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  1. There you go again the literalist. When will you literalists stop saying Guru Ji was God. Guru Gobind singh ji said those who call him God will be cursed. And Guru Nanak said he praises God (in reference to an external entity) in scriptures.... So if we believe that Guru's Jot (light/soul) traveled from one Guru to the next... then are we now to believe Guru Gobind Singh Ji was God? Is now SGGS Ji God? Wake up! raise your IQ level! Yes I agree don't think we need to debate the literalist belief on this thread I have made my views known above and in previous threads about this issue. Lets concentrate on the thread at hand
  2. Not sure RSS are planning anything like that. But there is definitely a very inhumane strain within hindutva that likes to brutally oppress any minority that dares to live independent of their control.
  3. Just when Sikhs thought they were relatively safe in "Hindustan" in 2017 then this happens. Evil Hindu extremists caught brutally attacking Sikhs in chainpura, rajashtan.
  4. Yes pretty much agree with all of that. These cowardly hindustani's are shameless especially targeting the elderly gentleman. As for kirpans not being used I think i saw one of them wearing it but i wasnt taking about these specific singhs in the footage I was taking more generally. Why do Singhs in India who are known to openly carry kirpan refrain from using them when defending themselves or others from harm. Kirpans are given to all Khalsa Sikh's to use for self defence and to stop others getting harmed and I think we should remember that .... many singhs I know say they are just a spiritual symbol of defence..... I would say no my brothers these are shaster tools to be used to defend yourselves with not some kinda fashion accessory for show.
  5. Yes your right but these girls are often not taught correct Sikhi or not even at all. Hence you get them giving you that argument which you said. Also there is no Sikh peer pressure as much as there used to be to bring shame to girls who stray off with non-sikhs. Families have no concept of shame or honour and these 2 are vital to keep up standards in a community, the muslim community still holds on to these important social tools hence their girls conform more. Alos Muslims are generally are taught 1 rehit and have a strong sense of community. Every sunni muslim is taught if one part of the ummah (body of muslims) is suffering then they all sunni muslims everywhere should feel it. Sikhs dont have that sense of botherhood anymore which they did and should, Sikhs nowadays have this non-sikh idea of sarbat da bhalla ideology which has been taken out of context by liberal leftists saying botherhood of man comes before brotherhood of your own Sikh brother/sister. And often the brother in humanity (like for a muslim example) doesnt see you as a brother in humanity they are taught only a fellow muslim is their true brother of the community of believers because they will have to answer to Allah during judgement day for what they did. Sikhs households are taught various rehits and these rehits are man made not even Guru made so kids rebel. In some sikh households I see people worshiping god men baba's, worshiping photo's of guru's, doing pooja arti of guru photo's and SGGS, doing matha tekh of "sants", calling Guru nanak God, calling bhagat ravidass God, worshipping other religious figures like jesus and hindu gods and thinking its part of sikhi. These kinda madness ideas and nonsense rituals take away from the basics of Sikhi into the realms of new age hippy cultist belief systems and leave the adherants and their kids confused. Once Sikhs learn their faith properly they are proud, pro-panthic and defensive of other Sikhs.
  6. I read a comment somewhere alleging the Sikh guys were part of one of the gurdwara's in rajasthan travelling in a van when they were stopped and seized by the cowardly hindu villagers for some unknown reason and attacked. I find it more shocking that the singhs in the footage were brutally beaten rolling around on the ground and not able to put up a defence or beat these skinny malnourished hindustani's into submission. Something for our singhs in india and worldwide to really think about: Why they carrying kirpans if they don't use them? Why do they call themselves proud indians/hindustani's when they are treated in this way? Why do they call themselves singhs if they are not lions in any physical confrontations with non-sikhs any more?
  7. A video footage dossier needs to be collected of hindu crimes on Sikhs in recent years. I can think of a number of incidents where Hindus in india have deliberately attacked Sikh's. When Hindu orgs and RSS want to make the claims that Sikhs are part of the Hindu fold or part and parcel of Indian society they need to be shown evidence of Hindus and secular or atheist hindustanis indulging in hate and violence against Sikhs which has forced Sikhs to become separatist Khalistani's.
  8. Yes its disgusting, disgraceful and disrespectful against working class communities who have to live with these problems and suffer the consequences of wrong polices. Similarly we have cucked leftist liberal Sikh and atheist punjabi's living in the non-working class suburbs who advocate for muslim rape grooming gangs, who advocate a sarbat da bhalla type approach then wonder why their daughters and sisters are being groomed by non-sikhs and converted. They do not live in the real world they live in towns/cities away from huge muslim populations flooded by mass muslim immigration. Those working class Sikhs and punjabi's who have to live with muslim communities know what the real situation is. These liberals need to ask afghan sikhs, kashmiri sikhs, pakistani sikhs, utter pardesh sikhs what its like to live in a muslim majority area. These kinda politicians and liberal celebrates who call for mass immigration and in particular muslim immigration need to be forced to live within the communities that they make others suffer to live in. The rich celebrities or "elitist" people remind me of what happened before the french revolution when the king of france was living in luxury while the poor working peasant class population were suffering hardship. The queen of france is to have remarked "if they are hungry let them eat cake" this slogan was used by the anti-monarchy propagandists and it led to the blood filled french revolution which tore down the monarchy and had the privileged royal family and other elitist executed by the revolutionaries. I think the conditions for a violent revolution in western countries are being created for such an event that will maybe overthrow the corruption of the system. If these politicians do not read the warning signs and discontentment of the working class masses then the price we all will have to pay could be very high.
  9. I'm not been a fan of or ever agreed with the views of shockjock katie hopkins but her recent articles about muslim grooming gangs and islamic terrorism/ mass immigration has really summed up the mood of the UK fed up with state of things. The same upper calss elites and politicians that are now being protected have for decades allowed mass muslim immigration into the country and created the conditions for these kinda incidents to occur have left the rest of the population to suffer the consequences. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4539242/KATIE-HOPKINS-ll-protect-kids-terror.html
  10. Either this guy is mentally ill or is sane and a complete disgrace to his family and Sikh community. He is a druggie and alcoholic got into a car crash which killed his muslim mate and now he has converted to islam to make up for his muslim mates death. What kinda madness is going inside the heads of some of our youth? I'm guessing and suspect his muslim mate was a drug dealer and other criminal muslims within his social circle have pressurized and probably threatened him to convert or suffer consequences. I know there is a huge problem in UK prisons also with muslim criminals in gangs forcing non-muslims to convert on jail or suffer physical attacks. ================ ‘I’m converting to Islam to atone for my friend’s death’ 11 May 2017 STRATFORD A Sikh driver who killed his friend after a drink and drugs binge has been jailed for four years and 10 months. Gurvinder Mudhar, 25, downed vodkas mixed with energy drinks and smoked cannabis two hours before he flipped his Honda Civic, killing 31-year-old Zeigum Mohammed. Mudha, who had no driving license or insurance and comes from a Sikh family, has since converted to Islam to ‘atone’ for killing his Muslim friend. He swerved in and out of traffic and… source: http://courtnewsuk.co.uk/im-converting-islam-atone-friends-death/
  11. Most muslims even if they are not pracitising or seem quite liberal and westernised are very defensive of Islam and muslims even if they know their fellow muslims are in the wrong be it muslim pedo grooming gangs or muslim terrorists attacking innocent civilians. Because they have been brought up in a strong muslim culture which they are fond of and brainwashed to believe that the ummah the muslim community is one body and to speak against another muslim in favor of a non-muslim is a huge crime and sin in islam, they are taught to conceal the sin rather than expose it to others and the world. So It's an unspoken taboo and so you see this kinda behaviour from even seemingly secular liberal westernised muslims. If I were you I would call her out on social media tell her that Sikhs are different from muslims we have different beliefs and values we do not share the same ideology. Do not get angry or feel the need to be silent about these islamo-apologists. And do not indulge in name calling or bashing muslims or Islam on social media as the loonie leftists will start bashing you rather than defend your right to speak out against their crimes.
  12. There was a story on a drunk Sikh driver who used an excuse about this turban in court and the jewish owned rebel media really attacked him in a way that gave me the impression they attacking the Sikh identity and Canadian Sikhs as a whole. https://www.therebel.media/sikh_drunk_driver_let_off_because_his_feelings_were_hurt But yes the indian government arranged and conducted 1985 air india tragedy plays a huge part in the anti-sikh narrative in Canada its still paying dividends 30+years on even thought both the complicit deep state canadian/indian governments know they helped do it. Alot of evil indian nationalist right wing hindus comment in the youtube link about defaming Sikhs, killing Sikhs and saying deport Sikhs,etc. When rebel media created negative stories about Hindus the hindu commentor's didnt like it and started to bash the canadians.
  13. This guy should be kept a close eye on by his family, he is prime grooming material for islamic extremists. Maybe Sikh org's can reach out to him to help him back into Sikhi and on the right path.
  14. The west military intervened in iraq, libya, syria, afghanistan, etc,etc and stole their wealth, their oil, their gold, their resources. They caused death and destruction of military weak and vile but stable secular arab regimes (saddams iraq, gadaffis libya, asads syria) and vital infrastructure and killed millions of innocent civilians during their bombing campaigns and they expect blow-backs back home but think the risk is worth while for long term financial gains. The white western politicians and their paymasters upper class elites are safe protected in their ivory towers and 24/7 clock armed police security. The ones that suffer the repercussions for western illegal intervention and theft in foreign countries is the working working and middle classes. The politicians of mostly conservative governments cut resources and vital funding for police and state services and in the mean while since 1980s under conservative tories watch allowed violent immigrants, muslim refugee's and Islamic extremists to come in the west settle in working class communities and expect these people with strong backward abrahamic ideological upbringings or beliefs not to get dis-illusioned with a mundane life that's going no where fast and not to indulge in knife/gun crime and eventually not to turn to what Islam has to offer which in turn radicalises whole populations to their way of life, community and society into a violent and fear driven one. Labour government is equally responsible allowing more muslim immigrants in and by creating new laws that further criminalised people, such as the absurd hate crime bill in 2007 that made people criminals for preaching against islam in public. Which lead to wasting police resources doing desk work when they should be out in the community in a visible presence policing the streets. The meddling ill advised politicians create the breeding ground for society's own downfall and destruction. They think short term social goals and do not think long term wider impacts for society and that's the key problem with current model of democracies that they have short 4year periods of power.
  15. The far right wing white media are not on our side either they are only on our side when it suits their interests and narrative. If you check the Canadian jewish owned "rebel media" on youtube they have created negative stories on Sikhs, hindus and other ethnic minorities and only show positive stories on Sikhs when they want to differentiate Sikhs from muslims. Having said that the british far right white media tends to be very pro-Sikh and I've not seen them put any negative stories on Sikhs out before its only the canadian and american far right white/jewish media that does that. There are some on the liberal left side of politics who are friends of Sikhs and do know the problem is solely down to Islam because islam is a far right fascist ideology. And there are those on the far left liberal spectrum who are covertly racist because they lump all asian/brown people all religious or ethnic minorities in one box thinking we all think the same we all have same ideologies and same values and outlooks in life when we dont. These far left m0rons dont want to acknowledged islam's ideological goal of taking over lands and populations to make everyone submit to its religion. These far left lot actually do more harm than good by defending islam when they should be singling it out and calling it out when atrocities are commits in its name or by its adherents using islamic texts. They are shielding and letting the problem carry on instead of rooting out the extremist narrated ideology and extremists within the muslim community.
  16. Just when you though these low IQ m0rons posing as Sikhs cant do much worse then you see this. Gurdwara in germany this time mentally ill pendu's do guru's beadhi and their own bezthi in front of the whole world. Causing german police with shoes in to enter guru's house to sort out the beef. Truly shameful If it were up to me I would first beat the aggressors to an inch of their lives then deport the lot of these kanjars back to the slums and jails of hellhole india.
  17. Where on earth from my statement did you think its British governments fault and justifying it? If you going to come out with daft views out of your backside at least quote it. I'm clearly saying cowardly western politicians are partly to blame if anything for only caring about money overall and allowing Islamists (usually funded by oil wealthy saudi) who ideologically poison young muslim minds to carrying out this cowardly attack and islamification agenda because they are too soft and liberal and too appeasing to the arab wealth, to the banksters agenda and to the increasingly influential muslim migrant vote bank to tackle the evil backward 7th century ideology head on. Now get that through to your thick head.
  18. Cowardly cucked pro-islam liberal western politicians don't really care about your average joe civilian what they care about is their own family, their own home and neighborhood, the national economy, business and money god basically their pay masters the oligarch oil merchants and mega rich banksters. They will care if the population was to rise up in a mass protest or demonstration it would be impossible to ignore or do nothing against. They will have to act then. I think because these islamics have now attacked british white children it has crossed a line where people are pretty angry and fed up with the drip drip effect its having on their mental health that things could kick off pretty soon. Islamic nutjobs are not the only ones we non-muslims have to be vigilant about. Sikhs need to be vigilante from misplaced and misguided ignorant racist white terrorist backlash, ironically innocent sikhs have been victimised by mostly racist white nutjobs than islamics in recent years since 9/11 2001. So we need to be be aware of their surroundings when out and about.
  19. I suspect the bodies of the victims are badly damaged also they may not have enough info to inform their next of kins. They don't really want to make a mis-identification of someones loved ones with the wrong body to add to their grief. So the names will be coming out in the next few days The suicide bomber the british born Libyan probably was easier to identify was when they blow themselves up their head flies off from the rest of the body The US media tends to lead in leaking information that UK intel has given to the american's that's true.
  20. manchester's Sikh chai aloo fat gurdwara commitee members are on sikh channel and sky news who just went down to express their condolences but to me it looks like a very cringe worthy moment of the highest degree. I wish these self publicity people would stay away from these kinda events they do more harm for the Sikh community than anything good. There is a time and a place to do protests and condolence and this kinda 20 man march is not the time or place to do it.
  21. Same old same old this issue will not go away until there is a strong and serious response about tackling islam particularly the salafi ideology. Sikh leaders plan for things day to day, or in the past and miss the boat hence Sikhs have not progressed since the Sikh empire days and have suffered genocides ever since. Western governments plan for issues 4-20years so they do not see the creeping threat from islam. Islamic religious leaders plan for things 50years ahead+ Once Islam has enough demographic numbers its game over guys might aswell hand over your country and your offspring to muhammad's 7th century barbaric mentally illness
  22. I think there are positives and negatives from this new UK Sikh party being created and this guy jagmeet singh standing for election. Yes most non-sikhs wont vote for him and probably not many Sikhs either and Yes it will split the sikh votes for the various candidates in the place he is contesting but also it will start to awake the political Sikh conscience to campaign for Sikh rights rather than suffering in silence at the hands of the corrupt despotic British establishment who actively engaged in the overt and covert genocide of many nations and peoples across the world aswell as Indian subcontinent Sikhs in 1846, 1919, 1947 and along with the indian puppet government in 1984. I feel jagmeet personally is a bit of loose cannon but if he can be groomed to think before he speaks and be trained to be a better political candidate then he may actually get somewhere. This party can be a blessing in disguise to help Sikhs organise politically under 1 banner to fight for british Sikh interests because every other community is fighting for their own interests particularly the abrahmic groups and as we should know the hindu community is always pro-india government so they are safe and secure in their future with 1 billion population and a nuclear armed Indian army. The jews are secure they got nuclear armed israel and have huge bankster montery and political agenda influence. The islamics have huge economic oil producing power houses of iran and saudi funding their various geo-political agenda's around the world with 1.5 billion muslim population funding illegal wars, state terrorism and conflicts around the world. The west's atheists and Christians with their catholic church 3 billion population and number of politicians ideologically aligned to the vatican bank is hugely influential in starting and funding illegal wars, state terrorism and conflicts around the world. Sikhs are far behind and lacking political power and sooner or later Sikh collective conscience will realise that in order to survive in the world political power and proper representation is a must.
  23. you guys are not understanding the wider picture but are instead focusing on this one looser. You need to see the wider implications of whats going on society in the west where Sikhs reside. This guy lives in east london which has a sizable Sikh population but an even bigger muslim population whose demographics have increased at least 5 fold over the last 30years of uncontrolled immigration of muslims from over 50+ muslim countries and a high birth rate + the dawah missionary ideology makes them go out converting mostly non-muslim girls to their faith. Only few years ago Sikhs used to brag muslims may be able to groom and convert easy cheap nasty punjabi h0es to Islam but Sikh guys will never give up their faith. But it seems our troubled young guys are vulnerable also to grooming and brainwashing to islam and this case is proof of it.
  24. Thanks sounds interesting I'll have a look into that
  25. I've been looking around for information how the legal and justice system worked in the times when Sikhs had real political power. Did they have some sort of 10 commandments things going on? written decree's by the different land rulers of 101 laws that must be followed in each village/town/city? panchiyat system? panj pyare system even for non-sikhs? How did they punish wrong doers? What was wrong and crimes back in those days compared to today's? In my view the western and modern day legal system is based on the anglo saxon system with christian/judaic abrahmic ideological morality as its compass. However us dharmic eastern faiths have our own views of morality and of what is wrong and right. The world has been conquered and brainwashed by the abrahmic take on morality and thus evolved its crime and justice system. We should find out what our ideological Sikh legal system was like.