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  1. thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thankyou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. hmmm thanks for the help. i read his speechs and all that stuff..and yeh i get he was raising the profile of Sikhs and all that, getting them noticed wateva...but how does that make him a hero? wat was the cause he died for? from my research i just don't get it. i'm yeh ok....he walked around wiv guns and preached Sikhism...but does that make him a hero? HOW? :doh: :cool:: : thanks!!
  3. ok i know this probably sounds lik a ridiculous question, but i'm just wondering, what is it that Bhindranwale did to make him a hero, in your eyes? help! lol...i just need to be able to explain why he is a hero and actually, that question stumped me!!! bad i know lol...but i hope u can help me. :TH:
  4. ur always intitled to your opinion dear, old or new!! xx but yeh, anyone know anything more specific about Tully and Jacob, or Khushwant Singh? i know Singh has written many books and is constantly interviewd in docs. about indian history, but besides that, i dont know much!!! help is grateful! lol xx also, does anyone know of an essay or something where Bhindranwale is shown in a bad way? the Life, Mission... one is great, but a bit one-sided, so if anyone has any, or can send me something my email is ginnyb_xtina@tiscali.co.uk thanks soooooooooooooooooo much xxx
  5. "Three monkeys of the indian government " so did they work for the indian government at the time then? did they support Bhindranwale or deem him a terrorist? so were they actual governemnt officals opinions then? thanks. oh yeh, and does anyone know abt websites for indian newspaper archives? thnkas so much x
  6. hey guys. thanks so much for the help, this will definatley aid my coursework. i was wondering if anyone knows what internet sites mite have newspaper articles from the time of 1984 in India? also, i got that LIFE,MISSION AND MARTYDOM essay thing, it is really helpful thanks!!! i was just hoping if any of you mite know who Kushwant Singh or Tully and Jacob are , they are quoted in the essay, my teacher siad i should find out. thanks guys ur great xxxx
  7. oh and no offense intended, but im Ginny, not Jenny, i'm a Sikh too. heh xxxxx
  8. ooooooohhhh!!!!!!! right ok!! i guess i just assumed! oh thts gud cheers for tht info ppl, tht is vital to the argument, because prehaps leans more to him being hero, bevcause Hindus were hostile to Sikhs during that time right? wow cheers guys haha how silly i am!lol, oh and dont worry, im not emotionally attached, i just think that in school, history is always based on European hisotry, and i think Sikhs have a very interesting history that could be explored u know. thank u soooooooo much :
  9. wow thank you so much everyone, this is more than i excepted!! lol. sure i can use those photos as sources. so from parts i just read ( i too will print out at college and read fully) i guess there was probably some censorship of what Bhindranwale what really like yeh? and the government prehaps made him out to be a terrorist? i have the book the gallant defender, but unfortunalty because it was written by Sikhs, the source would be consideed bias, and as part of my c/w task, i have to look at both sides of the argument. ... oh, also could anyone maybe give me a summary of yhe atmoshpere in India, Panjab during the time leading up to Operation Bluestar...i mean the hostility towards sikhs? and why this hostility occurred? thank you so much brothers and sisters, this helps me sooooo much
  10. helppp meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! please!!!!!!!!!!!! i dont really know much about this topic, but im making an effort to try and learn about my own history, please take this on board and help with anythig u can. opinions as to what you personally think f him, and why etc...anything i am grateful for.
  11. hi. im doing this topic for my A Level history coursework, the question being 'Bhindranwale is a late 20th century hero of the Sikh nation' discuss. i need so knowledgeable and insightful responses from both sides of the argument. any comments and help will be gratefully gratfully recieved. thanks a lot. xx :TH: -- admin note: This topic will be left open for intelligent, factual and non-abusive posts. Please discuss. We will closely monitor all posts.