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  1. Tea...A perspective

    Khalsa Ji, Here is a perspective regarding the dangers of drinking tea.
  2. https://youtu.be/keLN1PYUlXY Continuous Sri Sukhmani Sahib Sampat Paath followed by Vaar Mehala 1. Waheguru...
  3. https://youtu.be/EUedBHiPWFY Khalsa Ji, Karam Nirnay from 10th Patshahi via Bhai Daya Singh, mukhi Panj Pyare, by Sant Hari Singh. There are six parts in total. About ten hours of audio katha... Waheguru...
  4. Salana Barsi Samagam 2014

    Thanks for that Khalsa Ji, Who are the organisers of this samagam?... Waheguru...
  5. ਆਦਿਲ = fair, just, impartial. ( see Mahan kosh). Jhangir died and was succeeded by Shah Jahan. Despite Jhangir's shortcomings, he did confess to 6 th Patshahi that he was misled and misinformed by Chandu. The role of any emperor is that of " just, impartial, fair", whether one carries these duties out or not is another matter.... Waheguru....
  6. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=e5-VVpO5WqY https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=eIOVGwnifsI
  7. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=HxfkwYdg6Hs https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-IsrJbSh1LQ
  8. Jhangir gave Chandu the authority to deal with 5th Patshahi. The fact remains that Janghir was misled by Chandu. The biased one sided propoganda by Chandu was the major cause. Jhangir confessed this to 6th Patshai, and Maharajh accepted his plea.... Waheguru....
  9. Jahangir confessed to 6th Patshahi that he was misled by Chandu. Guru Ji accepted his plea. The punishment was given to Chandu.... Waheguru...
  10. Nya (justice) is the duty of the ruler/king. Whether the ruler does justice or injustice, the fact remains that his title will always be nyakaar (upholder of justice). The word 'raja' means content, yet we have rajas in the past and present who are far from content. This is a title given to the ruler, not praise in any way... Waheguru....
  11. F.a.o. Balbir Singh Only

    I've never taken clowns seriously, especially when they have multiple fake log-on i.d.'s. Perhaps, after the summer break, the nursery staff might find something more constructive for them to do.... Waheguru....
  12. F.a.o. Balbir Singh Only

    It would've been wise to engage in a conversation with you, if only you were competent in the English language, if only you didn't lack logic, if only you didn't lack rationality. Waheguru....
  13. F.a.o. Balbir Singh Only

    Please use the Oxford English Dictionary to understand the meaning of 'fornication'. Waheguru... p.s. stick to the original question, or concede that SGGS has to be taken in the wider context of Gurmat. If you do not have the ability to answer the original question, please say so....
  14. F.a.o. Balbir Singh Only

    If you consider Guru Nanak as false, and if you consider Gurmat as false, please provide 'Mukti' through your grace. Waheguru....
  15. F.a.o. Balbir Singh Only

    These quotes explain the biology behind conception, and explains births. The quotes you provided do not answer the question of 'fornication with mother or sister'. If you cannot provide specific quotes from SGGS regarding this matter, then would you agree that the teachings of SGGS have to be taken in the wider context of GURMAT. Waheguru....