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  1. But not much being done about it eh mr Dalsingh. Maybe people have forgotten about it seeing as how it was soooo long ago. Maybe thats the point?
  2. 1. Islam is a MISSIONARY religion committed to CONVERSION, according to the Koran the world is divided up into 2 parts, Dar-as-Islam (House of Faith) a title which applies to all Islamic countries and Dar-al-Harb (Household of War), land not yet surrendered to Allah, which is the rest of the world. It is the duty of every Muslim to wage Jihad (Holy War) against Kafirs, infidels and non-believers what the Koran calls non-Muslims and make them submit to Islam. Violence against Kafirs is encouraged in the Koran, if gentle persuasion doesn't work. 2. Conversions of Sikh men and women is becoming an increasing problem, hundreds of reported and verified conversions in the last few years. Dozens of cases were reported in October 1995 alone, when the new academic year started also converted. Universities in London, Bradford and Luton are particular problem areas. 3. At the Hizb-ut-Tahrir ( HUT ) conference at the Wembley arena in August 1994, a Sikh was converted on stage in front of 8000 cheering and clapping Muslims. The Sikh girl then proceeded to attack Sikhism making particularly offensive statements against the Sikh Gurus. The audience laughed and continued to cheer. Some of this speech was televised on satellite T.V and on the HUTs pirate radio station. Muslim leaders at the conference called for an intensification of the campaign to bring Sikh and Hindu women to Islam. The same thing happened at HUTs Rally for Islam conference in Trafalgar Square, August 1995. This time 2 Hindu women were converted on stage in front of 2000 cheering Muslims. Again Muslim leaders demanded that Muslims boys try harder to convert Sikh and Hindu girls. 4. The self appointed Muslim parliament of Britain passed a resolution demanding that the British government make it illegal for Muslim women to marry non-Muslim. It also called for the banning of conversions of Muslims to other faiths. Any Muslim who did convert was to be stoned to death according Islamic tradition. Thankfully, the British government did not take their demand seriously, but the event showed the Muslims double standards and hypocrisy. 5. HUT leaders issued a directive in January 1995 to specially selected male members telling them to place Ads in personal columns of national newspapers inviting relationships from Asian women, they were told to write the religion and nationality of the girl were unimportant and be ambiguous about their own backgrounds by for example only describing themselves as Asian. They were further told to form intimate relationships specifically with Sikh girls with the aim of conversion. The expense of any dates were to be paid by the HUT. 6. Certain Muslims have taken to wearing Karas at Bhangra gigs with the aim of specifically seeking to meet Sikh girls. When meeting the Girls, these people identify themselves in such a way that the girl does not realise that they are Muslim, for example by shortening the name Mohammed to Mohan. They form relationships with the girl and begin the slow path to conversion. 7. A Muslim bent on converting somebody, will spin a web of lies. For example girl converts are tricked into believing that men and women are equal in Islam. They are not told that rape victims according to the Koran have produce 4 Male witnesses of good character to say that they were raped or they will be charged with adultery and stoned according to Islamic tradition (hundreds of cases where this has occurred are on file with Amnesty International, contact them for further information). Also according to the Koran, all a man has to do to divorce his wife is say Talaq 3 times. For women of course getting a divorce is much harder. Besides which what woman wants to share her husband with three other women. The new method that they are employing is to change their names by deed poll to Mohan Singh and Balraj Singh , they add surnames on to Gill and Hayer are two of there favorites. Please check the person you are going to marry and there credentials through your parents or close relatives NAMES MEAN NOTHING THERE ARE BEING CHANGED BY DEED POLL IT ONLY COSTS THEM A COUPLE OF HUNDRED POUNDS , SUPPLIED BY RADICAL MEMBERS OF HUT. 8. HUT leadership has instructed its members to specifically target problem groups of conversion. These include young teenage girls, people with social problems, the recently bereaved and victims of abuse as children. These people are considered to be weak willed and easily manipulated once identified the Muslim will try to convince their target that Islam will somehow solve all their problems. Incidentally in 1992 the hut produced an article telling Muslim men to particularly target non-Muslim girls with plain or unattractive physical, facial or body features. These girls the article said would not be accustomed to this attention and thus be easier to lure. It went on to say that the discomfort you may feel in such relationships, especially if intimate is only temporary however the rewards you will receive in Heaven will last for eternity. 9. The HUT has instructed Muslims to work in groups when converting, with one person forming a very close friendship with their target. The group then works to find out the strengths and weaknesses of the person involved and then will work accordingly. If for example, the person loves sport and is very athletic, they boast how Islam actively encourages sport and how some of the world's best sportsmen such as Muhammad Ali, Tyson and Imran Khan are Muslims. If the person has a strongly anti-white attitude, then they will stir up racial hatred against whites even more by talking about past white injustices against them. This policy has been used effectively with Afro-Caribbeans, with whom they talk about the slave trade and give Malcolm X as role model (Muslim groups leafleted black cinema audiences watching Malcolm X when it was released ). Similarly, the hard up have been offered well-paid jobs with Muslim businesses providing they convert. 10. Forced conversions do occur. There have been many documented cases when Sikh and Hindu girls have been taken to Pakistan by their Muslim boyfriends and forcibly converted. Those resisting are passed on to other Muslim men who keep the girl under lock and key, in some remote village without telephones. All the girls money and her passport are taken away. Other cases have occurred when Sikh and Hindu girls are photographed naked by their Muslim boyfriends, and are told to convert or else the photos will be published in magazines and sent to the girls family and friends. Conversions into Islam are are encouraged on those people who have Ignorance or Misunderstanding of Sikhi. Take time to understand your religion and educate others. Be aware of the subtlety of the process of conversion. Depending on the person's ignorance/ knowledge of Sikhi- the progressive undermining of Sikh Religion occurs through misquoting religious texts and falsifying historical events. The HUT and other Muslim groups have said that they aim to make FRANCE, an ISLAMIC REPUBLIC by the year 2015 and Britain by 2025 through CONVERSIONS, IMMIGRATION and high MUSLIM BIRTH RATES. Fanatics are on record as having vandalised books on Sikhism and religious texts such as the Guru Granth Sahib in Council, School, and college libraries. False propaganda and messages are written on covers and pages for the readers of the book. These messages usually attempts to UNDERMINE your faith by MISQUOTING religious texts and distorting reality. Check your local library especially if you live in an area with a history of trouble. Recent events have shown that radical Islamic groups have become increasingly envious of our Sikh prosperity in the West. Certain Islamic leaders have told worshippers to hurt kafir Sikhs economically. The Economist Magazine (June 17th 1995 edition ) reported that no Sikh youths took part in the Bradford riots, only Muslim males. Sikh businesses were attacked. In fact other reports state that older, masked Muslims ( thought to be HUT ) went down the streets ahead of everyone else, and specifically marked out Sikh shops with spray paint, for destruction by rioters following them. The HUT produced and circulated articles in universities, stating that Jewish and Sikh students were dogs and must be removed from higher education. (As reported in the Guardian, 31st October 1995 edition). The Muslims have realised that the power, respect, money and knowledge and influence brings makes us more powerful enemies. The harassment and bullying of Sikh students at schools and colleges (by such acts as the storming of West Thames college in Jan 1995) is part of a wider strategy. Sikh youths must strive to get highly educated as they possibly can. University students should act as role models and encourage younger members of the community to get an education. This will greatly benefit not only you and your family, but help your community. Muslim Youths have been instructed to infiltrate all organisations and positions of authority they can. They have also been told to keep their Islamic fundamentalist secret and subtly remove our community from a position within these organisations. For example, they have been directed to join Student Union bodies, the Media, anti-racist groups community groups, councils and political parties. http://www.rajkaregakhalsa.com/hut.htm
  3. Sikhs helped defeat Islamic rule in India. I wouldn't be surprised if the muslim threats eventually turn into cries of 'persecution/genocide' as their jihad backfires and they get massacred by the Sikhs. Same old stupid game with muslims, they never learn and neither do we so this idiotic war between them and us goes on century after century. India made a monumental blunder-after re-capturing their country from the invading muslims, instead of eliminating the religion that lead to the deaths of 80 million Hindus, the destruction/conversion of 10,000 Hindu temples to mosques/mausoleums (including the Taj Mahal), the countless billions of dollars of wealth stolen by the Islamic Arabs, Persians, Turkish hordes, they allowed Islam to propagate, re-grow, becoming Pakistan and Bangladesh and now they will likely have to fight them all over again. They should've followed Spain's example and expunged Islam from their nation. Of course Spain let in the Trojan Islamic horse and now have muslim populations to deal with again, but not the 400 million or so muslims that India has to contend with in their region. I wish them the very best of British - they'll need it!