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  1. Sikhs And Organ Donation

    most sikhs seem to agree that donating is good, but nobody mentions whether anything about receiving organs.
  2. I have drafted a message to send to the BBC regarding this rally. I would like to know your feedback and hope you support this by sending as many messages as possible regarding this. This is what I intend to send: Dear BBC I would like to express my deep disappointment regarding a rally that had taken place at Hyde Park, London on 07/06/09. This rally had been organised as an remembrance event for the 25th anniversary of the 1984 attacks on the Golden Temple, in “Operation Bluestar” and the genocide. It seems to me that issues that benefit Sikhs are totally ignored, but issues that show Sikhs in a bad light are almost always covered by media. I would like to know why yourself, the BBC, and other national media agencies have not covered the rally even in a passing reference.