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  1. It's the middle class librials and political elite that have created these dumps, with excessive immigration from 2000-2010. Now they can live in the slum they created. Recent immigrants some of whom are uncivilised scum are the ones who go round dumping fridges, sofas etc on the streets. They should dump their rubbish where the politicians and middle class librials live and see how they like it.
  2. Wheguru je ka khalsa Wheguru ji ke fateh. A tragic loss to panth especially the UK panth, great sevadarr, very intelligent and presented Sikhi to the youth which made it practical and simpler to understand. Lets hope he has reached the right place and is one with God. Wheguru ji ke khalsa Wheguru ji ke fateh.
  3. Shes the type who would drink coffee from Starbucks, she London middle class liberal scum.
  4. too much London middle class liberalness, she should be deported, immigrants didn't come to the UK to create problems, could chould Have done this in phagwara.
  5. Wheguru je ka khalsa Wheguru ji ke fateh, programme on bbc 1 now looks in the child abuse conducted by pakistani men in Rochdale and other areas.
  6. London has lost its working class identity.
  7. I agree with the ramgrhria who support india, but i know jatt monars midlanders handsworth Smethwick who go to india games. It's their choice. 1. Do I support india? No. but rather them than the pakis. 2. Do I even like cricket. No 3. If someone gave me a ticket for India v Pakistan would I go?. No I would sell the ticket well above the face value 4. Would I watch india v Pakistan on tv.?Flick in and out. As they maybe flash points in the crowd and may be disorder between fans
  8. The London accent has changed People are speaking with an Arab/English accent that goes for non muslims.
  9. This is the exact sort of thing that makes people think there's no difference between Sikhs and muslim.
  10. London is a 3 rd world dumping ground. Not many people speak English there. London has lost its working class roots. Must reverse the racial demographics to 1983 to save London.
  11. Side with pakistani never. only a few Sikhs can be spotted at indian cricket matches in the UK, conderinding how many live here it's very low. if Sikhs want to support they can, but if there gonna fight with pakis after don't do while you have had a drink as pakis will be sober and will do you over. The girls playing dhol for pakis is the big shame.
  12. Not here to promote the game not a fan. There's been skirmishes after the game in Leicester and London. Sikhs do follow the game. Also a video of indian female dhol players entertaining pakistani men outside the stadium going around.
  13. They wouldn't do this their own kind. Should this be treated as racially motivated?
  14. Deport the scum back where they belong and never let them in the UK.