt and support the only credible political candidate who many Sikhs have been waiting for too long.
  3. Singh Attacked

    Could be a whole host of reasons. Maybe he tried it on with one of their girls, maybe he was in a relationship with one of their girls, maybe he was buying weed or coke from them, maybe he was serving drugs for them and owed them money, maybe he was drunk and taking a leak by the wall and got preyed upon or maybe he was just an innocent lad and was targeted because he is a Sikh. But he was definitely in the wrong place at any given time. So many reasons only he knows why he was there but the alcohol problem in our community is serious. When you openly drink like our lot do you are naturally going to end up in pubs and clubs at unsavoury hours. You will end up drunk and tipsy and then no matter how well trained you are you will end up in trouble. This besharam culture needs to be eradicated once and for all. So many times you see this nonsense and usually it starts with child seeing seeing dad and now mum also getting pissed up at home or at family functions. Again I do feel sorry the lad but I hope he reflects on why he was caught up in such a mess.
  4. Singh Attacked

    Good to see that you are taking proactive steps with your son. This is something that everybody should do. The difference between the Muslims and our lot is that the ones who do take up combat sports such as MMA and Boxing is that our lot are usually pushed by parents who see the bigger picture. The Muslim lads usually grow up in large households where they are fighting for everything with their siblings whether that’s food, a spot on the sofa, gadgets or attention from parents. They are mostly living in ghetto environments and are fighting for survival everyday this creates a snatch and protect mindset. This naturally leads them to the doors of gyms and fight clubs where they can spend time away from their homes and develop their skills. This ends with a difference of needing to take up combat sports for survival and doing it for a hobby. Ghettos breed angry young men who learn how to fight to survive. Our lot have passed the ghetto stage and this reflects the lack of professional fighters we have in combat sports. Our youngsters have everything given to them on a silver plate to the point hunger and survival instincts become dormant. This is complex situation which needs an effort from both parents and child from an early age. Difficult situation for parents because you want to give your children everything to be comfortable but by doing so you are creating a generation which has no survival skills or ability to face and thrive in hostile situations.
  5. Singh Attacked

    In order to do that you need to have cardiovascular conditioning and ideally not be drunk. Most of our youth are out of shape in all physical departments. The young lad had no clue about where he was. The guy is backed up in a dead end before they even reach him. The best you can do in that situation is land one on the biggest guy and move quick. And if does end up in the ground then make sure you cover up well. But to do anything you need to sober and in control.
  6. Singh Attacked

    The Sikh lad wanted no part of any confrontation. You can see in his body language that he was backing up as soon as they started to walk up to him. The smallest guy out of the pack was the one that landed that blow. I remember seeing this up and down the country outside clubs when I was younger. Apne lads getting sparked out when drunk. ‘Je peeni aah taan fir shittar raj ke khao’. The difference between our lads and Muslim lads out on a night out is that our lot go to get drunk and fall about like idiots. The Muslims train during the day and enter the clubs sober and leave the clubs sober at the end of the night. Then they go looking to hand out beatings to our drunk youngsters who are in no shape to defend themselves.
  7. wedding dillema

    You can start by telling them today’s exchange rate. No serious you should just tell them you got nervous about the whole thing and needed time out to sort your head out. Good Luck!
  8. You’re right! I’m sure it’s a struggle to get through life without the help and support of the extended family. For many being perceived as trendy, so called modern and independent is more palatable than having to learn to accommodate others. The truth is nobody wants to invest time for others. From once being caring social animals the new generation are fast discarding the skills needed to communicate with their own choice of partners and the wider extended ‘bhai chaara’ around them. But this all needs to happen in order for ‘Kalyug’ to pass for the new ‘Yug’. Time never changes it’s just the way people behave.
  9. There is no solution! Welcome to Kalyug. People have changed along with the challenges of the times. Both men and women are getting married at a later age (30+) so they no longer have the tolerance to accommodate their partner or their partners families. The too set in their ways of what the perceive as being comfortable. In 80’s it wasn’t uncommon to see a bride and groom get married between the age 18-21. You would regularly see girls who were put through education by the in-laws and slowly moving towards a career path within a few years into the marriage. The boy would often be in the same situation and probably clueless about their future. The married couple were still in their youth and were slowly growing into adulthood with the presence and advise of elders within the family unit. Somehow this setup worked quite well and still kept the marriages strong and successful. Nowadays everybody wants the complete article before marriage, usually comprising of education of some importance, well settled in a career, a big salary, a business, big detached house, a nice car, multiple properties to boast about, money in the bank for holidays and the cherry on top is no in-laws within 5 miles. The success of the marriages of the previous generations were down to being young and sharing hardship along the way. Sometimes this is the glue that keeps families together. Joint decisions come into play and you are forced sacrifice yourselves for the sake of others. This is not seen now as people are so selfish and impatient for material wealth and so called independence that they are ruthless when it comes down tolerating anyone other than themselves. But the odd thing is they are still unhappy!
  10. British Government Confirms Jagtar Singh Has Been Tortured

    This smells of British Government involvement. Similar tactics have have been used by the British Government when BNP, EDL and UKIP rallies have been planned. It is well known for the British Government to call various organisations to stage a counter protest . The idea was probably to shut down voices and create an hostile atmosphere so that Sikh and Kashmiris could be labelled as extremists.
  11. You missed ‘jealousy’ I said that too or maybe you agree with me on that one. I sense your vein on the side of your head about to burst. You hate me now too. Just chill out geezer! Put on some velvet slippers, light a dhoof, brew some camomile and listen to some Marvin Gaye or something.
  12. Too much ‘Krodh’ will your destroy your soul. You should do breathing exercises and do lots of naam simran. This much nindia, hatred and jealousy is not the way of a Khalsa.
  13. Come on don’t be so harsh on him! He’s a solid banda who is fighting for Sikh causes. This video is all about warming to those sceptical White Canadians. PR exercise nothing more. As far as his partner goes who knows what conversations have taken place between the two. Maybe she will take her Amrit from when they are officially married. Besides there are 101 Amritdhari girls who walk around who also wax and pluck so I don’t think Jagmeet Singhs fiancé can be pulled up on this yet. Also are seriously going to hold his privileged upbringing against him. He could have just chased the money and kept off the rador by being a yes man but instead he chose to be vocal about his grievances and chose to represent his community and be their voice when nobody would speak for them.
  14. Is Sikhism really hijacked by Jattism ?

    I don't see any Brahmins who are ready to burn the Manusmriti texts or ready to give up the privileges which come with taking the best and most influential jobs. I don't believe that we as Sikhs have failed but it is the system which is interfering with us that is the cause of our problems. You cannot relieve the symptoms of an illness without locating the cause of it.
  15. Is Sikhism really hijacked by Jattism ?

    Caste in Punjab is an issue because of the Brahmin Elite that controls all institutions of India. Taking ownership of a 'Brahmin' problem detracts the attention from the real culprits and architects of this menace. We as Sikhs do not believe, practice or promote this 'Brahminical' system of apartheid. However as the laws and and constitution of India refuse to outlaw or make these practises a criminal offence, the Punjab is always going to affected by this. For example the reservation posts for 'scheduled casts' causes resentment amongst the so called higher casts who may well be poorer in some cases and the 'scheduled cast' status is something lower casts are more than happy to embrace for certain benefits. A better system would be a 'means' based benefits system which would be there for anyone who is financially disadvantaged. This could not happen in 'India' as this would threaten the grip 'Brahmins' have over society. The only way cast discrimination can be eradicated from Sikh institutions and the mindset of so called Sikhs is to bind them by law, provide religious education and give them a fair society which benefits all. Neither of these are allowed to flourish in India controlled Punjab. So in short if you want to fix the problems for Sikhs in Punjab then 'Independence' is the only way we can truly create a society which is governed by the teachings 'Sri Guru Granth Sahib Maharaj'. Bound by constitution and implemented through law.
  16. Sikh orphanges

    Pingalwara (Amritsar) founded by the late Bhagat Puran Singh. Although not just an orphanage but also a shelter for the vulnerable and elderly. Truly amazing place and the story and forward vision of Bhagat Puran Singh is worth reading up on before visiting.
  17. #freejagginow

    30+ years and nothing's changed. Same fabricated charges, same methods of torture, same methods to harass families and same silence and collusion from the British government. Now you know why everyone in Punjab avoids speaking up for their rights. If this is happening to 'British National' in 2017 what is happening to the 'Indian National' who has no support or media spotlight.
  18. Apparently Sant Jarnail Singh Ji is back?

    Detailed description on how the 'Lion of the Panth' marched towards Shaheedi.
  19. I think the best outcome from this event is that an enemy of Panth has been taken out wether it's for a Sikh cause, monetary benefit or personal grievance. We should celebrate this regardless of the motive just as we celebrate the Tamil Bibis sacrifice when taking out Rajiv Gandhi. Either way good riddance to the Khaki Nikkar wearing piece of trash.
  20. Looking at the present narrative of Sikhs worldwide we have peaceful image. We also have Sikhs making waves waves in politics in western governments and also have a young charismatic leader Jagmeet Singh. We need to be mindful of the propaganda machine which is being unleashed by GOI and their agents to tarnish the Sikhs. We might see more false flag attacks like these to further damage our image to derail our goals.
  21. I've never thought about it this way !

    To get your abs to show you need to have a body fat percentage around the 12% mark. The way to do it is simple science..consume less calories than you burn. And to aid fat loss fast do High Interval Training wether it's running, skipping, spinning, kettbells, resistance training etc. For example sprint for 1 minute during the High intensity interval and straight after do 1 minute jog during your active rest phase. Repeat for 10 rounds and watch the fat strip off you and you will develop a strong heart in the process.
  22. This kind of challenge will allow this boy to develop the grit needed to work out of his comfort zone and take his body beyond the fatigue barriers that one usually falls short at. There was a young child in Amritsar who took on this challenge as a child who went on to become a wrestler by the name of 'Gama Pehlvan' the worlds greatest and only undefeated wrestler in the history of the sport. This type of training will do no harm to this kids body as long as he only performs this once or twice a year. The rest of the year he can do smaller repetitions to develop endurance. These type of challenges will develop a strong mind and body. Of course it would be safer and less taxing for his health to wear bangles and and watch Indian dramas but Singhs are Lions not sheep.
  23. Read the contents in the following link which illustrates the inspiration behind Nazi ideology and Hindu Brahmin cast and social order. This is exactly what is needed to expose the so called peace loving Yogic Hindus to the world. Savitri Devi: The mystical fascist being resurrected by the alt-right http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-41757047
  24. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/jagmeet-singh-chosen-as-new-federal-ndp-leader/article36451452/%3Fservice=amp