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  1. Attack Attempt On Bhai Hawara At Court Today

    lol calling that an assault, they obvioulsy haven't been out on a night in any town or city in England, lol and Jagtar Singh saw it coming quickly and it looks like he got the 1st slap in. lol epic fail
  2. Militant Islam Burn American Flag

    with all due repect Genie, we don't need anyone 'to play of fears of the islamification of the UK' This has already started
  3. Things will get worse, watch this, Miltiant Muslims are allowed to burn a flag and shout abuse at a time when families of the dead were remembering thier loved ones. and even worse while they were allowed to get away with it, protesters trying to stop them were moved away.
  4. actually edl were out in various towns and in 2 areas, sikhs and the edl were patrolling the same streets.
  5. http://englishdefenceleague.org/what-does-it-mean-to-be-asian-2/ Read this article, what ever you may think about them, at least they are trying to change how the mainstream use the word 'asian' which is something our community should be doing
  6. Please see EDL's response to rumors of this nature. This PR was released within hours of these rumors http://englishdefenceleague.org/an-attack-on-a-place-of-worship-is-an-attack-on-all-of-the-community/
  7. Edl'S Response To Rumours Of Attacking Gurdware Etc

    Channel 4 tonight 10pm - Coppers it's about the EDL
  8. Waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh. this thread isn't aimed at discussing the edl as that discussion has happened many times before and we agreed not to post anything on here about the edl, as the interests of the sikh community have to come 1st. but the turban campaign guys are at it again - talking about excommunication as though it's a game, tbh it seems to me, they are just using the supreme authority as a 'pawn' for their political agenda. http://www.turbancampaign.com/updates/ Waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh ji
  9. Turban Campaign Are Lost Souls

    look edl are gonna do what they gonna do regardless, and so are the muslim extremists and muslim grooming gangs etc. i know what is the bigest threat to us as Sikhs living in this country, i know some sikh groups have stood up to these islamic extremists in the past, but like some-one said we need another sp like organisation who openly stand up to this scum. i for one would openly stand with them i still belive and have mentioned it in the past, that when things get worse with the english and the muslims, we will get caught up in the middle, so now while a movement liek the edl is stil lelatviely new, we do need to educate them on the difference between us and muslims and sorry to say, ppl like the turban campaign are only gonna make us seme like we are in bed with the extreme muslims come on regardless of what ever threat you think the gora are, how can u even get into bed with the extreme form of islam. 2 yrs ago before the edl formed, all the issues the edl have with miliant islam, we have too, lets not get distratced from those issues, cus some sell out sikhs say edl are racist, okay let edl do what they want, and the day they become a threat to the sikh community, beleive me it will be sorted but until then stand up again miltiant islam, don't let england become a republic state of islam, and sorry guys ppl like balvinder rana who leads the turban campaign and sikhs gaainst the edl is just a leftie communist who don't even practice sikhi himself, so how can he play games with the sikh community with his act
  10. http://englishdefenceleague.org/content.php?295-Never-Surrender! a response from Guramit Singh - well done mate
  11. Angry Englishman On Muslims

    actually the funniest comment i heard from an edl supporter was at the dudley demo against mosques. he goes 'we don't want mosques in the uk, well you wouldn't see churches in india, would you 'lol lol u should have seen his face, when some1 explained to him that actually you get load of churches in india, and india isn't a muslim country but agreed, you do get tools and ill educated ppl
  12. lol at 1st i thought they might have broke up - pop group style. just a joke but yeah if ones getting married and moving abroad, it will be harder for them to carry on, but i am sure they will do kirtan together when ever they can
  13. Sas On Sangat Tv Yesterday

    lol, i sent out a message to some of the policy makers within the edl to watch it and hear 1st hand the issues we as a community have with grooming etc. As i knew Mohan Singh was doing it, i thought it would mainly be in english, haha- i had a good laugh. can u imagine the scene 'a group of so called racists watching a Mr Singh talking in Panjabi trying to understand what he was saying' lol i did an ok tranlsation job lol
  14. will the turban campaign and other so called sikh leaders release a press statement condemning what happens at these mosques!!!!!! ehmmm - i doubt it