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  1. Also google vegan and vegetarian recipes. On YouTube the vegan corner, domestic geek. There r so many vegan channels. Eat cereal with milk, rice, quinoa, tofu, salads if u cant cook. Also most fast food places have a vegetarian option. Start eating food not snacks
  2. Idk doesnt dasam granth feature stories of old buddhe marrying young wives and it leading to destruction of the family? But u arent that old and men generally look younger than woman. Also u might not find 25 year olds in india as girls r usually married off young, ppl r scared of them becoming old maids But u might find some educated girls who r older, like someone else mentioned. I think u shoild take a hukamnama to see if u should marry this girl or continue looking.
  3. I forgot to mention that her PSL books are used in panjabi schools on Sundays. Thats wat she did: used her experience and knowledge of education to create curriculum, syllabus, n books for panjabi schools
  4. Bibi pushpinder kaur usa - she was a teacher then principal then administrater for english schools so she used her knowledge and experience in education to create PSL (panjabi as a second lannguage) curriculum- books, syllabus, lesson plans. Her work isused in schools throughout CA Also women already have double duties- raise the family (cook, clean, kids) as well as doing jobs. And panjabis men dont help out with any chores, cooking or the kids. If women start asking for any gender equality, men start complaining about all the things wrong with women. As can be seen on this forum many times. Thats why women arent as out there
  5. I dont think u should be discouraged. If guru ji always gave the happy, positive hukams n we still have problems, then we will have doubt. So guruji is being truthful n helpful in this gurvaak. First he is saying, yes times r toughs n they will continue being tough. Second guruji is telling u what to do to fix ur problems. See guruji is being the perfect doctor here, first problem is diagnosed and then treatment is given. If doctor always said theres is no problem, everything will be fine and we are in pain, we will think the doctor is wrong. So now make sure to do the treatment. Do naam simran and read bani. Perhaps that will change ur karam n u can get happier life. Good luck. Make sure to follow the docs instructions!
  6. When Masa Ranghar had taken over harmander sahib, Sukha Singh and Mehtaab Singh went to stop him. They dressed up as chaudaris / leaders of the village and so went in disguise. They had to bow their head to Masa Ranghar. They thought of Guruji and bowed their head. And foolish Masa thought they were bowing to him. So imagine Vaheguru, the lord of the universe, creator of black holes, destroyer of galaxies and bow ur head in awe. Or think of Satguru, the jot that came into the 10 gurus and now resides in Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Our guru is not ink, paper, or even words. It is a Power, primal power that has taken the saroop of words in this time. That power, jot was present in all 10 gurus. So think of that power/jot and matha tek. Also that power/jot is sentient. So that is one way you can test if padched is satguru. I have found no difference. So ask a question and take a hukamnama. Ur guru will answer. Start doing sehaj paath, the guru will speak to you, put into words ur problems. Go to guruji when there is no divaan, and the peace will signal to u that this is the thand/coolness of the true guru. Here listen to this:
  7. Ya marrying a convert into sikhi would be better. Watever her nationality is. Dont give up on marriage after 1 girl. Get on marriage sites, and meet a better girl. If u get a muslim orphan, must.u raise him as a muslim? If the orphan is only 3 or 4 years old, raise him as nonreligious while taking him/her to the gurudwara. Like nonreligious panjabis do. Then let it choose watever religion he or she wants when they get older
  8. Think about adoption.... Theres nothing that pervents surrogacy either....take a hukamnama and lets see wat guru ji says....share the gurvaak here...we can analyze it
  9. Wow, i always get this hukamnama when i ask guruji about my future. I thought it was just saying that I will have a life with a job and marriage. I was bummed out, cuz i wanted to go the brahmchari route. And if i were u, i would take the last 4 pangtis to heart and stop worrying. God does not make mistakes and he gives the right gifts. Also make sure to find good friends with good virtues. The best place to do that is a rainsabai. Im not akj, but i attended one last week, and the atmosphere, the sangat, it just all seeps into u and cleans u out and ur left with chardi kala and preet. U said ur in india, theres tons of rainsabais there, go to to see schedule
  10. I dont think u should let ur child be taken away from u. My cousin grew up like that. My mamas son. My nani didnt like living alone so she decided to raise her grandson in america. Whie his parents worked in Canada overtime. The son is closer to the nani nana than his parents. And my nani never disclpined him and let him watch TV all day cuz he was bored with only budhe ppl at home. And eat junk food. Because my nani wanted him to like staying with her. She kind spoiled him. And nana was strict in other ways out of nowhere. But he still turned out better than the second son they raised themselves. The second son has most of his teeth replaced by metal caps due to cavities and is fat. So tell ur husband that a child needs parental love or will not be close to the parents. Invite ur sass to live with u and babysit. Tell her she can take him to india when he is 5 or 6. Hes too young now.He will get sick due to india germs being different than here in the west. Also do shabads poota mata ki asses. Dukh Bhanjani Sahib can be found in apps and youtube. Also play sukhmani sahib around the child at all times. I really like the one sung which i pasted below. Play it all the time. Good Luck. Stay positive and happy thoughts!
  11. After the Trump win, alt right and white supremacists have come into the public and onto social media out og nowhere. These ppl r trying to get sikhs to spearhead the attack so they cant be called racist. Rebel Media is an alt right youtube video gaining alot of popularity in Canada. These ppl r so biased they refused to acknowledge attack on.the mosque in Quebec. They went with a conspiracy that it was actually 2 muslims who did it, witnesses heard the attacker say allah akbar and the police and media r covering this up
  12. Watch the videos i posted above n provide counterargument to those. Ofc, a sikh should let nothing in life interfere with Amritvela, Naam Kamai, and Gurbani. So if these important things are being done, continue with your householder life. You and your wife need to come up with your own restrictions and healthy way of living. Sikhi does not have many rules, for that reason so that people can come up with rules for what works for them in their specific situations. So use ur budhi/ intelligence to set limits at where nothing interferes with kamaaing sikhi
  13. Im sorry but celibacy is not recommended in sikhi. Therefore celibacy within marriage is also not recommended unless both partners are at that avastha. Remember we had that one bibi complaining about her Gursikh husband? That he was too emotionless? Stable marriages are important, we need to have grihsti, householder lifestyle
  14. Can you please elaborate on this? Wat time period and who was involved? Thanks in advance!
  15. You can do 10 astpadis daily instead of whole paath. But i find if i do the whole paath even if without concentration, i feel better at the end of it. And we should be making an effort to discipline our mind so keep tryinv to do the whole paath and fight to keep ur mind in the present, on the meanings. If ur tongue gets tired from doing paath, ahh wat a blessing! Is there any more shubh karam? But u might want to switch: 5 astpadis out loud, 5 in ur mind, get up and walk while listening to the other 5, sing the other 5, and read meanings of the 4. Also dont worry about the 3 big choices. Keep ur options open, live day to day. Leave some on God, and try the rest urself. I think u should try to come out to ur parents. Not all at once, dont make it another option and stress about it, just try to be truthful. Also maybe look for religious gay ppl, u said u tried the gay scene n didnt fit in so look for the religious gay ppl. There is a blog by a sikh gay person, google it. See wat issues they facing, wat solutions they have. Take it slowly, keep faith in God and keep searching when u feel despair. The right path to ur life might show up. Also look into how other religions are dealing with gay marriages, cuz sikh ppl might need to address this issue one day, and it would be nice if someone had done research on it. Look into the jati concept- Ika Naari Jati Hoe Look at comparison of degradation of society and homosexual behavior ( is there any correlation, causation, cuz christians r always saying roman/greek societies fell due to deviant sexual behavior), the debate of gay marriage (esp in America. I learned a lot. Like some pastor was arguing that studies show children need both a father and mother, so kids growing up in LGBTQ households with 2 moms or 2 dads, have same tendancy to fail as single parent kids. Also that there is alot of divorce/cheating in gay marriages as men are more promiscuous than women, so if u have 2 men, it doubles chances. Also that many lesbian households have domestic abuse) also check out Milo Yianopoulis on youtube, hes a Gay, Catholic, Jew who is against gay culture. He wants to live the gay lifestyle, but thinks pushing the gay agenda is harmful tl;dr: the choices u r facing in life r hard and unique n nobody has the answers becuz there r few ppl in ur situation. So i say do more research n maybe u will be able to help urself or at least help others in ur situation. More than research, keep doin paath, have faith, wat happened to u is part of Gods will and Gods Will Can't Take You Where God's Grace Won't Save You. Guruji protects his devotees, fulfills their wishes worldly and otherwise, so become a devotee and never fear
  16. You need to move out. Get benefits, welfare or move to womens shelter. Google the closest shelter. Also try to move into government housing. Maybe get scholarship or financial aid to go to college and live in the dorms Yes, talk to a gyani, your relatives, sikh helpline, govt agencies Where do u live? Uk? India? Canada?
  17. Wow the Europeans certainly looked after one another. Tho the French and British were rivals, he was careful to not let their plans be known. Also did Ranjit Singh have no spies working for him? He seems to ask questions about European armies and governments from his guests and believes them! It would have been harder to have spies because the nations were different ethnicities and easily recognized. And I dont think any European could be bought to betray his country...
  18. I agree these r problems...but there has to be a distinction between panjabi problems and sikh problems...tho yhesr days they r so entwined it hardly matters Are u saying that we let anyone claim they r sikh without following sikhi? I think we need more precise definition to define n describe ppl. Like islamists vs isis vs muslims. If u want to be a mona sikh, no idol worship, no caste n do at least mool mantar daily. If doin sewa at gurudwara, dont have eaten meat that day. If sehajdhari sikh, be vegetarian, do japji sahib n simran daily, no worshipping idos or faith in other religions. If kesdhari sikh, then the above plus rehraas sahib If amritdhari then full rehit And we shud have heirarchy, based on commitment to rehit and length of nitnem This way if someome claims to be sikh then at least they will know where they fit n there wil be some rules to follow. Also we can make caste n fanticide the two things that can make u not sikh. About the unrealistic sikhs, life and time r great teachers. The obese girls will learn to tell the truth n settle for less. As will the short girls and the uneducated boys. As time passes n they keep gettin rejected and cant find partners to their exact specifications, they will have to settle for less. Ofc this shows the materialistic ideology running through the panjabi/sikh psyche. Where wealth, looks, and status matter more than faith, values, and the environment. But as ppl learn money will not buy happiness, they will learn or their children will after having suffered. It might be too late for panjab tho.This materialistic culture has destroyed the land, the youth, and SGPC. But ppl r hopefully fed up with Badal and will make AAP win. Though most ppl r wrong to blame Badal exclusively for these conditions. And Badal is a sikh. If he had to get dirty in politics n go beg deras for votes, it dont make him nonSikh. Badal is providing wat the ppl want. In a documentary about water, it said that panjabis r using subsidized electricity to pump increasing amounts of water n decreasing water table at alarming rate. And why did Badal provide free electricity for farmers to destroy water table? Cuz farmers wanted that. Ofc the Anandpur resolution n water rights could help. But we lost that war. Noway a mere voted politician can get that concession from central govt. So if we want panjab to succeed, we need someone who doesnt only have farmers or Sikhs interests at heart. We need a wilier, dirtier politician who can get things done. Without being labeled anti sikh every other day. Maybe AAP can do that
  19. Tell them u need to finish ur studies. Cuz after marriage u will be too busy to finish studies. And these days 2 incomes r needed to run a household. So say after i finish my studies and have a job, i will ready for marriage. Also tell them that the average age for woman to be married is 26 years old. Also, dont worry too much. They still have to find a guy, and that takes a while. Alot of ppl r having problems finding a rishta these days. Also u can let them find guys n then keep saying no. Like not good enough. So maybe shud let them find prospective grooms cuz if u start looking when ur ready, it might take too long. So if they start looking now, they will find someone suited to their and ur taste in 3 or 4 years......or are they the type to just promise u to anyone and expect u to go through with it?
  20. They have different approaches. The troublemakers (druggies, attitude problems, not listening to parents) are taken to a 5 week camp at Baru Sahib, also some of the rescued girls who were at fault, were married off to indians, who were glad to get a visa and when i asked didnt the girls mind, i was told the girls were glad for any chance at marriage after the wrong path they took in life. Also there are the innocent cases like an amritdhari girl who became friends with female muslims n they pressured her to go to a club. The girl went and her orange juice was spiked with date rape drug and the muslim girls let their male cousin take her. It took alot of prayers to locate her and then they had to break her out. Other times the girls naked pics r taken n then used to blackmail her. If she dont get scared then they tell the family, we will post these in ur gurudwara. Other times, the girl is brainwashed/blackmailed to stay with the muslims and she will lie to the police that i am happy and here with my own will. And that the family is forcing her to go back. These r the hardest cases. Sometimes black magic is involved and lots of paath is done and the girl wakes up and comes home herself. I am not affliated with SAS but have heard of these cases from someone within the organization, and others from following them on fb
  21. I think even 6 years old might be too late. There was a post on langar hall blog by a guy who hates babas and bana and goin to gurudwara because he was abused by a baba. His dad helped out at the gurudwara n let the kid run around. Another kid told him to go play in the van, and thats where the baba was hiding and trapped him. The baba had used the other kid to lure him to the van. I think he was younger than 5. Of course the baba said if u tell ur dad, he will be mad at u. So he kept quiet for years. And now he has trust n anxiety issues with gurudwaras etc So, I think its really important to build confidence in kids, and teach them that adults even authority figures can be bad and if u feel uncomfortable, its ok to run away, scream and tattle. And man, we need to fear ppl in our community as well not just muslims. Especially babe, who become babe for very shady reasons these days. My parents always had a suspicion of the priestly class. Never let the girls stay at gurudwara for too long, go alone, and were encouraged to stay away from babe. As i think panjabis fear the celibates, rightly so as the Catholic priests showed. But it was only the girls they were worried about, never the boys....
  22. So we believe in the sin of the father/ancestors continues to haunt the children? Then if one is born into a bad family, why try? And i thought in kalyug, karma involves only the individual.
  23. Go to hazoor sahib if u can. Takes 2 days on train. Buy bottled water from busy popular shops to avoid severe diarrhea. Dont buy from unused shops, no idea how long its been there.
  24. I wonder how water hungry hemp is? Way better than rice i bet, and its a native plant. But the market/demand has to be there before farmers will risk it. If badal loses, and the free electricity for farmers and state backed prices of rice, intiatives for farmers are scraped, farmers might be willing to diversify, tho i doubt it