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  1. Hopefully she is found safe and well and returned back to her family asap. Too many teenagers especially girls go missing or run away from home in teenage years for whatever reasons they need extra vigilance and care to ensure home is a safe and loving environment for them
  2. Tommy robinson is a top lad. I was skeptical of tommy robinson and his motives when he formed EDL years ago but over the years I have learn't watching his videos how his friends growing up in luton council estates some of his close mates from the white working class background like himself turned to extremist Islam and how muslim grooming rape gangs were targeting his cousin sisters and other women in his community, muslim extremists preaching against British society and troops and thus eventually making him take a stand and the become the way he is now. An English activist against Islamification of the UK.
  3. Good idea, Waheguru ji works in mysterious ways. Have a blessed day!
  4. I drank a nice glass of mango lassi to celebrate his departure from this earth into nark.
  5. It is a racist policy ie discriminating against others not of their own race though it is an understandable one if we look at the current state of things with muslims extremists taking advantage of non-muslim nations. nevertheless as a Sikh we should support fellow Sikhs in hardship's like this besides the more Sikhs there are in different countries the better it is for Sikhi to spread.
  6. CHANDIGARH: When Shiv (name changed), a resident of Kaithal in Haryana, cleared all tests and was selected to join the Indian Army's Sikh regiment in February 2016, instructors at the training centre felt that something was not right. Not only did he have a Hindu name, he couldn't speak even a few lines of Punjabi. When exposed, Shiv candidly admitted that he forged documents to show himself as a Sikh to join the Army. This is just one of 51 FIRs registered against young men from Haryana in the past two years who have tried to pass themselves off as Jatt Sikhs so that they can join the Army's Sikh regiment. It is also a reflection of the sheer desperation among youth in Haryana who see the Army as the only hope for them to earn a decent living. In most cases, the men were selected for the forces and were caught at the time of training at the Sikh regimental centres. The FIRs studied by TOI show that some of the aspirants had forged documents by adding the word 'Sikh' to their caste certificates. In other cases, they completed the baptism ritual in Sikhism - taking Amrit - at a gurdwara. However, they had completed the ritual after registering themselves for the Army selection process. The Indian Army has a number of community-specific regiments as cultural homogeneity has been observed to be a force multiplier during battles. It is a tradition followed since the British era. Simarjeet (name changed) could not articulate certain basic tenets of Sikhism when quizzed by officials at the Sikh regiment centre and later confessed that he had taken Amrit in a gurdwara after he was selected for the Army under the Sikh quota. Both Shiv and Simarjeet have been terminated from the Army and now face criminal cases. Terming it a dangerous trend, Col Vikram Singh Sankhla, director of the recruiting office at Ambala Cantonment, told TOI that it is difficult to identify such candidates during the selection process unless there is an apparent error in documentation. "Recently, we registered a case against four youths from Kaithal after they were sacked from the Sikh regiment centre," Sankhla said. "We find such cases in almost every recruitment process." If they were fit for army they should have been accommodated in other units. What a precious waste of resources.Sfk HMMalik Explaining the modus operandi, Balwant Rai, ASI and investigating officer, said, "A quick conversion to Sikhism is the most common modus operandi. They are also issued a certificate by the priest. We would not have been able to take action in many cases if the baptism had been done before registering for recruitment. But we found that a majority of those caught using forged minority quota documents, had undergone baptism after completing the selection process." Previously, 47 boys from Hisar, Jind, Fatehabad and Sirsa were booked in December 2015 on a complaint of Col R Ranjan for forging documents to join the Army. 30 of them had even joined the Sikh regiment's training centre.
  7. Some singhs (who were caught and jailed) did try some years ago when he was in London but he escaped cos the Singhs weren't serious they were just opportunists looking to rough brar up a bit like a punching bag and besides almighty Waheguru had other plans for kuldeep brar. Looks like his fate will be sealed in the afterlife as those who get punished in this life are better off as their karmic bad deeds are usually forgiven depending on Guru Ji's grace. And those who thought they escaped justice and punishment in this life the fate is much worse in the afterlife where their soul will be tortured and after that they will be reborn back into creation in circumstances that no soul would like to experience possibly as a maggot festing on rotten flesh or a pig which is then slaughtered in a butchers shop the possibilities for karmic readdress are endless.
  8. Good that he and other evil mass murder supporting indian nationalists / hindustani's are pained. KPS GIil's demise is the first bit of good news all year! I dont think the other mass murderer of Sikhs imfamous general brar has long to live either, must be in his mid to late 80s now? May the Waheguru instruct the jamdoot to torture their souls along with indira, abdali, aurangzeb,etc for a very long time indeed.
  9. In many ways Japan is a place to be admired not just for its high tech industry but also there strict criteria and refusal to grant just anyone willy nilly citizenship or nationality status. This has helped it to preserve their culture and religion and way of life especially against islam and islamification however it does have detrimental effects on peaceful loyal ethnic and religious minorities who wish to stay and live and have a future in japan. Like the case of our fellow Sikhs in the video below.
  10. We as a Sikh community need to look back at our past to see what sort of politics what sort of world view brought us success upon success and victory upon victory. Was it the left wing liberal world view or was it right wing nationalist viewpoint? I would argue we started of as a left wing liberal faith with few numbers and became right wing nationalist after persecutions and gained an empire and huge demographic rise and now we have become left wing liberal again at the determent of our faith and people.
  11. Yes this extreme form of liberalism and far left ideology in particular has created the environment of social deprecation for Islam to breed like bacteria or cancer in places where once right wing traditional family units and policies made communitys strong against many social ills. They have shouted down and criminalised people who speak out against Islam who once protected western and democratic society's social infrastructure. Also in the west we are witnessing many non-muslim youths and in particular men being vulnerable to grooming to Islam with unaffordable homes with rising house and rent prices, rising knife/gun gang crime, rising living costs, rising feminism and sexism against men, rising cases of female drunk culture, rising single parent families and divorce rates,etc. A complete social break down leading to people looking for a way out of either life by becoming a muslim offering an alternative to their current living standards and life and they further get radicalised if they become criminalized by the system with new laws being made by feminists so they become women hating extremist jihadi's like the manchester nutter or a right wing white nationalist extremists or taking their own lives in many cases having had enough with the pressures of life. I also find it scandalous the the british state is not looking after their ex-soldiers who fought for its wars aboard. Many of them have been left homeless and many have converted to Islam with a huge grudge against the british state and society. These people have skills in armed warfare to which they will and have turned against Brittan and wars aboard fighting for jihadi causes.
  12. Just read on social media that evil scumbag mass murderer of Sikh youths in the 90s.. and woman raping the infamous former DGP of punjab KPS Gill has died aged 82. May he rot in nark along with his associates and offspring.
  13. Yes that's what I was thinking she will definitely move to the united states now. Its surprising that these elites don't see the writing on the walls. They either cant see, or chose not wont see, or know and can see fully the violent long term future for the western nations with Islamic take over knocking on its door. Bit like the brahmin hindu's and hindu kings who saw the islamic hordes coming for india and instead of uniting and fighting them they converted to islam to save themselves and draw alliances against other hindu kingdoms by aiding the invader. The western white elites of today are not too different from the past cowardly hindu kings and brahminwad priestly class of india.
  14. I wouldn't say jews per say but a certain rich elite amoung the jews certainly have great sway in politics, media, banking and other industries. These "elitists" live in spacious green expensive area's so they dont see the problems islamic ideology and huge numbers of muslim demographics is causing in problem area's. Katie has always been outspoken and on the far right of politics. I was surprised she even got her own radio show on LBC so I guess it was a bonus for her I'm sure she will be back on another platform this time more free to say what she wants to say especially if she moves to America then she will be protected under the American constitution to say what she really thinks.