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  1. Kharku Thread

    The term was never used till after 87/88 from what I know. I don't think the Singhs who fought in blue star were either.
  2. Kharku Thread

    Wheguru Je Khalsa Wheguru Je Ke Fateh We all love to remember our Shaeeds and Kharkus, one way is with threads on forums, and we are overdue one here. I am very interested in the life style and movements of Kharkus and their Jathebandhis, so here's a few questions for the sangat, and may be we can find some answers between us. 1} Were Kharku Jathebandis regionalised ? Was one Jathebandie more prominent than others in areas. For example did KLF have more members in one area and KCF in an other. 2} Were some Jathebandies more religious than others ? Babbar Khalsa comes to mind as look like nearly all Gur- Sikhs others have non Gur-Sikhs 3} Crossing the borders of India. Its common knowledge there was training and weapons supplied by a neighbouring Country. I would Imagine the punjab (ind) Punjab (pak) would have been red hot in these times and very difficult to cross. I have read areas that the Rajistan border was used to enter Pakistan. But how did they do it with no maps. no GPS, no mobiles. I doubt there were road signs like there are now. 4} Monar in the Movement. Bhai Harjinder Singh Para , Harjinder Singh Jinda , deepa heran wala come to mind were there any more ? 5}How did they get around Punajb , ?there were easy to spot did they have vehicles, Toofan Singh movie shows them travailing on foot and stopping at the first shelter place they could find . I do know they would go to houses in pinds to eat. 6} Communication ? How did they get messages to each other as no mobiles then . 7} What does the word Kharku actually mean ?
  3. Royal visits Sikh temple

    I'm pro British but not pro royal. The royals should take a look out their window and see what the city of London has become a 3rd world dumping ground and semi islamified city.
  4. Kharku Thread

    I think they mentioned in Hans raj Hans's Patta Patta Singhar the Vari song he refers to them as "touts"
  5. Kharku Thread

    Muslim bloke far let , who were Singhs training who with LET ,Inter Service Intelligence or Mugherdeen ? This cant be later than 1988.
  6. Kharku Thread

  7. Kharku Thread

    Extremely rare footage/photo of Kahrkus training in Pakistan. Lying on is front is Shaeed Harjinder Singh Para (yellow top) from Canada, who I mentioned as one the monar guys who went over fought and became shaeed. He was very close with Saheed Bhai Avtar Singh Brahma, which showed Singhs like Brahma and Jathebandies accepted everyone. Dont know the others maybe someone else will.
  8. Kharku Thread

    I don't think a few petty fights was the fall of the movement. Blacks Cat activity caused the pind folk to stop their support for Kharkus. The other being Kharkus were Shaeed or moved to Europe, Usa or Canda.
  9. Kharku Thread

  10. Toofan Singh movie

    Wheguru je ka Khalsa Wheguru je ke Fateh. Anyone seen the movie? From the clips I've seen it looks professional with known punjabi and hindi cinema names. Also a chopper seen which is a sign of a high budget as choppers blowing up are usually seen in Hollywood some Indian and James Bond movies. In comparison to what's out there on this subject I think it looks slightly better than saada haq.Dharm yud morcha and Quam da Heera were low budget and less professional. Sukha Jinda one not seen. However who would have thought we would ever have movies on this subject and tough time for the panth which created great characterers, shaheeds who had very interesting experiences and lives..... I wonder who the next movie will be on Sukdev Singh Babbar? Gurbachen Singh Marnochal..? So many names you could Base a movie on.
  11. Toofan Singh movie

    When's toofan Singh movie out on dvd?
  12. Toofan Singh movie

    I think Shaeed Bhai Amerjeet Singh Billa had an interesting life, maybe he could be the next one a film is based on.
  13. Bhai Jagraj Singh has passed away.

    Wheguru Wheguru je ka Khalsa Wheguru je ke Fateh. I hope the basics of Sikhi work continues to the same level of Bahi Sahibs standard which is simplifying the message.
  14. Punjabi Girls Bad Behaviour

    It's the middle class librials and political elite that have created these dumps, with excessive immigration from 2000-2010. Now they can live in the slum they created. Recent immigrants some of whom are uncivilised scum are the ones who go round dumping fridges, sofas etc on the streets. They should dump their rubbish where the politicians and middle class librials live and see how they like it.
  15. Bhai Jagraj Singh has passed away.

    Wheguru je ka khalsa Wheguru ji ke fateh. A tragic loss to panth especially the UK panth, great sevadarr, very intelligent and presented Sikhi to the youth which made it practical and simpler to understand. Lets hope he has reached the right place and is one with God. Wheguru ji ke khalsa Wheguru ji ke fateh.
  16. Punjabi Girls Bad Behaviour

    Shes the type who would drink coffee from Starbucks, she London middle class liberal scum.
  17. Punjabi Girls Bad Behaviour

    too much London middle class liberalness, she should be deported, immigrants didn't come to the UK to create problems, could chould Have done this in phagwara.
  18. Wheguru je ka khalsa Wheguru ji ke fateh, programme on bbc 1 now looks in the child abuse conducted by pakistani men in Rochdale and other areas.
  19. Whats the low down in East London

    London has lost its working class identity.
  20. Not here to promote the game not a fan. There's been skirmishes after the game in Leicester and London. Sikhs do follow the game. Also a video of indian female dhol players entertaining pakistani men outside the stadium going around.
  21. India v Pakistan cricket - trouble after game

    I agree with the ramgrhria who support india, but i know jatt monars midlanders handsworth Smethwick who go to india games. It's their choice. 1. Do I support india? No. but rather them than the pakis. 2. Do I even like cricket. No 3. If someone gave me a ticket for India v Pakistan would I go?. No I would sell the ticket well above the face value 4. Would I watch india v Pakistan on tv.?Flick in and out. As they maybe flash points in the crowd and may be disorder between fans
  22. Whats the low down in East London

    The London accent has changed People are speaking with an Arab/English accent that goes for non muslims.
  23. Whats the low down in East London

    This is the exact sort of thing that makes people think there's no difference between Sikhs and muslim.