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  1. Are They The Same In Terms Of Class?

    Thank you all for you comments and I know everyone has their own view on caste/sikhism. I know we shouldnt follow caste however there is caste within sikhism if we like it or not and I know the only way to banish this is for the younger generation to marry out of caste and teach their childeren that they are sikh and sikh only. As there is caste in todays world, how do you go about convincing the older generation to allow people to marry whoever you want? all of you who use your family surname follow caste, those who use singh and Kaur dont.fact. I use singh and I will always use singh. My parents says I can only marry my own caste and I dont want to a I want to marry whoever I want, but dont want to hurt my parents at the same time. A bit confused! Thanks again guys for your views on this.
  2. Hi There I read a post on here about caste and that our parents want us to marry our own caste due to being in the same profession. I wanted to know if there is any difference between a Sikh Kamboj from the punjarb (who are know as farmers) and Sikh Jatt from the punjarb (also know as the farmers)??? I know before sikhism was made we were all wither hindu's or muslims (sorry if this is wrong and please correct me) What cant a Sikh Kamboh and a Sikh Jatt marry one another? and what will the parents says that the difference is to why this can not be/ or can be? Any sikh kambohs out there please reply with your own veiws. Thanks C