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  1. How Important is Punjabi Language for Sikhs?

    At baru sahib they do not yeach sanskrit or farsi. They teach panjabi and english. Probably hindi too. Students r very busy there. They have science...normal school till 4 then they have kirtan tabla or dhadi vaaran. Then sports. Then evening diwaan. Then tuition where they do hw. Then sleep so they can wake up early for morning diwaans
  2. Yes many sikhs are taught hatred towards hindus. Some sikh ppl are realizing tho that it is not all hindus.it is the government so now most sikh ppl are directing the vitrol and hatred towards the indian government and those that supported its actions in the decade following1984. Im glad to know that there are hindu ppl like yourselves who come to gurudwaras and want to be part of sikh festivals and diwaans and teach ur children sikh history. But there are also hindus especially young brainwashed ones that say im glad this many sikhs were killed by the army and innocents were killed in 84. This of course leads the sikh community who already feel anger after losing a terrible high-casualty war, to retaliate in mean words. As always this means good people like yourself will have to work harder to bridge the gap and to show sikh youngsters, that the hindus they talk of so dismissively are real people and have good intentions. Only experience will change their mind. Of course when they meet a hindu person who is happy with sikh deaths, then that sikh will realize there r good and bad in every community and everyone should be judged on their own merit. Its sad that sikhs have to relearn this lesson when the gurus taught it so well with the muslims. There was Aurangzeb but also Akbar. The subedaar of sirhind but also Malerkotlas subedaar. Pir Mian Mir but also the Qazis who wrote fatwas detailing guru arjan dev jis shaheedi. All communities have good and bad ppl. Even the sophisticated Americans and Europeans are finding it hard to stick with this reasoning in regards to Muslims/Arabs after 911, ISIS, and other terrorist attacks. How can you expect the simple Sikhs to exceed at it?
  3. Can I Start A Parchar YouTube Channel?

    I think what singhbj wanted to say was that muslims did kaala jadu black magic on bhai jagraj singh. Because the muslims were made too look bad or weak they retailiated in this cowardly way. So bj is saying unless u have strong naam bhagti to fight against kaala jadoo dont go against muslims. Ofc i thought bj would be too educated to believe in this jadoo stuff but well...living in fear all the time does things to ppl. I mean he couldnt mean that waheguru punishes ppl with cancer for speaking against other religions cuz then there would be no muslim or christian preachers left...as they all insult other religions. And what about ISIS where is their cancer as theyve got the worst karam
  4. Life is getting too hard

    Maybe go.to counseling...it seems.u have unresolved issues. Also do a heartfelt ardaas Do chaupai sahib with dhian everyday
  5. Finding it hard to be a sikh!

    You have a spiritual sickness. When one is sick,.one doesn't say i give up, im not good at taking care of this body, im just gonna go die. You have been invaded by a virus or bacteria and medicine will cure you. Same here, u need to get some medicine. When one is too lazy to get medicine of naam and bani, go to sangat. Go to a samagam, either a rainsabai, famous kirtani coming into town, a great kathavachak anything. Go and do darshan of guruji and go be pesh in gurujis darbar. Ask and beg for a cure, for Say-i pyare Mel jina mileaa tera naam chit aavai.. Go to camp, go listen to katha. Also put on sukhmani sahib or dukh bhanjani sahib on replay for 24 hours in ur room.
  6. Thinking about someone

    It takes time, and if u havent gotten anything more interesting, stressful or mind consuming going on, then ur mind is free to roam. Have descipline for ur mind, start giving it stuff to think, create other memories to think abt, read more, meditate, and dont let mind dwell on memories as soon as it does, pull it away and make it do something else
  7. The storm at the horizon I see coming

    Wow u got the same hukamnama twice. Thats amazing and such a powerful response too. Trust Gurusahib ji. Dont doubt or worry Also have you ever asked to be cured?
  8. Out of curiousity, are you one of those ppl that believe sikh means learner, so sikhs have no rules or rehits or restriction and only an obligation to go out and learn. Just learn it could be mathematics, poetry, learn pagean rituals, learn life cycle of beetles, just go learn? Because from ur posts it seems like u believe sikh just means being a nice person.
  9. Dhunda VS Dandrianwala

    Shoot, I thought the SRM was 1 thing that could unite us, but I didnt know it so missionary. It says no.offering of.eatables to SGGS. Thats so blasphemous. Every gurudwara that I know whether missionary, akj, or nanaksar, or taksali, do bhog of food. How could the writers of SRM include that, I cant believe Bhai Vir singh allowed that in. I think Sant Gurbachan Singh Bhindravale were there too or no? I have heard Bhai Randhir Singh ji walked away before it was finished...
  10. Nitnem?

    Amritvela starts at 2 am, or 3 am depending on what time the sun rises. Cuz amritvela is supposed to start 3 hours before sunrise. So we are supposed to do simran until the sun rises and at sun rise we r supppsed to the 5 bania. So yeah, it makes sense to do nitnem at 7 am after all night program. But some ppl like me are tok sleepy. Other ppl r smat, they will leave the program a few hours early so they can finish nitnem. Gurmat Bibek youtube channel has a video on this called why rainsabai or something similar
  11. Saas giras simran help!!

    Watch videos by Nanak Naam on youtube. Learn why we do simran, its to realize who we really are. We are not the body nor the senses and neither our thoughts? So who are we really? When our body dies, do we die? If not, then what are we? Congratulations, you are very close to finding out. Also read gurbani and take a hukamnama so Guru Sahib can guide you on the spiritual path and it wont be so scary.
  12. Bhai Jagraj Singh has passed away.

    Bhai Jugraj Singh discusses how he got into sikhi and his avastha.
  13. Sikh eating beef

    I dont think so. I think sikhs in the past and now refrain from killing and eating cows. But I dont know our position on eating pigs or pork. It seems that asking fellow sikhs to eat pork was a way to test for muslim spys as can be seen when bandayi khalsa was reunited with tatt khalsa. One reason we dont eat beef is the same reason jews people dont mix dairy and meat. They dont want to boil the calf in its mom's milk. Meaning they dont want to be akirtghan. If you drink cow or buffalo milk, then you should not kill cows or buffalos. Sikhs kill goats but I dont know many sikhs who drank goat milk in the past, or anyone who drink it now in India. Also, if u are a vegetarian, but u drink milk of an animal. You have to.make sure that in the process of getting that milk, no animal is harmed. Or you become a meat eater. That's the main reason, cows were not hurt in ancient india. Like vegans blame vegetarians today for consuming dairy which causes male offapring to be killed. This is a direct cause of you drinking milk so you will be held accountable for those deaths. Therefore, vegetarians have to make sure that the one animal whose animal products they use, is not harmed. Otherwise vegans are right and vegetarians are the most hypocritical ppl with the largest cause of meat slaughter.
  14. Helpless

    Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib Ji's saloks. The bani is usually termed Salok Mahalla 9. Its very vairaagmai. But I think we are living in this world, so we should be detached but also enjoy it alittle. Like a game. For that, one needs chardi kala and see how this game is being played, and to laugh at it and enjoy it, while our mind remains immersed in Akal and is continuously amazed and amused at his leela. For that dasam bani helps.
  15. Question

    Yes this forum really interferes with time management. That video really sounds interesting, i would love to listen to it. If u could share the link instead of embedding, maybe it will work on pm? I would really appreciate it. Thanks
  16. Question

    Thank you for posting that link. I was too lazy to 😁 Its nice to have u back.
  17. Obscure? It listed the countries to be conquered. And that islam will be the enemy...how much more specific do u want it? However there is no mention of America or western Europe
  18. Question

    If you want to start on the sikh pathway, i would recommend listening to pyare jio by bhai veer singh or gurmukh sikhia by bhai vir singh on youtube. I cant explain as well as he but he Basically explains that imagine u were a rock, could u imagine being a plant? Having sensation, feeling wind and the sun. If you were a plant, could u imagine being an animal? Having movement, exploring the world, seeing, hearing, feeling? Then imagine being more alive, having more senses, being able to think, create, manipulate, make sense of things As A Human. Now imagine is there something farther than human? Yes there is. Our innate desire to experience bliss, ecstacy, connected with all,which can happen as being prt of God. So to do this, do simran. Meditate. How? Say waheguru. Think, does he exist, say with conviction Waheguru Hai (he exists). Think wat sort of being is he. Say Waheguru Sukhdata Hai (he is the giver of peace, happiness, he is joy) Think then where is he? Say waheguru saare paase. He is all around, everywhere, within me. Say this with the biggest smile,and imagine peace pervading u, joy in ur heart, happiness all around. If u can actually feel this joy and peace. Then u felt god, u called god to u, and ur meditation was successful. If not keep trying. Listen to bhai vir singh. If u get this peace, ur job is to stay that happy n relaxed the whole day. No matter wat happens. How to do that. Try to remember waheguru, who is peace and joy at all times. Keep track, how many times a day, u re remember. Once u remember waheguru, think of it as a blessing. As waheguru thinking of you! The creator of galaxies, planets, 1.6 billion ppl, thinking of u. Be filled with gratitude and say waheguru tera shukar hai (im grateful, thank you) of helping me remember u. Of blessing me with ur name. Of filling me with peace. Then say waheguru in thanks, then say waheguru to thank for being able to say waheguru in thanks. Then say waheguru again cuz he blessed u to say his name. Only those who he blesses, who HE thinks about, remember him. So say waheguru continuously in thanks. Each time u say it, u should be filled with peace and happiness. Thats how u bring sikhi into every second of ur life. Its hard in the beginning, as u will forget abt waheguru, but keep trying. Also this is all mental. So u should bedoing this in a train, at work during break. Just smiling and thinking waheguru as peace pervades. Being filled with gratitude as thinking waheguru. So practice this mental simran. Of saying waheguru only with ur mind. Also i would add 1 hour of simran outloud, in the morning. Or 30 min in the morning, 30 min at bedtime 1 hour of sehaj paath, if u donthave pothis, sainchis, just go to srigranth.org or google sri granth. If not 1 hour, at least 15 min. If u have more time, i would recommend listening to 1 hour of katha, discourse. Start with bhai vir singh, then bhai sahib singh canada wale, then basicsof sikhi, then bhai sukha singh, then sant singh ji maskeen. Theres loads of kathavachiks, try them all. See which ones elevate ur thinking, bring u peace and consolation. If no time, do this on weekends. Also try to learn keertan, if not possible. Just sing kirtan, without any harmonium. It should be with emotion, so choose shabads that describe ur mental state. Ur position and ur problems. If u cant think of anything, check out rainsbai videos on youtube, also sarab rog ka aukhad naam. Note shabds that u can relate to, and sing those from the heart
  19. Is this ok?

    Its certainly natural to have a crush, but is it ok? Well its natural to feel anger and want to punch someone, when they humiliate u, but is it ok? Its natural to want to get a high paying job in the wine industry, but is it ok? Wat all of these things have in common is that they are of the panj chor, the five thieves: lust, anger, and greed. These are natural, they are our default mode. Everybody including animals are ruled by these desires/instincts. Criminals go too far, they either use force or go against the law to fulfill these desires But most ppl are ruled by these desires, and will do anything to follow them. Guruji imagined a different, better human being and called him Sikh. Theres nothing wrong with wat you are doing, but nothing good either. You are just following the most basic, simple level of programming of your mind. If you want to achieve higher things in life and sikhi, you have to think higher, better, follow the upgraded level mindset. Which means think above the 5 chor. Remember guruji says you will be judged on your actions, words, and thoughts. ਮਨ ਬਚ ਕਰਮ. And sikhs should try to have the most exemplary. Also, guruji said to think of any girl who is not related to you as your mother, sister, or daughter depending on age. A crush basically means you like that person. Ask yourself why. Most common reason is you admire them or you think theyredifferent or better. Ask yourself why. Because they have good qualities that i like. Either beauty, intelligence, style, kindness...etc Watever that reason is that you like them for, train your mind to desire that quality instead. If its beauty, that person did not create it. Try to admire beauty everywhere, and be in awe of the creator of that beauty. Try to become beautiful, intelligent, confindent yourself. At this age, you should be trying to improve yourself. Watever you like in someone else, try to adapt it yourself. Your goal should be to make yourself the best at everything, so that other people have crushes on you. Not that u go around having crushes on other ppl, wasting the best time ਜਵਾਨੀ of your life. Dont think badly of yourself for having a crush. Its natural, but arise above it. And make yourself have the good qualities ( best looks, best style, most intelligent, great conversationalist, most religious, most calm, kind) that you cant find anyone good enough to have a crush on.😆 be the best sikh, best son of Guru Gobind Singh ji.
  20. Depression to numbness

    This is a.common.stage. ive been.through it too. It is the complete opposite of chardi kala, and complete.opposite of optimism. I usually get into this stagnant, bored, hopeless.mindset, when I havent had contact with inspiring sangat. So first do ardaas, like a prayer, from ir heart, just lay ur problems in front of.gurusahib and.ask for help. Then go into nature, sun ( make sure ur vitamins r good, esp vitamin D and B), try to read inspirational books like oprahs autobiography, or unlikely martyr, or sikh books, many have been translated into english. I would reccomend autobiography of bhai randhir singh, if u can read panjabi then chamatkaar by bhai vir singh. Also google raghbir singh bir, his bandginama in english is good. If u cant make urself do that, go to a rainsabai samagam. Believe me, it will help. Also try to attend a camp, its summer time there should be loads Or try to volunteer, when we help ppl out, we get happiness. That will make u more likely to be grateful and thank God. Try to learn a new skill, kirtan, a new saaj, piano, guitar, dilruba. Basically u have to force urself and try to engage do something. When im feeling particularly numb and cant be bothered to do anything, i leave sukhmani sahib or Sarab rog ka aukhad naam shabads by Rog Nivaran on repeat playback to play outloud 24/7 in my room esp when im sleeping. Within a few days, positivity and hope become prevalent. Also try reading inspiring stuff online, i used to read why did u choose sikhi or sikh convert stories.
  21. Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaj darshan

    That is a very good desire...keep it up. I have not had darshans of GuruSahib. But i did hear of a Gursikh bibi, everyday during sukhasan see would ask to be blessed with the darshan of one of the gurus, i forgot which. She kept asking...and after 2 years she got darshan. I think theres 2 ways to meet guruji. Through love and through tap/ penance/hardwork. If it is thru love, u try to increase ur love qnd closeness to the guru. You listen to their sakhis, do kirtan, as much simran and seva because you like want to know more about ur guru, see wat he said, and u r happy thinking of him. Basically its wat.the above poster said, u want to do something for ur guru. But its hard to have that love so some ppl do it the hard way. They do tap, i will do simran or paath until Guruji gives me darshan. So they rely on stubborness. And in both ways, guruji tests u to see if ur worthy. He will test the love of the other and stubborness of the other. So because u r doing it through tap, u will tested on stubborness. You will have to keep being stubborn and asking for darshan and not give up. Also make sure you are not affecting ur health by not sleeping enough. This human body is precious. You can do seva of the panth of humanity of ur parents with it.
  22. Here's an ahmadiya prophecy: world war 3 will start in Shyam thats syria. It will be like the cold war with russia and US vying for control. Finally russia will win. Russians will become muslim,and the 73rd sect of islam will save the day, which is ahmadiya ofc
  23. Some more Home Truths

    Surely it wasnt an anand karaj? I really doubt that when sikhs r protesting interfaith marriages that they will allow gay marriages to occur unchallenged in a gurudwara?
  24. Hello, I really liked ur post and agree with most of what you say. While science has helped us alot, it has not been able to answer or help ppl with internal issues. And society seems to have more problems than before. In terms of becoming a sikh, i think you should take it slowly, first learn more about it and build a relationship with the guru. In our Gurudwara resides our 11th and eternal Guru: Guru Granth Sahib Ji. So when visiting ur goal should be to pay homage to the Guru, listen to his words, and communicate with him. I would suggest you go visit when there is not a big function/ceremony going on. Weddings usually happen on a saturday, main services on Sunday. So i would suggest, that you visit on Sunday night around 6/7 pm or on the weekdays. I personally love going on weeknights as the gurudwara is usually empty and i feel more peace then. Im sure you are aware of the etiquette of visiting a gurudwara such as covering head with a bandana, taking off shoes before entering, washing hands, sitting on the floor, partaking of a free meal etc Also check out basics of sikhi on youtube as well as nanak Naam. Also check out school of life, its a UK based channel that tries to help athiests with internal issues, i like some of their content, like why suicide rates are higher n other videos. Also check out Srigranth.org or i think it might be sri granth .com....just google srigranth, there you can connect with our guru and wat he says.