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  2. Look at this video there are so many people who look like Sikh's but follow different religions
  3. Listen at 26:40 this is the best answer
  4. YES !!!!!!!!!!! Thanks i love that site
  5. From the above link it can be read any time Bhram Kavach
  6. at 1:31:00
  7. Listen at 1:31:30 the timing of this bani
  8. I read this news article and it shocked me a lot. Beware of these people
  9. WJKK WJKF My question is that i get more ras shanti doing my nitnem bani at home and don't really enjoy going to Gurdwara any more as i used to since i have started my doing my nitnem banis at home. Is this ok cos it is confusing me as i don't understand as i know i am going to Gurdwara is important but i don't enjoy at all nowdays. And plus everyone knows how the system in Uk gurdwara's is. I don't wanna sound like a nastik cos I believe in Amrit and Gurbani
  10. Veer ji first of all i am not amritdhari yet and secondly yes Chandi Di Vaar can be read everyday as long as it done before sunset with Sukhmani Sahib and 5 bani's cos many people can't handle the Bir Ras. I myself was afraid before even listening to it let alone reading it
  11. Best inspiration to learn self defence
  12. There is a secert community here
  13. They are even insluting Gurbani Shabads this is wrong.