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  1. Not sure she is doing that but either way I do like her art i think shes talented. If you disagree with her you should reach out to her and tell her where you think she is falling into manmat. Personally I cant see it myself I think shes doing nothing shocking. What I found more disturbing was that of that rupi kaur and putting up on instagram account a picture of her period stained pyjama's. That was truely perverse and disgusting akin to and comparable a man wearing his joggers with semen stains on it. Why would any right minded person do such a thing? Some of these so called kaurs have lost the plot but I dont think anoop is one of them, shes just a talented expressive artist from that pieces I see on her account.
  2. ah ok then yeah she is out of order if she is baptised and an alleged practising Sikh. If she is not taken amrit and not a khalsa singhni then shes just an ordinary punjaban sehajdhari Sikh who is just expressing herself as an artist.
  3. Not sure what you mean here.... I cant see what issue you have about her?? But in terms of her art you gotta expect this from artists, I am an hobby artist too. Artists love to create thought provoking and sometimes shocking art expressive pieces, just the nature of the beast. BTW her pieces are pretty mild compared to things other non-sikh artists produce.
  4. I dont think thats true, the ancient Indian civilizations (harappa and indus valley) weren't matriarchal as females didn't dominate the top layer of society. It was always men who dominated and created the space for females to add to the civilization they had built. The societies where females are the leaders and top dogs are societies which have vanished or are vanishing into the pages of history like the kalash people of northern india/pakistan, like the amazonian women of south america, etc.Because once you give women free will to chose who she mates with she will often side with whom she finds attractive even of the enemy tribe also when in conflict she will often side with the stronger dominate violent male from the enemy tribe when captured to ensure her survival and safety. Most times the average matriarchal society woman throughout history has not be strong enough mentally or physically to die and fight for her ideology and tribe she belonged to. Also in Sikh households you will find most are matriarchal in setup because that's the natural order of things. Kids usually have more love and respect for their mothers and listen to them more than they do for their fathers... the women are the nurturers of kids they gave birth to and provide them with indoctrination to how to behave and what to believe early on in life and men contribute to their kids understanding of life later on. The menfolk often are concerned in the affairs of politics, making lots of money (to provide for the family), and other external worldly affairs away from the home. Females are entitled to have their space within Sikhi to help it flourish and add their own creative mark in terms of art, medicine, military, science, tech, etc but what they are not entitled to is to naively aid non-sikh ideologies (like feminism, homosexuality, etc) which were actively funded by the rich elite to destroy the demographics and the family unit as we are witnessing today through rising divorce rates and career focused liberal unmarried Sikh women hitting their mid 30s+ childless and usually infertile by then.
  5. lol well said. The problem we now face as a Sikh community is how do we help de-brainwash these feminist "sikh" females from this evil cancerous ideology and onto the path of REAL Sikhi which is patriarchy Sikhi. How do we do this in the real life world where feminists and their liberal leftist cucked fake Sikh males wont listen to truth and want to propagate what their white rich atheist oligarch have funded and brain-feed them with since childhood. As they say catch the kids early with your ideology and most of the time they will stick to that indoctrinated ideology for life. So should we invite these m0rons to this forum to debate it out? Or should we confront them in real life debates (which they usually wont listen to and just label the red pilled REAL Sikhs as sexists and misogynists).
  6. Also the shocking truth is the founder of planned parenthood in 50s america was a racist white woman who hated blacks and she created the abortion clinic to target black babies.
  7. They need to watch these videos
  8. Thanks, I will check her out too. Alot of white women are speaking out against today's feminism including those who were leading and pioneering figures in the 70s.
  9. as the famous alt-right homosexual milo says "feminism is cancer" I would very much agree with that statement. All these so called Sikh womens events are funded by atheist white oligarch western government funded hands out most of the time whose agenda is depopulation especially of patriarchal minority communities so they encourage the cancerous feminism ideology, they promote abortions, they promote having less kids, being career women, neglecting their household duties, not looking after the eldery, sending kids off to be looked after child minders instead of doing their natural role as a mother to nurture their offspring. The rich elites have studied civilizations and have done analysis how when matriarchal females ran societies then those societies collapsed very quickly and got taken over by more successful male dominated patriarchal movements. If you do analysis of history then you will come to some very stark conclusions......women are the destroyers of civilizations and men are the creators of them. Women are the child bears and homemakers of humanity and men are the seeders and providers. When the natural order is disturbed then you get a collapse of demographics and social cohesion as we are witnessing in the west in the white hedonistic atheist/christian/jewish population. Putins russia has analysed all the social ills of their demographic problem and have started to ban homosexuality being promoted to under 18s have started to clamp down on the cancerous feminist ideology and have started to promote traditional patriarchal family values to boost their disastrous demographic situation. What Sikh leaders and organisations need to understand is that action needs to be taken to promote traditional family values and empower REAL Sikh women and REAL sikh orgs that focuses on patriarchal model and not that cancerous feminist one that will ruin generations to come.
  10. Come on guys both of you make valid contributions on various topics but can you stop dragging the thread into a personal attacks against each other. Lets keep it civil and control the kahrod. And just agree to disagree...
  11. yup especially western leftist white middle and upper class feminists they wont say a word against their Stockholm syndrome masters the islamist's probably because they get shouted down by the oxy-moronic group called "muslim feminists" for being racist if they say anything against muslim criminal's or corrupt islamic theology. These video's below some it up nicely
  12. Yes I think its a sort of rebellion against feminised pro-homosexual western world, they want to retain that masculinity so they opt to convert for Islam which is seen as the ultimate male dominance faith and clamps down on womens rights servery. Christianity has failed them because strong christians get rolled over by feminists (women bishops issue) and gays during legal cases (christian hotels, gay cakes,etc). Atheism isnt an option as its an anarchy free for all Marxist ideology where violence and crimes against anyone is justified because theres no higher power to answer to and already they are living the life of an atheist usually so they want a change. They dont look into eastern faiths because they feel its too complicated to understand usually these violent offenders have very low IQ and do not have the ability to understand dharmic faiths or they think other religions are too small a religion to convert to. So Islam is the attractive choice because its closer to abrahmic Christianity, they have a large support group of converts and born muslims and it gives a military type structure and discipline that these violent criminal minded loosers of society want and crave for. Plus it gives them justification to vent their anger and rage at the system and governments of their home countries for attacking muslim countries and civilians aboard. So all in all they all the violent nutjobs are attracted to salafi Islam and this threat wont go away as its been with islam since it was founded. The only solution to the madness is to clamp down on the islamic ideology altogether to prevent them converting people and making it so easy to have large demographics in non-muslim societies.
  13. works for me try again. Military service is good thing I'm not against it. What I'm against is the agreement/covenant without anything in return for British Sikhs and the wider global Sikh community I am specifically talking about Sikhs fighting for british army and state not Sikhs of other countries or India they have their own issues that need addressing on a separate thread. I'm talking about Sikhs who are alleged to signed an agreement with the british army to fight for QUEEN and country. To fight for the UK is fair enough as thats their home so they are fighting in defence of their nation but to fight for Queen? No thanks... To fight for illegal wars aboard like iraq and elsewhere? No thanks Sikhs are not ment to be cannon fodder to be used in other peoples wars and conflicts for economic gains of rich white western oligarch elites. Sikhs are ment to fight for their religion and their values/principles if they are in a army whose interests come in conflict with those Sikh values then how can you be proud to fight for such an army? Have you not seen what the british have done to the Sikhs in india since they dismantled the Sikh empire? Prevented a viable Khalistan, Helped in the Sikh genocide by aiding indian govt in 1984, And off course jalliwalah bag massacre. The britiish army and the state who hasnt given any assurances or anything to British Sikhs yet want their military service and manpower. Its one sided bad deal and the issues I outlined have not been addressed by you and other cucked Sikhs who do not realise that as a Sikh you fight for Sikh interests first above any non-sikh national Geo-political interests.
  14. Its mostly those black and white converts to salafi islam that become these nutjob muslim terrorists You dont get those who are from shia and sufi sects if you do the analysis. Also isnt it strange that islam seems to attract these kinda violent criminal losers in life whereas Sikhi attracts whites and blacks who want to better themselves. I havent seen one bad black convert to sikhi yet all have been good people from what I have seen about them. Yet black converts to Islam (particularly salafi sect) have mostly been thugs who want to harm and kill innocent people in one way or another. I was talking to a white guy convert to islam few days ago asked him why he chose islam he said cos he wanted to find a woman who was traditional and strict and not like the easy whoesih feminist white women had become. He wanted to find a nice traditional desi muslim girl thinking he would have no problem as he is a muslim now but he found out even western desi girls have lost the quality of what muslim guys want and thought desi girls were like. So now he is stuck and is frustrated with how his life has turned out and what has become of muslim girls who are brainwashed with feminism and other non-family values nonsense.
  15. Do these idiiot; inferior servant Sikhs that signed that agreement not get it? They think they got a good deal for sikhs? The super rich British white ruling classes only care about using our people as cannon fodder and not about respecting Sikhs as equals. If they, british elite oligarchs, were serious about treating Sikhs as equal and good they would implement strong actions against anti-sikh hate crimes on par with what jews get. They would talk about restoring Sikh sovereignty and full support of Khalistan which they were responsible for not creating. They would hold a public hearing about getting to the horrible truth of british thatcher govt military intel and weapons support enabling the murders of Sikhs and attacking our parliament sri akal takht and holiest shrine in 1984. And see that the was guilty punished. They would apologise for the heinous crime of murdering 1,000 innocent unarmed civilian protestors in jalliahwalah barg by general o'dyer in 1919 on vaisakhi day. They would talk about giving a visible representation of turbanned Sikhs in the mainstream media and public sector jobs. etc,etc http://www.hindustantimes.com/world-news/uk-armed-forces-sign-covenant-with-sikhs/story-LqcFYdapNol57IWdNgIxDK.html