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  1. Gurbani Kirtan - Disabilities

    Read my message to you in Inbox paji. I didn’t know Prof Surinder Singh walked with a stick. There’s Bhai Lakhwinder Singh too, I think he has visual problems, but I’m not sure what exactly. And Sant Baba Harbans Singh ji, I remember seeing him when I was younger, playing an instrument.
  2. Pure Gym

    Just done a quick search on google and there’s Sarbloh gym Sedgley St Gurdwara and seems to be one at Cannock Rd Gurdwara. https://m.facebook.com/Sarbloh-Gym-450427458460098/?locale2=en_GB https://www.cannockroadgurdwara.com/timetable
  3. Tea: Disease promoting chemicals and what to do

    What about coffee? Does that have more or less caffeine than tea? Not that I drink it, but some family members do.
  4. Pure Gym

    Does your Gurdwara have a gym ?
  5. I like this. Thanks penji, going to try it one day. We never use the packet stuff now, it’s rubbish. And you can taste the difference.
  6. Sajjan Singh - Rangroot

    Yep the trailer is great. Seen some YouTube vloggers reactions on it and they were from different cultures/religions abroad mainly. They seemed quite impressed and interested to watch it.
  7. Sikh and Hindus Build mosque

    I think there are some that do. I don’t know which ones, but I read it somewhere on fb a while back.
  8. Sajjan Singh - Rangroot

    I’ve seen the reviews of audience that’s have watched this movie and they are good. Everybody has been giving it good reviews. It seems quite an emotional movie, but I want to watch it. You’re welcome to leave reviews after watching it.
  9. Aloo ? That would be a bit awkward. If it’s applied whilst wearing a jacket, fer jacket potato banjana 🥔 😛
  10. Thanks I’ll look into that. Some dishwashers are sensitive to what you use and may effect the functioning of them properly. But I get the eco one, not all that strong fragrances nonsense.
  11. I only use a pea size amount of shampoo. Not like slosh the whole bottle over.
  12. What’s good for dishwasher? I can’t stand the strong washing powders some people use. It’s like they’ve sprayed themselves with loads of aftershave and it’s ewww
  13. Doesn’t this irritate? And they smell too strong. Same as the overpowering shower gels.
  14. Sikh and Hindus Build mosque

    When things get worse off than before that’s when. But then it’s a bit too late.