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  1. Your probably talking about David Ike .....I would advise for you not to listen to people like him he is mentally insane and will make you that way too if you start believing in that alien shape shifting / reptilian stuff. However what you said about her being a mere puppet is incorrect as she is above the British law and she and her aides privately meddle in political affairs. Try to accuse her or charge her for a crime and they will put you in a mental hospital or killed off. She can be charged for war crimes and illegal wars (like iraq) committed by HER british troops (as they are her troops loaned to the British government) in her name under international law for being head of state. But she will never be charged as I said nor anyone from the royal family because she and they are above the law and as will be the next ruler king Charles. There is however a downside of being a member of the royal family its not all life of privilege and huge wealth. You are pretty much always under the public eye and liable for scrutiny and criticism if you display something the public finds offensive or wrong such is the case with prince Philip who is a known overt racist and a known 33degree mason in freemasonry.
  2. That's why we shouldn't cast judgement until we get the FULL and true story to this. India isn't that much of a lawless place where police and demolition team turns up announced on the day of the demolition there would have been months if not years of notice given to the committee of what the legal ruling is.
  3. Proud? you having a laugh mate Nothing to be proud of shes done good nothing for Sikhs nor has she apologised for the British indian army mass murder of over 1,000 punjabi and Sikh civilian protestors in 1919 jalliwalah bagh when she visited darbar sahib in 1997. For all we know she could have approved the secret British military assistance and weapon sales to Indira's Indian government in 1980s as the british prime minister is obliged to meet weekly with the head of state queen to discuss political matters. And shes a stone hearted witch as are most power hunger elites around the world, because lets face it she invited the killer of tamil hindu sri lankans that buddhist president in 2009 even while international news was slating sri lanka about their country committing genocide against tamils. She probably had a hand in the white honour killing of her daugher in law princess diana in 1997 (who was sleeping around with famous muslim men and was allegedly pregnant with one) in that infamous staged car crash done by MI6 agents and SAS troops. So she doesnt give a toss about innocent civilian lives lost of minorities in the commonwealth nor care for the life of her non-blood relatives who threaten the status of the royal family and its power. Her indigenous german royal family are just the face of an evil rich white elite privileged to the max.
  4. Background story to this is? Police don't just demolish gurdwara for no reason because the legal and other political authorities would get involved. I suspect this is probably another case of illegal encroachment of land and low IQ sikhs or scheming gadar gurdwara committee members not alerting the Sikhs in india or global Sikh community about a demolition order and just kept quite until crap hit the fan and they started howling like an ape when demolition team arrived and police came too to back them up.
  5. I agree with you, however I can see slowly we are making our brainwashed kaum realise demographics and Sikh quantity is important. If we can provide historical references how our enemies (oppressive hindutva brahminwad caste system and oppressive hill raja's, barbaric islamic invaders rulers, brutal british christian missionary racist empire) didnt want Sikhi to spread and how our Guru's did and our historical heros also did wanted it to spread then we can reverse the brainwashing they have gone through. And yes quality of Sikhi is more important in khalsa roop than sehajdhari roop Sikhs. Since 1850s (basically defeat of the Sikh empire) to present day the SGPC and other orgs and leaders have tried to enforce keshdhari / Khalsa roop on all Sikhs making the huge mistake and blunder that hugely cut down our population which lead to genocides of 1947 and 1984. So it is vitally important our kaum understand why we need to convert people to Sikhi and revive Sikhi in ignorant atheist punjabi people that are born into Sikh families but have no idea what Sikh history is what Sikh politics is and what real Sikh teachings are. These naive hippy liberal Sikhs go around brainwashed with slogans of "kings are born from her" (feminists) or "sarbat da bhalla" (socialists) or "nirvay nirboha" (hedonists) nice slogans but they fail to understand what these quotes really mean in a Sikh context. These people only use those quotes on their social media for their own anti-sikh lifestyles and some how try to justify it with a few lines of gurbani thinking thats what sikhi is complete and utter lost sheeple's.
  6. Basically no he wasnt muslim. Not according to mainstream sunni and shia ideological sects who form around 95% of muslim populations. He would have been and is still considered a heretic (by majority of muslims) and out of the fold of islam for not following the sunnah/hadiths (in his own words he doesn't believe in islamic orthodox beliefs). Was he a Sikh? Yes he would have come under the defination of a Sikh. All the sufi saints and hindu bhagats in SGGS Ji are not mainstream muslims or mainstream hindu's they had begun the path into forming Sikhi.
  7. yup because I see majority of Sikhs are half baked at present times anyways. So focusing on quantity now will only be a positive thing. Quality will always be small in number and it will become better with a big pool of demographics we will have in the future. Also quality is a personal thing for each Sikh to focus themselves on refining it shouldn't be our slogan.
  8. Parchaarik means missionary there's no difference really ones in punjabi other in english. The uneducated low IQ indians and illiterate Sikhs in punjab are going around defaming the term missionary in an attempt to be politically correct and not to show intolerance to christians and muslim missionaries so they generalise their attack on the word "missionary" rather than attacking the individual anti-sikh abrahmic and personality cult missionaries We need proudly say we are Sikh missionaries. I have personally made it my mission to convert non-sikhs from their backward and filth ideologies. I have made social media posts, help share inspirational sikh convert videos and many other forms of propaganda to help people embrace Sikhi from islam and Christianity mostly. I'm going to be focusing hindu extremists next I want to target the hindu extremists hard where it hurts and convert their ignorant monkey and cow worshipping people from their filthy evil anti-sikh and anti-khalistan ideologies.
  9. This is why Sikhs will get trampled over and vanish in pages of history if we have that mindset. The abrahmic cults (christianity, islamic) have been forcing Sikhs not to become missionaries because they know how powerful Sikhi is to liberate people from their brainwashed condition. Our Guru's spread sikhi to far off nations inspiring non-sikhs to embrace the Guru shabad and Sikhi. Nowadays we have brainwashed cucked leftist marxist liberal sikhs telling us don't convert non-sikhs to Sikhi because essentially we need to be enslaved and dominated by other communities as our Sikh religion is not worth converting to. This is what message they are sending out naively. Each individual Sikh must become missionary (Not missionary for nonsense of Christianity but missionary for Sikhi) because Guru's taught as to practice and spread the religion to others which is what basically missionary means at its most fundamental level.
  10. I used to be more of the view that quality is more important than quantity. But nowadays I think it is vital we push the idea that quantity over quality is better, as we have seen what quality we have and it isn't much. If you look at our kaum we don't have many inspirational parchariks or religious leaders any more that inspire the youth want to be real Sikhs. At least with quantity we can do alot with it in the political arena and in the past had we pushed that agenda we would have been better off as a global community a million times over no doubt. For the time being quality over quantity need to be shoved firmly put down into the box of shame (ie sarbat da balla liberal hippy, leftist marxist cucked and atheist punjabi types.) Only after we get majority of our kaums head sorted ideologically and then progress can be made in terms of demographics and other dilemma s face us
  11. Also I would urge people on the forum and online on here not to treat it as a laughing matter or laugh at these antics but rather feel deep anger and outrage about the beadhi that is going on. If we dont take this issue seriously and crack down on these vile animals who cause fights then we will witness a decline in people going gurdwara's as they will be know for fights and rather than a place for good sangat, peace and meditation. It is the enemies of Sikhs that want this to occur. If people have personal beef with each other they should settle it outside the premises of Guru's house not inside it. How dare do these people think they can get away with this?
  12. Could it be that these fights are mostly started by indian government non-sikh agents? Any Sikh with at least w braincells knows you do not fight or start beef in a gurdwara unless you want to be shamed worldwide via CCTV or beaten up real bad by the sangat. So most of these guys who start fights clearly dont have any respect for Sikhs or Sikhi or Guru's darbar they must be excommunicated as non-sikhs, publicly named shamed and beaten to an inch of their lives. We have witnessed dozens of these incidents in recent years and if the impotent cucked akal takht jathedhar and western gurdwara commitee's wont take armed action against cowardly giddard culprits (who start physically assaulting people in gurdwara) then sangat must take action in my view they are at the same level as pedophiles, and terrorists.
  13. I saw an article recently where they were listing the great achievements that some women of Sikh origin had made. I thought to myself great these women achieved something for themselves on a personal self development level. But what really got me thinking was where is the list of men or women in the west who done anything great in the service of the Sikh community or furtherment of Sikhi? I can give a list of Sikhs in India who done amazing things for Sikhi over the centuries but not many in the west and of those who did the majority would be men. People like sardar fauja singh (oldest sikh athlete inspired many Sikhs to take up running), ravi singh of khalsa aid (helping Sikhs in India), jugraj singh of basics of Sikhi (parchar spreading Sikhi to non-sikhs and fundraising for Sikh causes), various founders of gurdwara's who established them. Any outstanding and inspirational Sikh women in the west done anything for Sikhi or the sikh community...... any come to mind? nope cant think of any... can anyone come up with any names?
  14. I now suspect N.Korea is far stronger militarily than West/USA gives it credit. All those "failed" missile tests could be a rouse to make the enemy think the N.Koreans aren't capable to strike them to lull them in a false sense of security. Basically to avoid sanctions and military action sooner when they weren't ready and nor have ICBM capability. So if hostilities did break out there would be a very nasty shocking surprise for the yanks should they dare to attack Kim's regime. We need to remember N.Koreans have many subs that have gone "missing". Have put satellites in space (showing long range missile capability). And have 1 million man strong army ideologically programmed to be ready willing and able to destroy the opposition to their country.
  15. I think its pretty close by the looks of things. The way donald is being unpredictability on form by aggressively attacking Syria's military base and kim jung un being his erratic self it makes a dangerous mix of volatile personalities and potentials of huge conflict. The american military views a Nuclear capable N.Korea a threat to their globalist and strategic interests, they think starting a war now is better than starting a war much later on when N.Korea has developed long range nuclear missile capability to strike the US mainland if it was start war later on. Problem they have got is that N.Korea would launch a devastating nuke and short-medium range missile attacks on US bases in Japan, S.Korea and elsewhere or even give technical nuclear tech to other nations to attack the US and its allies. So from that basic analysis I can see things going downhill pretty fast starting this year.
  16. Long term yes and Iran but short term America has no good way of dealing with N.Korea as its nuclear armed and has the potential to do serious harm to US regional allies and its military bases/assets. I think if trump goes in hard against N.Korea it will definitely get a bloody nose if not worse and will lose more than it experienced in vietnam, Korea 1950s it could possibly be the end of american dreams of total military dominance of the world.
  17. Trump and Kim are two madmen that do not like to loose face in front of the public but as long as no one takes a per-emptive strike things will be as they are. I'd be more concerned about them putting nuke devices on their untested or unsuccessful long range ICBM's. Imagine they were to launch one and it goes off course and lands on a friendly or neutral nation killing hundreds of thousands of people, it would drag that other country into war in the already dangerous region. Also nuke devices on missiles havent been used in warfare before. Nukes have only been dropped from planes by america on civilian targets back in ww2 on japan. So its an untested technology in real warfare scenario with potentially dire consequences if the missiles fail to reach their intended target.
  18. Missionary is a positive term we should create more missionaries to target non-sikh people and bring them into sikhi. As for Indian Gov and the hindutva powers at play trying to split the Sikhs up over controversial issues have been with us for decades/years possibly centuries. The DG and Anti-DM crowds has been around for years. People are swayed by arguments and evidence not by violence and shutting down free speech and right to bring up controversial subjects. I think there needs to be decorum, where such controversial subjects are brought up they are debated in a respectful manor so that people on the opposition side are not made to feel they or what they hold as bani is disrespected. That's why its always best to organise conferences where things can be discussed and understood between all the scholars, historians, professors so that a consensus can be reached instead of outsider powers dictating to us covertly via their paid agents what we should learn and teach our people.
  19. Problem with your argument is that I didn't make the reference to khalsa initiation khande di pahul ceremony for a reason as its not taken from SGGS Ji, it is you making that comparison. I specifically made the argument for charan di pahul ceremony because it was allegedly from SGGS Ji that such idea was dreamed up by people wrong interpretation of gurbani according to my understanding. Many people have questioned if there was such a baptism ceremony of Sikhs prior to Dashmesh pitta's Khande di pahul ceremony. According to what I have read and understood there wasn't the so called charan di pahul. If you have read SGGS Ji you would know yourself vast majority is written in poetry and philosophical sense. When verses are mentioned about drinking guru's feet water it doesnt mean literally drinking it. It is ment to be taken in poetic sense. Literalist's have proved they have low IQ and limited education because they cant understand the concept of metaphors. So they apply everything they read from gurbani as in literal sense like the abrahmic cults do with their quran's and bibles.
  20. Yes partially I agree with you. You deffo need to have faith in guru ji but to have faith you must have the right interruption of what guru ji said or did. If you have some wrong so called 'learned people' interrupting things wrongly then people will be misled away from the real message and real spiritual meanings. So for example we have low IQ low educated people taking some verses in SGGS Ji as literal stuff instead of metaphors as its meant to be taken because gurbani is mostly poetry. And these low IQ people have caused so much trouble in the panth by being dogmatic and violent by saying only their way is the right way everyone else's interruption is heresy and wrong. So where people are going wrong is at the interruption level. We see this in other regions and their sects too... our folk haven't learn't to debate it out peaceful rather they resort to slandering and violently attacking each other rather than sitting down and understanding what actually did Guru sahibians said or did through historical evidence and through verbally and written traditions,etc. I am even surprised by some things basics of sikhi has been peddling which I disagree on a fundamental level but i would rather give my own interpretation/understanding of how I see it not by slandering or violently attacking basics of sikhi and its people but just giving my view of what Guru Ji is saying. Eg Guru Nanak is/was not God .... I gave my evidence in other thread..... and Guru ji didn't perform charan di phul with his feet for baptism (which is unhygienic and would put people off). The verses in gurbani are meant to be taken as metaphors not literally.
  21. Yes today they dropped the biggest non-nuclear bomb on isis tunnels in afghanistan lol what they achieved with that is anyone's guess cos i suspect they werent Trumps real intended targets his real target was showing north korean's fat boy leader in an attempt to prove whose got the biggest weenier. Trumps a 1st class m0ron he actually thinks he can destory isis in Afghanistan out of existence with just one large bomb or distract the public thinking thats what he is doing. His act of attempting to scare kim jun un with this buffoonery is madness because kim is now more likely to do a preemptive nuclear strike on a us base or warship aircraft carrier than be shook by clownish display of American weaponry.
  22. As they say better the devil you know than the one you don't. I much rather have the west in charge of world affairs and system than say other globally influential powers saudi / islamics, Hindutva indian's, Chinese communist atheists, Russian mafia soviet camp. I guess we have the best of a bad bunch, ideally Khalsa raj would be best system and world power for the world but the world isn't ready to live in relatively peace and harmony. BTW donald trump's military just dropped the worlds biggest bomb on Afghanistan ISIS camps in nanahar province I think more of a show of force to other world powers and regimes the west isn't friendly with to frighten them into diplomatic compliance.