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  1. Masand in lion uniform. UKLondon back at it again with the new user ID..
  2. Anand Karaj is not a ritual. It's Sikhs pledging their life to the way of Gurmat and prerequiste to that is to believe Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji as your Guru. If person doesn't even believe in Sikhi then it is insulting our faith and Guru laid Anand Karaj. People like Sukh Virk go out and drink and have cut hair, but they try to act like they are Sikhs just because they're Punjabi. Typical pindoo, narrow minded Punjabi
  3. Both sides are at fault if you point it out or if you part-take in it false pride.
  4. A Sikh extremist would protect the weak, meditate on Vaheguru's name, live life with True Prem, recognize human race as one and do seva. Sukh Virk, you seem like Sunny Hundal in a sense that you're clearly a white washed young adult with cut hair. What makes you want to post on a Sikh forum constantly slandering Sikhs?
  5. vaheguru
  6. Oh my god that is amazing.
  7. It's government's agenda to also attempt to take control of Harmandir Sahib. Promoting tourism will make them try to sneak in by health inspectors and building inspectors like when they recently intentionally flooded Harmandir Sahib. Some say they are trying to demolish and heighten to install murtian inside. It's not a conspiracy it's truth.
  8. Utterly disgusting. SGPC need to be replaced by Sikhs.
  9. Really interesting watch and great to see Nihang Singhs supporting such a good art!
  10. Unfortunately you're right. It's hard to defend him when he hasn't publicly condemned them by name. He has said he isn't a "machinery" (missionary), but that's not enough because he allowed them to come take stage with him.
  11. Her story seems too on point and fishy when she mentioned Punjab da mahoul. I find it disturbing most people aren't even acknowledging the possibility that these people were paid to say this or do this. Just like a crazy person who was whispered to do something if you retaliate against just crazy person it isn't truly getting to the root of who was behind it.. Whole situation is just sad.
  12. Online lohki gallan karan joge ah. Jehra banda eho jeha kam karda oh nahi chounda bhi saara Sikh panth bina mathlab ton avain chakki challo. Je kisse ne badla lehna oh chup karke kam kardinda, par gallan karan wale online beht ke bina matlab ton aavde opinions likhde ah. Like Jassa Singh said it's quite possible that it doesn't add up and thus the complete story wasn't even established plus with so many panth dokhis out there it seems odd. Since when did Sikhs start believing everything in the media without second guessing it? I saw this posted on a lot of Sikh social media accounts and people blindly saying changa hoya ect without even knowing what the full story is. Siyane eho jehiyan gallan vich chup rehnde jeh aap kujh karna ni pappu batty boy yes man kaun ah? jehra na punjabi na engreji jhajj nal bohl sagda yan jehra souch samaj ke kam te gall karda?
  13. They don't allow it, but they're nice about it.