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  1. I think i should have used the word atonement 🤔
  2. Im glad you are trying keep it up. Its great that you are learning kirtan. Sing your heart out. Let the tears flow, let the pain out through kirtan. Be lighter, happier. Wat happened, happened. Think about the future now. Wat do you want in it? And strive towards that. Like if you want to be independent, maybe start looking for a job, even a small, minor one. If you want to be strong and relaxed, start yoga or exercising or meditation. If u want to be happy, go walk in nature. If u want better friends or sangat, try to meet new people Everything you try, might not work out, but thats ok. You try different things and keep going, keep plodding on. You will see the light at the end of the tunnel. Its sad that your current sangat isnt positive. But anything thats not positive, do not associate with it. Make guruji your sangat and support, your sahara. Keep on trying 😊 and remember to do a heartfelt ardaas. Where you tell guruji all your problems, you cry to him and beg for help. He is kindness, he will help. Keep faith, keep doing ardaas, keep trying.
  3. You have to do extra paath or seva. Nowadays punishments are not that severe. In the past, well Mahraja Ranjit singh was ordered to be whipped.then again he did it intentionally
  4. But DDT doesnt consider the other side sikhs much less GurSikhs
  5. These questions should be addressed to the panj. Just go to the next amrit sanchaar and admit what happened. And then they will decide if it was wrong , if u have to retake amrit or get punishment. That's what the panj is for to resolve questions and doubts
  6. You should go to gurudwara and talk to guruji. Guruji is alive and will listen to all your problems. Take a hukamnama. Also you say path and gurbani hasnt helped you and you also say i dont do path or gurbani. Please, even modern medicine and pills take some time to have effect. And they solve minor problems. Your problems are big, so time will be needed to solve them. Keep doing paath and gurbani. Even if they dont have immediate effect. Keep doing, keep trying, don't give up. You want to solve your problems, then be ready to try , to keep making effort. You are an amritdhari, that doesnt mean life is easier for you or that God loves you better. Being amritdhari means saying I am more committed and more of a hard worker and more disciplined.and willing to go farther than other people before giving up. Watch this for hukamnama inspiration: Also here are some ppl helped by hukamnama: this girl.was even abused by her family and she found help so u can too:
  7. Why are you so afraid of being alone? You can do so many things as an adult without family. You can travel the world. Get a very interesting career. Where you can make friends. Go live in a Buddhist monastery. Join Gay pride or LGBTQ communities where you can meet great friends but dont have to act on your desires. You can save your money, buy nice mansion, go on vacations. Start schools and orphanages. And when you get old, save enough money that you can have people look after you. There was a documentary about old age and how horrible it is getting. As ppl are living longer as old ppl. There was a doctor who got diabetes and became half paralyzed and deaf. But he was rich so he arranged a nurse to come to his house to take care of him. So he didnt have to go live in a nursing home. No matter if you have family or not, old age will come. And living with a family is no guarantee of a better old age. I am still ashamed of the way my family and I treated my grandmother in her old age. She was obese and had diabetes. So she could not move. She had 3 sons, but none of their wives wanted to take care of her. But my dad had her brought home against the wishes of my mom and us. Ofc then he left it to us to take care of her. And my mom resented her for all the typical panjabi sass things she had done to my mom. She passed on the resentment to us and we did not treat her well. So she would lie on one side of herself unable to move and clap. How i hated the sound of her clapping. But we would ignore her or forget about her. And she would get foot ulcers from laying in bed too long. it was horrible how we treated her. She even went to a nursing home when she had knee surgery, but she hated it there. She we brought her home again. So no matter if you have family or not, old age is the greatest tragedy. Fear it. That is one thing naam simran can help you with. You can also adopt. But like MisterrSingh was saying, do it when you are capable. I think adopting is definitely a good idea, but make sure to give to the kid a good education, and not treat it as someone who is there for your benefit.
  8. BigTera is right. The darbar of the Guru should look kingly. Full of elegance. Not mismatched colors. Gurudwaras should maybe hire interior designers. Its much worse some places. In our gurudwara the walls are not even left white they are painted crazy designs. Some painter guy came from india and hes been doing all the designs for the gurudware, so we have blue patterend walls with gold borders. Our langar hall is dark burgandy stripes. Its a mess. I like how the bulandhpuri gurudwara and 3HO are going all white. I think only blue and white should be allowed for the sant sipahi aspects. Also we need to tone it down with the gold. Someone said a hindu temple looks like a firework of color went off and thats how our gurudware are starttin to become. Looking more like hindu temples esp with all the red n yellow. And those marigold haar everywhere. We have gurujis saroop at home and we use simple comfortable cotton for the rumalle with a beautiful border looks much more regal.
  9. Hello. Are u ok? Write down all the positive and negative things about your relationship. Call ur parents, siblings, or friends to talk. If cant get counseling
  10. Amrit vela is 3rd pehar. So 3 hours before sunrise. Download app that shows sunrise times n wake up 3 houes earlier. And youdont have to finish nitnem before sunrise. There is a shabad. Gur satgur ka jo sikh aakhave. Itsays first do ishnaan. Then simran and paath near sunrise. So ok to do paath at sunrise
  11. If we made langar simple almost tasteless, then all the problems will be solved. Less waste, less OTT chili spices , and less ppl abusing the system cuz food is not that good. It will be healthier, we can say no mixing of ingredients. Totally ban dairy except in degh and kheer and chah., so vegans, gluten free can eat. Always have rice and daal and kheer and chaah if possible. Also only poor ppl will want to eat then those with majboori. Also we taksalis were always taught that if u eat too much langar its bad. Not only does ur paath n sewa get used up, but u get a share of the dukh of person doing langar. For example if someone did ardaas that my cancer go away and does langar for it, then everyone who ate langar will get small benign tumor. Basically the dukh of that person is shared among the sangat in small parts so it becomes bearable to all. However then we were told that this is only rumors, hoe can gurus langar be bad. But i think taksalis r smart. They spread that to stop their students from overeating at langars. Whether true or not, it works. So spread this everywhere and ppl might stop abusing. Esp send.it to the hindus, with their idols n black magic they should have no problem believing it
  12. Are u sure it was only the farmers tho? There have been prominent khatri sikhs in the indian army such as aurora. Im sure it was a family tradition to join the army for them
  13. We protested to stop his death penalty and it was stopped.
  14. Whats a stay order? It said that despite the sangat having a stay order from the High Court, police demolished the gurudwara. Isnt Indore in Rajistan? Also i used to think what wedo in the west wont matter either, but the rajoana case showed we can
  15. Guru Gobind singh ji had mercenaries fighting in their battles. The Brars. And most of them abandoned Guruji. I think its ok to have mercenaries in khalsa army as long as we dont trust them too much. They fighting for money, if going gets tough, they will leave u. And they can be bribed. The sikh panth or khalsa should never be a mercenary for anyone. That is why we r called Akal ki fauj. Gods army. It would be wrong for such a fauj to work for any other authority or government. We can form alliances tho. However if a sikh, singly can be a mercenary, i think so. Its like any other job. U r paid to fight. But remember dharam di kirat. Like sikhs arent supposed to sell drugs n alcohol because this damages society. I think a sikh cant fight for wrong wars. Its not dharmic. And sikhs,thousands of them, did fight in the brirish wars. I dont know what to say. The world wars i think were not unethical. It was just two powers aimlessly fighting. But the opium wars and wars were unethical. According to a book called Bhai Tega Singh, sikh soldiers had little option. After sikh army lost anglo- sikh wars, sikhs were stripped of their weapons even kirpans. Only way to avoid this was to become an outlaw, daku, and many did. Thats why a bunch of daku movies prevalent, it speaks of those times. And a daku lifestyle wasnt much ethical, u had to steal n rob ur own ppl to survive. The other sikh soldiers had no other occupation. So they could go home and find an occupation or join the british army. And many joined the british. And i guess thats when the british started their campaign to change sikh history to make sikhs join them and to stay loyal once they did.
  16. Similar thing happened to someone i know. He started meditating alot and had an out of body experience. When he saw his body lying down on the sofa with the eyes closed and not moving. He thought he had died. He got so scared that he stopped meditating and started playing games n was on the computer all day. He was afraid to meditate, even tho he knew i am the soul and this body is fake. You can do a couple of things: 1. Pray. Ardaas. Explain ur problems to guruji. He will help 2. Sangat. Stay in the company of good ppl. Try to find someone more spiritually advanced ie a sant 3. Read more gurbani. Especially dasam granth bani. Read Akal Ustat, Chaupai Sahib, chandi di Vaar, see the morphasis of chandi into kali as a metaphor for urself. After killing the vikaars, ur ego wont die but transform into its better, bigger self. You will not have died but become enlightened. God will not take over and replace u. You will become God and have limitless power to destroy and create. Of couse i can say it, u can say it a thousand times but u must realize it not just know it. So read Gurbani, dasam bani, read Rumi's poetry, listen to spiritual discourse, read books by sant ishar singh ji rara sahib. Look into wat buddhism says about enlightenment. Read bhai randhirs singhs books or bahi vir singhs. These are online. Google Do ardaas, take a hukamnama. Remember Kirpa is needed.
  17. Look into youtube videos of Tarek Fatah. He talks about the murderers of muhammeds family alot and uses it as a way to reform islam. So as far as I understand, after muhammeds death, there was a control struggle. Ppl who hated muhammed won and they forced muhammeds family to exile and killed them that is when the battle of karbala takes place. And them these ppl went on to revise the quran n make it fit their rule and narrative. U should check out Tarek Fatah, hes a cool panjabi dude.
  18. Because its not so black and white. Most muslims were sufi in India and that is a beautiful religion full of ppl trying to connect to God. On the other hand, the Gurus spend a considerable amount of their time fighting religious fanatics like Aurangzeb. Yet were friends with Akbar. In fact Aurangzeb had a really popular sufi saint Sarmad killed for not following sharia properly. The gurus were friends with prominent sufis like Mian Mir and Pir Budha Shah. Its not right to think of islam as evil as it is popular now to do on the internet. But we must realize islam does have a tendancy to turn those in power against nonmuslims. So we shouldnt trust muslims esp those in power.So as always, balance.is the key. Also why would the Gurus denounce a religion that would turn into the 2nd largest in the world? Did he want to lock his Sikhs into an eternal theological battle against islam? Its much better that we are neutral and will fight zulam n pakhand (cruelty n hypocrisy) from watever source it comes. And we can simultaneously denounce the West and Islam and Hindutva. It better that we dont have 1 known evil to pinpoint the worlds problems on. And the Gurus were onto something bigger than we can imagine. When muslims used to say that Mohammed is the seal and no prophets came after him, i used to wonder why didnt the Gurus mention Muhammad in sggs, that would give them more validity and support amongest muslims. But now that Ive learned about some of the questionable acts Muhammad did, Im glad his name doesnt grace the SGGS. On the other hand, some ex-sikh who is an athiest is questioning why the Gurus mentioned muslims in Sggs and why did guruji say that shabad about be a good muslim, savor the religion of the prophet' He says this is praising mujammed when in fact Guru Arjan Dev ji refused to.include any praise of Muhammed in gurbani and that was one reason Jahangir had them shaheed. He expected guruji to at the very least ignore the muslims and not give them any guidance because of their religion and at the most denounce and convert them, i suppose
  19. I havent read the quran. But if I did, i think i would really connect with it. Its the only other scripture besides sggs i think that goes into raptures about God. And arabic sounds beautiful. Reminds me of jaap sahib. The parts ajeetsingh quoted read likea beautiful eulogy to God. But i probably couldn't stomach the extensive rules on slaughtering and marital matters. The hadiths from wht ive seen are crazy.
  20. My mom was always goin on about america's fake carrots. She would say the real carrots are in India with their beautiful gajari color. She would get mad when we called it red, shesaid it was the gajari ਗਾਜਰੀ rang which has no equivalent. And thanks @simran345 now I know why carrots in the west are orange. My moms been trying to smuggle over indian carrot seeds, i hope india ppl dont copy the west and lose their own seeds
  21. Bhulli Ji means of anything wrong happens in the house, always say it was my fault. Never blame or yell at your spouse. Bhalla Ji means to always do good. Try to do as much seva as possible of the kids n spouse. Dont get mad or fight with ppl abt extra work, do it as seva. Bhana Ji. Accept hukam. Dont try to change ppl to fit your perceptions and dont nag ppl to fulfill your goals. Like some men want their wives to always look pretty so always nagging their wives to do make up, and go blond. And some woman want thier husbands to be richer so they nag their husbands to work longer hours, go into politics and beg for promotions.
  22. Sikh awareness society shared this article which highlights problems caused by porn. How it rewires ur brain so normal relationships become harder for boys novelty the norm. Also how it effects society. So stop before it becomes too late. Before Kissing: How 15-Year-Old Girls Are Dealing With Porn-Addicted Boys - Nutritionally Wealthy http://nutritionallywealthy.com/porn-addicted-boys/
  23. kesh

    Ask your wife to help u fulfill your dream. Also do a trial run, start grpwing ur beard n hair and if it doesnt work out. You can change ur mind and go back