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  1. Bet of a silly argument really but... Ideally religiously speaking she should have married a Sikh if she hasn't already .....and if she really hasn't she should make efforts for her husband convert to Sikh who knows he maybe hindu by name but Sikh by heart. Theres plenty of fake Sikhs out there who are Sikh by name but non-sikh by heart and couldn't give a cr*p about Sikhi and Sikhs. Either way the fact that she is a strong pro-Sikh rights candidate even before she got elected as Member of parliament proves her love and pride for her Sikh faith. I'm sure her husband supports her on her campaigns for Sikhs....if he didn't she wouldn't have married him.
  2. Sikh and Hindus Build mosque

    I remember going to punjab few years back and was shocked to see high amount of sufi shrines and sufi masjids there. The Gujjar, Utter pardesh and bihari muslim migrant laborers were also constructing small little masjids on side roads. I'm suprised hindu extremists of RSS and shiv sena havent reacted to the alarming spread of these masjids but also the antics of christian missionaries who have know opened up a church in virtually every town and village. Huge plots of land are being reserve for graves makes punjab look filthily ghoulish and gastly. Sikhs really need to wake up in Punjab maybe the Intelligence agencies wish punjab to have no Sikh majority so that it becomes easier to control thus allowing other faiths to have a flourish unchecked and free reign to do as they please at the expense of the Sikh majority of Punjab.
  3. Good posts and assessment of the situation so far! And totally agree with what the enemies of Sikhs want Sikhs to do. I wouldnt go as far as get with the 3HO nutters but I would suggest a different Sikhi version of yoga is created to bring more non-sikhs into sikhi and not into the 3HO cult because it is not a Sikh organization as their non-sikh leaders stated in court few years back. Jagmeet singh has so far done great. Few months ago when that far right wing canadian jewish exremist woman jumped on stage to abuse him call him a muslim and sharia law he calmed her down and projected the image of love and peace and co-existance which is exactly what Sikhs want for everyone. Punjabi Sikhs by nature are hot heads it is in the blood so it is very difficult for them to not react violently or aggressively against those who attack us because its a defence mechnism that has kept our community alive and survived from all those centuries of persecution. But yes our people do need to learn not to react but to analyse why are people trying to make us react violently for them only to set a trap for us to give negative perceptions of Sikhs. The unreasonable violent or those who persist in causing trouble within sikh circles the so called Sikhs are probably in the pay of intelligence agencies and they need to be called out. Many times these people have caused violent fights in gurdwaray in various countries. The person who reacts violently and attacks a speaker no matter how bad his speech is the person who is either a paid agent of some intelligence agency or a useful patsy puppet that was worked up by other agents to cause a ruckus for their own ends.
  4. A 48-year-old man who died after a knife attack in Southall has been named as Balbir Johal. At about 5.20pm on Monday (March 19), Metropolitan Police received reports of a man being admitted to a west London hospital suffering from a stab wound. The victim, named by police as Balbir Johal, from Slough, died a short time later in hospital. His next of kin have been informed and a post-mortem examination will take place in due course. It is believed the 48-year-old suffered his injuries in an incident which happened in Marlborough Road, near the junction with Brent Road. Two men were charged the murder of Mr Johal in the early hours of Thursday (March 22). Hassan Mohammed, 23, of Clarence Street, Southall, and Yassin Yussuf, 21, of no fixed abode, will both appear at Ealing Magistrates' Court on Thursday. The man was stabbed in Marlborough Road, but attended hospital, where he later died (Image: Google) An investigation by detectives from the Homicide and Major Crime Command is ongoing. A 32-year-old man who was arrested on Tuesday (March 20) has been released under investigation. https://www.getwestlondon.co.uk/news/west-london-news/southall-stabbing-two-charged-murder-14442898
  5. The fate of empires

    Sikh raj can be incarnated very easily by using digital Sikh currency but wont last long because the Indian state will crush it within days because currency would be subverting the influence and hold of the Indian state on our people. After all you cant rule anything with hungry mouths and that's why most Sikhs will not fight for Sikh raj if their is no financial gain to even fill their tummys at the very least. So they tend to think they are better of in India even if they are treated as 2nd class citizens. Sikh raj for amritsar like a Vatican city state is plausible and fee-sable if the Indian govt wants to be reasonable and see its better to give Sikhs some concessions than outright Independence of huge part of India. And again we also need to look back in history how did Sikh raj come into place? And from my analysis it came into place after: 1) Extreme persecution from the ruling non-sikh authorities 2) Other world powers getting involved and attacking each other in northern india leaving power vacuum for the Sikh fighters to ambush, fight and then move in and occupy land. (Persia emperor nadir shah attacking moghul ruled delhi followed by Abdali Afghan emperor attacking mughuls weakening it further before Sikhs getting involved on mass.) So in present day context we would need either China, pakistan or western powers to attack India for Sikhs to have best opportunity to move in. Pakistan is a cowardly snake it will never help out the Sikhs to get their sovereignty back they had golden opportunity in 1984 to invade and fight pitched battles with the Indian troops along with the furious Sikhs of punjab helping pakistani army but they didnt take that chance so they blew it and left Sikhs to die in their tens of thousands probably enjoying the chaos between Indian groups. 3) Historical Sikhs had strong belief in being free from oppressive non-sikh rule but if life is bearable under non-sikh rule then people don't want to agitate for something that will get them injured or killed for nothing. 4) Back in the days there was bands of organised armed Sikh militia's. At present to fight a modern equipped enemy with huge resources and manpower at its discretion is near impossible to fight especially if your only armed with pistols/handguns/ww1 rifles/swords/spears. In conclusion Sikhs need to sit it out just grow their power financially but always have the goal of one day making sure Khalistan becomes a reality either within the Indian Union or out right independence. There must be a Khalistan to safeguard our rights and religion.
  6. well well well i knew there was something fishy about this so called "sikh extremist" mr athwal. Guys from now on question every Sikh leader, every Sikh activist and question their activities and motives if they deliberately harm Sikhs, Khalistan movement and our good honorable reputation. We know who the true Sikh leaders are and now is the time to expose the rats .....those extremist agents of terrorist R&AW and other intelligence agencies because these rats have been damaging our community's interests and reputation for their anti-sikh paymasters for a long time now and its paying dividends for Indian establishment and others who want people to hate or have negative perception of our community. We also need to question the so called indo-canadian gangs....who been killing and corrupting canadian Sikh youths since 80s...How do they get their drugs? Is it CSIS supplying them to them? or is R&AW involved? We need to question everything..
  7. Bhai Gurbaksh Singh RIP

    I need to sort myself out? lol your the one bad mouthing fellow members and issuing personal slurs.... do you really want to be placed on quality control? you know the rules I suggest you moderate your language and behave like a sikh. Dhumma I was never comfortable with being elected head of DDT he doesnt have the IQ or stature of a respected institute like that. Also once he started to hang around badal like a lap dog, sitting with azar alam killer of sikh youths and then to attack a sikh missionary guy during shabeel and justifying it....then it just sealed in my mind that this guy is too dodgy and a fake leader. I used to be big fan of Jagjit Chauhan I used to look up to him because he was a proud khalistani leader standing up to the might of the indian govt. I read up on his articles and books written about him. It is only recently I have started to question who was this man and how did he manage to go back to India in 2006 without harassment from the Indian state. This was the very guy was so ant-india that he would give speeches in hyde park and in southall parks calling for the destruction of the genocidal indian state.... he was the one who pioneered and led the Khalistan movement of the 1970s-2000s based in the UK. Yet now I'm beginning to think he was an intelligence asset the for the american CIA/British MI6 or of the Indian R&AW itself. We have to bare in mind that the best asset an intelligence agency can have is a leader of a violent extremist group or separatist group once you have one of the leaders as your proxy you can do what ever you want and blame the people you want to target with the guise of fighting "anti-nationals" fighting "sikh terrorists" fighting "khalistani's". The British MI6 had quartermaster leaders in the IRA who did their bidding and similar most intelligence agencies have so called leaders in their pay as agents or double agents. I find it too convenient that Jagjit chauhan was able to live freely in the UK without repercussions from margaret thatchers tory government and others while he was issuing threats against india, indira gandhi and organising the Khalistan movement at a time when most Sikhs did not even want Khalistan and were ok with India. Chauhan started the movement seemingly out of no where after a meeting in new york with some white americans.The Khalistan movement only gained huge following, strength and power after operation blue star. so we need to ask ourselves looking back at history and trying to understand juts what the hell went on back then that was chauhan the pawn piece used to target Sikhs because Sikhs were campaigning peacefully for greater rights in civil disobedience agitations yet the Indian state wanted the protests to turn violent ......wanted the Sikhs in punjab to take up arms so that the huge Indian army resources and manpower could come down heavy on the Sikhs in the guise of fighting extremism/terrorism.
  8. Your right. From memory in book I had read they had stated nehru, sardar patel and lal bahadur shastri were influential in forming the R&AW but it was actually under Indira gandhi's watch during the late 1960s that it was actually created and acknowledged to exist.
  9. On March 20, 2000, in the backdrop of the then President of the United States, Bill Clinton’s visit to India, 35 members of the Minority Sikh community in Jammu and Kashmir were gunned down in the Chittisinghpura village of Anantnag district of Kashmir. The army claimed that it was the handiwork of the “Pakistan-backed terrorists of the Islamic Fundamentalist group Lashkar-e-Taiba”. A report titled ‘Terrorists execute first Sikh massacre in Kashmir Valley, signal fresh ethnic cleansing’ by New Delhi based India Today, claimed that “the foreigner members of the Lashkar-e-Toiba who executed the massacre came dressed as Indian soldiers, complete with fake or stolen uniforms”. The Army’s Rashtiya Rifles later claimed to kill five “foreign terrorists” which turned out to be locals, in what is called the Pathribal Fake Encounter Case. The economic times reported that “The CBI had in 2006 indicted five men of the Rastriya Rifles for allegedly killing five civilians, of whom three were dubbed as Pakistani terrorists responsible for the massacre of 36 Sikhs at Chittisinghpura area of Anantnag district. Two other civilians were allegedly claimed to be unknown terrorists.” In 2017, Retd Lt Gen KS Gill, who was part of the investigation, in an interview to Sikh News Express, told Journalist Jasneet Singh that the Indian Army was involved in the massacre and the report had been submitted to L.K.Advani who was the Home Minister in the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government then. Read the excerpt of the interview here: When in 2000 the massacre of 35 Sikhs happened in ChittiSinghpura, what really happened there? It was the mischief of the surrendered militants. The army was using the surrendered militants that time to fight, to sacrifice these surrendered militants instead of themselves. In that area (of ChittiSinghpura), where Maharaja Ranjit Singh had settled Sikhs, and given them lands, and orchards, these surrendered militants hatched a plot and the army soldiers helped them… The army was guilty, not the commanders, but till the Captain level. What they did was to take the men out in the middle of the night. Before they did that, they gained the confidence of the Sikhs there. Then one night they finally gunned them down. If the army was involved, was there any action? The full report was prepared. We said the army was involved. We asked for a judge of the Supreme Court to look at it. Nothing happened, Farooq Abdullah’s government was there which also formed an organization to investigate. There was chaos… Police had to shoot at people. Then the government decided not to investigate That time the NDA was in government? Yes. Advani was the Home Minister. We gave the first report to him… Clinton (who was on a visit to India) kicked up a row, saying that ‘due to me a lot of lives have been lost. I want to know exactly what happened.’ Then Human Rights organisation of the United Nations was sent a report of what happened, and the Americans too. Were there any political reasons behind the killings? Only this that the BJP government wanted to tell Clinton that in Jammu and Kashmir Pakistan is killing people. Propaganda against Pakistan. That Pakistan killed Sikhs. So BJP planted this to impress Clinton? Yes, to help India against Pakistan. That time America was providing arms to Pakistan. India was not getting any aid. Why Sikhs? Sikhs became the victims. See when the order is passed, Home Minster tells the Chief Minster (Farooq Abdullah), he tells the Director General of Police, he tells the SP, by that time it’s mishandled. On the lower level, old enmities play a role. When things got out of control, Advani pressurised for something to be shown, to pin it on Pakistan. Then the army killed five innocent Kashmiris on a mountain to show that we killed those who attacked the Sikhs. But they killed innocent boys. https://freepresskashmir.com/2018/03/20/watch-retired-lt-gen-says-indian-army-was-involved-in-sikh-massacre-of-chittisinghpura/
  10. Chatisighpora Massacre: 18 years on members of Sikh community still awaits justice Share Posted on Wednesday, March 21st, 2018 by Online Editor Sameer Kashmiri Anantnag, Mar 21 (KNB): Although 18 years have passed the massacre but members of Sikh community at Chittisinghpora still allege that the government failed to crack the case in which the unknown persons in army fatigue wrecked havoc by indiscriminately firing on the innocent persons. Describing the gory incident of year 2000 when the 34 members from the Sikh community were brutally killed in cold blooded murder, one Gyani Singh while recounting the horrifying incident said that they are still living under constant threat as the government has shown their back in conceding their demands for probe. “We don’t know who was behind the killings. It has been 18 years since the incident took place but the only grudge is that we have not been heard and merely assured that enquiry will be conduct”, Added that they are afraid to move out of their homes after dusk. “Although the government after the episode of Chittisinghpora killed five persons at Pathribal in staged encounter and held them responsible for the massacre but later on the claim of the government was nullified after the persons killed proved to be innocent. This has made us apprehensive that the culprits are being shielded, we don’t know who was behind the killings even after a gap of two decades”, said another community member wising not anonymity. the government is doing injustice with our community. “Both the union and state government tried to hush up the matter and this non-seriousness has exposed them to its fullest”. He added. On the 18th anniversary of the massacre, a remembrance meet was held at the local Gurduwara in Chattisinghpora where men, women and children offered prayers for the victims. Chattisingpora massacre incident was took place on 20 march 2000 in a small hamlet some 70 k ms from the summer capital, Srinagar when unknown gunmen’s in army fatigue barged into the houses in chattisingpora and ordered all the Sikh men and boys to assemble at the village Gurduwara before indiscriminately firing at them killing 34 persons. Ahead of this incident US President Bill Clinton was on a visit to New Delhi. Every year this day is being mourned by the community as a ‘black day’ and remembered their beloved ones who were brutally murdered. (KNB) http://onlykashmir.in/chatisighpora-massacre-18-years-on-members-of-sikh-community-still-awaits-justice/
  11. I knew it was the case back in 2014, but the indian government lied to the worlds media that they will be rescued that they will be brought home. Only now is the Indian government admitting the case
  12. yes your right, ah forgot to type in "deputy" prime minister
  13. If anyone did research into the R&AW they would realise it was formed in late 1960s by Indian prime minister sardar patel to monitor, disrupt and subvert the political and religious activities of Sikh leadership in punjab who was calling for end to discrimination and greater rights for a Sikhs in their own state of punjab (as was promised to the leadership by nehru in 1946) It was reported in the newspapers of the time that In 1980s pre-operation blue star the R&AW also shipped arms into the darbar sahib complex Golden Temple via huge truck conveys and the police nor army not IB (intelligence bueru) stop them. Why was that? Why was they not stopping their alleged enemy Khalistani anti-nationalists get armed to the teeth? Very strange It was also reported that the R&AW shipped weapons to their pakistani christian agents who in turn gave them to actual Sikh separatists who had crossed the border and these pakistani christian R&AW agents then gave the locations of these separatists so that the R&AW could kill them within pakistani punjab and in Indian punjab. The R&AW essentially is a highly anti-sikh outfit it is a terrorist outfit and it does need to be exposed to the wider world what it has been involved in.
  14. Either this Athwal character was and still is a Indian government R&AW agent or a useful patsy fool bumbling baffon who was caught up in a clever Indian plot to malign Prime minister Justin Trudeu, Canadian Sikh politicians and canadian Sikhs in general. Either way his appearance in Sikh circles needs further research.... from what i gathered reading up....he wasnt known in the wider Sikh community and mysteriously he is in the headlines now?? very strange he is being labeled a Sikh extremist? . Basically from what I can read into the situation is that atwal was actual an Indian agent who was conveniently black listed by the Indian govt back in 80s to prevent him being deported to india on grounds of human rights. Now they need him again but in a different way so they removed him from black list to let him come to india and they turned on him and used him to malign Canadian Sikhs. To get revenge and one over the Sikhs for denying Indian govt agents into gurdwara's worldwide for their interference in Sikh religious affairs. We need to remember Indian government intelligence agencies are far too clever for the Low IQ Sikh leadership in the west and india. Corrupt Indian brahmin establishment plans things decades ahead like chess pieces, so they had their agents bring down the air india plane in 1985 and blamed khalistani's for it , blamed a weird group called a unknown dashmesh regiment (probably formed by R&AW indian agents) blamed talwinder singh parmer who allegedly and mysteriously was killed in 1992 by Indians but no proof of his death? BKI was formed by parmer and a mysterious guy who worked for canadian intelligence service CSIS it was revealed in the air india trials public enquiry in 2006. The plot just thickens..... it is very interesting because it exposes not just these alleged 1980s "Sikh extremists" but also the roles of canadian and Indian intelligence agencies of the era and how they funded and colluded with each other in very deadly outcomes to blame the canadian Sikh community and oppress them from speaking out about the murderous campaigns of the Indian's.
  15. Bhai Gurbaksh Singh RIP

    What we need to work out who is the true Sikh leaders and who are the fake ones who are hand in glove working with the killers of Sikhs. Many times in Sikh history we have betrayers we did not know their agenda we saw them as upstanding Sikh leaders real heros of the panth. They get elected they get put forward but later we find out they were in the pay and control of foreign non-sikh elements. We can identify these fake leaders as DDT's current leader dhumma, most heads of sgpc and sri akal takht since mid 1990s, akali dal's p.s badal and his family, the late sant longowal, nihung santa singh, the late jagjit chauhan,etc. How do you test if they a real Sikh leader? Well if they willing to put their life and liberty on risk and engage in physical confrontations with enemys and/or oppressors of Sikhs. When anti-sikh incidents occur..... so we recongised shaheed sant fateh singh mid 50s, ajk's shaheed bhai fauja singh, shaheed Sant bhindranwale was no congress party slave/puppet he was a true Sikh leader who confronted the govt on abuse of Sikhs and sikhi, we saw bhai mannochal jathedhar of akal takht as a true sikh leader who fought armed battles with the indian armed tyrants, Shaheed bhai sukha and Shaheed bhai jinda, Bhai hawara and bhai rajoana who targeted, avenged and took out successfully the murderers of innocent Sikhs.