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  1. Greetings on Bandi Chhor Divas & Diwali

    you can say Diwali or Bandhi Chod Divas. Both are acceptable watch this
  2. BBC partition program by anita rani

    I feel this is what many claim in order to give a heroic narrative of their women folk who were most probably abducted and married off as in the case of Anita Ranis grandmother. I have asked many elders from Malwa and Doaba if they had heard of cases of Muslim women in their region sacrificing themselves like the Pothohar women instead of being caught and they never heard such a thing. I'm not saying it never happened but is certainly was not so common in East Punjab.
  3. BBC partition program by anita rani

    Amrit Pal Singh Amrit has recently released some very good videos about the partition. This video is about the famous Thoha Khalsa village in Pothohar which sadly is famous for the Sikh woman who had jumped into wells in large numbers to save themselves from being raped by mobs In This video Amrit Pal Singh gets emotional while narrating what had happened and no doubt you probably will too. The Pothoharis women are probably the only women that really jumped into wells and was documented by the media and third party sources of the time. Most Punjabis who had their women abducted and lost forever like Anita Rani's grandfather's first wife just copied this narrative for their own women since in our culture it is the heroic thing for a woman to do like Rajput women of old did in their famous Johar tradition.
  4. Kharku Thread

    The police informers were planted by police from the start and were ultimately the downfall of all the Jathebandis. Just one informer would be responsible for the arrest and killings of the other Singhs in his cell. Babbar Khalsa had by far the best solution for this which was to only recruit that Sikh who has the entire Nitnem memorized. memorizing the entire Nitnem was too much hassle for most police officers and requires real dedication. But I have known from my relative in India that he had a friend who was such a police officer that had memorized Nitnem and grown his beard and kesh just so he could infiltrate Babbars and it is said he had killed some Kharkus as well. He was given promotions for this but later he was killed in a car accident during the late 90s. Some Babbars were really rehitvaan Singhs. Shaheed Gurpal Singh Babbar and Shaheed Anokh Singh Babbar are said to have been Brahmgianis. Baba Manuchahal had open recruitment policy. Anyone could come and join his group. Baba ji ruled over a large area. Being a former soldier was also a trained fighter as were other Kharkus in his group. Kharkus had their own justice system parallel to the courts. While the court cases would take years but the Kharkus would do justice quickly and fairly. From my own relatives from Nanke in Amritsar tell me of a case where they were being bothered by their Shreek family after my MamaJi had died they tried to take over my Mamaji's share of the Jameen. The Kharkus were approached who heard both sides and did quick justice by telling the Shreek to stay away from the Jameen that now rightfully belongs to the widow and children of the diseased.
  5. Sikh boy marries muslim girl

    You are correct. For anand karaj both must be Sikh.
  6. Sikh boy marries muslim girl

    She has accepted Sikh, so she is no longer Muslim. I think a lot of Sikh guys who have Muslim girlfriends do not marry them because their parents would not accept it. In the past I know of cases of my own friends who had Muslim girlfriends but did not marry them because their parents would not accept such a marriage. One friend was a mona of Ramgaria background and his girlfriend was Pakistani Punjabi. She was very much interested in becoming a Sikh because she had a very positive view of Sikhs. My friend did not marry her because he was very scared of his strict father who he knew would disapprove of this. My 2nd friend was a Mona of Jatt background. He was involved with an Indian Muslim girl. This girl even wore a hijab and really wanted to marry him and out of love was even willing to become a Sikh. But my friend refused because his parents would strongly disapprove of their daughter in law not being of Jatt Sikh background. The 3rd guy was a friend of a friend. He belonged to a particular Sikh group(which I will not mention) and he was involved with an Arab Muslim girl. I think she was of Lebanese or Palestinian background. She became interested in marrying him and even showed interest in joining the particular Sikh group he was involved in. But he refused because he did not want to become the topic of discussion in that group by marrying her.
  7. Interesting videos on Dadreanwala sect

    I thought he was affiliated with rara sahib sampradha
  8. The reason he seems to be angry at me is because he was doing Nindya of Baba Banda Singh Bahadur who without a doubt was the greatest Sikh leader. I challenged his criticism and instead criticized Binod Singh for his treachery and because of his treachery the Sikh independence of Punjab was pushed back by 40 years. I even wrote poetry for him. And instead of giving me a similar witty reply he insults my parents like a little school yard child and he did the same thing to another member until the admins had to take action against him. He knows I did not do any criticism of Mata ji or Sant ji but a serial liar cannot help but lie against another. The only part where he is telling the truth is that I did indeed criticize Binod Singh who was basically the Santa Singh of the 1700s.
  9. Lies, lies and all lies. My only crime was to defend Baba Banda Singh Bahadur from your venomous Nindya. And you replied to me by insulting my parents. You did the same thing to another member who came in support of me. Due to this repeated misbehavior you are no longer allowed to post here freely by the admins. I no longer even read your posts here. So don't quote me in future.
  10. So you think that Sikhs and Muslims need to remain bitter enemies for as long as this world exists? And because of 84 do we also need to become eternal enemies of the Hindus forever and ever? Yesterday Hindus were our friends but they ended up knifing us in the back. And Yesterday's enemies can become strategic allies of today. Try to see the bigger picture.
  11. Nothing wrong with forging relation with an enemy of an enemy. There is absolutely no wisdom in Sikhs making enemies out of Hindus and Muslims at the same time.
  12. Usually I agree but the Rohingya issue is different. Their situation is almost as bad as the Yazidis. Their women are being gang raped by soldiers, children(even babies) are being burned alive. Barely any Muslim country is helping them with the exception of Turkey. They don't even have clean water to drink which we all get for granted. Helping them I have noticed two things. #1 it is annoying the hell out of Hindus. They cannot digest the fact that their so called "sword arm" (Sikhs) are helping their biggest enemy i.e. Muslims. They don't like that Sikhs are overstepping the boundaries they have imposed on us and taking an independent course of action by helping these Rohingya. #2 This move by Sikhs will forge closer relations with the Muslims of South Asia(Indo-Pak-Bangla). We need to see this from the geo political perspective too and what effects it will have in future. I know that's how Sikh organizations like Dal Khalsa are seeing it.
  13. The term Jatha is more puratan among Sikhs than the term sampradha. The term Sampradha you will not find in any puratan Sikh text. On the other hand since puratan times traditionally a Sikh leader has always been called a Jathedar(i.e. head of a Jatha). That's why even Taksal mahapurkhs would refer to Taksal as Jatha. The usage of the term Sampradha seems to have begun amongst the Sikhs since after the British conquest of Punjab. Before that it was always Dal, Panth, Jatha which was used to denote a Sikh group.
  14. Why modern Sikhs are making the term Jathebandi as negative? Even Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale use to refer to Taksal as "Jatha". Jatha or Jathebandi are part of the Sikh vocabulary.
  15. History Sikh Books

    Dilgeer is not only subjective but an out right liar especially in regards to Dasam Bani. This video exposes one such lie of Dilgeer. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2070444969844127&id=1451121228443174 This man has no morals when he can lie so much.