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  1. I don't talk to cognitively challenged people. Take your retarded comment to your Hindu masters.
  2. Oyee lala ! Go and make love to your mata, you think I care about Hindu like you. Now get off your mata cow.
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  5. Hey dumb Hindu. Hindus like you have killed my fellow sikhs, so you are happy, but remember Sikhs get justice from cow loving sorry excuses. I know you are dumb Hindu, so you will reply back to show you ignorance.
  6. Yes, not in your book. As your Hindu brothers and sisters have not been raped and killed by tytler and sajan. It has only been done to Sikhs. As you have no shame, so you are trying to defend them. Go take you pathetic hindu stuff somewhere else
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  9. I see your point. I meant all animals that people eat.
  10. I have never met a Sikh who said halal is okay. There is no debate about that for obvious reasons.
  11. Next thing you going to say is that cow is not your mother. If you don't know how to debate then stay away from the discussion board!
  12. Probably your Mata loving ancestors!
  13. So does goat and Buffalo. You have a point or you just a Hindu