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  1. This loyal Hindustani stooge is the one who sponsored and promoted Panthpreet in Germany.
  2. Holy <banned word filter activated>. How did these malnourished people beat up these Sikhs? This is like a bunch of Goat like creatures beating up lions. This should be a lesson for Sikhs. Indian Poorbia (Bhaiya) mentality is that if you don't fight back they will beat you even more. They always fight when they are in large numbers. That's why never be unarmed. Gurus Sahib made his Khalsa Shastardhari for a reason. Never be Shastarheen in India like a toothless tiger. Secondly Khalsa of olden times had the mentality of Jabai Baan Laagiyo, Tabai Ros Jaagiyo. Why have we lost this Beer Rass in us? because we have broken away from Bani of Guru Gobind Singh Jee. This is all about internal spiritual engineering that occurs when you do daily Abhiyas of Banis like Chandi Di Vaar, Chandi Charitar and Brahm Kavach. Sant Bhindranwale also would do Katha of Dasam Banis and encourage Singhs to read these Bir Rassi Banis as he knew times ahead will require it.
  3. missionaries have a very short memory. They say missionaries have never opposed anyone. But how fast they forget how they have opposed Bhai PinderPal Singh Ji, Sant Hari Singh Randawawale, Bhai Manpreet Singh Kanpuri. These so called Jagrook Sikhs have even opposed Ranjit SIngh Dandrianwala in Vancouver when he was a Sant but now support him since he is now playing their tune. Only difference is, traditional Sikhs don't call the police and foreign media and embarrass our Qaum in front of the world like these heretics do
  4. Chandu did play a role but he was just a player in the wider game. There were other players in this story but since they were much higher up in not out in the open their roles remained unknown to us. Chandu on the other hand did not hide his enmity towards Guru Sahib so we only saw his role and failed to see the others. It's similar to 1984 operation blue star. We only see Indira and Brar's role. But we don't see the role of other hidden players like KGB who actually suggested the military attack in the first place or even the roles of the British and Israeli intelligence who gave their suggestions to the Indian army on how to conduct the attack against the Sikhs.
  5. The Maktubat of Sheikh Ahmad Sirhindi and Tauzke Jahangiri of emperor Jahangir mentions their roles in the shaheedi of Guru Sahib. But read Sachi Sachi by Sirdar Kapoor Singh ji who connects all the dots together and brought this to light.
  6. The UK seems to have some missionary elements. The akj of Canada, US and India are totally against missionaries. That's why you have any Singh's like Bhai Kulbir Singh, Bhai Sukhbir Singh and Bhai Ratinder Singh beating heretics like Ghagha and Jeonwala in debates.
  7. The first point of Guru Arjun Dev Jee's Shaheedi is a common misconception that Chandu was the main perpetrator. Chandu was just a part of the story. The main perpetrators was Imam Rabbani Sheikh Ahmad Sirhindi who was a Sufi Saint of the Naqshbandi Sufi order and Muslims consider him the Mujaddid or reviver of Islam of the second millennium of the Hijri calendar. He used his influence to get Guru Sahib martyred. Even Emperor Jahangir mentions in his own autobiography Tauzke Jahangiri that he had Guru Arjun Dev Jee killed because too many Hindus and Muslims were becoming his followers. Our own early Sikhs were unaware of these facts so they made Guru Jee's shaheedi as a dispute between him and Chandu when the real story was quite something else. Guru Jee was martyred because Sheikh Sirhindi and Jahangir feared the growth of Sikhi at the time. Even many Muslims were becoming Sikhs. Sirdar Kapoor Singh Jee I believe is the first Sikh to have discovered these facts since he was a well read scholar
  8. That's just it. These heretics are very good at brainwashing those who don't know. Lets just take the Purewal calendar as an example. For a while even I was convinced that this is a Sikh calendar and was even supporting this so called Nanakshahi calendar because the propaganda that they use is "Sikhi in Danger!", "This will insure Sikhs remain separate from Hindus". But then I thought why are all the missionaries supporting this calendar? Why are they inviting purewal to their conferences? I thought there must be something wrong because missionaries only support something like this when it is against Sikhi. And after doing my own research I realized Nanakshahi aka Purewal calendar is a fraud being forced upon the Sikh Panth by these heretics. We would be going against our own Bani, traditions by abandoning Bikrami calendar. All our Gurus and Shaheeds for the last 500 years celebrating Gurpurabs according to Bikrami calendar. Bikrami is used throughout Banis of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Dasam Bani and even Bhai Gurdas Ji. Bara Mah Bani is written based on Bikrami calendar. What is the history and tradition behind the Purewal calendar? Nothing. It is a fraud created by a former marxist and is now being promoted by heretic missionaries.
  9. Gurpreet Singh California talking directly about missionary Shivtegh and Kuldeep's allegations here: This is exactly why these heretics hate him so much. He doesn't shy away from confronting them. Oh No, he directly confronts them and even challenges them to meet with him face to face to which these cowards all run away because they know that lies have no foundation. As for Shivtegh and Kuldeep. These two lying missionaries, their truth should also be exposed here if anyone is interested who comes up with these lies against this Gurmukh. Read here about Shivtegh: http://www.panthic.org/articles/5545 As for Kuldeep whose radio these lies were being promoted. It is he who has links with the Indian government:
  10. True but till this date they have not been able to prove where in Markande Puran or which ever Puran translations are from. Guru Jee writes Chandi Di Vaar and Chandi Charitar from a Gurmat perspective. These Banis give Sikhs our warrior spirit. And that is exactly what the Indian government wants to destroy. It is just a coincident that all the Shaheeds have been full believes in Dasam Bani? Yet why is it that not one missionary who has doubt on Dasam Bani has been to produce even one Shaheed till date. They just like to talk tough but cannot even kill a mosquito.
  11. Gurpreet Singh's family background is that he comes from a long line of scholars. HIs father was a former Ragi in Sri Harmandir Sahib, Amritsar. His uncles are well educated scholars as well. That is why he has a lot of knowledge of Sikh scriptures. Of course even the best of us can sometimes come under bad sangat and become Mona as he was when he was a young man. But very soon he realized his mistake and became a Gurmukh. This should certainly not be used against him. In fact this is a point which should only be used to inspire others to follow his example of coming back to his Guru ji. If one reads Hindu propaganda, it is Bani from Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee which they use the most since Dasam Bani is the most critical of Hindu Devtas and shows them as weak who get easily beaten up.
  12. That's it. Missionaries have spread so many lies against Gurpreet Singh just because he was once a Mona in his lifetime. Yet they all have no problem supporting a calendar made by Purewal who was also a former Mona
  13. Don't listen the missionary lies. What really happened in Germany, watch this:
  14. No Bhainji, Gurpreet Singh is not an RSS agent. This is a huge lie spread by the missionaries on facebook and whatsapp since he seems to be the biggest thorn on the side of their anti Dasam Granth propaganda. They have tried their best but he beats them every time in debates. Now many of them are so scared to face him that they simply run away like that radio guy Harnek from New Zealand. Gurpreet Singh has great knowledge of Dasam Granth plus he has good debating skills which is a deadly combination for heretics to see in their opponent. Missionaries have come up with two stories in regards to their lie of Gurpreet Singh being RSS. a) First lie is that he is a Hindu convert named Neeraj Kumar who became a Sikh and is infiltrating Sikhs. But Gurpreet Singh has shown this to be false with proof of his family background, father, grandfathers, Uncles and extended family that he is through and through a Sikh. b)Then the second lie spread recently by missionary Shivtegh(who was caught with a bibi in a Gurdwara). This pervert Shivtegh claims Gurpreet Singh is a former Nihang who trained under Nihang Cheif Santa Singh. Gurpreet again proved this to be false with documents dating from that time period showing he was in school at the time. Furthermore, he even challenged Shivtegh to meet with him face to face to prove his allegations and said if he is unable to prove his allegations then he(Shivtegh) has to admit he is a son of a Veshva(prostitute) who does not know the name of his father. These missionaries are extremely unethical people. They use all the lies and propaganda at their disposal to do character assassinations against their opponents. Do not believe them As for him being a former Mona. How can that be used against him? how many of us here were former monas as one point of our lives? many... Same way, Gurpreet Singh was a mona at one point but again kept his Kesh and is now doing great Seva in defending Dasam Granth against these heretics. But these heretics are using this point against him.