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  1. Bhakti

  2. Words Of Wisdom

    Keeping the roots stronger Once upon a time, there were two neighbors living next to each other. One of them was a retired teacher and another was an insurance agent who had a lot of interest in technology. Both of them had planted different plants in their garden. The retired teacher was giving a small amount of water to his plants and didn’t always give a full attention to them, while the other neighbor interested in technology, had given a lot of water to his plants and looked after them too well. The retired teacher’s plants were simple but looked good. The insurance agent’s plants were much fuller and greener. One day, during the night, there was a heavy rain and a wind due to a minor storm. Next morning, both of the neighbors came out to inspect the damage to their garden. The neighbor who was an insurance agent saw that his plants came off from the roots and were totally destroyed. But, the retired teacher’s plants were not damaged at all and were standing firm. The insurance agent neighbor was surprised to see it, he went to the retired teacher and asked, “We both grew the same plants together, I actually looked after my plants better than you did for yours, and even gave them more water. Still, my plants came off from the roots, while yours didn’t. How is that possible?” The retired teacher smiled and said, “You gave your plants more attention and water, but because of that they didn’t need to work themselves for it. You made it easy for them. While I gave them just an adequate amount of water and let their roots search for more. And, because of that, their roots went deeper and that made their position stronger. That is why my plants survived”. Moral: This story is about parenting where children are like plants. If everything is given to them, they will not understand the hard work it takes to earn those things. They will not learn to work themselves and respect it. Sometimes it’s best to guide them instead of giving them. Teach them how to walk, but let them follow their path.
  3. I feel like my guru doesn't like me

    Guest Sinner Jee, we are all sinners in higher or lesser measure, but we are sinners, that is for sure. You taking 2 steps forward and then some back, well that is not new also, so are we all also not better than you, some are even worse, they call them sikhs, but they go on bullying and enjoy troubling people, inflating their ego... So come on, you are not that bad, at least you do not hurt the feelings of others. You must bear in mind, that you go to the Guru Dwaras, to listen the keertan and kathas, the wadeayee of Guru Jee, not to mingle with people, so do not get disheartened if they the people want to stay away from you, that is their problem. People do change with times, just as their state of mind changes, what else can the poor people do? It is in their nature to change, sometimes for good, some for bad. You see, as long as men are under the control of the trickery mind, they are bound to change helplessly. Maybe, Wahiguru wants to make you stronger right from just now. You know what, when we shall leave this eartly plane, we shall go all alone by ourselves, only He and His bhakti shall only go with us. Then you should also know, that Guru Jee has never ever stopped loving you, He cares for you, just as for any of His jeev atmas; the thing is, most of us have turned our faces away from Him, so we feel lost. He is like the Sun, giving His light and warmth to all equally, whosoever is faced towards Him, independent of any distinctions of color, class, gender, or being a sinner or a saint. Just as the Sun can not change its nature, so is Wahiguru Akal Purukh. He is so generous, that He overlooks all our sins, nor does He judge anybody. If ever we find ourselves strayed, it is because our own karam, our planted seeds, which give us the fruits according to those of our very own karam. We are all weak and dumb, and shameless to the extent, that we even blame Him, when He is nothing but an Infinite ocean of love and mercy. Our Guru Sahiban have beautifully described Him as : Aad Sach, Jugad sach, Hae Bhee Sach, Nanak hosee bhee Sach. You see, He is changeless, He has been truly an endless fountain of Infinite love, right from the very beginning, He has been changelessly so during all the Yugas, He is changeless even now, and He shall remain changeless in His swaroop of Pyaar, for the the endless time. You see, unlike us, or gods and goddesses,He is pure always, for He has no mind, He is all purity, love and mercy, so it is baseless to accuse Him of not loving us, or Him stop loving us, for only under the influence of mind does one change or waver. We can put caps on the bottles, but no one can ever put a cap on the ocean. This is the case of a limited material ocean. So then, how can anything be put on Him, who is an Infinite Ocean of Love and mercy, in order to make Him stop pouring out His love ? The very fact, that He loves you, is that you are not satisfied with life, and are still looking ahead for His love. Believe it, if it was not for Him, one could not even think of Him. It is more about his pull from within yourself, than any amount of efforts of yours to come near Him. Just a small benti, please never ever blame or accuse Sachay Patshah Wahiguru Akal Purukh, whether willingly or unintentionally. It is the biggest injustice, that one can commit, not only towards Him, but towards oneself, for we are turning our faces away from Him; and we all know what happens then; man, maya, kal, yam doots, have all the freedom given by us to them, to keep us trapped in this mayavee creation . Do His Simran / japna, as much as possible whether you feel you enjoy it or not, just keep going on, He is our anchor, and without this bhakti, there is no way for no one. Stay blessed. Sat Sree Akal.
  4. Words Of Wisdom

    TIME Time is one of the greatest luxuries in the world today. One of the most valuable gifts one can give oneself is time, time to be more present in the deeper world around us, time to be more present in the deepest part of our own conscious lives. We are all allocated the same amount of time the 24 hours, but how we use it, is up to each and everyone of us. Time wasted can never be recovered. The clock ticks away unceasingly, reminding us, that this life is finite, limited. This world is an illusion, and we are like puppets on a string on the stage of the world. It may soon be time to take the final curtain and depart from planet Earth. So let us use our time wisely and make the most of it, to the One, who has given us so much, by being thankful to Him. Not by mere words necessarily, but by lovingly devoting ourselves at His Lotus Feet, as much as possible. Because from this perishable and false world, if their is any wealth(dhan) we can carry with ourselves, that is the Bhakti of Wahiguru Akal Purukh, for there in those spiritual planes, nobody will ask us, to which country or race do you belong, or which social class does one belong, no bribery, nothing, except the wealth of His Name. Anyone who goes having collected as much of that spiritual wealth, which has no taxes of Kal Purukh on it, is considered the wadbhagee beloved one, of Wahiguru, for this in reality is the key(time spent in His Bhakti) to His abode, namely Sach Khand. Sat Sree Akal.
  5. Words Of Wisdom

    Practicing egotism and selfishness, some people try to impress others by showing off. They perform all sorts of rituals, but they gain no acceptance. Without You, Lord, nothing happens at all. You forgive those who are adorned with the word of Your Shabad. People are born, and they die, but they do not understand the Lord. Night and day, they wander, in love with duality. The lives of the self-willed manmukhs are useless; in the end, they die, regretting and repenting. Burnt offerings, sacred feasts, intense meditations with the body upside-down, pooja, and taking millions of cleansing baths at sacred shrines of pilgrimage: the merits of all these can be obtained by enshrining Lord within your heart for a fraction of a second. One enshrines Naam within their hearts, by God's Grace. Even beasts, ghosts and the stone-hearted are saved. The Naam is the panacea, the remedy to cure all ills. Singing the Glory of God is the embodiment of bliss and emancipation. It cannot be obtained by any religious rituals. O Nanak, he alone obtains it, who has it in his destiny. Even if one wanders over the whole planet, and performs all the rituals of purification day and night, still, without the true devotion of His Name, darkness still prevails. Pilgrimages, fasts, purification and setting limits are of no use, nor are rituals, religious ceremonies or empty worship. Through manmat, people are engrossed in duality. Emancipation comes only by loving devotional worship His Name. Sat Sree Akal.
  6. Question about our soul

    Guest KKK, unlike some other religions which say that some day all dead will arise and will be judged, then some will be condemned, and others will go to heaven, or as one religion says, if you do not belong to theirs, then you shall go to hell, not only that, they even go to the barbaric state, that if are so, you have no right to live ... and so on similar madness. You see, most religions say, the soul is a particle of that Supra Consciousness, which commonly is called God. So if God is immortal, and eternal, the same applies to that particle, called soul. Then how can God condemn that soul forever in the hell , which is very much part of Him? In Sikhee, we come to know, that all life forms are evolution of consciousness. From the lowest step of the ladder which is vegetable kingdom, to the 5th last step which is mankind in the creation, in between, are all the remaining life forms of all types, whether visible or invisible to our sight. So as said, human form, is the highest and the only form of life, where one can achieve freedom from this valley of shadows, pain and misery, and head towards our real home of our Father, Wahiguru Akal Purukh, in order to get out for once and forever. This is our free will. But if we fail to be human beings and transgress the laws of Nature, inflicting pain, torture, immorality, injustice, which means we degrade ourselves as beasts, naturally our next live, will not be mankind, but some lower specie of life where we can reap our very own karmas/actions, which we have sown in this present life, and we have to pay for them, in order to learn, to behave accordingly with respect for all beings. The thing is, we tend to believe, that we are going to live here forever, thus we try to make this alien land as our own, committing and leading a immoral life, and this binds us strongly usually in this material plane in the endless cycle of births and deaths. But, He Wahiguru, is all love and compassion, as souls belong to Him, so that is why He keeps giving us chances after chances in different life forms, in order to evolve in consciousness, and hold on tight to His Name, receive His kirpa/grace, when in human form, in order to reach the Highest Consciousness level, which is as said before, the level of Wahiguru Akal Purukh. If you, or anybody who is not a sikh and you may wish to know, what type of Divnity or God, we sikhs love, adore and worship, just read the beginning of the Sree Guru Granth Sahib(MoolMantra/Jap Ji Sahib) where our First Emperor, Guru Nanak Dev, describes the all almighty Lord, in just simple clear words, who otherwise is indescribable for any mind, words fall short.. Anybody who reads and comes to know about Him through Gurbani, just enters in a state of trance, for all know He is Great, but alas, that much Great.... one can never think about it. Well, coming back your questions: yes the soul leaves the body at the time of death, this by itself is a proof, that the soul is no more there, and that is why the death take place, for the source of life/consciousness, is no more, the soul. Then it moves, to some subtler energetic planes or regions, the Dharam Rai or the judge judges that soul, and accordingly is sent to that life forms(not human necessarily), where it can satisfy all cravings/unfulfilled desires, with the danger in incurring in more karmas, thus perpetuating its stay in the materialistic creation ... As said, soul is a particle of God, it can never ever stay away from Him, whether in the nether regions, nor in hell, or heavens/paradises... We are told in sikhee, our main purpose as humans, is to do those efforts(devotion); then, live respecting the laws of Nature, be humble, be truthful, earn our livings honestly, fulfill our duties as good citizens and towards our families, friends, and in general all Viewing this creation as a foreign land, not our home, only then will be our life focused towards Him, Wahiguru Akal Purukh. Stay blessed. Sat Sree Akal.
  7. Bhakti

    Bhakti : the universal path for God realization
  8. Apart from the material plane, the creation exists on non material planes, such as astral, causal and sub-spiritual planes. The soul is immortal , and is related to Wahiguru, just as a drop of water to the Ocean, or just as a ray of Sun, to the very Sun. It may look like that the Sunlight we get from the Sun in the form of rays, are different and separate from the Sun, but at the end of the day the return and merge in the Sun without any distinction. We appear to be in diversity here due to our association with maya mind and matter, thus we are individuals. But there in Sach Khand only exists, thus whosoever reaches there by His kirpa, merge and become one with Him. There is no way to trace any individual souls there, for there, only and only Wahiguru Akal Purukh exists. Sat Sree Akal.
  9. Absolutely right. This birth as human beings has been given to us, to as well focus carefully on this very life and to erase all our karmas with the water of His kirpa by engaging ourselves deeply in His bhakti alone. That is His beant wadeeayee. Sat Sree Akal.
  10. Is it allowed to stay unmarried?

    Sister Convertgirl, it would be better, if the word conversion is not used here, for it sounds a bit cultist, and that is not the case. Tell your parents, that you have understood and realized, that by embracing sikhee, one changes for better. Talk to your parents lovingly and with respect, as it is through them you have got this human birth, and you by His kirpa, have realized the supreme importance of Sikhee in one´s life for God realization. Just as for example, a rusted piece of iron, can be turned out into gold, by the touch of"paras", the philosopher´s stone. So does one change, by applying the teachings in Gurbani in our day to day life. Maybe I sound arrogant, but for me as an human being, Sikhee is the path, where one has the opportunity of leaving behind all our limitations, maya, in the form of multiple gods, goddesses, and turn our faces to the One source of True Light/Akhand Jot, true love, bliss, liberation and the source of everything and everyone, who is none other than Wahiguru Akal Purukh. Stay blessed. Sat Sree Akal.
  11. For whatever reason, He wants the creation to continue, so if the the creation has to continue, there has to be imperfections in it, for if everyone remembered in this present life for which past mistakes/karmas, he/she is getting the fruits in this life, one would avoid in doing or repeating them, and there would be a time, that creation would cease to exist. One thing is clear, we are here sure for our karmas, and He out of His infinite Kirpa, has given us the choice of getting out from this maha bhavsagar, for those who are fed up from the pain and misery of this mayavee creation before He winds up back His play. And this chance, is given only to human beings, to hold on to Wahiguru Akal Purukh´s Name through bhakti, and get out from the planes of koor, for once and forever, to His realm of eternal unchangeable Truth, namely Sach Khand. Sat Sree Akal.
  12. Is it allowed to stay unmarried?

    Staying celibate or married, is a choice of free will to remain so. In that sense, Sikhee is a path of love, and is against any type of oppression or tyranny, be it from anybody. No one should be obliged or pushed to do the contrary against one´s will. Though many a times, being married is helpful, for when the winds of kaam blow hard, usually one is knocked out, unless one has the anchored oneself strongly at the Lotus Feet of Wahiguru Akal Purukh, through intense love and devotion. Anyhow, to best handle this or any situation, the only way is giving oneself totally unto Him, with mind, body, and soul; then we need not to worry, for then, He will be our pritpal rakhanhaar. Only then shall we have the strength, faith and courage to face any situations smilingly, for we will know that everything which comes, is by His hukum, by His Kirpa, worldly manmat people will question and doubt, but it is matter of a bhagat and his/her lover Wahiguru, to have that high avastha sharda. Stay blessed. Sat Sree Akal.