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  1. Veer MrDoaba ji, wellness check

    He is doing bhagti in his bhora right now.
  2. Is Punjab for Sikhs?

    Sikhs also built North Western Frontier Province and the Musle massacred thousands of Sikhs (entire populations) in Thoha Khalsa region months before partition. Sikhs deserve a place where Sikhi is promoted/protected and loosely Punjabi language and culture is preserved. Whether within the state or out. We should be focusing on birth rates, Sikh parchaar and accommodating those who truly want to come into Sikhi by institution building on level in Punjab right now. Numbers and organization is important.
  3. Really well articulated video by a very intelligent person from the United Kingdom. He has done a great job of exposing this individual.
  4. Bhai Jagraj Singh has passed away.

    Our life is so short. We have so many constraints and chains. Remembering Bhai Sahib's beautiful life accomplishments as a Gursikh.
  5. Which Jathebandi do you follow?

    None other than Khalsa Panth. Sant Ji spoke against today's equivalent of fanboys/fangirls even back then saying don't prioritize Jathebandi over Panth.
  6. Any Update on Sikhs in UK jail?

    Given unique case hopefully they are given parole early.
  7. I have first hand accounts from newspapers that show Muslims dressed up with beards and desecrated Mosques to further fuel communal tensions. Also what I'm talking about is well documented and accepted by both sides of the border. Friend has pictures contemporary to the massacre in MONTHS before partition dated and all.
  8. This is true they massacred Sikhs in Rawalpindi and Thoha Khalsa months before partition even occurred. Muslim league fueled by Jinnah's communalism ensured partition occurred. They raped, killed and burnt Sikhs en-masse and desecrated Gurdwaras starting the blood shed. Sikhs retaliated fiercely due to Sullehs dirty tactics in partition. We were a minority in population in most areas and Sulleh become so emboldened they thought they could invade our side of Punjab and retake that as well. Sikh Jathas, no matter how morally reprehensible, retaliated in the fiercest and coldest manner as a reaction to sulleh.
  9. Yeah he probably was Naamdhari, but it wouldn't hurt to ask.
  10. Headphone over dumala

    Sennheiser hd598's are my favorite headphones. Theyre 100-200$ depending on the sale season, but are open headphones meaning people around you will be able to hear them. The best quality pair of headphones I've ever owned. Beyer dynamics are nice too from what I've heard if you're looking towards closed headphones (sealed)
  11. Broken leg/ sprain

    The most speedy recovery consists of resting for the duration that the Dr says. You're welcome to try haldi dudh or any other desi stuff, but don't assume it will increase recovery. Your assumption should be to wait as long as the doctor tells you to ensure full recovery. I broke my scaphoid and it took longer than the doctor said to get up to 100% and I allowed for plenty of time for it to heal. I know a lot of people who exacerbate their injuries by not waiting enough for it to heal 100%. Tread with caution and good luck.
  12. Problems with certain Jathebandi's

    Agreed with sentiments of thread and agreed S1ngh. Toxic nature of jathebandi tribalism is very off-putting for new people coming into Sikhi have seen this first hand. Jathebandis are beautiful and like Bhai Pinderpal Singh ji explained theyre like petals on a flower, but problem arises when you get people who prioritize the jathebandi they're in over the ekta of Panth.