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  1. Bhai Gurbaksh Singh RIP

    Massive respect to Khalsa! After two failed attempts of hunger till death and countless allegations and cursing from the demoralised Panth, Gurbaksh Singh has finally lived up to what he promised to the Panth and Bandhi Singhs. In a way this reminds me of the ‘Chaali Mukhte’ where they later realised their mistake and returned to the Guru.
  2. Replace the word ‘bar’ with brothel, shisha lounge, casino, head shop, vaping lounge etc etc. Should a Sikh be defending his right to wear his dastaar in these places and then go public with his protest. I couldn’t care less about people going to these places but remember who you are representing when you are wearing a Dastaar.
  3. I can’t believe this guy ran to the media with this. I heard the recording of his conversation with the bouncer on BBC news. I mean come on he’s using the religion card of being a well integrated Sikh and the Sikhs being exempted from wearing helmets on the battlefront in WW2. He clearly sounds intoxicated in the recording. You would never see a Muslim run to the media after being denied into a bar for a drink. The Sikh lad should have thought about what he is actually protesting about and what mixed messages he is giving to the wider public. He should have taken the advice about Sikhs not being allowed to drink as blessing from the bouncer and just left quietly and really reflected on what the bouncer had just pointed out to him. Instead he went and cried to the media and once again brought disgrace upon our community who try so hard to educate to non Sikhs about Punjabi culture being completely the opposite to our Sikh teachings. I know our lot drink but this level of besharampuna is not right.
  4. Bro, I’m doing the exact opposite to reducing Jatka and Shikaar marayada to just eating meat. I know this was practiced and is still practised amongst the Nihungs. I also see, understand and respect the reasoning behind it. What I also see is that this Puratan practice and Marayada has been pushed to the confines of Shaunis and Nihung Dereh. The benefits of these practices are not surfacing in the actions of Nihungs as they are no longer willing to engage in combat or willing to step out of their zones to challenge tyranny in the real world. Neither are the Nihung Singhs I have seen in the diaspora who advocate Puratan practices such as Jatka and Sukha doing anything for the safekeeping of people around them. Being a Nihung is about practising a way of life and being ready to engage oppression at all times and not just about keeping alive old traditions or practicing these traditions just on a weekend and then switching off during the work week going back to a being a shirt and tie. I’m not refuting any of the Puratan Marayada or what is written in Dassam Bani, all I am saying is that it is disservice to Puratan Nihung Singhs to do all this and then to not engage in the real world.
  5. Gol dastar

    Full Voil is good! It has a nice feel to it but some prefer Mal Mal but I find it too light and flimsy. I like to split the Dastarr material down the middle of the width to create just enough material in hand to tie the dastaar otherwise you might find your larrs are too bulky.
  6. The whole Meat vs Veg argument vs Shaheedi Degh equalling a better warrior is becoming a favourite amongst the youth. The question is for what purpose does anyone promote Meat and Sukha. Is it for building stronger bodies or is it for courage in the face of war or is it a combination of both. Does Sukha bring courage in a coward, does Jatka Meat build a stronger body frame and mind for someone who is trying to bulk up and do the two combined create the ultimate warrior. On the other hand does a veg diet build a weaker body and mind and does a narcotic free state of mind limit ones inner courage or spirituality. All this arguing is futile when you look at the bigger picture. When you break Meat and Veg down all you have is macronutrients (Protein, Carbohydrates, Fat). In the end nothing is Meat and nothing is Vegetable all you have is argument that goes round and round in circles. What benefit will the Panth have with the promotion of Meat and Sukha and where do you draw the line when you start to break down the chemical compound of Sukha. Will other mind altering Chemical Drugs be permissible for use in combat and meditation. What benefit will the use of these have on an individuals own personal Kamai? Will the Meat and Sukh make you a better warrior or will it consume your own soul with Homai, Lobh and Hankaar.
  7. Time to reclaim our true Nishaan Sahib ?

    Agreed! I have seen this video recently and the one thing new I learned other than the colour being blue was that the shape of the Nishan is completely wrong. The point on the Nishan Sahib should be at the highest point of the triangular shape not the lowest. The Farla should be just below the teer at the top. All of these are missing in the present Nishan Sahib and it’s baffling how we have ended up with something that is not even remotely true to the original design. I would also like to see the original Nishan Sahib reinstated and also the design to be incorporated in the future flag of Khalistan. This would give credibility in the argument of Khalsa Raj being a legitimate historical calling not something that is a post 84 modern concept.
  8. So Jagmeet gets married ....

    I don’t think it’s about maintaining a pure environment just for the Laavan ceremony. It’s a mockery of the ceremony if the newlywed couple have just committed to have Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji as the center of their married lives and to then go on and Party. This is not expected from and Amritdhari and I thought being a public figure Jagmeet Singh would have thought carefully about this.
  9. So Jagmeet gets married ....

    Bro! I know this is banter but ‘Disability’ should never be mocked or used in this way.
  10. So Jagmeet gets married ....

    The Guru Saroop is taken to the streets every year in Nagar Kirtans throughout the world. The question is about maintaining the sanctity of the Saroop. If the place is serving alcohol, meat or playing lachar songs (ie Punjabi Wedding) then this unacceptable. This is what the Hukamnama form the Akal Takht is about and it should extend to Akhand Paths in homes where these activities take place.
  11. The bachans of the great Sant! To all the the disbelievers Khalsa Raj is inevitable!
  12. The first few lines of the speech referring to the aftermath of the attack on Akal Takht.
  13. Justin Trudeau visit to India

    I can recall a speech by Sant Jarnail Khalsa Bhindranwale where he refers to Singhs asking him a question “Sant Ji when will Khalistan be made?” Sant ji says “Khalistan will be made when all Sikhs become Khalse” This is a simple reply but the logic in the bachan makes complete sense. You can see Indra understood this as it is evident with Amritdhari Sikhs being hunted after Bluestar. You can still see this now as the Government of India have used all sorts of tactics to insure Sikh youth in Punjab discard Sikhi in favour of a secular lifestyle. Our Sikh institutions including SGPC have failed to take Sikhi to the youth. Even Sikh diaspora have failed to work on this in the villages of Punjab. I recall hearing about the number of Sikhs taking Amrit during the time of Sant Jarnail Singh Ji at Darbar Sahib. The figure was 4000 every week and the figures now are now post 84 at best 4000 a year. In fact there is no longer a weekly Amrit Sanchar at Darbar Sahib. Sant Jarnail Singh Khalsa bhindranwale has given us the bachan and the key to unlock Khalistan is with increasing the numbers of Khalse.
  14. Justin Trudeau visit to India

    The guy is the biggest besharam on the planet. He’s sitting as the CM of an State in independent India but his family were working hand in glove with the British during the Raj. How has he been able to escape his shadow for so long and why is his family history not thrown at his humongous bootha when he goes off on an Patriotic fit.
  15. Justin Trudeau visit to India

    Justin Trudeau has been snubbed by the senior members of the Modi BJP Government. In fact this stretches to not just the Political Party but also to the Indian Media. No senior officials have welcomed or accompanied Trudeau during his tour of Gujarat or Agra. Amritsar on the other hand has shown great hospitality to Trudeau with the SGPC, Akali Dal and Congress senior Politicians all eagerly greeting him and his family to the city and Darbar Sahib. The treatments of Trudeau is all very public and the questions of ‘Khalistan’ and the Canadian stance on the subject is all over the news now. Even Captain Arminder couldn’t resist bringing up the subject in his brief meeting at the Taj hotel today. He also had the nerve to accuse Canadian Sikhs of financing militancy in Punjab and directing targeted assassinations. Modi is scheduled to meet Justin Trudeau during the week and we can all expect to hear the same sound bites. Will Sikhs in Canada be sacrificed for trade between the two countries and what will Justin Trudeau make of his trip to India?