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  1. Wheguru je ka khalsa Wheguru ji ke fateh. A tragic situation made even more tragic by the fact children were killed. Lets hope they are one with Akaal Purekh Wheguru and have gone to a better place. Wheguru ji ka khalsa Wheguru ji ke fateh.
  2. http://www.neverforget84.com/shaheeds/shaheed-bhai-gurcharan-singh-khalsa surprised not mentioned
  3. Two questions. How come the actor who plays Sant Jarnail Singh, his face is not shown? Just a voice. Is the voice of someone who sounds like him one person and the actor another. Two why is the whole film on you tube in HD. This stops people buying dvds and going cinemas meaning no revenue for the makers.
  4. Wheguru je ka khalsa Wheguru ji ke fateh. A very invaluable message in this song with video to match, truthful words about what's going on. Bhagat Singh was depicted in the video whether your for patriots of india or against this video is excellent. Lets hope the message gets through.
  5. The video doesn't miss out anything and shows the depressing truth. from start to finish............................... 1. Fools at weddings with guns, who shot that girl. are depicted. 2. Scum who throw acid at girls when they turn scum down. 3. Punjabi bimbo types who would rather drink wine than look after their kids. 4. Milk replaced by alcohol. 5.flithy water 6. Old men fitter than young men. 7.a son cannot even carry the body of his dead father as too high on drugs, the daughter has to do instead. 8. Beadbhi Of Guru Granth Sahib. ..... Ends with some reciting of ardass.
  6. The song would have suited sukshinder shinda, a pretty clean living guy who knows what alcohol can do, due to what happened with his elder brother. He has also done songs like this before. Also raj kakarra the most known for dharmic geet not the most known singer.
  7. Your likely to be right in what your sayin, but the song or video is not about him. Look at the song and video, what it highlights, and not at Gurdass Mann. As for booze songs his one of the least. Jazzy b sings alot about booze, kuri, and caste, no one called him hypocritical when he contributed a song towards saada haq movie.
  8. How long it take, any fast track highways? What's happening with chandigarh airport? Anyone been on Qatar to Amritsar?
  9. This sounds more appealing, land 10pm-1am then by road to punjab. 4-5 hours is bearable.
  10. Haven't done the delhi - jullundar Road trip since 2005 and it was 9 hours also done it 1998 in winter 12-14 hours. Never used delhi airport since 2005 always amritsar. I see alot of these highways being built so I would imagine if there was one delhi to jullandar it should be quicker than the GT Road route. Reason I ask is because flights from Heathrow to Delhi are cheaper than amritsar, higher frequency and more choice of airlines.
  11. His very out of shape with all that money can't he hire a personal fitness instructor.!
  12. He won fairly In democratic process, the people protesting are probably left wing liberals trying to over turn a democratic decision, Same with brexit.
  13. Wheguru je ka khalsa Wheguru ji ke fateh. Hope you have a great 2017.
  14. We have waited a long time for someone to say what he did, so full marks to him, if this his attitude I hope he becomes the next president of the USA. Two clowns Cameron and Boris Johnson both condemed the remarks. Let's send blue eyed blonde haired females, related to those two to brick lane, or Whitechapel or some other London dump, then let's see what they say bout Donald Trumph's remarks
  15. I only saw the last few minutes, it was about reuniting a grandmother with grandchildren Who were In pakistani. I didn't catch it anyone know why her grandchildren are in Pakistan?
  16. Sikhs of USA should tell Donald Trump who exactly we ARE and who we are NOT.
  17. The people of the USA have given their verdict In a democratic process. The protesters are opportunists criminals.
  18. North, London, Midlands anywhere there's muslims.
  19. This is a post which I found from sikh sangat which exposes how he uses race and religious tensions for funding ... Unfortunately our community also has been infiltrated by left-wing liberal sell-outs, working with government back-hands to create a false sense of "harmony" amoungst community's. "EK Saath" slough (http://www.aiksaath.com) Sunny Hundal (most devious media trouble-maker in this country), balwinder rana (turban campaign) all devious money-hungry exploiters of race-relations. These scumbags job is to divert attention from real issues, create histeria that 1000's of sikhs are going militant, only for them to then claim grants from the government to "defuse" the problem. Ek Saath- these guys used the 1990's Slough SP vs sullah fights to create a funding pool to "solve the problem" they infact just brushed over the real causes of the tension, held dumb workshops with sikh children and muslims only for a sullaah to start dating the sikh lady they employed to coordinate the whole thing! lol.. ridiculous! Sunny Hundal- with mates at bbc asian network, balwinder rana, turban campaign.. sadh sangat ji, these guys are professional Con men.. do not be fooled!! first find out how they are funding their groups and campaigns.
  20. I'm sure it did become less with what happened in punjab from the 70s-90s. A gap did appear between the two communities but gap wasn't created by everyday sikhs or Hindus but by mischevious governments.
  21. He would not discuss this as it goes against his middle class liberal programme.
  22. http://m.hindustantimes.com/columns/the-rise-of-sikh-fundamentalism-in-britain/story-uJEsIBJwXzkb2PSHcE8QUP.html article by sunny hundal a middle class liberal from London. He writes people who protest against non Sikhs marrying in Gurdwara are fundamentalists.
  23. Good event need similar thing in England