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  1. Is Sikhism really hijacked by Jattism ?

    if jatts are so evil, why are non-jatts embracing cults with jatts as their gurus, eg Radha Soami and Sacha Sauda
  2. #freejagginow

    Now , Punjabi police accuse Jagtar Johal of shooting Bambi and JR Ewing.I would laugh if it was not heartbreaking.Free juggy, bring our boy back home
  3. #freejagginow

    Sikh channel should start a fundraising campaign to get Jagtar Johal the best legal representation. I m disappointed with number of responses to this topic, show your support for Jagtar and family Are people afraid of Indian intelligence, and scared to do the right and justice thing
  4. #freejagginow

    is there a demonstration against Jagtar Johals imprisonment
  5. #freejagginow

    Spread the message on BBC websites like Radio 5 Asian network, not keeping it in-house.Highlight, why the British woman held captive in Iran is getting coverage by the British government, not Jagtar Johal.
  6. So I took a Ethnicity DNA Test...

    punjab was part of the persian empire
  7. So I took a Ethnicity DNA Test...

    the true is punjabi women were 4q by persians greeks arabs turks muslims british hindus , what has changed
  8. Indian girls might be university clever but street stupid.Stupid girl trying to make money from Mossad
  9. The Arrow Of Shiva

    As an <banned word filter activated>, i don't think god literally took an arrow from shiva to kill someone.If your audience is from a Hindu background, you will use storylines relevant to them
  10. Sikhism flourishes more in areas with large Muslim communities.Leamington is a prominent white middle-class town with a large Sikh community.So you can imagine the outcome, high on assimilation and low on Amritharis. hopefully, the growth of the Muslim population in Leamington will embarrass the Punjabis into following their faith.
  11. i would side with tommy robinson and Edl before sikh killing Congress party politicians, Has tommy killed any sikhs, has Congress party killed sikhs
  12. History has been rewritten, communist, fascist and Nazis were all Marxist.Followers of the state control system.Wahabism is being spread across the world by Saudi money and USA military power, (Iraq Syria ,Libya).RT news and Tommy Robinsons Rebel news gives an alternative view.
  13. 25000 ISIS radicals are on the uk watch list of the secret services, god knows how many more sympathisers.These people believe in violence and slavery for non-believers, like the treatment of yazidis.Sikh groups can not highlight these dangers as it may upset the liberal elite.Who did a great job of news black out on the grooming gangs of Rochdale, Oxford, Newcastle etc
  14. I'm Scared Of Dying! What Do I Do?

    when you're scared of living but afraid to die. I get scared of giving and I must find the faith to beat it.
  15. Sandeep Kaur Samra radicalised by terrorists

    I have spoken to my coventry relations. The family is sikh respecting, who are going through a difficult time. please show some support, divided we fall.