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  1. sophia duleep Singh

    Who decides who is a Sikh. The daughter of Punjab , the cub of the shere will always be a shere a Punjab why is Sophia achievements not an appreciated by the British Sikh community
  2. Is India overated?

    Punjabi is not punjab of old, like Trump said these countries are shitholes. I bet escaped poor living in the west will argue how good india is
  3. daily mail on line is based in India So guess the sikh hate
  4. what nonsense, the gori would have left him anyway.Mixed marriage between Indian guys and English girls rarely work.Indian guys are used to waitressing service from their mothers. Which the gori wants from the guy.
  5. How to combat the christian threat

    christians have had the reformation, but it is middle eastern evil. jesus said i have not come here to change the evil book of torah, it is the book of my father .it is more evil than islam
  6. How to combat the christian threat

    the bible Koran and Torah are evil books of the middle east. Are middle class sikhs stupid.These evil books support slavery. please argue if u have contradictory evidence .slavery is more evil than caste
  7. Britian First

    A simple summary of the radical groups, if Britain first gains power, Islam is defeated and I get deported. if Radical Islam conquers, I have to convert or die.Deportation sounds better than death.
  8. Britian First

    I have no problem with turbaned headed men appearing with the EDL, just turbaned headed men appearing with the Congress party.As far as I know, no EDL members Have killed Sikhs, and no EDL members were involved in the Sikh massacre of 84
  9. Is Sikhism really hijacked by Jattism ?

    if jatts are so evil, why are non-jatts embracing cults with jatts as their gurus, eg Radha Soami and Sacha Sauda
  10. #freejagginow

    Now , Punjabi police accuse Jagtar Johal of shooting Bambi and JR Ewing.I would laugh if it was not heartbreaking.Free juggy, bring our boy back home
  11. #freejagginow

    Sikh channel should start a fundraising campaign to get Jagtar Johal the best legal representation. I m disappointed with number of responses to this topic, show your support for Jagtar and family Are people afraid of Indian intelligence, and scared to do the right and justice thing
  12. #freejagginow

    is there a demonstration against Jagtar Johals imprisonment
  13. #freejagginow

    Spread the message on BBC websites like Radio 5 Asian network, not keeping it in-house.Highlight, why the British woman held captive in Iran is getting coverage by the British government, not Jagtar Johal.
  14. So I took a Ethnicity DNA Test...

    punjab was part of the persian empire