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  1. I enjoy reading your posts, and I can see where you are coming from in your analogy about Bhai Kanhaiya. I can see how helping rohingya is aligned with Sikhi. However, your analogy is not very applicable here, if Sikhs/khalsa aid were in Burma helping Sikhs, and if they don't help fellow Muslims in the same position then that will be going against Bhai Kanhaiya and Sikhi. In this situation, it is different, we are not helping fellow Sikhs in Punjab, but going out of the way to help Muslims, when Muslims are in much better position to help. It is like Sikhs going out of the way to help Palestinians get a country when Sikhs cannot even get their own country or Bhai Kanhaiya giving water to dying Muslims soldiers even when hundred of Muslims can give them water, but nobody is giving Sikhs soldiers any water. Presently, Sikhs are helping fellow Sikhs and everyone else who needs help in Florida and Texas (after hurricanes) and you can see in the videos that Sikhs are helping everyone who needs help, as Sikhs are there, and that is what Sikhs do. I think that is Bhai Kanhaiya and Sikh philosophy, and not the analogy you gave. At least, in my view.
  2. Sales clerk discriminates against Sikh man

    You don't even understand the concept.
  3. This is exactly the same thing which Muslim Kings and army was saying about Sikhs a few centuries ago. In fact, these Muslim rulers were saying that no Sikh is left, however, Sikhs did become rulers of the land after couple of Genocides. I am not saying it is going to be easy with Hindu India, but you are under estimating Sikhs.
  4. Let me get this right, btw I agree with you. Hindus raped and killed sikhs in 1984. Thousands of Sikh mothers and daughters were raped and killed in 1984, and they still are! Thousands of Sikh were killed in 1984 and they are still being killed by Hindus without any problem. Point I am making is, why those sikh father's should care, we have nothing to be proud of as being Sikh in Hindu India However, as a Sikh I do think we will win in the end. At this time if you want to rally sikhs up, all you have to say is Dasam graranth, they don't care that sikhs are getting killed and raped every day, however, they wanna fight about Dasam garanth or meat because they are not ready for the real battle!!
  5. You do realize that the other state industries get subsidized by the govt (eg, Himachal), so even if Punjab has the best industry it cannot compete with products from states which are subsidized. All I am saying is that everything is not equal in Hindu India
  6. Why should Sikhs be happy for Hindu Independence? Sikhs are still getting killed by Indian govt !!
  7. Why is this Hindu on a Sikh site!! Khalsa fight for righteousness! Who define Dharam yudh
  8. Sikhs giving Non-Sikh names

    You have a point or you just like to complain!! White Christians ruled Punjab for 100 years, and they were not able to convert us to their religion, even though they had all the control. If you cannot be proud of your religion then keep your mouth shut!
  9. As a Sikh, I think we just lost some battles, and in the end we will win the WAR (it might take some time, but we will win)! However, that being said, I don't agree with you. Yes, Khalistan movement produced some of the great Sikh Shaheeds of all times, and as you, we all are proud of that. You are right, that it brings lot of Anakh/Pride to Sikhs in diaspora and in some places in Punjab. Still, we cannot deny the fact that we lost, and Hindus make fun of us and remind us that they have killed the "Sikh Spirit". Airport in Delhi is named after Indira, that is akin to naming airport after Massa Ranghar, and one big road in Punjab is named after Jagat Narain. Just a year ago, the DGP of punjab was Saini who killed more innocent Sikhs and raped Sikhs mothers, daughters, and sister than anybody else, even present DGP has innocent Sikh bloods on his hand. Nobody really got punished for Sikh Genocide in Delhi and other parts of India, I personally heard one hindu saying that it seems like you Sikhs have forgot Delhi 84. Many Sikhs who fought against India are still in jail, you get the picture. The point I am trying to make is that because of these past and present injustices, many Sikhs (especially in India) feel no pride and that is reason for the following things: Less and less Sikhs are keeping turban/kesh Drug use among Sikhs. Look at any kaum who has lost they have issues with drugs (native americans, black, etc). Fighting about meat, Dasam Granth, Raag malla, etc. At this point most Sikhs will fight on superficial reasons instead of realizing we are slaves in Hindu India. Hindus are enjoying these stupid Sikh fights. Anyway, I am realizing that I am taking this thread on a different tangent, and I will stop here. Maybe one day when I have more time, and I will start a new topic on this issue.
  10. The reason we are talking about "lessons to be learnt from Khalistan movement" is because Sikhs lost (yes it is obvious and everybody here knows this), if we would have won there would have been "no lesson" even though some things were done wrong, but I will say, those were symptoms and not the real reason/disease for the Khalistan movement to fail. Let me explain: As many of you know, there was a time in late 80s when it seems like Khalistan was going to become a reality, in fact, Indian PM Chander Shaker was ready to make a deal, which was close to demand of Khalistan. However, one external reason (not really external, but out of Sikh control) that killed everything was building a wall between India Punjab and Pakistan Punjab! This wall is the sole reason for the Khalistan movement to fail. Israel provided this information to India that unless India build a wall, insurgency will never end, and sooner or later Khalistan will come into existence. As you know, Israel is also surviving because of the wall between palestinian and Israel land. Of course, Banazir providing the names of Sikh freedom fighters to Indian intelligence didn't help either. Additionally, Pakistan never really wanted to help Sikhs with regard to Khalistan they just wanted Sikhs to create violence in India. Insurgency is still going on in Kashmir because India cannot build a wall there for many reasons, and unfortunately kashmiri muslims don't know how to fight, if Sikhs were in that area Khalistan would have come into existence. Anyway, I digress, what I am trying to say is that in late 80s many Sikh freedom fighters realized that Khalistan might not become a reality. Just to clarify, it is not that they explicitly thought about that, but all the news was very demoralizing (killing of leaders of Sikh movement everyday with impunity). That is when social reforms, some non justified killing, some wrong deals were made. Yes, we can learn from them, but in the end we lost for different reason. I will address some other issues later.
  11. Not a single thing from that deal (deal between Rajiv and Longowal) was implemented, so tell me how was this deal good for Sikhs.
  12. Sikh eating beef

    Oh no, I been arguing with a person who has learning disabilities (and calling him a retard), I really feel bad now.
  13. Sikh eating beef

    Please LEARN ENGLISH!!!!
  14. Won the bet. HINDU RETARD REPLIED. My point proven. Story is done, nothing to prove now. You will be ignored, you are a sorry excuse for a human being!!!