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  1. Ramgharia Gurudwara Leeds doing Hindu Vishwakarma rituals

    One thing I dont want Sikhs to do is become like muslim Idol breakers nor like Christians destroy the culture of the people. Muslim invaders destroyed beautiful art and temples because fear of idol worship. They forced ppl to convert and these ppl instead added their own version to islam of worshipping ancestors, graves, pirs etc.. Education is better than force. People will leave the idols themselves or turn them.into art. Visvhwakarma has been part of the craft/laborers culture for a long time. Many carpenters pray to him before starting any work. Sadly even some sikhs. However I also know carpenter Sikhs that have replaced the mangal to viswakarma with benti to satguru. Also many sikhs have not given up caste names, caste pride, nor caste identity lorhi, bhangra, preference for male sons. And other cultural practices and some are against the teachings of sikhi, yet we expect other ppl to promptly do so. And try to force them to do it now. Also i just thought of a solution to the caste problem. We need to keep last names or at least know them. So we know our family history and background and dont marry people with same last names. But we could try not to teach our kids or tell other people what caste we are. Also most kids find it hard to tell someones caste from a last name unless the last name is common. But other castes especially in india are adoptig those common high caste names..lol. its possible casteism will be eradicated esp in the west as ppl will have to just take a person word that yes im this caste.
  2. Changes as an Amritdhari

    Ur back!
  3. Hes addressing ur naamdharis argument. That the followers of guru nanak were muslims and hindus.
  4. There's a lot of pangtis in gurbani about kache gurus. Find those. Alot of pangtis that say the true guru is gurbani. But as another poster said, leaving the naamdhari to his beliefs might be best. As they r a small community, they have more resources to spend on their community. My sister learned taanti saaj from them. They make their children go every summer to 3 month long camps, where they learn to play taanti saaj and do amritvela , and learn asa di vaar plus dasam baani on saaj. So lots of skills there. We should not torh (break) someone if we are not willing to put in.the effort to jorh(connect) someone. Just saying, ur guru is fake, wat u believe is wrong is just torhing. Are u willing to do more than that? I wonder if that is wats wrong with india. Why it has no morals. Cuz the mughals made.wat ppl believe in idol worship wrong and a crime. Without educating them and sincerely changing their thoughts. Only forcing another religion.
  5. Kids I Hide I Kaam

    My parents just told us straight up. That one of mayas tricks is kaam and touch/skin indre. Touch can feel good and trap you into going further. And kaam feels good at the moment but its the deadliest trap. It comes with huge worldly consequences. Such as STDs, loss of reputation, chance of pregnancy...etc. also ppl can easily manipulate you once ur in a kaamic relationship. Thats why some ppl dont leave abusive relationships, theres date rape, and sometimes grooming. The spirtual consequences are also massive. You lose the gunn of being jati sati. Remember being jati is for both men and women. Also one loses the minds steadiness, peacefulness when one falls into kaam. And kaam brings with it other vikaars such as krodh, ahankaar, partying, drinking etc. And there is that one shabad, An instant of Kaam, leads to years of residing in hell. So please do warn your children about it. Even western ppl do as it can lead kids astray. And tell them, if they like someone or thinking of getting.into a relationship, to let u know and u will get them married or let them date or watever. Also tell them sikhi believes in waiting after marriage
  6. fight stress,sadness

    You said it started from the time of your sons birth. Make sure you dont have postpartum depression. Also that you are not lacking any vitamins. Get your hormone levels checked. Also to keep a nice atmospere in the house. Have gurbani or simran playing at a low volume 24/7. Also while cooking food, try to be in a peaceful mood and do gurbani. Also please do sukhmani sahib da paath daily
  7. Central Khalsa Orphanage and its rules

    Kids should NEVER be free to make their own choices. Only adults can make free choices. Even in US, a guardian must agree or give permission for most things a child wants to do. Its the law. Children are not considered sound of mind or mature enough to make choices. If u allow them to, they will eat candy all day n get sick. As long as the kids can choose to cut their hair when they are adults. Thats fine. Plus u wouldnt want the minority kids to feel left out and not fit in right?
  8. Try to read bhai veer singh. He makes that state seem very blissful and joyful. He stated that itsike awakening to another type of life. Thats why guru is jeevan data. Like imagine a rock could become alive. Imagine a tree could have movement. Animals have intelligencelanguage. We humans have 1 farther awakening to do. Its hard to imagine yet much better than where we are now.
  9. Washing kesh - need help

    I think its totally ok to have ur hair open but covered while doing gurbani. Just keep ur hair open and cover with a small dastaar like a chunni. But if u r going in mahraaj hazoori then u should be tyaar bar tyaar. But its ok in my opinion to have ur hair open But covered while reading from gutka sahib. Just make sure to go tie dumalla before doing ardaas. Cuz ardaas is when u pesh urself or go into presence of guruji to do beanti. Then u must be tyaar bar tyaar. Ive seen many gursikhs walking around doing paath with their hair open yet covered. You dont want to waste that time it takes u to 'green' ur hair by not.doing paath.
  10. Question about 'Sikh Rehat Maryada'

    SRM is minimum which means that u can and should have more rehit. But it means wat a sikh should do minimally.
  11. Please Help.

    Try gurbani searcher
  12. Help

    It happens to everyone. The Guru showed u wats possible. He showed u wat an ucha sucha jeevan is. Now its up to u to follow it. Like they say when u go to a festival when ur young. Your dad will carry u on his shoulders, show u the sights, buy u the candy, keep you safe from the crowds and makes it fun for you. When u r older, he will just give u money and send u off. You have to keep ur money and urself safe by yourself and make it fun for yourself. If you have friends along, it will be better. Same way here, guruji showed u an ideal sikh. Now u have to work at it. You have to keep urself safe from maya and u have to decide and put in the effort to do naam simran. And the friends that can make it better is sangat. Even if u cant go to india yet, start attending camps, rainsbais, samagams, katha diwaans. Anytime you hear of anything sikhi related, just jump at the opportunity and attend. Over time u will realize which sangat inspires u and helps u on the path. If u cant achieve that same status of waking up at 3 and all that. Its ok. Slowly build up to it. Wake up at 6 for a month then 5 next month then 4 etc. Also have a minimum amt of paath n simran u have to do daily like i will do japji sahib everyday no matter wat. And then days u feel better do more. Or increase it slowly. As long as u keep taking steps towards the guru and keep doing ardaas to gurusahib to help u. Ur good. Just dont give up and turn ur back. Keep walking towards guruji even if its a tiny step. Guruji doesnt accept u to be perfect. Maya is very strong. Some days it will win. But u cant give up. No matter how many times maya throws u on the bottom, how many times she destroys ur jeevan. As a sikh u have to keep trying to get back up.
  13. Toronto GTA and mature folk

    Join sikh organizations in ur university, u will meet sikh ppl. Also if there is no solution create one. Im sure lots of married age ppl r going through this in the west. One solution is to have panjabi speed dating get togethers. Look on this forum for adverts posters for this as it common in the UK. So ppl who are serious abt marriage come to this event to meet other ppl serious abt marriage. You can also join dating/ marriage websites. They will have more info then the newspaper adds. Theres lots of them. Khalsa Rishtai, shaadi.com, akj matrimonial site....google them. If u dont think they relate to u. Perhaps create one with the base u need: canadian sehajdhari sikhs
  14. I'd like a Sikh Friend

    Create an account on here and people will be able to send you a personal message (pm) and then u can share ur email or talk to them privately. But if you would rather have public conversations, what are your hobbies/interests? Are you from a punjabi family?
  15. So I took a Ethnicity DNA Test...

    When sikhs/ panjabis had the chance to spread panjabi/ gurmukhi. We did not. We used arabic script and persian language during maharaja Ranjit Singhs time. I wonder how sikhs felt about that? Having a different language for religion and different for worldly matters? Tho the 10th guru did try to bridge that gap. Also most hindus or brahmins called persian malesh bhasa and would try not to use it. Are we becoming the same way with nonPunjabi languages? That it isnt worth it to learn them...i think most sikhs should try to learn sanskrit and farsi as that is where punjabis roots are. Also persian is pretty contaminated with arabic. They were trying to revive pre-arabic persian. So no language is safe