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  1. Oh ok thanks. I got confused in another post, I thought you made that ID, because of lost passwords. But then I read it properly that you were just commenting on re-registering.
  2. I can see this one turning into a caste thread. 😏
  3. But can't browse the topics nomore, without registering 😟
  4. So who is sukhvirk1976?
  5. Hanji I know, I've attended some of their camps. It's with Waheguru's grace.
  6. Lovely shabad, 🌸thank you Preet.
  7. What difference does it make if the girl's family is financially on the same level as yours? Is this how people choose their marriage partners nowadays? This makes me angry, like who cares, she's not bringing any of it with her, or is she? So the older ones ran off and this one is too supressed. Chalo, whatever you and your family is best. Maybe best for her too.
  8. It sounds funny when Sikhni penji said it. Just read about reptilians, it's kind of spooky. Apparently they have an hierarchy system, bit like the caste system I guess. And there can be demi gods from other faiths too. I wonder if this is real or made up? Hmm interesting. I've edited this, hor na pange ch pejava.
  9. My grandma used to make sondh for bai, but I couldn't handle it, so had extra adrak in daal or adrak wali chaa.
  10. I don't know why but red carrots kept coming to mind today and it's been bugging me as to why they are red in India, and if they get orange carrots or not? Lol I know of all the things to think about gajaran/carrots come to mind πŸ€”. So I did a search on Google,coz it's still bugging me why they don't have orange carrots in India or do they? If anybody's wondering the same, here's what I found: (not that anybody will be 😴, but just in case) @jkvlondon, @MisterrSingh, @Not2Cool2Argue, @sikhni777, @Jacfsing2, @Preeet, @luckysingh99, @Kira, @harsharan000, @Ranjeet, @dallysingh101, @singh598, @Premi5, @singhbj singh And anybody else that may be know, is this right? Which are better for health, orange or red, or what colour?
  11. I don't remember any of the stories, only Jesus, it's weird as I can't remember anything as I grew up, but used to read a page everyday. I was more interested in the singing the hymns I think.
  12. I used to read it too when I was a kid, but don't remember anything. Also used to sing hymns at school, but I never knew the words, so used to pretend I was singing by miming to them, but make up my own words.
  13. Lol πŸ€” Aliens? Where do you read this stuff? πŸ˜‚. The planet probably has special gardens where one can sow seeds and reap any karm they like. 😏
  14. @Jacfsing2, don't know what's going on, but I'll tell you one thing. Someone must be very bored to like my 😴 emoticons, must have put on about a million, oops. They probably got tired counting them all, and thought that's "how I feel, neend ageyi" lol. Of all the things to like, they go and like the emoticons. πŸ€”
  15. Or it could be that some people just happen to like our posts, I have commented on quite a few posts this week though. It could also be that those same likes read past posts of members too and like them, which I sometimes do too. I normally like quite a lot of posts, rather than commenting on them in the past, been quite active this week. But I will probably go and have a rest for a while. I agree this way you can't tell whether the likes are genuine or not.
  16. You're having panic attacks and anxiety. Sort that out first, then think about anything else. Calm down, nothing's going to happen, you're getting into a stressed state by not relaxing. Whatever you've done is past and ask for forgiveness from God for that and to help to on the right path. You mention Hukam, listen to the shabad and contemplate it to help you: Don't worry, take one step at a time. There's a past post that Harsharan paji put on "I". If I find it I'll add it later, can't seem to find it now. By the way Harsharan paji, wherever you are, I think the OP would benefit from your input.
  17. To OP, you should visit a Gurdwara that has the Basics of Sikhi parchar. Or even Sikhi2Inspire or MySimran teams. They do the parchars in English.
  18. I liked a few too recent ones 😏. Now you can say you liked a few of my old ones too, because same is happening with me now lol
  19. Thank you for this, this is what I wanted to know. How the different colour carrots are grown. GMOs aren't good, but I'm not very knowledgeable on these, and how difficult it would be to avoid them. But it's worth looking into more. Thanks.
  20. Good idea, how about some sweet corn too? Suppose you could add a variety of veggies.
  21. Thanks penji. I was thinking of using the ready made custard in the tins, but maybe too thick? The custard powder is a good idea.
  22. A nice post filled with respect and humbleness.
  23. Thank you penji for these recipes. Bread pudding was the alternative I also saw, the butter ones had so many ingredients in them, that I wouldn't have added myself. I was looking for an eggless one, but what do you add to replace the eggs?
  24. I agree, the OP's family shouldn't have said they will do checks on the girl to the girls family. No wonder the mother of as taken aback, that's something you just don't say whichever side you are on. You're lucky her mother didn't say back to your family, that they will do checks on you too. I've just gone back to read your post OP, and some things need to be questioned. Why does she have to be tall and pretty? Tall, I may understand, if you're a real tall guy, but how do you define pretty? How pretty does the you are going to marry have to be? Like is there a certain way she should look? Educated is understandable too, so that you can communicate together as you would have the same level of education. But the last one, quite well off? So? I hope you're not expecting to receive anything from them. And even if your family is well off, then would you not consider a girl from a family that's not so well off? If not, then why? What does her sister have to do with your marriage ? The girls karm are her own, and her sister's are her own. You can't base a marriage on another sibling's qualities. Talking of qualities, apart from seeing she's pretty and her family being well off, did you see any other qualities of her, like what her personality is like, her moral values, her nature in general? There's no mention of her as a person at all in your post. Makes me wonder do you want to marry what you see that looks good or what's beneath as her soul as a person? And you shouldn't ask here if you should accept the rishta of decline it, because you're the one that would be marrying her, not us. We don't know her and her family, or you, that's the decision you and your family need to make.