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  1. I'd like a Sikh Friend

    Create an account on here and people will be able to send you a personal message (pm) and then u can share ur email or talk to them privately. But if you would rather have public conversations, what are your hobbies/interests? Are you from a punjabi family?
  2. So I took a Ethnicity DNA Test...

    When sikhs/ panjabis had the chance to spread panjabi/ gurmukhi. We did not. We used arabic script and persian language during maharaja Ranjit Singhs time. I wonder how sikhs felt about that? Having a different language for religion and different for worldly matters? Tho the 10th guru did try to bridge that gap. Also most hindus or brahmins called persian malesh bhasa and would try not to use it. Are we becoming the same way with nonPunjabi languages? That it isnt worth it to learn them...i think most sikhs should try to learn sanskrit and farsi as that is where punjabis roots are. Also persian is pretty contaminated with arabic. They were trying to revive pre-arabic persian. So no language is safe
  3. Muslim Dawa gang

    You need to educate ur cousins on what grooming is. Its when older men get younger girls usually teenagers to like them. Then they exploit them. They will give them gifts, attention, and be very nice. But then they will get them drunk. Take naked pictures of them and then blackmail them. They will say go out with my friends or i will show these pictures to ur parents or post them online. Then the groomers who are usually related, uncles, cousins, nephews. Will prostitute the girl to other groomers. Please tell this to ur cousins. Also some groomers are not old. But the same age and they target the same age girls. There have been stories in the past.where they got the sikh girl to convert and even married her but then took her to pakistaan and left her there in brothels. So make sure you warn them about all of this. Also watch SAS sikh awareness society videos especially the ones called snakes in suits. It will tell you about all of the tactics they use. And u can prrove to ur cousins that they are using thise tactics on them. Also read up on the news about all these white girls who got converted to islam and turned into jihadist and went to syria to suport isis. They r in horrible conditions there now. Even a sikh girl got brainwashed by the jihaadis and she became muslim and was recently arrested because whe was gonna do a terrorist act. Just have ur cousins read all the poats on here. And go with them everywhere and do not let them accept any drinks from the gangs or any muslims. As they will be spiked with drugs. If they will not listen, tell them how to be safe. All girls who go to bars/clubs know these things: 1. Never get a drink from a guy. It has to be from the bartender/store. 2. If u leave ur drink to go to bathroom. Do not drink it. Dont ever finish a drink that was out of ur sight even for a second as it only takes a second to add drugs to it. 3. If someone tries to blackmail u by saying if u dont do this i will tell. Go ahead and go tell yourself. Because the blackmailer is afraid to tell as well. And if u tell first, he will have no weapon to use against u. If u get scared and do what the blackmailer says, ur dead as now the blackmaiker will keep using u to do other crazier things. 4. Dont believe ppl, especially if they are selling u things. These muslims are selling u the muslim religion. So ur cousins need to do their own research. Youtube what exmuslims say. Google bad things about islam. Google the names of the ppl they talk to.
  4. Muslim Dawa gang

    Hello troll. What good arguments do u have supporting sikhi? And very good arguments against islam were provided here. The posters showed that muhammed himself taught and practiced slavery. Even now some muslims will marry children because muhammed married a 9 year old himself.
  5. Few questions I have on Sikhi

    Questions 1 and 4 have been answered numerous times already on this forum. Please use the search function. You can even use google just type in sikhsangat contraceptives view in sikhi or something. As for the 6th guru, he willingly went to Jahangirs castle at jahangirs invitation. But then the king betrayed his word and would not let guruji out. So guruji taught him a lesson and he changed his mind about tricking holy ppl. And he wanted guruji to leave the prison. But now guruji put a condition, i will only leave if u feee 52 rajas. Basically all of this was gurujis way of releasing the 52 rajas as the 52kings got a sikhs sangat and were advised if they wanted to be free they should pray to the guru. So they did and guruji fullfilled their prayers. As for Guru Nanak Dev jis avtaar. Thats easy. God sent many prophets but they all failed to teach their ppl about naam, about how to get mukti, about how we are the soul and must merge with the primal soul. Some prophets had ppl worship them instead of God ie Hinduism. Some prophets got stuck at trying to teach their ppl their is 1 God ie Judaism and Islam. They think thats the highest most important thing. Others like Christians got beyond that but they seem to stop at Jesus. They thinking believing in him is enough. So God had to come himself to teach what he really wanted and to help the poor people of kalyug. Kalyug is a period of time like an era or century. But its much longer. It started i think 1000s of years ago. It is also called the dark age because people are supposed to sin more. In satyug, long ago, before Raam or krishan, ppl were good, there was no paap. In treta i think Raam was born, in duaper krishan was born.
  6. If it was only to get santji, why attack on sri guru arjan dev sahibs shaheedi purb? Why allow all the sangat to come and fill up darbar sahib then place a curfew? And so noone was able to leave. Why not attack another day when not so much sangat? Why not place curfew and stop sangat from coming in? Why kill the sangat in the parkarma?
  7. Did the Gurus have past lives?

    God doesnt need to do bhagti. What would God do bhagti of? himself? Maya is created by waheguru it is nothing without God...the mind boggles at how maya became so strong, God needed to subdue it... @Singh2017 consider this a lesson on why not to believe everything on the internet. Also please dont be confused. Guru Nanak Dev ji certainly did not have a past life. Guruji is the avtaar roop of Waheguruji. About the other gurus, it does seem like they had past lives. But dont worry, if waheguru ji can reside in scripture form and hear our prayers and answer them and accept the food we offer and perform miracles and even in the Granth avataar, not be limited in power. Then God can choose to reside in imperfect human beings as well and not only purify them but make them him. Tell me what is stronger paap or wahegurus power to cleanse paap? If waheguru is most powerful, then paap, joona are nothing to him. Where he appears that place and person becomes pure. Im not an akj but one book which can answer ur question as to why sants arent considered like gurus is the book: 'Is worshipping Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Idol Worship?' The book is by Bhai Randhir Singh Ji. You can find it online. On vidhia.com or ikatha.com or google it. Its name might be Is Bowing to SGGS akin to idol worship...
  8. Did the Gurus have past lives?

    I think we have to understand what guru is. This is how it works in my opinion. Feel free to correct me: God was alone first then he created naam then satguru. After that he created the world. So its kind of like the christian trinity. God is 1 but has 3 forms: naam, satguru, and God himself. Very similar to trinity: father, son, and holy spirit. It is satgurus job to go to all the lands and universes to enlighten the people. So satguru was pargat in our world as guru nanak dev ji. But the other gurus like bhai lehna seems to be normal humans with karma and past lives. Forgive me if im wrong. Like bhai lehna worshipped a devi, bhai jetha was an orphan...these all seem karmic. But satguru has paraas kala, no greater then paaras kala. A paaras turns stones to gold, but doesnt turn stones to paaras, itself. The guru can turn ppl not only into gurmukhs, sants, devte, but also the guru. Then the primordial jot of satguru resided in each of the gurus as it now resides in SGGS JI. some of these thoughts i got from gurmatbibek.com. others are mine. Please satguruji forgive me if i have spoken wronglyor against ur shaaan. For how can a mere human know ur mysterious grand ways
  9. Urgent: Want to Share Cruise travel from UK to US/Canada

    Ask parchaariks. Basics of sikhi guys or other camps they will be calling lecturers from uk so ask. On facebook find camp west coast, they have a camp in december so they will appreciate if u could bring their parchaariks from uk to usa. Also contact parchaariks like bhai sukha singh uk or bhai navreet singh uk or baljit singh BoS. They might be going for 'tours' and ur seva will be appreciated
  10. A question from a Muslim - ragmala

    Also about raagmala, say it is the composition of Guruji and waheguru. If some people do not have the mindset to realize it, it does not make it false. Yes, you can say that if it was checked why is there controversy.say there can be controversy about anything. In america ppl believe the earth is flat, that america never went to.the moon, that 911 was done by Bush. If ppl can argue about things that are contemporary and happened within their lifetime then why not with historical things? Say raag mala has historically always been followed just recently some ppl began doubting it. Say thats to be expected as the religion gets older. Look at how.many sects there are in christianity and islam. In fact, the most evil ppl in the world that kill innocent ppl ans throw bombs at little girls concerts and sell slaves are saying they do it in the name of islam. And then there are good muslims who started Humanity First organization. So if these ppl reading the same book can be so different and controversial, where al qaida says the others are not muslim and the others say al qaida are not muslim. DISCLAIMER: I personally think believing in raagmala is ur choice and should not be enforced.it is just for arguments sake that i took the stance above.
  11. A question from a Muslim - ragmala

    Ive also heard that during uthmans time there were multiple different copies of the quran. And uthman had one verified and burned all the others. That is why there is only one version. He chode one version and forced it on.all the muslims. That is the benefit of having a strong jathedaar. About the quran, its not compiled in chronological order. Its divided into chapters. Like chapter about women. Chapter about heavens. If muhammed had had it writtwn down it makes sense that he could rearrange it from chronological to some other order.But what right did other people have to rearrange it? Muslims could say muhammed told the hafiz to remember it in a different order, but its hard to change the order of something that is not written. Listen to Tarek Fatah on youtube. He is a muslim who speaks up against extremists. Please double check wat i wrote as its all hearsay.
  12. Urgent: Want to Share Cruise travel from UK to US/Canada

    I am currently on a cruise ship and am having trouble getting vegetarian food. So make sure about that. Safe trip. Rab rakha
  13. kaam help

    There are a lot of videos.on youtube talkig about how.to.quit porn and benefits of quitting and nofap movement. Google it and get motivated to stop and then make.the choice to stop. Then do ardaas to guruji to help u stop.
  14. I took a hukamnama...

    Guruji is saying everything is God, so this world is the lap of waheguruji. Everywhere u go, perceive that waheguru is with you and stay in anand and chardi kala
  15. Commitment to Nitnem

    Be patient with yourself. And keep trying. Here are a couple of tips. Do each bani differently. Japjisahib, sitting down, eyes closed, from memory, out loud. Jaap sahib, standing up, reading from gutka sahib, read out loud in a fast, bir rass martial, military rhythm Tavprasaad savaiye, sit down, eyes closed, listen to it sung, bhai parminder singh on youtube has all 5 banis in kirtan form. Chaupai sahib, get into bir rass position like the panj pyare do, fold ur hands, bow down ur head, and do it outloud as beanti prayer Anand sahib, listen to a fast version, found on youtube while you exercise or make ur bed. Make sure to concentrate You dont have to do them exactly like i said. Whichever bani u know memorized do that with eyes closed. Which ever bani u find the most longest, listen to its fast forwarded version. Try different things. Also u dont have to sit still while u do all the banis. Sit for 1 bani. And then stand for another and do work/exercise/chores while u recite or listen to other bani. Also do simran before doing nitnem like 15 mins atleast.
  16. How Important is Punjabi Language for Sikhs?

    At baru sahib they do not yeach sanskrit or farsi. They teach panjabi and english. Probably hindi too. Students r very busy there. They have science...normal school till 4 then they have kirtan tabla or dhadi vaaran. Then sports. Then evening diwaan. Then tuition where they do hw. Then sleep so they can wake up early for morning diwaans
  17. Yes many sikhs are taught hatred towards hindus. Some sikh ppl are realizing tho that it is not all hindus.it is the government so now most sikh ppl are directing the vitrol and hatred towards the indian government and those that supported its actions in the decade following1984. Im glad to know that there are hindu ppl like yourselves who come to gurudwaras and want to be part of sikh festivals and diwaans and teach ur children sikh history. But there are also hindus especially young brainwashed ones that say im glad this many sikhs were killed by the army and innocents were killed in 84. This of course leads the sikh community who already feel anger after losing a terrible high-casualty war, to retaliate in mean words. As always this means good people like yourself will have to work harder to bridge the gap and to show sikh youngsters, that the hindus they talk of so dismissively are real people and have good intentions. Only experience will change their mind. Of course when they meet a hindu person who is happy with sikh deaths, then that sikh will realize there r good and bad in every community and everyone should be judged on their own merit. Its sad that sikhs have to relearn this lesson when the gurus taught it so well with the muslims. There was Aurangzeb but also Akbar. The subedaar of sirhind but also Malerkotlas subedaar. Pir Mian Mir but also the Qazis who wrote fatwas detailing guru arjan dev jis shaheedi. All communities have good and bad ppl. Even the sophisticated Americans and Europeans are finding it hard to stick with this reasoning in regards to Muslims/Arabs after 911, ISIS, and other terrorist attacks. How can you expect the simple Sikhs to exceed at it?
  18. Can I Start A Parchar YouTube Channel?

    I think what singhbj wanted to say was that muslims did kaala jadu black magic on bhai jagraj singh. Because the muslims were made too look bad or weak they retailiated in this cowardly way. So bj is saying unless u have strong naam bhagti to fight against kaala jadoo dont go against muslims. Ofc i thought bj would be too educated to believe in this jadoo stuff but well...living in fear all the time does things to ppl. I mean he couldnt mean that waheguru punishes ppl with cancer for speaking against other religions cuz then there would be no muslim or christian preachers left...as they all insult other religions. And what about ISIS where is their cancer as theyve got the worst karam
  19. Life is getting too hard

    Maybe go.to counseling...it seems.u have unresolved issues. Also do a heartfelt ardaas Do chaupai sahib with dhian everyday
  20. Finding it hard to be a sikh!

    You have a spiritual sickness. When one is sick,.one doesn't say i give up, im not good at taking care of this body, im just gonna go die. You have been invaded by a virus or bacteria and medicine will cure you. Same here, u need to get some medicine. When one is too lazy to get medicine of naam and bani, go to sangat. Go to a samagam, either a rainsabai, famous kirtani coming into town, a great kathavachak anything. Go and do darshan of guruji and go be pesh in gurujis darbar. Ask and beg for a cure, for Say-i pyare Mel jina mileaa tera naam chit aavai.. Go to camp, go listen to katha. Also put on sukhmani sahib or dukh bhanjani sahib on replay for 24 hours in ur room.
  21. Thinking about someone

    It takes time, and if u havent gotten anything more interesting, stressful or mind consuming going on, then ur mind is free to roam. Have descipline for ur mind, start giving it stuff to think, create other memories to think abt, read more, meditate, and dont let mind dwell on memories as soon as it does, pull it away and make it do something else
  22. The storm at the horizon I see coming

    Wow u got the same hukamnama twice. Thats amazing and such a powerful response too. Trust Gurusahib ji. Dont doubt or worry Also have you ever asked to be cured?
  23. Out of curiousity, are you one of those ppl that believe sikh means learner, so sikhs have no rules or rehits or restriction and only an obligation to go out and learn. Just learn it could be mathematics, poetry, learn pagean rituals, learn life cycle of beetles, just go learn? Because from ur posts it seems like u believe sikh just means being a nice person.
  24. Dhunda VS Dandrianwala

    Shoot, I thought the SRM was 1 thing that could unite us, but I didnt know it so missionary. It says no.offering of.eatables to SGGS. Thats so blasphemous. Every gurudwara that I know whether missionary, akj, or nanaksar, or taksali, do bhog of food. How could the writers of SRM include that, I cant believe Bhai Vir singh allowed that in. I think Sant Gurbachan Singh Bhindravale were there too or no? I have heard Bhai Randhir Singh ji walked away before it was finished...
  25. Nitnem?

    Amritvela starts at 2 am, or 3 am depending on what time the sun rises. Cuz amritvela is supposed to start 3 hours before sunrise. So we are supposed to do simran until the sun rises and at sun rise we r supppsed to the 5 bania. So yeah, it makes sense to do nitnem at 7 am after all night program. But some ppl like me are tok sleepy. Other ppl r smat, they will leave the program a few hours early so they can finish nitnem. Gurmat Bibek youtube channel has a video on this called why rainsabai or something similar