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  1. For it to be brahmanical it would have to be performed by a Brahmin in the first place. I can't believe how people use words they don't even understand...
  2. The Racial Abuse Thread

    Racial abuse by Panjabi Sikhs...how did I react? I left for greener pastures.
  3. Anyone With Knowledge - Please Help

    "The imperfections are what makes us perfect. " Speechless....it gets better and better...
  4. How Many Sikhs Are Angered By

    This looks more like "Singh is pimp" than "Singh is King..."
  5. Well sorry to give you the bad news but since Sikhs don't consult the pandas anymore at Kankhal who keep the family records and hence the system about which got can marry with what other got....the likelihood is that most of you have married already been the result of what you yourselves call inbreading.
  6. Beware

    Bored wrote: With all due respect your 10th master explicitly writes that ALL prophets and avataras before the 10 Gurus were misguided by their ego. In Bachitar Natak he clearly stipulates that they all fell because of their pride and had themselves worshiped (a questionable statement in and of itself...) and the he only speaks what God says. In all of Dasam Granth you tenth master relates stories about all kinds of avataras and prophets being mislead as well. In clear: humanity was in utter darkness before your 10 Gurus, so says your Dasam Granth. This Neo-Vedantic "all rivers" lead to the same ocean doesn't hold when one says that all other rivers have been mislead themselves. The question is of course: What kind of God would let humanity be without pure and infallible spiritual guides from the start, send messengers who commit mistakes and suddenly decide to reveal the truth through 10 masters in the Panjab, letting the rest of humanity rot in utter darkness?
  7. Beware

    Don't you guys say the same about your Guru? "Without the True Guru salvation can't be found bladibla"? How hypocritical And Akal Purakh di Fauj are you suggesting that Mary (as), Jesus' mother, was not a virgin? If that's the case I pity your soul trapped in utter darkness
  8. I doubt he is Sikh. That turban is not worn by Sikhs alone. Panjabi Muslims also wear it. Also he wears two silver aqiq stones which is a very mustahab (recommended) act in the traditions of Shi'ism and Sufism. Most "Sikhs" I know who smoke have cut their hair and completely abandoned the religion so th caption seems bizarre to say the least.
  9. What's the problem with marrying a Hindu if he is honest, God-fearing, doesn't drink and educated?
  10. Women are at fault of course...but you guys are perfect...makes sense...
  11. Zeitgeist

    dalsingh101 wrote: Probably why you live in their countries and speak their language. Sneaky indeed...
  12. militant singh wrote: Was that a language you were typing? Aren't you supposed to keep the highest standards in the use of language like the Gurus?
  13. This is hilarious! Sarpanch you honestly expect the civilized world to believe this? Don't you find it strange that the "Amanrpreet Kaur" story sounds exactly like all these "real" stories of Sikh girls converting to Sunnism? They have the same structure: 1. I am an innocent sahajdhari girl who doesn't know much about Sikhi so people on Sikh forums can patronize me by saying that my change in religion was because I was ignorant and stupid, a way to reassure themselves that there is nothing wrong with them. 2. I fall in love with a Sunni/Hindu boy and of course that's my big mistake because I shouldn't have. 3. Of course my Sunni/Hindu boyfriends tricked me but I was not aware as I am a dumb bimbo making Sikh forum members feel really good about themselves. 4. Only after I get married am I realizing that I have been trapped and everyone on Sikh forums to say "See I saw it coming" All of this happens because I am worthless and stupid and you are perfect and flawless... Indeed makes loads of sense...
  14. What?!?! A Sikh who hates Muslims and wants to wipe them off the the face of the earth?!?! That's ludicrous since when do Sikhs hate Muslims... :@
  15. I stick to real academics thanks. Paris and Oxford have plenty of them...