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  1. Is Sikhism really hijacked by Jattism ?

    I don't see any Brahmins who are ready to burn the Manusmriti texts or ready to give up the privileges which come with taking the best and most influential jobs. I don't believe that we as Sikhs have failed but it is the system which is interfering with us that is the cause of our problems. You cannot relieve the symptoms of an illness without locating the cause of it.
  2. Is Sikhism really hijacked by Jattism ?

    Caste in Punjab is an issue because of the Brahmin Elite that controls all institutions of India. Taking ownership of a 'Brahmin' problem detracts the attention from the real culprits and architects of this menace. We as Sikhs do not believe, practice or promote this 'Brahminical' system of apartheid. However as the laws and and constitution of India refuse to outlaw or make these practises a criminal offence, the Punjab is always going to affected by this. For example the reservation posts for 'scheduled casts' causes resentment amongst the so called higher casts who may well be poorer in some cases and the 'scheduled cast' status is something lower casts are more than happy to embrace for certain benefits. A better system would be a 'means' based benefits system which would be there for anyone who is financially disadvantaged. This could not happen in 'India' as this would threaten the grip 'Brahmins' have over society. The only way cast discrimination can be eradicated from Sikh institutions and the mindset of so called Sikhs is to bind them by law, provide religious education and give them a fair society which benefits all. Neither of these are allowed to flourish in India controlled Punjab. So in short if you want to fix the problems for Sikhs in Punjab then 'Independence' is the only way we can truly create a society which is governed by the teachings 'Sri Guru Granth Sahib Maharaj'. Bound by constitution and implemented through law.
  3. Sikh orphanges

    Pingalwara (Amritsar) founded by the late Bhagat Puran Singh. Although not just an orphanage but also a shelter for the vulnerable and elderly. Truly amazing place and the story and forward vision of Bhagat Puran Singh is worth reading up on before visiting.
  4. #freejagginow

    30+ years and nothing's changed. Same fabricated charges, same methods of torture, same methods to harass families and same silence and collusion from the British government. Now you know why everyone in Punjab avoids speaking up for their rights. If this is happening to 'British National' in 2017 what is happening to the 'Indian National' who has no support or media spotlight.
  5. Sant Jarnail Singh Ji is back?

    Detailed description on how the 'Lion of the Panth' marched towards Shaheedi.
  6. I think the best outcome from this event is that an enemy of Panth has been taken out wether it's for a Sikh cause, monetary benefit or personal grievance. We should celebrate this regardless of the motive just as we celebrate the Tamil Bibis sacrifice when taking out Rajiv Gandhi. Either way good riddance to the Khaki Nikkar wearing piece of trash.
  7. Looking at the present narrative of Sikhs worldwide we have peaceful image. We also have Sikhs making waves waves in politics in western governments and also have a young charismatic leader Jagmeet Singh. We need to be mindful of the propaganda machine which is being unleashed by GOI and their agents to tarnish the Sikhs. We might see more false flag attacks like these to further damage our image to derail our goals.
  8. I've never thought about it this way !

    To get your abs to show you need to have a body fat percentage around the 12% mark. The way to do it is simple science..consume less calories than you burn. And to aid fat loss fast do High Interval Training wether it's running, skipping, spinning, kettbells, resistance training etc. For example sprint for 1 minute during the High intensity interval and straight after do 1 minute jog during your active rest phase. Repeat for 10 rounds and watch the fat strip off you and you will develop a strong heart in the process.
  9. This kind of challenge will allow this boy to develop the grit needed to work out of his comfort zone and take his body beyond the fatigue barriers that one usually falls short at. There was a young child in Amritsar who took on this challenge as a child who went on to become a wrestler by the name of 'Gama Pehlvan' the worlds greatest and only undefeated wrestler in the history of the sport. This type of training will do no harm to this kids body as long as he only performs this once or twice a year. The rest of the year he can do smaller repetitions to develop endurance. These type of challenges will develop a strong mind and body. Of course it would be safer and less taxing for his health to wear bangles and and watch Indian dramas but Singhs are Lions not sheep.
  10. Read the contents in the following link which illustrates the inspiration behind Nazi ideology and Hindu Brahmin cast and social order. This is exactly what is needed to expose the so called peace loving Yogic Hindus to the world. Savitri Devi: The mystical fascist being resurrected by the alt-right http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-41757047
  11. "I Get Out"

    Watch the video and read the verses "I Get Out" The song that speaks of how false this world we inhabit is and how maya has crept into every walk in society. We as the 'Khalsa' have the antidote to this disease but we are the ones that are most affected by it. From the management of our religious and political institutions and down to the way we live our own individual lives, we embrace 'Maya' and forget the very purpose we are on this earth for. If we can be brave enough to 'get out' then we would surely be in position to achieve our goals as community. 'Maya' is the very reason we are struggling to win this war against a system that is designed to suppress our souls and imprison our minds. For all those people within our own community who continue to let us down, we can bet that 'Maya' is the enchantress that is used to capture their souls. For the ones that truly liberated themselves and captured our hearts and souls throughout the history of the world. One thing they shared in common, they did not allow 'Maya' to touch them. Martin Luther King, Che Guevara, Malcom X, Black Panthers, Bhagat Singh, Muhammad Ali, Lauren Hill, Kartar Singh Saraba, Tupac Shakur, Shaheeds of 1984 and countless revolutionaries have led the way but are we brave enough to 'Get Out'. Is it the forces that work against us or is it our own weakness and desire for 'Maya' that stops us from achieving our collective goals? How do we defeat this, living in a world that is governed by a system that celebrates and worships 'Maya' (Capitalism). IMG_2751.MOV
  12. Jagmeet Singh is new leader of the NDP Canada

    In Punjabi there is saying 'moot vich machiyaan maardaa'. You are doing just that! The guy is an Amritdhari Singh who happens to be the grandson of 'Seva Singh Theekriwala' (famous freedom fighter during the British Raj). He comes from pedigree that is not brought up to remain silent. He was awarded the 'Sikh of the Year in 2013' but was refused a visa to travel to Amritsar receive it because of the voice he raised against the 1984 state sponsored genocide. He has not backed down to this day. 'Hardly the actions of someone who is repressed'! The Canadians gravitate to Jagmeet Singh because he is transparent, honest and is brave enough to take on difficult issues. All of these qualities are shaped by his faith and heritage. This why he is a success and this is the reason why so many other pretenders who run Gurdwara comitees and so called politicians in the U.K and Punjab fall short. They are neither committed to their faith, to their people or brave enough to raise their voice in protest. Too scared to rock the boat!
  13. Jagmeet Singh is new leader of the NDP Canada

    He's not a politician he is an activist who was persuaded by his friends to enter politics and make a real change. There's nothing untrustworthy or sly about Jagmeet Singh. He has never compromised his Sikhi or beliefs along his meteoric rise in politics or his youth. He is truly a lion amongst today's many sheep. "Sava Lakh Khalsa"
  14. Jagmeet Singh is new leader of the NDP Canada

    The most credible Sikh in politics today! Onto to the next phase for sure.
  15. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/jagmeet-singh-chosen-as-new-federal-ndp-leader/article36451452/%3Fservice=amp