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  1. Whey Protein (concentrate)

    Why not just drink lots of milk? It consists of two types of protein: 20% whey which is rapidly digested, and 80% casein which is slowly digested, and therefore it maintains high levels of amino acids in the blood for a long time. This is especially important during sleep because you won't eat for several hours and your body needs amino acids to repair muscle, which is why it is the perfect food for babies who sleep a lot and grow rapidly. Whey is just a byproduct of cheesemaking and selling it to weightlifters at high prices is a good way of making lots of money.
  2. Sikhs Getting Bullied

    I agree. In case you were referring to my post let me clarify that I meant to ask which is the favourite target of Muslims, the Hindus or the Sikhs?
  3. Sikhs Getting Bullied

    I have a question. Do you find that Muslims are more aggressive towards to Sikhs than they are to Hindus? Because officially, these guys project themselves as being against Hindus (specifically Brahmins) and sympathetic to Sikhs.
  4. Protest

    Well like I said I just read the thing about the website design in the news. But the rest is my own opinion, I didn't get it from anywhere else.
  5. Protest

    sikhsta I read in the news that some BNP guy designed the EDL website. But it's obvious that the EDL are a bunch of racist football hooligans anyway who use "Muslim" as a code word for "desi". Hence no Sikhs should be giving them any legitimacy.
  6. Gang War

    Sounds like the kind of crazy malicious rumour Pakistanis would spread to create a dispute.
  7. Air India Flight 182

    I had the same thoughts myself. It is the likes of Dawood Ibrahim who finance Bollywood which explains why Muslims are the top alpha males, Hindus are second tier with Hindu actresses no longer wearing bindi and falling for Muslim guys, and the Sikhs are jokers. Why would Hindu Nationalists set it up like this? There is a Muslim hand here with collusion of pseudo-seculars/Commies. Muslims have a special dislike for Sikhs because we fought with their beloved Mughals. Also agree with your comment regarding Hindu-Sikh relations. I find them to be very positive. Sorry to derail the thread with that comment - just wanted to chime in with jgill.
  8. Instruments

    I'm not musical but I think dilruba and sarangi are beautiful instruments. That is what I would learn if I had the talent. I wish a lot more desis would take up these instruments because they seem like a dying art nowadays.
  9. manni007, can you paste a few good examples here?
  10. Islamic Extremists Killing Sikhs Video

    Many subcontinental Muslims idolise the early Islamic raiders like Mahmud of Ghazni and Muhammad Ghori and the later Mughals. How many I don't know but I should imagine the percentage is very high. It certainly is not normal. The Pakistanis have several of their missiles named after these people who terrorised their ancestors in the most brutal and horrific manner. They evidently gave them a permanent case of Stockholm Syndrome in doing so. The equivalent would be India naming a missile Dyer. It's also in poor taste considering how they treated Hindus, Sikhs, and other unbelievers, but then that wouldn't be of much concern. I think from this we can determine what the average Pakistani really thinks about Sikhs.
  11. Simple and only solution is to educated them about Islam. They obviously have no idea about it. Two good websites: www.religionofpeace.com www.jihadwatch.org They should ask themselves, if most Muslims are nice folks, then why have Hindus and Sikhs been practically wiped out from Pakistan? They have gone from 19% in 1941 to 1% today. Something very wrong with that. And why aren't Indian Muslims bothered about that or the Kashmir ethnic cleansing? Instead they protest about far away stuff that doesn't concern them like Iraq and Afghanistan. There was a Muslim guy from Pakistan called Anwar Shaikh (now deceased) who killed 3 Hindus and Sikhs in the partition riots in 1947 and later felt great remorse. He converted to Hinduism and wrote books about Islam and said that "Hatred of non-Moslems is the pivot of Islamic existence". No Muslim scholar took him up on this. Here is an interview with him in the Chandigarh Times: http://www.news.fait...article&sid=789
  12. This is unfair. What about Hindus who helped save Sikhs during the anti-Sikh pogrom in 1984 by Congress mobs? Do they deserve such prejudice and betrayal? What about the Hindus and Sikhs who are friends and ones who get married? I'm not in favour of Khalistan anyway. I was going to post in the "Khalistan is Unjust" thread but it is locked. I think it is not only undesirable, but not viable, but obviously people disagree with the viability argument. Also we must be wary of being manipulated into fighting among ourselves. That is the reason Pakistan supports all this. It's a big bad world people. Take a wide-angle view of it and weigh things up properly. Some on this board have been warning and trying to expand the mind in this regard. The wrong choices will cost our community dearly. I find Hindus to be very tolerant and secular people. It is the Muslims who are the bad ones because their religion teaches them to hate the kafirs and wipe them out. That is why Hindus have historically given safe haven to other communities while Muslims in all lands they dominate wipe them out. In 1941 Pakistan was 19% Hindu & Sikh and now it is 1%! If Indian Punjab had joined with Pakistan (didn't Jinnah offer?), then I'm sure the kafir demographic there would have fallen off a cliff too.
  13. Sikh And Hindu Arranged Marriages

    I know of a couple of Hindu-Sikh marriages. The brides are Hindus. I am very pleased for them.
  14. Yeh, I'm one of them. In my experience Sikhs and Hindus get on well. I even know of two weddings. I was going to make a post in the "Khalistan is Unjust" thread but it is locked. But I'm totally in favour of Hindus and Sikhs sticking together. I love all dharmic religions and Indian culture. Why fight with those who want brotherhood? I don't believe Sangh Parivar want to destroy Sikhi. They also say that Jains and Buddhists are part of Hindu civilisation and these very small and passive communities are able to maintain their distinctive subculture without any problem. We can find faults and sins in any community but Hindus are generally very secular. Historically they have given safe haven to refugee communities while Muslims either annihilate or subjugate other faiths and cultures. Many subcontinental Muslims actually venerate Islamic invaders like the Mughals who attacked Sikhs. Any crime is OK to them if a Muslim committed it. Even looking around this website I can see that the victimisation Sikhs experience is from Muslims (bullying and harassment, preying on Sikh girls) not Hindus.
  15. It was better they left definitely. Tens of millions died in famines, massacres and riots and massive poverty was created in a once prosperous nation. The irrigation system was destroyed and traditional village schools were derecognised. From near total literacy the rate went down to 6%. Most of the current fissures in the subcontinent have their roots in the colonialist days. If it went on longer it would only have been worse. I'm in total agreement with Jujhar Singh's posts in this thread. Victims of famine in India Indian made to crawl