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  1. Madness i tells thee its complete missionary madness. Most Hindu 's especially hindu punjabi's , muslims and christians all believe in black magic/superstitions i noticed. They have yet to come into the light they still live in backward beliefs and encouraging gullible others to join in with their pakhand. If it wasn't serious it would be hilarious but these people are determined to convert Sikhs, hindus and break up families and bring punjab into the pakhand of worshipping foreigner middle eastern blue eyed blonde hair white man and itto the Christendom sphere of geo-political influence.
  2. From my understanding of what I learn't over the years. I have concluded revenge attacks has been a tool used as per Sikh history and traditions. But revenge is not allowed to be used against innocent civilians and fellow Sikhs only against the non-sikh aggressor guilty parties during times of war or extreme persecution. Guru Ji in his 52 commandments to the Khalsa makes it explicit that his Sikh believers must not attack fellow Sikhs. Obviously you can defend yourself if your under attack but you must not incite any physical attacks on another Sikh. When Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji drew the sword and waged war against the muslim mughuls it was after years of persecution was tolerated, anti-sikh religious slurs were tolerate, discrimination was tolerated, even diplomacy and alliances with some mughul princes was made and tried. But when it all came to nil and the community still faced Islamist persecution and extermination then as a last resort the war was aged offensive and defence against the alleged powerful and mighty mughuls, afghans and others who tried the same. Sikhs soon showed them the power lay with the many shift sparrows not the few fat hawks. When we compare the patience and tolerance of Guru Ji and his Sikhs of the past versus how democratic western nation governments even today wage war for revenge or on false pretexts for economic, geo-political opportunism. Then we can realise the greatness of our Guru's and teachings of peace, co-existence, patience and tolerance until the point where our life and entire religion is at risk and we must wage war we are compelled to wage war as a means of survival . In modern day contemporary sikh history and politics that instance came quite recently in 1947 during split up of punjab and 1984 when the Indian state was determined to wipe out thousands of entire innocent Sikh civilian youths and their families to allegedly in the guise to fight separatists and keep the integrity of India. Had majority of Sikhs of fighting age men (approx 10 million men) combined their forces and waged war on India then India would not exist today, India would have been be broken up into various nations by now but majority of Sikhs had patience and tolerated the indian state violence in hope that things will get better and a belief that opportunities for a better life can exist in united india than in a separate state.
  3. Brexit

    Brexit was the political will of the british public to get away from the dictates of the EU elite. The Banks, the EU and american obama administration was trying to scare the British public not to vote for brexit even david cameron prime minister of the UK at the time was confident no1 seriously would vote to leave the EU but the UK public had enough. 1) Main reason by far was crazy immigration rules which meant any tom,d1ck, harry from the now expanded EU could live in the UK and claim higher benefits than their home countries while their relatives in other poorer EU countries (bulgeria, poland, romania,etc) received money too if they had dependents like kids or disabled. 2) Many ethnic minority Brits also voted for brexit because of the benefits scandal the newly arrived eastern european immigrants from the EU were claiming benefits in UK and sending money back to relatives back home. This unfair and unjust system was not the same for non-EU british nationals and their dependants (eg jamacian/nigerian/Indian/pakistani/Chinese/Americam/Australian,etc) ...they could not claim benefits nor for their relatives outside the EU. But eastern european people could claim everything and their families back home and still can until the UK leaves the EU in 2019. 3) The EU when it was founded in 1970s and when britian joined was only 12 western european nations because at the time the soviet union was occupying most of eastern europe. The EU was great it was providing job opportunities and travel for the richer part of europe and their citizens. But when the soviet union collapsed then the EU expanded its borders and swallowed up poorer parts of eastern europe the citizens of those countries were delighted to join the richer EU club and recieved great preaks and benefits they never had under the old soviet union system But for the citizens of the western part of EU there was no benefits it was only more problems as poorer eastern europeans travelled to their countries to take jobs, welfare, housing, pressure on schools, transport and crime also followed. 4) The EU was pushing for handouts from richer countries like the UK to bail out greece, italy, spain, portugal,etc. The UK already has its own debt problems without having to bail out other countries. The EU also tried to push the euro currency on the UK population but they rejected it fearing the financial trouble that did eventually come in 2010 and still isnt resolved. These are the main reasons but now we see how Russiaphobia is being used as an excuse to keep UK within the EU as a pretext of security against the alleged expansionist and geo-political plans of putins Russia. The lengths the EU elite will only further anger the British public in sticking to their position of brexiting even if there was another referendum.
  4. I agree jagmeet singh is facing obvious campaign of political harassment, dog whistle politics as they call it. Because 1) he is an educate smart minority brown male 2) he is a turban wearing sikh 3) He defends his community and is passionate about getting justice for the Sikhs for the 1980s genocide and other attacks india carried out on the Sikh community. The Canadian public should ask themselves is that so wrong? If that was a jewish candidate and he/she was campaigning to have the genocide against them by nazi germany recognised in law by Canadian parliament no one would be against it but we have racists and anti-sikh bigots in the canadian media and politics that need to be exposed. For once and to his credit Sunny hundal no stranger to controversy in the Sikh community for his anti-sikh and negative articles of past years.....has recently been very balanced against the tirade of attacks against Sikh politicians and prime minister Justin trudeu. Sunny has actually called out the unfair rabid coverage recently Sikhs in canada and india. Just look at his social media and he is shocked at the way right wing indian/hindu activists and canadian right wing press has behaved. I think he is realising the scale of the racial and religious problems against minorities in canada and india. What is clear now is agenda of the so called canadian journalists should be exposed using the very words they use against their targets. So if the target is jagmeet singh research all the articles a particular journalist has written about him and show the world that particular journalists and their publication a clear bias and racism against that Sikh politician. Call out that journalist for their racist and racial biases against other targets they victimise Doesn't matter if its jagmeet or another Sikh politician we cant have racist/religiously hateful lines of questioning in civlised democracies and those so called journalists who fall foul of standards in jounalism should be exposed. Its as simple as that. I particular don't want to see a Sikh leader of a mainstream political party or prime minister of country in the western nations they are born into or living in. In my view Sikhs would just be used as puppets while their business cooperate or banking puppet masters have them do their bidding while harming the Sikh image in front of the public. Just like prime minister manmohan singh was used as the fall guy the man to blame had congress party been accused of anything bad. Sonia gandhi allegedly said she doesnt want the be prime minister of India so offered it to manmohan as a gesture of good will to his community. The real reason she didnt want to be leader was because no serious Indian nationalist would have voted for a foreign born person also she wanted to hold the reigns of power behind the scenes use the puppet manmohan to do congress parties bidding also show the world that congress party has reform no longer the terrorist genocidal party that had murdered thousands of Sikhs from 1980s onwards. So although its great to see Sikhs rise in Canadian political scene it is also dangerous for our image because people angered by their governments policies will be quick to point out the obvious racial and religious differences of their elected representative rather than point out the bad policies. Sikhs should concentrate on creating political think tanks, banks, huge wealth funds and businesses and use that power for the shadows to influence government policy.
  5. https://www.instagram.com/sikhtalk/ This guy is a marxist/communist and rants and raves about capitalist white colonialists, which is far enough. There's alot I would agree on with him about regarding white privilege and the corrupt capitalist system. However he fails to address Islam-fascists and Islam-fascism. Either this guy is deliberately trying to avoid addressing that evil aspect of Islam and muslim communities or he is ignorant of the real threat that Sikh girls and other non-sikhs have faced from grooming sexual abuse and conversions that have been going on for decades in the west. The reason why tommy robinson was invented on the Sikh channel to talk about Muslim grooming gangs is become these gangs were targetting our sikh sisters there was cases in luton and else where that the mainstream leftist media ignored and tensions came to a boiling point where 200 Sikh youths blocked the roads in luton to get a muslim rapist charged cos the police wouldnt do anything the only white people who came to stand in soliderity with the Sikh youths of luton were the EDL founders tommy robinson and his cousin. Tommy has always spoke highly of Sikhs and has back campaigns to free sikh political prisoners locked away in India. Tommy Robinson is far from being a racist he is painted as a racist by far left nutjobs and islamo-facists they want to push tommy robinson and his type of sikh friendly white guys into the camp of the far right white nationalists. This sikhtalk guy even has a picture of a book written by that evil witch katy sian who is anything but a sikh. And by the impression he has given on insta, it seems he takes her far leftest viewpoints.
  6. Do these pendu punjabi families not know how to bring up their scummy daughters? And do these girls not know to marry a muslim and increase Islamic demographics means more terrorism and persecution of non-muslims (ie their own families). Whats wrong with these idiots. It's like they are begging for their own oppression and persecution in coming future. http://www.afrizap.com/en/rita-mahrez
  7. Dasvand in the past was set up as a sort of charitable tax that Sikhs had to give to keep the kaum going. Nowdays Sikhs are paying so much tax in many services and to govt that dasvand does not work for most Sikh families so they dont give any charity for fellow needy Sikhs. And even if they do give charity its to some non-sikh cause. And this has a huge demoralisation affect on poor and needy Sikhs left to fend for themselves making easy pickings for rich islamic and christian charities eager to increase their numbers and take over regions for political reasons. Dasvand needs to be in line with the tax people pay in everyday life and from that they can calculate how much they need to give to fellow Sikhs. The islamics are 1.3 billion strong and give to charity actively but only give to muslim charities who only cater for muslims in 50+ muslim countries. This is what purtatan Sikhs of the past used to be only helping and giving charity to fellow Sikhs and thus people would convert to Sikhi even just to get aid but after they got aid they became loyal followers of Sikh teachings. We need to go back to basics...
  8. Ok abu abeeda you carry on child Grown up's who really loved Sikhi would defend Sikhi, Sikh identity and Sikh population seeing how demographics are key to survival whereas you cant see that cos your not one of us so advocate interfaith marriages between sikhs and non-sikhs. As for Guru Ji's 52 haukum look them up as I told you many times. From now on you will be ignored and not addressed by me. Mods want a non-sikh troll like you here to divert topics and damage this forum thats up to them. I for one will not entertain your nonsense no more.
  9. Anyone willing to help expose the filth in bible teachings and in Christianity overall? It's time we give punjabi Christians scumbags a little pay back for all their sly conversions and digs they have been doing to Sikhi over their years without any reaction from Sikhs. Its time the Sikhs on mass expose Christianity. e.g The following passage describes the sickening practice of sex slavery. How can anyone think it is moral to sell your own daughter as a sex slave? When a man sells his daughter as a slave, she will not be freed at the end of six years as the men are. If she does not please the man who bought her, he may allow her to be bought back again. But he is not allowed to sell her to foreigners, since he is the one who broke the contract with her. And if the slave girl’s owner arranges for her to marry his son, he may no longer treat her as a slave girl, but he must treat her as his daughter. If he himself marries her and then takes another wife, he may not reduce her food or clothing or fail to sleep with her as his wife. If he fails in any of these three ways, she may leave as a free woman without making any payment. (Exodus 21:7-11 NLT)
  10. Well at least Sikhs can see the growing threat of Christianity and christian missionaries in punjab and not let the toad boil slowly as deceptive sly Christians takes over Sikh punjab like a cancer. Its a good thing this tension is happening cos now Sikhs in punjab will actively fight and Akali Dal / SGPC will be forced to keep an eye on Christians instead of concentrating on hindutva idiots who do not pose the immediate demographic danger that abrahmic cults of Christianity and Islam do.
  11. you have no right to tell Sikhs on their knowledge of Sikhi since your not a Sikh. Why are you here anyways no one wants you here, your just an anti-sikh troll that's been tolerated far too long on here. You contribute nothing positive only promoting anti-sikh narrative, agenda and rhetoric. As far as I am concerned you are the far left marxist atheist punjabi sunny hundal of this forum whose views are irrelevant.
  12. It will never happen bro therefore game is on. Sikhs everywhere should attack Christian ideology and promote Sikhi on social media and those who insist on liberal far left nonsense are anti-sikh agents like on this forum (ie sukhvirk76 /sukhvirk1976) who wants inter-faith sikh marriages and mock Guru Gobind Singh Ji's commandments for kaum not to give Sikh daughters to non-sikhs for obvious demographic reasons and salvation of the soul spiritually speaking. He would love it to see Sikhism vanish in the world or Sikhs reduced in population to a meaningless dying minority like Zoroastrians who lost their empire, demographics, their faith and women to islam eventually.
  13. One thing i noticed is difference between western born people converting to Sikhi and Christians converting gullible punjabis is that the westerners convert to Sikhi usually by no help from Sikhs at all. They learn from books or online about Sikhism and get interested so decide to convert. Whereas Christians actively promote their faith like muslims do to get non-believers to convert they have sly leaflets how to target Sikhs by first falsely claiming our Guru is same as what Jesus taught, then after inviting them to church and before you know it davinder becomes david on the sly while still wearing a pagh to fool other Sikhs into joining the abrahmic middle eastern cult. So that begs the question whats the strategic value in converting punjab to Christianity? Whats their long term aim and goal? Its the same as muslims its power and control over the masses for the human resource power centre's in the west. Just as saudi arabia and iran are control power centre's for branches of Islam. demographics population numbers win wars, huge numbers vote in democracies and forming or swaying governments. So we can see why they trying to target Sikhs and Hindus for conversions especially those of chamar / ravidassia / dalit "low caste" backgrounds who are larger in number and often disenfranchised in Indian society.
  14. Hindus will be hindus they have no honour their priestly class practice chankya's teachings so we know what they are all about. And as for christianitys evil eye on Sikh punjab. Well we all can do something about it by making pro-sikh propaganda and anti-christian propaganda especially on youtube but 99% of Sikhs are too lazy to proactively defend their faith online even. Whereas certain sects of Christians are highly motivated just like their fellow abrahmic's the islamic's to convert people or refute stuff said about their faith. Most Sikhs are still too liberal far left marxists sarbart da bhalla idiots they need to grow a pair of balls and attack Christianity for what it is a white man worshiping, huge money making ponzy scheme for the west and roman empire pedo catholic church bank cult..
  15. Seems like while our kaum's eyes were on dawahist islamic etxremists we had some sly black christian extremist groups who have been grooming british punjabi girls of Sikh families for relationships and eventual conversion to Christianity and here this one girl called raj jerett who probably ran off with her black christian boyfriend is on stage abusing Sikhi and Guru Ji's, while Christians in the clip clap and cheer her on. It reminds me of when hizb ut tahir and al mahajroun the 2 islamic extremists groups in 1995 who had allegedly converted 2 sikh girls on stage in london who went on to abuse sikhism and guru's seems like these evil abrahmic cults have the same tactics and agenda. This video seems like was uploaded by a chrisitan org originally 7years ago long before the current controversial viral videos between sikhs and Christians in punjab.
  16. Ilford shooting: Shocked Muslims help bloodied man who came into mosque after being shot and stabbed Some worshippers thought there had been another terror attack Mark Chandler a day ago Crime scene: A police cordon outside the centre Noreen Qayyum Shocked Muslims leaving prayers rushed to help when a bleeding man who had been shot and stabbed ran into a mosque saying he had been attacked. The victim, described as a clean-shaven Sikh man, staggered into the Ilford Community Centre on Eton Road just before 2pm on Monday, bleeding from his shoulder. Those at the centre called for an ambulance and police to help the wounded man. Bashir Chaudhry, chairman of the mosque, said some people feared another terror attack had taekn place after people were mowed down early on Monday morning outside a mosque in Finsbury Park. But he said worshippers reacted calmly to the situation. He told the Standard: "Someone walked into the centre and he was bleeding very badly. "When I spoke to him he said 'I've been attacked'. "I immediately called the police and ambulance. It's what anyone else would have done." Mr Chaudhry said the man then left the centre and he followed him out to a nearby house and waited for emergency services to arrive. Police: A probe is underway (Noreen Qayyum) "I tried to help him," he said. "At that time people were leaving the mosque and they saw him and he was very badly hurt. "He was bleeding from the back of his neck and his shoulder and from his face." "Some people misunderstood what had happened," he said. "They thought somebody had attacked the worshippers, that the mosque had been attacked, which is not right." "With what's been going on in Finsbury Park and other places, people are concerned really." A spokesman for the Met said: “Police in Redbridge are dealing after a man was shot and stabbed. “Officers were called at 2.02pm on Monday, 19 June, to Eton Road, Ilford, to reports a man armed with a knife. “Attending officers found a man in a residential address suffering from stab and gunshot wounds. “He was taken to an east London hospital where his injuries are not thought to be life-threatening.” Police said there had been no arrests so far and the incident is not being treated as terror-related. It is believed the victim knew his attack, police said. =================================================================== I wonder if any essex ./ east london Sikhs know more about who the victim was and who the attacker is or his racial religious background. If this is found to be an anti-sikh hate crime it will help Sikhs physically wake up and form self defense groups and maybe to get govt funding for resources into protecting the community better.
  17. Whats the low down in East London

    It's sad really they mostly doing it for PR purposes they stoop to these depths to get "brown points" in the media. I suspect they dont really want muslims turning up at their gurdwaras praying in them they just saying it cos they've said it to others on social media when islamic nutjobs did the attacks so they gotta be seen to be consistent.
  18. Iftar in Sikh Gurdwara, Dubai

    Well said. I suspect the Sikhs in arab and middle eastern muslim countries dont really have a choice. To show their loyalty towards the ruling sheikhs and mullahs and its state religion Islam they have to be kinda meek and subservient. Bit like Stockholm syndrome so they kinda have an excuse for their behaviour. However Sikhs in india have no excuse yet some of those idiots in gurdwara commitee's have done these iftari parties aswell for their muslim neighbours...... I would like to ask these commiteee's would masjids do akhand paath for Sikh families or do gurpurb celebrations? No never... so why do some of our gurdwara committee leaders feel compelled do to anti-sikh antics.
  19. India v Pakistan cricket - trouble after game

    Hopefully we can get our m0ronic Sikhs who proudly waving indian flags and wearing indian tshirts to stop doing that and leave that to the hindu's who are oppressing and genociding our people since 1947. I personally wouldnt side with a pakistani or pakistan but I know of many Sikhs online (probably been blacklisted or claiming asylum in the west) who are fed up with Indian govt and so are siding with pakistan. Plus they can go out and visit punjab in pakistan freely. Also it helps with interfaith muslim-sikh dialogue to resolve issues if they both have a hate for genocidal indian state and its terrorist army. Also both india and pakistan hold our homeland of punjab so technically both india and Pakistan is our religions ancestral home we can not favor neither side. Sikhs should neither have love or support for india or pakistan we should always stay neutral. Hindu punjabis and hindu guji's in the west and even in india are overt ultra nationalist indians and very anti-pakistan. Let these cricket loving hindustani rat cowards have fist fights and brawls with their opposite muslim paki nationalists we haven't got time for that we got better things to do.
  20. India v Pakistan cricket - trouble after game

    Spoken like a true hindu punjabi. You hindustani's really show your true colours when india vs pak issues happen. A REAL Sikh sides with neither pakistan or india both are our gave us genocides (1947,1984) but if we going to have low IQ Sikhs side with india then equally we can have the same side with pakistan. The ideal situation is Sikhs only fighting for their own interests which is Khalistan... siding with india and pakistan is irrelevant our goal as a kaum as a nation is Khalistan.
  21. Whats the low down in East London

    Your right. Are SWAT doing that? if so they need to be called out for this fooliness. I too felt very sorry for the people people trapped in that london tower fire with all those innocent families and kids burned to death it was horrific and reminded me of similar how our 5,000 innocent Sikh brothers and sisters were raped, murdered and burned to horrific death using kerosene in front of their families within just 3 days of state sanctioned violence in new delhi by congress party members. I was proud of our Sikh community charities stepping up and giving the grenfell tower survivors food, clothes aid and support. However Its all well and good caring for other human beings irrespective of faith when in need but we should not forget the agenda of the ideology that community comes from which is taking over non-muslim lands through mass birth rate demographics, mass conversions or the eventual violent conquest. While we can help our fellow human in times of need and distress we should not neglect our own community nor forget the wider agenda of a community whose end goal mission is to take over every non-muslim nations eventually.
  22. These lot at finsbury park masjids didn't speak out against the recent islamic terrorist attacks and now they shocked and angry at the antics of far right white anti-muslim terrorists and need police protection, very cheeky of them. Though it shows that once again the poor and working class poor of all communities suffer and the "upper class elites" at the top who made the decisions of police cuts, security cuts, importation of mass muslim migration, illegal wars and stealing of wealth in muslim countries, funding aboard of jihadi terrorists are getting away Scott free without any readdress.