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  1. Brother, prashad is sacred, extreme care, precutions, should be taken to not let it fall down. It is more precious than any valuable items, jewellery or money. It is just not something eatable, but rather something pure, blessings, from Guru Jee to Sangat, through sewadars. The sewadar should be very attentive, and feel blessed, by doing that sewa of prashad distribution, though no sewa is small in His eyes, but where prashad is concerned, extreme care should be taken. Sat Sree Akal.
  2. Thanks for supporting my point, it can well be seen you being nervous for your lies, thus you pour out your filthy inconsistencies. Go on like that, the more you bark, the more, people will know your foolishness and lies. You are like a dog´s tail, which even by putting into a pipe to get it straightened, it does not, rather the pipe gets curved
  3. Why are you so nervous?
  4. Brother, I do not think, sikh community has lost its sense of sarbat da bhalla. You see not alll are at the same spiritual level. Some are more attracted to the base of Sikhee, the Bani, while others are still spiritually growing, so they are busy with other aspects of the community, but for sure, all are trying to give their best according to their own virtues and capacity. All khalsas / sikhs, are dear to Wahiguru, for this their attitude of being noble and pure. Sat Sree Akal.
  5. I call him brahamanvadee, not becuase he promotes hindu dharam, but because he behaves like the hindu priest class, with hatred for others who do not fit into his/their corrupted and vicious mental frame. Thus he poisons with his bul5hit the minds of the young and not so youngs also. He just goes on vommiting, blaming others not being this or that, and as only he knows sikhee. Just see his posts, how he abuses most of the posters. He acts like a goon here. He is shameless, and a stain to the name of sikhee. He names mothers and sisters of others disrespectfully. Just see how a coward and antigurmat chap he is; following is his cr@p in his very own words a couple of years back: "so long as the shabad Guru is the teacher of the body it is the real mandir.". Can you tell me, how can such a foolish statement proudly be made, which is totally against Gurmat. Can´t you the see the harm and confussion he can create in the inmature minds, with his filthy words. Since when the Shabad Guru is the teacher of the body? Which shameless baba has infused in him, such antigurmat thinking? When he himself is so full of falsehood and arrogance, what right has he got to judge others? That also with lies and malice? This is pure wickedness. He has first to learn to be human, leave behind his pride, his arrogance, his lies, then only can he become a sikh, till then he will always remain a pure bahman, means a person with antigurmat poison filled in his mind, though outwardly he may resemble a sikh/khalsa.
  6. It coud well be added also, he is a liar, so naturally whatever he says, is sheer bull5hit, and yet he proudly thinks of himself some sort of gyani, which is far frome reality, this makes him the portrait of antigurmat brahmanvadee
  7. Kindness The kindness which one gives, is not the same always one gets in return. Sometimes is more, sometimes is less, worstly, none at all. Nevertheless, one should always give, because as per universal law, one who willingly gives, is more blessed, than, one who receives.
  8. Kodi is fine, but that programme by itself is not complete, you have to download specific repostiories with its video addons. For example, most of Zem and after Shock video addons, if downloaded now, are not working For those who do not want waste time on these issues, it is simpler, the Swift Streamz apk as suggested above. Specially for those who love to watch live keertan/paath, from Sree Darbar Sahib, it was mainly for this purpose, the sugestion made above.
  9. Why past life alone? Do you know how many past lives, joonees, one has been separated from Wahiguru Jee? Wingz23 Jee, one thing is clear, we are separeted from Him, thus all our problems, our misery, and unless we merge in Him, this will go on endlessly. It would be better, that instead of erasing the symptoms, we erradicate from root the cause of those symptoms, and as said, the cause of all other causes, is our separation from Him. There is a way, to know all our past, and it is by arising our surtee through meditation, on the inner spiritual realms, where is located the storehouse of our karam, but then, why waste the time after all that? As stated by Guru Jee: Nanak Naam Jahaaz hae, jin chareeya se utareeya paar. Like a lost person in the mighty bhavsahar of maya, let us step the jahaaz of Naam through His simran, without looking back or the surroundings, for it is all false and confusing, plus we have not all the time with us, let us focus on the Light of Guru Jee, not on the shadows of Maya... only then can we liberate ourselves from the chains of bharam Sat Sree Akal.
  10. Guest Gupt Jee, the pain we feel usually is due to our attachments to maya. The Bani clearly tells us: kis naal kijeeyey dostee, sab jag chalan haar. Also, Ekas bin sabh dandh hae. It is our spiritual ignorance, which pushes us after the impermanent and perishable, thus our pains, our affliction. On the other side, Guru Sahiban, tell us to love and devote the only One, Wahiguru Akal Purukh, the source of all permanent Anand, everlasting union with Satnam, and pure Chit. Be thankful to Him, for pointing you, though through painful experience, what to look for in life, and where to head towards. You see, all relations in this creation, whether you put effort or not, will surely come automatically, as we have karmic settings with them, still then, under all circumstances, keep your mind on Pyara Preetam Wahiguru Akal Purukh. God bless you. Sat Sree Akal.
  11. Just a awesome, inspiring post. Thanks
  12. Dear Guest Guest1212, fllowing are 4 personal answers to your above 4 points: 1) The only feeling that one should have during that of spiritual /bhakti moments, should be like when a lover goes to meet and being in the company of the beloved, with full of joy and enthusiasm, in our case with Guru Jee and Wahiguru Akal Purukh. 2) The fact that one engages in His bhakti, should be more than any other motivations. For He is the only Sach, rest is all koor. He is unseen yet, still He is the only permanent eternal Truth, Evrything else is seen, yet it is all maya, koor. Be thankful to Him, for putting in you, even the thoughts of worshipping Him. Brother you have so much grace, bakshish on you, what else motivation do you need? 3) That time will also come. For example you want to look your face in a pond, where there the water is muddy and has waves, naturally you can not; for that you have to wait, so that the water calms and becomes waveless, and the mud goes to the bottom of the pond, then only, you will be able to see your face, in those waters... In a similar way, our sins are countless, are akhoot, there is no such cleanser in the triloki creation which can erase them, except, for His Day Meher, His kirpa, His bakshish, which will purify us duely, but for that, we have to stay at the doors of His Darbar, as kookars, come whatever it may, be ups or downs, there is no other " thao"... 4) Our duty is to stay engaged in His bhakti, without analyzing. The moment we analyze anything, the mind enters into action by calculations, by sensations, then we loose our force, our concentration, our focus on Him. The purpose of His bhakti, is to becme mindless, thoughtless, for it is our mind, the barrier between Him and us. The moment you pay attention, with fully concentrated bhakti, then brother, there is no force in the whole creation, which can stop you from getting pulled towards Him by His love, and prevent you of having His darshan. Have faith in Him, no matter if it is our last breath, even then, that is more worthy, then any other karam, for you are giving/surrendering yourself to Him, and none other. That is all what bhakti is about: love, faith, preseverence. God bless you. Sat Sree Akal.
  13. Some tips ..... on how to live life gracefully Many people feel unhappy, health-wise and security-wise, after 60 years of age, owing to the diminishing importance given to them and their opinions. But, it need not be so, if only we understand the basic principles of life and follow them scrupulously. Here are ten mantras to age gracefully and make life after retirement pleasant. 1. Never say ‘I am aged' : There are three ages, chronological, biological, and psychological. The first is calculated based on our date of birth; the second is determined by the health conditions; the third is how old we feel we are. While we don't have control over the first, we can take care of our health with good diet, exercise and a cheerful attitude. A positive attitude and optimistic thinking can reverse the third age. 2. Health is wealth: If you really love your kith and kin, taking care of your health should be your priority. Thus, you will not be a burden to them. Have an annual health check-up and take the prescribed medicines regularly. Do take health insurance coverage. 3. Money is important: Money is essential for meeting the basic necessities of life, keeping good health and earning family respect and security. Don't spend beyond your means even for your children. You have lived for them all through and it is time you enjoyed a harmonious life with your spouse. If your children are grateful and they take care of you, you are blessed. But, never take it for granted. 4. Relaxation and recreation: The most relaxing and recreating forces are a healthy religious attitude, good sleep, music and laughter. Have faith in God, learn to sleep well, love good music and see the funnyside of life. 5. Time is precious: It is almost like holding a horses' reins. When they are in your hands, you can control them. Imagine that every day you are born again. Yesterday is a cancelled cheque. Tomorrow is a promissory note. Today is ready cash - use it profitably. Live this moment; live it fully, now, in the present time. 6. Change is the only permanent thing: We should accept change - it is inevitable. The only way to make sense out of change is to join in the dance. Change has brought about many pleasant things. We should be happy that our children are blessed. Try to change your position from darkness(spiritual ignorance) to the enlightment, in the company of true Saints. This changes our sadness into true joy. 7. Enlightened selfishness: All of us are basically selfish. Whatever we do, we expect something in return. We should definitely be grateful to those who stood by us. But, our focus should be on the internal satisfaction and the happiness we derive by doing good for others, without expecting anything in return. Perform a random act of kindness daily. If not anything else, at least pray sincerely, to live in accordance and harmony, with the laws of Nature. 8. Forget and forgive: Don't be bothered too much about others' mistakes. We are not spiritual enough to show our other cheek when we are slapped in one. But for the sake of our own health and happiness, let us forgive and forget them. Otherwise, we will be only increasing our blood pressure. By forgiving, we gain peace for ourselves. 9. Everything has a purpose: Take life as it comes. Accept yourself as you are and also accept others for what they are. Everybody is unique and is right in his own way. 10. Overcome the fear of death: We all know that one day we have to leave this world. Still we are afraid of death. We think that our spouse and children will be unable to withstand our loss. But the truth is no one is going to die for you; they may be depressed for some time. Time heals everything and they will go on.