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  1. Agreed with this but like you said it should be a wake up call if we can't even control our own narratives. Only problem I see is community will become antagonist to what he says just because of the way he says it.
  2. I could care less about his agenda. It's good that he made this video because spineless Punjabis are too busy being used by democrats in race politics and the Islamophobia brigade to pave way for no criticism of Islam and bad ideologies. When liberals stop being liberals fascists and far right can take control of the narrative which is why there is a rising rift between the left and the right in EU and UK. I predicted this would happen here in USA and it's already happening. The fault lies with the liberals and any reasonable individual like Bill Mahar, Sam Harris, Majid Nawaz, Richard Dawkins all point this out, but instead they get labelled as being racist. It's weird that Atheists are the ones who initially led this liberal criticism of Islam and the need for reform to conform with modern values accepted by humanity but it was fake liberals that blasted them for somehow being racist. We all know that SAS has exposed that this happens in the UK, but the difference in Canada is if Sulle want to do this there is much more political correctness - especially among Punjabis where they would be too scared to talk about it. If I search hard enough I can guarantee I will find a post that I made years ago on Sikh Sangat saying that that the Muslim grooming of Punjabi girls from Sikh families has already started in Canada and/or will start.
  3. Lol you're that Sikh Talk took guy from Instagram?
  4. I made these exact same points in something I wrote earlier about this topic. Completely agree. Should check out Kuldeep Manaks last interview he talks about this issue very well.
  5. The problem arises when we put artists like Mann on some sort of figurative podium above everyone else. That forms some sort of expectation that they're supposed to say and do the right thing. Once we are able to tear down the mental idolatry of these individuals we won't give two hoots what these guys say nor will we feel insecure every time they do or don't do something that is questionable. We've succumbed to complaining about artists such as Mann instead of educating our youth and building our community. We're all responsible and shouldn't diffuse responsibility on others. Babbu Maan made a song about Baba Ranjit SIngh Dhadrianwale calling out how he was abusing the very respected title of Sant and Sikhi to further himself as an individual through money, but after a while Baba Ranjit SIngh Dhadrianwale must have had an epiphany and he has changed for the better - the extent only he himself knows. I know about Mann and many artists being complicit with dushts of the panth and their lack of jameer, but are we so fallen that we care so much about these artists that we feel offended every time they do something? That to me only shows a sign of weakness of having failed.
  6. Y'all right that's a good way to look at it
  7. Doesn't seem impressive at all. Looks like the Indian state consciously or subconsciously are pumping up Sikhs to be cannon fodder without proper training. If you look at many special forces in India they've employed a lot of training from USA, Israel, Philipines for various tactics and I have yet to see anything of significance in Punjab in terms of Sikh regiment. They know despite Sikhs serving when push comes to shove if things go down there is a potential of General Shubeg SInghs.
  8. Can't help but get a cheeky smile and bob my head whenever this song comes up. LOL
  9. Really haven't experienced much racism that I can recall on top of my head, but I guess there have been a few incidents that are borderline prejudiced that I can recall. For the most part in person people aren't as bad as it's being portrayed Post President Trump. The same idiots were always there, but now trolls capitalize on the hysteria on the internet. In person I haven't really seen really many changes. I would like to think I'm very good at picking up social queues and judging social situations quite well, but who knows maybe I'm just bad at it. For the most part I think that people are more ignorant than anything and I'm confident that the Universal ideals and message of Guru Nanak Dev Ji would always bring understanding and light to any sort of ignorance or misplaced prejudiced people may have. The main problem is political correctness is so rampant that sometimes I find people who practice political correctness are often more racist and ignorant than those who are what we/I would define as 'ignorant'. It prevents discussions from happening and doesn't foster authentic person to person interaction. I guess California really is all sunshine and orange trees though. At least from the general region where I'm from haha Going to queue this song because it perfectly describes how it is here in Cali.
  10. Brilliant clips. The western description of the Nihangs during Maharaja Ranjit Singh's time is hard for me to completely accept even though it is probably mostly, if not completely true.
  11. Bump. Share it on Whatsapp as well if you all can.
  12. Her heart seems to be in the right place, but the video was so cringe I couldn't watch it all. Ecofriendly and healthy langar should be promoted in the right way while respecting Sangat.