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  1. VJKK VJKF! What part of dasam bani is this shabad from exactly? And if someone could maybe post a transaltion that would be really helpful too.. Thanks... VJKK VJKF!
  2. WAHEGUROO JEE KA KHALSA! WAHEGUROO JEE KEE FATEH! The University of Western Ontario and WesternSSA in conjunction with The London Sikh Society and The Canadian Organization of Sikh Students, would like to extend a personal invite to The Canadian Organization of Sikh Students to attend the Meeri-Peeri Rainsbhayee Keertan and Exhibit on October 14th, 2006. WesternSSA and The LSS would greatly appreciate your attendance and would like to repeat an inspirational night of Keertan, which was experienced during he 2005 Rainsbhayee Keertan and Historical Exhibit. Below we have written a break down of the event for your convenience, please help us spread the word by sending out personalized emails to your respective mailing lists and having announcements made at general body meetings as well as your local Gurudwara. WHAT This year WesternSSA will be holding a Meeri-Peeri Rainsbhayee Keertan and Exhibit in rememberence of the victims of the Delhi massacres. The night will not only be a Rainsbhayee Keertan but also a historical and interactive flashback with an exhibit of various Sikh artifacts. This year's exhibit will be themed "Meeri-Peeri" and will attempt to bring into perspective the spiritual and temporal aspects of Sikh life. The "Meeri" exhibit will primarily consist of Puraatan Saroops and scriptures dating back over 150 years in age. A detailed list of displays that will be present under the Meeri section of the exhibit is available in the attached Exhibit Document. The "Peeri" portion of the exhibit will predominantly consist of Puraatan Shastaars dating as far back as the 18th century as well as coins from the Sikh Raj. A list of displays under the Peeri Section of the exhibit is also available in the attached Exhibit Document. WHEN This years event will take place on October 14th, 2006 and will adhere to the following schedule 6-7pm Rehraas Sahib 7-8pm Simraan 8-4am Keertan WHERE The nights events will be taking place in London, Ontario, Canada at the following Location. London Sikh Society 37 Clark Rd London, ON N5W 5Z6 (519) 452-3373 TRANSPORTATION AND DIRECTIONS For those that are coming from the GTA, a free bus has been arranged from Dixie Gurughar. The bus will be departing at 5pm on October 14th, 2006 and will return immediately after the Rainsbhayee Keertan is over. The trip will be approximately 2 hours from the GTA. If you are interested in attending you must book a seat on the bus by contacting us (please refer to flyer for more details) Click Here For Directions From Toronto Click Here For Directions From Windsor/Michigan EXHIBIT Please View The Meeri-Peeri Exhibit Document For Descriptions Of The Displays. MEERI Dasam Granth Sikh Rehat Maryada Sau Sakhi Janam Sakhi of Guru Nanak Dev Ji Das Granthi Vichar Sagar Natak Bhavarth Deepika Asv Medth Granth Sukhmani Sahib Aneik Darshan Complete Janam Sakhi of Guru Nanak Dev Ji Yog Vashishat (Nirban Prakaran) Sarbloh Granth Gurbilas Patshahi Dasvi Book on Folk Medicine Gur Partap Suraj (Suraj Prakash Granth Vyakhya of Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji Guru Sakhian Sau Sakhi Gutka (Prayer Book) Dasam Bani Asa Di Vaar Pran Sangali Asamedh Granth PEERI Sikh Raj Coins Katar Tulwar Arrow Kirpan Patiala Sword For more information please contact us via email or visit us online at www.westernssa.com Yours Truly, Your Sevadaars WAHEGUROO JEE KA KHALSA! WAHEGUROO JEE KEE FATEH!
  3. Help I Instrument Notes

    LOL nvm i realized u're in UK so it would probably be a lil hard to meet up but anyways add me to msn it''s awesome seein ppl picking up instruments that will help revive an ancient tradition so it would always be nice to be in touch..
  4. Help I Instrument Notes

    Vahiguroo Jee Kaa Khaalsaa! Vahiguroo Jee Kee Fateh! The Re half note (Re komal) and Dha notes are as follows... Re Komal lies between the normal shudh Sa and Re notes and the komal Dha lies between the shudh Pa and Dha notes... I attached some pictures to help you out...I took a course with Raj Academy and got these pics from there... If you're in Toronto though you could get in touch with Nampreet Singh or Rupinder Singh... You could also gimme a shout it would be nice to sit down with you and jam... I''m just a beginner as well so it would be a good learning experience for both of us... Hit me an email at rsingh18@hotmail.com or add me to msn. O yea in the attachments one is the female scale and one is the male scale. Vahiguroo Jee Kaa Khaalsaa! Vahiguroo Jee Kee Fateh!