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  1. Shes the type who would drink coffee from Starbucks, she London middle class liberal scum.
  2. too much London middle class liberalness, she should be deported, immigrants didn't come to the UK to create problems, could chould Have done this in phagwara.
  3. Wheguru je ka khalsa Wheguru ji ke fateh, programme on bbc 1 now looks in the child abuse conducted by pakistani men in Rochdale and other areas.
  4. London has lost its working class identity.
  5. Not here to promote the game not a fan. There's been skirmishes after the game in Leicester and London. Sikhs do follow the game. Also a video of indian female dhol players entertaining pakistani men outside the stadium going around.
  6. I agree with the ramgrhria who support india, but i know jatt monars midlanders handsworth Smethwick who go to india games. It's their choice. 1. Do I support india? No. but rather them than the pakis. 2. Do I even like cricket. No 3. If someone gave me a ticket for India v Pakistan would I go?. No I would sell the ticket well above the face value 4. Would I watch india v Pakistan on tv.?Flick in and out. As they maybe flash points in the crowd and may be disorder between fans
  7. The London accent has changed People are speaking with an Arab/English accent that goes for non muslims.
  8. This is the exact sort of thing that makes people think there's no difference between Sikhs and muslim.
  9. London is a 3 rd world dumping ground. Not many people speak English there. London has lost its working class roots. Must reverse the racial demographics to 1983 to save London.
  10. Side with pakistani never. only a few Sikhs can be spotted at indian cricket matches in the UK, conderinding how many live here it's very low. if Sikhs want to support they can, but if there gonna fight with pakis after don't do while you have had a drink as pakis will be sober and will do you over. The girls playing dhol for pakis is the big shame.
  11. They wouldn't do this their own kind. Should this be treated as racially motivated?
  12. Deport the scum back where they belong and never let them in the UK.
  13. If it isn't broken then fix it. May broke what was fixed. Brexit needs to be honoured as that's what the majority wanted not sure how this will happen with a minority govt with dup.
  14. There was a protest in Manchester today a new group called 'unite against hate'. Headed by Tommy Robinson it isn't to do with football supporter groups. It a cross section of people, who spoke about grooming and terrorism.
  15. We have waited a long time for someone to say what he did, so full marks to him, if this his attitude I hope he becomes the next president of the USA. Two clowns Cameron and Boris Johnson both condemed the remarks. Let's send blue eyed blonde haired females, related to those two to brick lane, or Whitechapel or some other London dump, then let's see what they say bout Donald Trumph's remarks
  16. Wheguru je ka khalsa Wheguru ji ke fateh. More sad news as a case of a rape is committed of a sikh girl by a Pakistani. While in the act of rape he calls for her a sikh bi### and Says she is not human. It's what we have come to expect from this scum. People like jagsaw, so called turban campaign and left wing groups should all hold their heads in shame. Bhai Mohan Singh explains https://mobile.twitter.com/TRobinsonNewEra/status/868889383327477762/video/1
  17. If the pakis don't care what faith the victim is why don't they do it to their own?
  18. I don't agree all parents put their kids through education for education, progress and career. A person should be able to go to university without having to go through this. By bringing up parents you are deflecting the real blame which should be on the predators.
  19. I said made by sikhs themselves. Shepherds bush wasn't made or funded by sikhs, Smethwick was, it was the first to be.
  20. Tommy robinson has likened the treatment of Sikhs by moguls to isis in a tweet. He is a good good bloke and speaks up Sikhs unlike people like sunny hundal, and talks about Sikh history unlike people like jagsaw.
  21. Oh Is that right? That's funny cos the only physical resistant to pakistani grooming gangs came from a birmingham sikh group. The first Gurdwara made by sikhs themselves was in birmingham, the first sikh tv channel came from Birmingham. The Birmingham accent is working class, brummies are inherently proud of their working class roots, at the same time sikhs and Punjabis are inherently proud of their working class tribal roots. Sikhs/Punjabis have more in common with the birmingham and the black Country than middle class librial London.
  22. Wheguru je ka khalsa Wheguru ji ke fateh. A tragic situation made even more tragic by the fact children were killed. Lets hope they are one with Akaal Purekh Wheguru and have gone to a better place. Wheguru ji ka khalsa Wheguru ji ke fateh.
  23. http://www.neverforget84.com/shaheeds/shaheed-bhai-gurcharan-singh-khalsa surprised not mentioned
  24. Two questions. How come the actor who plays Sant Jarnail Singh, his face is not shown? Just a voice. Is the voice of someone who sounds like him one person and the actor another. Two why is the whole film on you tube in HD. This stops people buying dvds and going cinemas meaning no revenue for the makers.