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  1. emergency advice - Breaking off Engagement

    Hun tha viah vi hogea hona? What’s happened OP?
  2. Roop Singh where are you ?

  3. emergency advice - Breaking off Engagement

    True. @Big_Tera is there more to it than the skin problem? Are you getting cold feet or is there something else? Besides if you’re getting married tomorrow, then you should be asleep. Otherwise where on earth and how will you run off? Your family deserves some explanation.
  4. emergency advice - Breaking off Engagement

    So it sounds you’re not ready for this marriage. I honestly don’t know what to say, but things do happen quickly after the shagun in India, as you’re visiting from abroad and time is limited. How did the families arrange it so quick ? Booking venue, caterers buying outfits, etc. You need about a few days to do all that, not like overnight 🤔.
  5. emergency advice - Breaking off Engagement

    Not speaking to the girl was the biggest mistake. Why didn’t you speak to her? Anyways, moving onto the skin problem. She might have you wrote, but you don’t know the skin condition. There’s like 10 common skin conditions, which have different treatments and affect daily life differently. So, that’s hardly an excuse to back out, as nobody is perfect and each person is bound to have some sort of imperfection or minor problem. If it’s not a major problem that wasn’t disclosed then you shouldn’t let it get in the way, if you can accept it. But now you’re probably asleep. Agree with penji.
  6. What if bentiyan don't work

    Thank you for the reply. As long as you’re happy, that’s what counts.
  7. What if bentiyan don't work

    Hi @singhbj singh paji, how you doing? Wondered where u had gone. Are you ok?
  8. Are most Sikhs fake Sikhs?

    Sukhmani Sahib ji tells us.
  9. How important is height

    Do you seriously expect people on a forum to help you to decide on choosing a marriage partner for you? Reasons being why it’s unwise to ask on here, is firstly, nobody has seen your rishta match. No.2, you are the one that’s spent time talking to the girl, so you have an understanding of what she’s like. Nobody else will know her personality. No.3, you’ve more or less already answered your questions in your own post. If somebody says marry the tall one and it’s the wrong match, then what ? If somebody says marry the shorter one and it’s the wrong match, then what ? I can’t see how anybody can tell you which height to marry, but that’s for you to decide. It’s probably why nobody’s answered your post yet.
  10. They would have heard of their towns, but it’s probably easier to say Barmingam de lage. There’s quite a a few in Best Brom, Balsall, Bulbulhemton, Billenhall, Bensfield. And then there’s the students ?
  11. What if bentiyan don't work

    It depends on the health condition you have. Do both, keep praising God and also accept Hukam. It is hard to accept, but there isn’t much else one can do, but also get professional help from the doctors/specialists of your health condition. They will guide you better and offer treatment or self management techniques. Have you had any counselling in regards to your health condition? If not, ask for it.
  12. What if bentiyan don't work

    I have a health condition and what I do when I’m going through a bad phase is to ask God to help me to cope with what I go through, as I already know the health condition isn’t going to go away, but seek help to self manage it. Accept Hukam, that you can’t do what you can’t, but be proud of what you can, no matter how small it maybe. When you feel there is no change, you feel there isn’t anything that can help, but then you have to also not let go of hope. That’s what keeps one going, and that is also graced by God. But whatever you do, don’t let go of God, because they are the one that will give you the strength and confidence. Talk to others in the same situation, as it will help you to realise that you are not alone. It’s good to listen to others problems, and understanding of them will be better as you also have a health condition, so there maybe something you could input by helping them. This will reduce stress for you, as your mind will be occupied elsewhere and distract from the negative effects of the health condition. If you’re not up to doing that, then just carry on praising Waheguru, without asking for anything in return, and leave it to them.
  13. What Does My Dream Mean ?

    Although I’m unable to interpret your dream for you, but I see any dream about a Gurdwara and you know which one it was, as positive. It’s better than having negative dreams, that’s for sure. As you are the one that had the dream, only you can interpret the meaning of it, according to what’s happening in your life. But don’t worry about it or what it means, just accept it as a blessing.
  14. Sandhu & Ghotra marriage

    That’s so childish to do. I can only think of jealousy, that’s why did that. I’d say good riddance to people like that. They only thought of themselves, selfish people do that, so it doesn’t tarnish their name. Its nobody’s business, as long as the boy’s and girl’s families are happy, everybody else should get on with their own stuff. Lovely shabad, but some people still don’t understand.
  15. Sandhu & Ghotra marriage

    Correct. To the OP, it’s harder to marry somebody from a different caste there, than abroad. Everybody knows everybody’s business inside out and the socialising is also done within the same caste community. This is a shame, as some people don’t venture out and see others for who they are, but there’s more emphasis on caste there. He sounds like a nice guy, and his qualities seem good, from what you are saying. Also you’ve known him for 7yrs, but your family haven’t met him yet probably, so they will be hesitant just because of his caste. Are there any relatives that can talk to your parents with you? They will also be worried that if you marry somebody they don’t know or have not had any part in choosing themselves as a suitable match for you, that if it goes wrong, then it’s a risk on their part. But that can also happen with the same caste. Another idea would be if the guy’s parents met your parents themselves.
  16. Don’t be getting emotional because of valentines day and all that. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise that he left. You shouldn’t love him, as he obviously does not love you. It needs some time to recover and it will. Then you will see what a fool he made of you and don’t be taken advantage of again. Make your mind and soul strong, so nobody can hurt you again. You haven’t lost your heart or soul, they’re still there. But they’ve been hurt and you need to work on loving yourself, instead of somebody else. You are worth way more than anybody else belittling you, so respect your soul and your heart will heal itself. Like Bhforce paji has, Waheguru is the only one that truly loves us, so ask them for help whenever you need it to guide you on the right path. For the anxiety, also do Simran. That will help you to relax, and accept Hukam, that you were not meant to be with him, for your best interests. Love God instead.
  17. Daily Hukamnama

    I second that. Yes please, just sticky the Daily Hukamnama.
  18. Padmavati The Film

    Let us know her review bro.
  19. Bhakti

    Dhan Dhan Shri Guru Amar Das ji 🙏🏻🌸🙏🏻🌸🙏🏻🌼🙏🏻🌼
  20. Veer MrDoaba ji, wellness check

    Oh ok.
  21. Veer MrDoaba ji, wellness check

    Hi penji, I don’t understand, troll posts?
  22. Who are the moderators on this site?

    It’s not funny, it’s true.
  23. Benefits Of Sitting On The Floor To Eat

    Ini tand ch ice cream 🍦 😧