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  1. With Waheguru's grace I am lucky to attend them. But, I only made the effort because somebody told me to go. I haven't been able to attend the full camps all the times, but anything is better than nothing. And I've not had a miracle cure, that the health condition has completely disappeared, but we should not expect that anyways, but just leave it to Waheguru's grace for any change, no matter how small it maybe. Although, I have learned some things from them, and they did help me. So I'm glad I went and not think of not bothering to go. I did meet some people that had big improvements from them and it was inspiring to listen to them. It's all good, no harm in it and for the best as it's Gurbani.
  2. Oh ok thanks. I got confused in another post, I thought you made that ID, because of lost passwords. But then I read it properly that you were just commenting on re-registering.
  3. I can see this one turning into a caste thread. 😏
  4. But can't browse the topics nomore, without registering 😟
  5. So who is sukhvirk1976?
  6. Hanji I know, I've attended some of their camps. It's with Waheguru's grace.
  7. Lovely shabad, 🌸thank you Preet.
  8. What difference does it make if the girl's family is financially on the same level as yours? Is this how people choose their marriage partners nowadays? This makes me angry, like who cares, she's not bringing any of it with her, or is she? So the older ones ran off and this one is too supressed. Chalo, whatever you and your family is best. Maybe best for her too.
  9. It sounds funny when Sikhni penji said it. Just read about reptilians, it's kind of spooky. Apparently they have an hierarchy system, bit like the caste system I guess. And there can be demi gods from other faiths too. I wonder if this is real or made up? Hmm interesting. I've edited this, hor na pange ch pejava.
  10. My grandma used to make sondh for bai, but I couldn't handle it, so had extra adrak in daal or adrak wali chaa.
  11. I don't remember any of the stories, only Jesus, it's weird as I can't remember anything as I grew up, but used to read a page everyday. I was more interested in the singing the hymns I think.
  12. I used to read it too when I was a kid, but don't remember anything. Also used to sing hymns at school, but I never knew the words, so used to pretend I was singing by miming to them, but make up my own words.
  13. Lol πŸ€” Aliens? Where do you read this stuff? πŸ˜‚. The planet probably has special gardens where one can sow seeds and reap any karm they like. 😏
  14. @Jacfsing2, don't know what's going on, but I'll tell you one thing. Someone must be very bored to like my 😴 emoticons, must have put on about a million, oops. They probably got tired counting them all, and thought that's "how I feel, neend ageyi" lol. Of all the things to like, they go and like the emoticons. πŸ€”