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  1. Penji, what is this, I can’t figure out what it means ?
  2. Punjabi Cinema

    As you can see from the titles, they are portraying them as comedians. I’ve not seen any of them but one, Jatt and Juliet, can’t remember if it was 1 or 2. Carry on Jatta is always on Sky like every month, but never seen it fully to know what it’s about. I got bored after 5mins if it. I think Kharku movie portrays the guy as a hero, but still didn’t watch all of it, and I won’t go into a cinema to watch any of them, unless it’s got anything meaningful in it.
  3. Punjabi Cinema

    Jatt and Juliet1, Jatt and Juliet2, and the likes of them. Jatt James Bond, Carry on Jatta, A Flying Jatt, Jatt Airways. They’ve got Jatt in the titles for starters. I don’t watch them either, so I don’t know the ones that are Jatt based storylines without it in the title, but they’re probably is quite a few. I forgot Kharku, I don’t know the storyline, but the song lyrics I remembered.
  4. Baba ranjit singh ji dhadrian wale exposed

    Ptsd ki hunda ? 🤔
  5. That’s good to hear. I like how he explains in depth what something means or why we have to go through what we do. I haven’t looked at the anxiety help videos yet, although I’m going to try his relaxation video, but still not got round to it yet.
  6. Punjabi Cinema

    The solution is for the film makers and directors not to entertain that type of storyline. They’re the ones that can put a stop to it if they want to. But it’s all about money I guess. The actors won’t say no to the offers as they will be doing it for the money also, otherwise they may not get other offers. It takes a wise actor to reject the offers for these type of movies. I hope one does so others can learn from it and make more meaningful movies.
  7. Soap

    Or It will be the winds fault next time. Or just being in the presence of fresh air.
  8. Soap

    You spelt soap wrong.
  9. Punjab

    True, but even when you try to make conversation or ask something, it’s like you’re an alien and then that never ending stare 🧐. It’s good you can barter, I used to just sit there looking at the staff, until they said “teek a, jo tusi dena chaunde”.
  10. In winter it’s harder not to wear boots, as it’s too cold to wear chaplaa 😟.
  11. Punjab

    The suit shops are still the same. The roads are a bit better. Most people are not the same, I think they’ve changed. Apart from that everything still looks the same. But there’s gyms in the pinds now and everybody is more fashionable now when it comes to western clothing. The weddings are more extravagant than before. But the staring hasn’t changed, still the same. And “madam, nava dejayn aya a, suit dekhlo” is still the same. The best parts are Sri Harmandir Sahib ji and the Gurdwaras and historical places to visit related to Sikhi. And maybe see what agricultural life is like there, like go to the khet. Jalandhar is ok, Phagwara still seems the same as it was 10-15 yrs ago. Shouldn’t be a problem in Punjab, everybody speaks Punjabi. It’s English you got to worry about, when you speak it. But may even get out-stared when you talk Punjabi too. 😏 Because you’ll be recognised from being abroad immediately. If you have good company/relatives, you’ll enjoy it.
  12. Darbar Sahib Kirtan

    That’s Bhai Jasbir Singh Paonta Sahib wale.
  13. Anger/swearing/ dream

  14. Anger/swearing/ dream

    Do you do Simran or Mool Mantar? Don’t worry about this. As children we have all sorts of dreams which when we are younger have more of an impact on us remembering them. Because that was probably the first odd or chilling dream you had, so you remember it more. You have to stop being afraid of this, as I’m guessing you work yourself up and get anxious every year before that date. Even if you try not to, it still comes up as it’s been embedded for a long time. Tell your counsellor about this, he/she will help you to deal with the negativity of it that it has created. You are going through a stressful time, but from what you are saying, he is not living with you. You need to make yourself strong internally and stand up to what he’s done. You need to think about yourself and your daughter and what’s best for you both, as he’s already left. Your in laws are probably feeling ashamed for their spoilt son? They do not have to compromise with his bad behaviour and how he’s treated you and your daughter. I’m not sure what else to advise, as you are in this terrible situation, and only you know what you are going through, but I do hope things get better for you. Maybe contact one of the Sikh helplines?
  15. Shepherds Bush Gurdwara - this is not right!!

    Yes of course, that’s a wise thing to say, and it is the month of Magh. So well done to them for all the seva they did to get the Gurdwara back again. Like I said I can’t judge them, because you can tell they were very humbled on receiving the siropas, but I’ve never seen that many, that’s all.