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  1. Vaheguru. Loss of words.
  2. Exactly, this new pseudo-feminist movement that is discouraging men from being men is infiltrating psyche of even keshdhari Sikhs into feeling guilty for this bakhshish of Guru Sahib. Problem with hyper-masculine identity is when we are uneducated in worldly and spiritual. Honestly don't mind seeing even a bit of unchecked hypermasculination of our generation - we definitely need it.
  3. I agree and I am pro gay goo rights ect. When men start acting like women in Sikh saroop it's not a good outlook. On top of spiritual aspect, when someone is initiated with Khande di pahul, you're literally a soldier in Khalsa and should act as such. Debated a couple sulleh from UK a while back and average hippy lib apna would have said ve are believings 1 luv we r sorry for offendings joo. I was pretty direct and told him straight same things I would post here and in end he apologized and said he respected Sikhs. When you have abrahamic faiths who don't understand prema bhagti and prem in general - they only respect tribal alpha maleness.
  4. Yeah definitely has a lot of gems there and I lurked there often as well. PJS on here was great as well, but he stopped posting here. =[
  5. In spurts yes, but not as of late.
  6. I touch my own and let them swipe hands
  7. I swear everyone who says this while bashing other sites comes off as a pretentious hipster who only dines at the most organic and most raw vegan lettuce restaurants. Both are good
  8. I haven't cried of laughter reading something on Sikh Sangat in a while. Last thing I remember was by Mehtab Singh paji
  9. Saying someone isn't a Sikh is ego. Instead promote what Sikh character is and say you yourself is trying to be a Sikh. Look up to Sikhi and don't insinuate you yourself are a good Sikh.
  10. People opposing missionaries should know that these missionary thugs objectives are to cause both mental and physical chaos. Shouldn't feed it and instead should write articles, papers and do ground community work to ensure that in the future these nastiks pipeline is cut long-term. Here in Fresno it's a bunch of communist atheists on Gurdwara committee who continuously call these idiots, but their kids don't know simple Oorda aarda and thus the pipeline that fuels these idiots won't be sustained over a long period of time. All the youth that are into Sikhi don't mess with these missionary thugs paid off by agencies.
  11. Same word comes to mind. Education and rationality are a tenent of Sikhi, but the trend in the generation before us demeans the word education. Their definition of education is Dr, Lawyer or Engineer.
  12. Jagsaw don't say anything online behind a keyboard that you wouldn't say to a person's face. You come off as an unhinged weirdo. Stay classy bub. It's not what you say it's how you say it. Akul vi koi gall hundi ah
  13. Baba Farid was the 6th dera head of the dera started by Baba Farid Shakarganj and was a contemporary to Guru Nanak Dev Ji thus Bhagat Farid Ji was a Gurmukh contemporary to Guru Nanak Dev Ji. @Bijla Singh could shed more light