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  1. People from India are paying thousands to get abroad for their kids future's. I wouldn't suggest them going to India. There are more prospects where she is now.
  2. Guest penji, because people don't know the full story of your situation, they will only give their opinions on what they read or the scene that has been described. You obviously know what you are going through. Even if you do have insecurities, you should not keep them hidden. You need to talk to your husband and explain how you are feeling, without making him take sides. He's not going to leave your mother in law, as she gave birth to him, and your child will do the same and not leave you. You should also go for counselling from the doctor as this is affecting you negatively in your life and at work you may get anxious too. It's not easy, leaving your paternal family and living with in laws that you have not known long, in comparison to the family you were born in for all this years of your life. I understand you are feeling alone and negative thoughts are creeping in. Have you had your health check up after the birth? Just get them also done to make sure you are not getting low mood or depressive symptoms due to any deficiency. Get your vitamin D studies and vitamin B12 done also. Is there any mother baby support group in your area? Do your doctors offer any support or advice to new baby mothers? Hormones can also play a part in insecurities, anxiety, and fears. So get them checked too. Give your mother in law a chance to bond with the baby too, whilst you are at work. Sit with them, and then you won't worry about anything. But don't pick unwanted faults, and nowadays there are more different methods and ways of bringing up a child when you was younger. So don't let that be the obstacle of you trusting your mother in law. She would only have his best interests at heart. As long as he gets love and care, that's what matters, then your soul will be able to relax. Some shabads to help you relax:
  3. Thank you penji, that makes sense. It was a very unique sound, but was hard to make out as it was faint instrumental, but not singing. I remember thinking, wow what instrument is it, but couldn't figure it out. And after that, I felt ok and not to dwell on it.
  4. Something similar happened with me too penji. When our grandmother passed away, I heard some faint music coming from the room that Maharaj ji was in after they left. It was very faint and sounded like a radio like sound. But when going into the room, it still was there, but no sign of where it was coming from and then it stopped. It wasn't outside either, as I opened the window and nothing. Then a month after in conversatio, another family member said the same thing, that a sound came from the room but there was no origin of it, it was a mystery. What does this mean?
  5. I have no idea why the screen was put up and it is shameful and discriminatory to put it up in the first place. I went to this Gurdwara when I had some mobility issues and realised there wasn't a lift to the main hall. I wondered how would people with disabilities get in that hall. There was also a lot going on when some youth ripped out the seating they had outside Darbar Sahib and I'm not sure what's going on there, but seems an issue has occurred with two committes or something. It was on their fb page, but I think things have been sorted out now. Some say the screen was put up by the very people that wanted it taking down, others say something else, it's confusing as to why it was put up in the first place. Atfer coming back from my visit, I did comment to them that more disable access was needed. But was unable to follow it, due to my health deteriorating. But in terms of Sikhi parchar, that Gurdwara is very good and the rest of the Gurdwara does have good disabled access including the toilets. Another hall has a lift, it's just the main bigger Darbar Sahib that didn't have disabled access and the screen too. It's a shame it's come to this stage, gives them a negative view. Apparently they have to get the work done within a time limit, so hopefully something positive will come of it. Here's the released statement.*s and this is the other side's updates: Its difficult to tell what the issue was, as I don't have inside knowledge of it.
  6. Penji Singhni, Don't worry about anything, Waheguru doesn't hate anybody. Dont lose hope, You need to put your trust back into Waheguru and that will happen with time, if you let it and love Guruji. Guruji probably has something good lined up for you. You may not see it now, but you have to think this phase you are going through is temporary, it will not last, good days will come. Don't do anything stupid, is there anybody you can talk to? These links were pasted by Singhbj paji on another post, but I'm adding them here for you too. Contact one of them: As Daljit paji has asked, how do you feel you have messed up? Stay in Hukam. Some shabads for you to sing, ask Guruji to help you.
  7. This is Randhir Singh paji, of Midland Langar Seva Society, as always doing a great seva for the homeless. 🌸
  8. I'm not sure how or if this group can help you, but it's worth a try to contact Sikh Youth Birmingham, do a search for them on fb. Call them and explain your situation and ask if they can put you in the right direction. Also contact your local council, and find their website online. They will have the appropriate sections on there, who you can contact for advise on any help you can get, housing, moving out, etc.
  9. Even if Ajeet paji was from Canada, USA, Australia, or UK, his parents would still have the same view. It would take them a while to get round to the idea of him being gay, because that's just how people from Punjabi community are. It will still be the same, apart from his work colleagues. Its not easy for him, so belittling him by saying he's feeling sorry for himself isn't a good thing. That's not very understanding and very insensitive. Until one is in another person's shoes, they have no idea what they go through. He's sharing his problems to get help not to be told to get on with it. Please understand, it's not that easy.
  10. Sounds more like you're having doubts about the tattoo.
  11. Have you considered consulting a pharmacist? That would be the best thing to do. Also a visit to the the doctor, to see if there's any other treatment, or assessment needed.
  12. Good advice by Singhbj paji, contact one of the above organisations he's pasted. Keep hope and trust in Waheguru.
  13. Don't be put off by other rishtas. Good job you didn't go into that one, and was stopped before time. Thank God, their true colours came out in time, maybe God has something good for you later on. Not2Cool2Argue paji's advice is good.
  14. Thank you Jacfsingh2 paji for ur time and effort to do this. Very much appreciated. 🌼