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  1. Sikh Capray

    It would be best to give them to a charity local who is helping with such disasters, as for sending it yourself would be too complicated and expensive.
  2. The Rumalla Company

    yes i agree with you also on that we shud also help the wider community especialy the poor that is a must, but what can you do the gurdwareh these days are chor, well the comitees are and such corruption is having effect on the sangat, Gurdwareh these days hardly have any sprituality left in them, they have become a place to argue and gossip and abused
  3. The Rumalla Company

    I dont think there is anything wrong with expensive ramalas, its all about pyar, i mean look at golden temple thats only gold because of donations of sangat and there pyar. Same goes for other such things like Sant Mani Singh i believe was working on making Guru Granth Sahib out of gold, to the normal person it might sound riduclous but that is no what matters, to premis it makes perfect sense.
  4. Warning To Amritdharis

    lol but seriously the site says bull sperm has taurine in it , not taurine has bull sperm. The two are completely different Plus its wiki so taking what you wrote with a pinch of salt
  5. The only reason this is even a topic is because of the documentary (which i admit wasnt the best) But you guys needed something to bash her or her father to satisfy your egos. I wonder if she had never made the documentary, i very much doubt any of you would have cared about it then.
  6. It will happen on its own by grace, dont worry about it, just try to practise simran as much as you can when not in conversation with other people or with you mind
  7. Longowall ?

    Badal is worse than indra, abdali, mughals all rolled up into one
  8. What do these meeting accomplish? Ever since i've been into sikhi i've always heard of this meeting and that meeting, but what is the point? These meeting and conferences are for the elders who want to rant and rave on stage, try to give the impression they are panthic, feed there egos, and then soon as the meetings done, go home to there jolly homes, and think what they can do with the gurdwara funds, corruption by our own people is sky high, no wonder less and less people are going to gurdwareh these days and following radaswamis or going mandirs, or converting or taking interest in learning abot other religions. To be honest i dont blame them either because they are chardikala unlike us. and were Akaal Purakh Ke Fauj??? Yeh right, no where near mate.
  9. Pro-dasam Granth Flyers

    im sure if bhai sahib didnt belive in dasam granth he would have spoke out against it, just like he did with issues like keski and raagmaala , if he has then id like to know were
  10. Who Is Panthic?

    Being panthic is respecting the diversity and differences in views of different jathebandis. someone who is panthic loves everyone and shows humility and in debates can give his views without name calling or getting angry.
  11. Is Love Forbidden In Sikhi?

    alot of amritdharis these days have love marriages but throw a veil over everything and say it was arranged, when in reality they boy and girl have been "friends" for a while.
  12. Download Sharda Pooran Granth

    oh my bad i thought it may have been some other bhai mani singh lol thank you shastr
  13. Download Sharda Pooran Granth

    who was bhai mani singh?

  15. A Sikh Book To Give To A Non Pratisin Sikh

    It depends what she wants to learn, Sikhism101 site has got many of Q&A type articles on there which are fairly good so maybe they could help you