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  1. Something doesn't seem right with that article. Read here: Punjab is among those states in India which has tge lowest fertility rate. Well below replacement level of 2.1. Our home state has an embarrassing fertility rate if 1.6! This is a sign of a defeated peoole. A people who no longer wish to live. A people who see children as a financial burden and even gross instead of seeing them as among God's greatest blessings to mankind. The Europeans are also suffering from such self destructive thinking and in India it is the Sikhs and Parsis.
  2. Alot of people assume that one kid equals high quality and healthy while more kids equals low quality, malnutrition etc But if we look at our ithihas, the reverse is true. During puratan times, when Sikhs had a lot of kids they were more religiously observant(which means high quality) and they were more physically fit than us. Now when we have only one kid, our parents fail to raise that kid as a Sikh(meaning low quality) and they also tend to be fat kids on average which is not healthy either. So here we are, today we are raising low quality and unhealthy fat kids when we have the lowest fertility rates in our history which is well below replacement level. Meaning, in future our population will start to decrease because of this low fertility rate.
  3. True quality of a Sikh is with religious values only not with money. Today's Sikhs have lost religious/conservative values and can be best described as secularists. Sant Bhindranwale knew this which is why he tried to revive Sikhi amongst the Sikh masses. And thats why Sikhs fought back during the 80s. Todays sikhs have lost their religion. Our boys are addicted to drugs, our girls are increasingly becoming slutty. It's a horrible situation we are in.
  4. Before 1947 Sikhs had a very positive fertility rate. But something seems to have happened after 1947 that Sikh fertility rate dropped drastically. At least during olden times Sikhs were religious and had conservative values but now we have lost our religion and have become westernized/bollywoodized. We have neither the quality nor the quantity left both of which are important during a war like situation. Muslims of South Asia(india, pak, Bangla) now have the demographic power to beat the Hindus if things descend into utter chaos. But are we ready if 1984 like genocidal situation happens again to us? I dont think. This time we will get beaten and humiliated even worse.
  5. I have noticed this too. This myth of 30k Hindus dying only started a few years ago. They are basically just quoting the official government figures of total killed during the years of militancy(1984-1994) which includes Sikh miltants killed, policemen killed(also Sikhs), relatives of militants killed(also Sikhs). If one were to count all the Hindus killed during the decade long militancy the figure only goes into a few hundred at most. Yet they lie and quote the 30k figure in order to have some sort of moral high ground which they know belongs to the Sikhs since it was a decade long genocide of Sikhs killed yet Sikhs never retaliated against the Hindu population of Punjab.
  6. The sad thing is you will see a lot of Punjabi Hindus(on the internet) claiming that it was 30k to 39k Hindus who were killed by Sikhs since 1984 which is a blatant lie of course because they are just taking the figures of the Punjab Congress of Sikhs killed and saying "look! thats how many Hindus you guys killed". Not surprising since telling the truth is not a virtue they are known for.
  7. Shiv Sena does Yajnas, poojas, Havans every year is well known in dedication for the Indian army terrorists who conducted operation bluestar brutally killing thousands of Sikhs. This is also reported by Tribune India when they started doing this openly. This is the height of shamelessness on the part of Hindu groups. And congress only conducted operation bluestar due to the pressure put on them by BJP and it's affiliated hardline Hindutva groups. Read Advani's biography where he takes credit for operation bluestar where he says that the real credit for attack belongs to him/BJP as he pressured Indira Gandhi to attack the Sri Darbar Sahib. After the attack, all these Hindutva groups had declared Indira Gandhi as Durga Mata who had destroyed the Rakshas people who in this case are the Sikhs in their twisted minds. Operation bluestar was fully supported by the Hindu population across North India and Punjab. Indira Gandhi knew if she didn't attack then congress will lose all the votes in North India to the jan sangh/bjp. After the attack, congress won a landslide electoral victory all over India
  8. The Muslims in Punjab are too small. Most are migrant Bhayas. The Punjabi ones are few. Just as long as they don't carry out Dawah activity targeting Sikhs, we should not worry too much. But I will tell you the one community which we should be worried about. The Christians! the Christian missionaries have literally converted Lakhs of Sikhs all over Punjab. While Hindus have managed to identity this problem and are carrying out their own counter missionary activity we Sikhs have completely ignored this. This is resulted in Christians seeing Sikhs as a soft target.
  9. Shiv Sena of Punjab is different from Bal Thakre's Shiv Sena. Bal Thakre's Shiv Sena is a Hindu Maratha nationalist movement which wants to safeguard Maratha rights over non Marathas in Maharashtra. In their early days they would carry out violence against Gujus and South Indians in Bombay because these communities would have most of the jobs. During the 90s, their target were the Muslims. Currently it is the Biharis. This Maratha nationalism has estranged them with other Hindu movements who advocate a pan Hindu movement. The Shiv Sena of Punjab is not that old. Unlike the Marathas who are proud of their language and Maratha heritage, the Punjabi Shiv Sainiks are suffering from an identity crises. They promote Hindi. Their main target till now has been Sikhs. Anytime Sikhs advocate rights of Punjab or Sikhs, they are the ones who raise their voices the loudest in objection more so than all other Hindus. A lot of their members were part of the Hindu Suraksha Samiti which was created by the most Anti Sikh Arya Samajis during the 80s. Every now and then they also target Muslims. But their primary focus has been Sikhs. To give you an idea of how anti Sikh they are. The Punjab based Shiv Sena also uses violence against Sikhs when they can. Every year they have started to do special pooja for the Dusht Indian soldiers who attacked Sri Darbar Sahib. And they do this in Punjab of all places which is suppose to be our strong hold. They threaten Sikhs to not put up posters of Sant Bhindranwale in Punjab.
  10. It's sad that some Punjabi people abandon their elders. Doing seva of your elders is very important and one should never ignore this duty
  11. I highly doubt Sant ji drank Chah. Singhs drink hot milk(mixed with lachi, saunf and other herbs) which they call Samundar. But now even Singhs have begun drinking Chah. Drinking tea has been frowned upon by Singhs since at least the 1920s when the Britush introduced this to Punjab.
  12. Mahakaal ji, it is a huge blunder on your part to divide our Shaheeds and warriors of the past in something so silly as caste. As a Jat you are claiming Baba Deep Singh Jee Baba Budha Jee and others while Ramgarias are claiming Jassa Singh Ramgaria as their own, Khatris are claiming our Gurus and Hari Singh Nalwa, Rajputs are claiming Baba Banda Singh Bahadur and Brahmins are claiming Bhai Mati Das, Bhai Sati Das and Bhai Dayal Das as their own not realizing that all the accomplishments they attained and Shaheedis they gave was ONLY for Sikhi and the casteless principles that Sikhi upholds. Our atma has no caste. You could have very well have been born a non Jat in your previous lifetimes and who knows, if you show too much Jaat Abhiman, you might reincarnate into a caste that you deem as low or inferior to your own as God's way of teaching you a lesson. Jaat Paat is only skin deep. Improve your spiritual life, keep as much Rehit as possible while Japping Naam is what really counts in the Dargah of Vaheguru. All these caste issues are useless and are of no benefit to the Panth
  13. Dont know what Mahakaal is going on about because he and others like him fail to explain where was bravery of juts before they embraced Sikhi. In sooraj prakash there is a saakhi of a Sikh asking Guru Gobing Singh jee of making the Pahari Rajputs as Sikhs. Guru ji replied to him that in future Sikhs will be gaining their own raaj. If these Rajputs are made Sikhs then they will get so hunkaari that they will attribute their victory to their Rajput warrior caste. Guru ji said, that is why He is giving amrit to the lowly Juts, Tarkhans, Mazhabis, Nais because in future when they attain their Raaj they will give credit to the real reason for their victory which is Amrit of the Khalsa and not to their caste. Sadly today we can see some Sikhs have become so delusional that they attritube bravery and historic victory of Sikhs to their castes instead of the real reason for all victories of the Khalsa. We have taken on Hindu characteristics of jaat abhimaan(pride in caste).
  14. In this case, yes it is indeed a very wrong question. But someone who uses their caste name and always has an anti Gurmat stance on this forum wouldnt understand.
  15. Wrong question. Victory that Sikhs gained over the Mughals and Afghans was due to Sikhi not caste. So it is irrelevant which caste did most of the fighting. The same Jatts, Rajputs, Tarkhans, Khatris quietly submitted to Turkic and Pathan invaders before embracing Sikhi. They were no match for those fierce fighters from central Asia. Only Guru ji made them capable to fight back and win