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  1. Gurudwara Changes!

    Most of the anti panthic issues in Gurdwaras over the last 20 years in the UK like meat and alcohol parties in Gurdwara halls / community centres and interfaith Anand Karajs have been due to Gurdwara committees being made up of what you could call aethist Punjabis with zero Sikhi knowledge, their primary concern was raising money which is why many Gurdwara theses days are actually businesses rather than the spiritual centres that they should be. This is also the reason for poor quality parchaar and lack of youth attending Gurdwaras. Hence there should definitely be a vetting process for anybody wishing to become a Gurdwara committee member. They should be knowledgeable in Sikhi and also have a progressive skillset and mindset. Having Panj pyare run a Gurdwara sounds good but just being Amritdharee alone is not enough and it excludes large amounts of the community that may have the skills and mindset to take Gurdwaras to the next level. We need more than old retired blokes with little or no Sikhi knowledge or other professional skills.
  2. Leather, Tabla of Goats Skin

    If you want to do your own research and reading this question, plus much more fantastic well referenced and researched work has been carried out but some sewadars. If your on Facebook look up the Jhatka Maryada group page or check out their website www.jhatkamaryada.com . They have already answered your question in one of their articles plus many other questions regarding this issue. The outlook of this forum is pro vegi, anti meat , so there's no point having this discussion here they get upset and will lock te thread or delete the posts....
  3. 2 years after Sarbat Khalsa 2015

    Not to mention everyone seems to have forgotten about Professor Davinder Pal Singh Bhullar , Balwant Singh Rajoana and all the other jailed Singh's I'm jail despite completing their sentences.. What happened to Bapu Surat Singh and his hunger strike ??
  4. Mohan Singh made a great so speech at this event, brutally honest and to the point.
  5. Look up the "Turiya" group on Facebook they have a very interesting thread open discussing i whether there is any Ithiasic evidence that Sikhs celebrated Bandi Chor Divas...or whether it is a modern invention by hinduphobic Sikhs. They point to Suraj Prakash and panth Prakash which apparently details where Guru Hargobind Maharaj celebrated Divali with Sikhs...
  6. Independent Newspaper's hit piece on Sikh Youth UK

    Sikh Press Association, Sikh Council UK and Sikh Youth UK have issued a press release and response to the independents article. Note how it highlights the grass roots work SYUK carry out in the community directly with families , councils and the police. Note to mention the awards they have won. What community work do the Sunny Hundal, Katy Sian, Rana crew actually do ? What is their contribution to the mission of and ethos of Sikhi ???
  7. Gurdwara Act rarely elects religious people for SGPC

    Yes omissions have been made from baani by SGPC commissioned "scholars" it's a well known fact. Do some of your own research and you will find out the details. The thread below for example discusses the Shortened Rehras Sahib that is read at Haramdar Sahib. Not to mention under SGPC's watch the Dasam Granth saroop which was held at the Akal Takht complex since the time of Bhai Mani Singh Shaheed was removed, under who's authority and orders was it removed??
  8. Sikh channels

    As already stated the Sikh channels are all free to air on Sky so any satellite receiver connected to your sky feed will be able to pick them them up they are not encrypted. You don't even need an official sky box as such.
  9. Independent Newspaper's hit piece on Sikh Youth UK

    Do any of these leftists actually do any positive community work at the grass roots level to assist with issues affecting the Sikh community or do they just stir up controversy by writing biased articles to make themselves seem significant or obtain government funding ? SYUK have several initiatives with volunteers travelling up and down the country to promote and bring awareness of the Sikh faith. They run a helpline to assist members of the panth with any real world issues. What exactly do Rana, Katy Sian, Sunny Hundal etc do at a grass roots level for the faith they claim to represent ??
  10. Gurdwara Act rarely elects religious people for SGPC

    It's taken them 100 years to realise that the SGPC are a corrupt organisation originally created by the British so that they could manipulate Sikhs and create s modified version of submissive Sikh that suited there purposes. Singh Sabha in their short sightedness sold out Sikhi to the British. How can the modern electoral voting system which can easily be corrupt, be better than Guru ordained Maryada ? It's no coincidence that the forming of SGPC also bought the decline of Sikh traditions in Punjab, the decline of shastar vidaya the decline of Raag vidiya and traditional kirtan , gurmat Sangeet. The editing of baani and censorship of any opposing views and publications... One only needs to look to Sachkand Takh Hazuri Sahib to see how the Hazuri Sikhs have maintained the true Khalsa Maryada of Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaj without the corruption and interference of SGPC and other anti panthic elements.
  11. Independent Newspaper's hit piece on Sikh Youth UK

    Agreed, if your going to challenge viewpoints do it in a constructive, inclusive and coherent fashion not in a aggressive or confrontational manner or anything that can be construed as such. Rest assured these kind of people will very quickly try to publicise and twist any sort of challenges to their viewpoints and label people as "extremist, fundamentalist, khalistani, intolerant" . We do not need to provide any unnecessary ammunition to the press who are only too happy to demonise and misrepresent the Sikh community already. A fully evidenced well researched cohesive response is required if any challenge is to be made.
  12. Independent Newspaper's hit piece on Sikh Youth UK

    Strange how the lefty's claim there is no evidence of target grooming against the Sikh community without actually attempting to engage with those who have the evidence. Bhai Mohan Singh of the SAS surely has mountains of evidence and documentation of the status of the grooming cases SAS has dealt with and the demographics and make up of the perpetrators... Im pretty sure it was Katy Sian who at one stage reportedly had a picture of a Palestinian plane hijacker as her Twitter background and was always posting random stuff about the Palestinian issue or other Muslim conflicts, strangely silent about Sikh issues like 1984 , Delhi ethnic cleansing, operation black thunder, operation woodrose, operation shudi Karan, Professor Davinder Pal Bhullar, Balwant Singh Rajoana etc etc... A typical "City Sikhs" network person.. As a community it is our own fault for not having enough educated, articulate Sikhs in positions where they can make their voices heard as a point of reference so the media don't have to go to the type of people mentioned who don't represent the true narrative of the Sikh viewpoint.
  13. There's actually people here trying to defend Leamington Gurdwara? Lol. This Gurdwara and it's dodgy commitee have a long history of anti Sikh practices and pig headed ego to go against the panth: - Leamington Gurdwara was a focal point for interfaith marriages, the commitee even hired private security firms to try and stop protestors and encouraged weddings on weekdays etc to try and go "under the radar". They also tried to create a rogue group of Gurdwaras and engage with the police to get protestors arrested if they tried to stop interfaith marriages. They called the police on peaceful protestors and told lies that the protestors broke down doors and assaulted sangat and had several weapons which caused a heavy handed police presence and response. - They attempted to build a party hall and bar on Gurdwara premises , and the commitee were forced to appear on Sikh channel to explain themselves. A planning permission request was submitted for this purpose. - They refuse to let anybody speak on stage against the consumption of alcohol etc. Various committee members past and presentwho I will not name have very chequered pasts...some of which were being sued for defamation by some amritdharee Singh's. Leamington Punjabis themselves doesn't have a particularly good reputation...Girls known for sleeping around etc, guys known for being druggys and alcoholics... There are also other dodgy Gurdwaras as well in Leicester known for sham interfaith Anand Karan ceremonies as well as Leeds and Bradford.
  14. Goat meat

    On the level though, goat meat i.e: Bakra doesn't seem to be very popular or common in the UK. Lamb is much more common. The only 2 communities where goat meat seems to be popular in the UK is Afro carribean/ Jamaican , and Muslims. So it tends to be halal. Your best bet is to find a farmer who keeps goats. That way at least you know it's genuine and fresh.
  15. Channel 4 Article On Punjab Drugs

    When your so called leaders turn away a person who offered to bring millions into Sikhi because they don't want low caste converts to become the majority and upset their power base that's when you know panth have serious issues. For reference I'm talking about when Dr Ambedkar travelled to Amritsar in the 1930s and offered to take Amrit convert to Sikhi along with his millions of dalit followers. The Gaddars in Sikh leadership at the time Master Tara Singh and the SGPC clowns (or soon to become SGPC), consulted with Gandhi and Nehru i.e: Indian government who urged them to decline Dr Ambedkars proposal. Obviously Indian government didn't want Sikhi to spread and the jatt elitist leaders couldn't have so many Dalits possibly threatening their power base so ... Offer rejected. Had this offer been accepted the picture would be very different now..we would be looking at potentially 250 to 300 million Sikhs in India. Instead we are looking at a shrinking kaum..Sikh population in Punjab is dropping year on year. We wouldn't be crying about drug problems and female infanticide right now if we had competent leadership who are not traitorous sell outs .