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  1. You can follow it, but not all phones have that option. If you're on a pc, you can, not sure about iPads or other. Or when you write a post, there's an option at the bottom of it "notify me of replies", try that.
  2. Discussing it is different from actually viewing it. All sorts of thoughts will affect their mind. I understand what you mean, but even in movies, there's tolerance limits, that's why they set ratings and age recommendations. I saw one that wouldn't let you view it without logging in and confirming your age. Like penji jkv says, it can be searched for. We wouldn't take our children to watch a movie with that, so same should apply here.
  3. Paji, it's wise to remove it. It made me want to throw up. If I found it hard to view, (I'm normally not that squeamish), then I wouldn't want any child or person to go through the trauma of it. We have to protect the children, youngsters too on here.
  4. Ok sis, sorry I've just seen this now. All posts removed.
  5. That's why I said it should be taken off.
  6. Removed.
  7. Removed.
  8. I'm getting fed up of these people trying to tell us Sikhi originated from Hinduism, and that Guru Nanak Dev ji was a Muslim. If they really thought that you'd think they would be going to Gurdwaras. But they're not. They're talking nonsense as usual.
  9. Removed
  10. No guesses for who liked his post 😏
  11. This is what our brother Bhai Jagraj Singh was in the video link, full of love and nimrata, that people from faiths/religions gave him respect. He didn't hurt people's sentiments as some people try to make out, but as meaningful conversations and did not belittle anybody's faith/religion in the process of giving awareness of Sikhi. There's some members on this forum, that think they are know it alls and start judging people's past or that they are lower than others, when in fact it's them that have issues and can't appreciate a person for what they are. That's because they don't bother to look at their own avgun.
  12. He's basically saying, that because Bhai Jagraj Singh was doing street parchar and having conversations with Muslims about Sikhi, that was the cause or contribution towards him becoming ill. Very narrow minded and pathetic thinking. Now you know what to expect if you do parchar, this is the bakwas you will have to hear from people who have no consideration for those that have made a difference to the Panth and helped not only youth, but adults also to connect to Sikhi. Who needs enemies when your own are belittling good soul's names. You should be ashamed singhbj. I'm done with u.
  13. Paji, I know it's about the OP as you've said. So, there wasn't really any reason to bring Bhai Jagraj Singh's name into it. Nobody is perfect, are you really that insensitive? Come on, it's only been what a few days, it's a hurtful comment, understand that bit. That's quite immature to pick out mistakes, so soon after his death. And also, I don't think he made any. He did the best he could, and hell of a lot more than people sitting here on a forum moaning and complaining about him. Sometimes in situations as this, it's best not to say anything. I hope you learn from it.
  14. There was no need for all this to insult Bhai Jagraj Singh ji like this. He's only just passed away, have some compassion at least.
  15. They probably didn't have a choice, but had to for income, but I don't know. @dallysingh101 paji could shed light on this. Not sure how accurate it is, but found this, a timescale of events of wars:
  16. These articles are interesting. Sartaj says in an interview at Vancouver, that the British had distorted some parts of the history. One thing I don't understand is why none of the singers aren't supporting this movie or Satinder Sartaj? Is it jealousy? Is it because it's a Hollywood production and not Bollywood or Pollywood? Even at the Birmingham premiere, of what they showed on tv, there doesn't seem to be any artists or well known celebrities at it. But I only saw clips of it, not the full programme, so may have missed it. But I'm puzzled as to why the singers don't have it promoting on their fb pages, when normally they do promote others. Kavi Raz seems a good writer, and I would have thought they would have mentioned it for him. "Sofia Duleep Singh, the Maharaja’s daughter is famous for her part in the suffragette movement in England. Kavi says that he wants to make a film on her as well." "Currently, Kavi is working on another period film, based on Indian independence, “which is a sort of a follow up on The Black Prince." Another article from Hindustantimes, it seems to be promoting it in a positive way, rather than the previous negative one.
  17. Paji, I thought he wouldn't be up to it when it first started, but I was wrong. Like Tigerforce1 paji says, he actually delivered really well. @dallysingh101, as soon as I got home paji, I had a cup of tea and was straight onto the Internet to read about his life. Its made me want to read more about the history of that time.
  18. Agree, I've watched some good movies and documentaries on it. Netflix has award winning movies, tv shows and documentaries and I class this movie as an award winning one. They will like it. In our showing, there were elders, middle aged, youth and babies. It's in Punjabi, but it still has that English that I wanted to experience. I told my mother about it today, and she's excited to see it too. Me too, thought this exactly. I know it's a bit slow at first, but that relaxed me, and it builds up to getting into the movie. Not like some, that are go, go, go from the start, that you miss what's going on. Yep. I personally feel no Bollywood movie can compare to this one. It's in a different league. It didn't have that over desi feel to it. It will appeal a lot to those interested in Arts. It's not a taplo bakwas movie. But saying that, I feel it's appealed to all sorts of viewers, regardless of their personalities. So yeah, I've got no idea what they on about either. My thoughts about the movie are as same as yours paji. You've said what I also experienced.
  19. Don't know about the DVD, but I want to get the English version when it's released. I absolutely loved it, but that's just me 😊 You could check their fb updates, nothing as of yet though of DVD.
  20. I watched Sukhdevs catering opening ceremony for the Southall restaurant in one of the Sikh channels. I think they said, they will be doing non-halal as there was none in the area, and there's a need for it.
  21. Yes, she was very good and spoke Punjabi in the movie. We watched the Punjabi version, but I don't think her parts were dubbed. I tried to look at the actors lip movements and hers seemed as if she was talking in punjabi throughout the movie. She played her character as bold and with anakh (pride). Sartaj was made to be more of a weaker character than hers, probably because they wanted to show the confused part of son of what had happened to him. Hindustan times have so got it wrong. I don't agree with what they've written. It's one the best movies I seen it's directly well, it's not that slow. That had to set the scenes like that, otherwise it couldn't be understood as well. Just because it wasn't the normal Bollywood style with jumping around songs and nonsense storylines, it certainly wasn't boring. It's about time we had movies like this, that are different. Again as I said before, lallu panjoos wouldn't relate to it. But I thought it was great. The whole cinema was silent and so absorbed in it, and we're talking about families with kids, elders, there were a range of ages. Well that's the experience I had in West Midlands, don't know about other towns. BS, excuse the language. Why does a movie need to be so entrapped in action to get a point across ? This is where society is messed up, again lallu panjoos. After the showing, there were kids asking their parents about it, and it was good to see that discussion they were having with their parents. Not one person complained about it after leaving, they looked more mesmerised, as I was. Mind you it's Hindustantimes that's written the article, so I'm not surprised.
  22. I understand what you are saying. One should be present to get the laha of it, (benefit from it). I'll just give my own example, I know it's not the same thing as an Akhand Paat, must it maybe why others have them held long distance. For years I used to look at the picture of Harmandir Sahib on our living room wall, and used to yearn to go from the Sakhis and history of it. Although I'd been as a child, I do not remember much. I was unable to go due to physical problems, so I couldn't see myself ever going. Then one year we went but even though we visited Harmandir Sahib, I did not get to go into Darbar Sahib, due to some reasons that were beyond our control. And as we didn't have the time to wait, I would have missed my plane back and be stuck in India for a long time, I needed to get back home. So that upset me, but had to accept it as Waheguru's Hukam. Then I had another chance, but this time we went before catching a plane. And it was a wonderful visit. Before visiting, I used to feel a bit empty that I haven't had the chance to. Then afterwards, I felt at peace and my wish was fulfilled. It could be that people have desire to have an Akhand Paat there for whatever reason. Either somebody has told them to or they themselves want to. Harmandir Sahib is special to Sikhs. And not everybody has the chance to go, so they may have an Akhand Paat instead. That's just my guess though. Also reciting Gurbani ones self is not as easy for all. The pronunciation has to be right too and it takes time to learn and reach that level of reciting within sangat too. That's why as Singhbj paji has said, the Granthis are only doing their duty.
  23. The point is, not everybody is at the same spiritual level or are unable to for whatever reasons. Could be not being able to read Gurmukhi, could be physical conditions, anything. Or not enough members of the family to participate. There's nothing wrong in paying for it to be recited, as long as the family make an effort to do some seva by attending or listen to it. It maybe somebody's sharda to have it at Harmandir Sahib and they are not able to go all that way, so instead they would sponsor the seva of it. Even if it's in their home town, their family may not be as tight knit as yours. It maybe nonsense for you, but not everybody goes partying or whatever. You do seva for yourselves and nobody else, but you can't judge another family on what they are doing, without knowing. You do have a point, that it shouldn't be the easy way out as it's for our souls to be engaged to Gurbani, so the attendance and listening to it should be done by oneself, if they can't read themselves. But, there can be various reasons for non attendance, not just what you've quoted.