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  1. And on that note , How many of us are willing to CALL , WRITE , MEET the management , and express our views/concerns about use of hall to serve meat and alcohol ?
  2. With Guru Maharajs kirpa , we are trying ... nut no one is listening , as i already mentioned sadly its a numbers game , need the sangat to wake up and provide support , the more people knocking at their door , hopefully they will listen , one or two then they will carry on with their own agenda.
  3. I agree , but do we just let them carry on and say its karma , or do we make a stance and try to educate them , make them see sense . If an individual dont want to then its their prerogative , but i think we should not just let it be but try our best , especially when Guru Maharaj has given each one of us a choice , make a stance where things are wrong , wherever there is injustice , you will see a sikh .
  4. Where there is prakash of Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji Maharaj , is it termed as caste based Gurdawara ? .... No Again I think we are failing to understand that where there is Parkash of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj , and practices are not according to Gurmat , sikhi principles then :- a) do we just keep quiet and let it be b) try to make a difference and keep knocking at their door . Interesting comment . The Hall is owned by the Gurudawara , daswand of the sangat. So do you not think the hall should be used to tell the sangat about Sikhi , abide by Gurmat principles. In Bradford near a Gurdawara a slaughter house was opened , sikhs rallied, petitioned to get this closed or moved away from the Gurudawara. In fact the Sikhs believe Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji Maharaj as the living Guru. If in physical form Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj was present at the Gurudawara and these things were happening , would it be acceptable ? ( the fact is Guru Maharaj is present , but we dont acknowledge it ) .
  5. Its so sad i know , but the point here is not about whether they are ramgarhia, jatt ,or whatever ... but do we say what they are doing as conforming to the Gurmat Marayada ? The understanding I have is that Gurdawaras are registered charities, Charity commission who register the Gurdawaras as charities have a set of rules and regulations they need to abide by . For example , charity name, the charity structure , who are the owners , what their objectives are etc... This is where you have trustees, committee which should be selected from the sangat , but rather its more of an election , where only members can vote.... then it becomes a numbers game. Gurudawaras commitee, trustees should be those who believe in Gurus teachings and want to provide a platform for the sangat to learn and take somehting away in order to make that spiritual journey. Where these things happen and in this instance meat and alcohol are served in the hall owned by the Gurudawara which is about 50 yards away ? , Should we " the sangat" regardless of background, caste, colour , who believe in Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj and its teachings to be the living guru for the Sikhs especially in Gurudawaras make a stand or let it be ?
  6. I think its more of protecting your own back. Make sure you dont make the wrong move as we know the people in charge get Solicitors involved , make allegations against you , etc.... but they dont see that a Gurudawara is a central hub for sikhs and non sikhs to get enlightened from the teachings of Dhan Dhan sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj , but they dont see that , they see a building and profit. Sadly its all a numbers game, a few of us have been trying since August 2016 to have dialogue with the management , but they dont want to discuss. Back in 2010/2011 ( see thread attached) response was good . People called the gurudawara made their point , Satkaar committee wrote them a letter , held peaceful demonstrations and got them to stop using the hall from 2011 for consuming meat and alcohol . Now in 2017 same this is happening again and response is very poor. I personally believe sangat needs to apply pressure in numbers , bombard them with their presence be it on the phone, letters or in person, hence why i see it as a numbers game .... in order for them to respond. But the sangats views even on this thread is very minimal , which then makes me think , the cause we are fighting for is it a worthy cause .
  7. Despite the efforts of a few sikhs trying to make the management see sense , as not to serve Meat and Alcohol at the hall owned by the Gurudawara , they still went ahead and passed their agenda amongst themselves and the first party where meat and alcohol was served ocurred on the 24th February 2017 and many more to come !!!! Many attempts were made to contact the current management committee , trying to explian to them that no one is against any individual wishing to consume meat and alcohol , but rather the issue being these events should not happen in Gurudawara or Gurudawara buildings as its against Gurmat principles. So sangat ji , need help as what steps to take next . The thread above( back in 2010/2011) , stating Satkaar committee wrote them a letter , held peaceful demonstrations , Sikh Channel broadcasted panth time from the hall and the management stated on 12th march 2011 that no more consumption of meat , alcohol and tobacco from there on . But still it is happening today !!!!!!!!!!!! We have approached the management committee , Sikh Council UK , Satkaar Committee , Ramgarhia Sikh Council UK ........ they do their little bit then it all fizzles out . Theres no real body that has influence over these few Gurudawaras. Sangat Ji , is this issue a non entity, a non issue ? Not worth fighting for ? OR should we make a stand and try to reverse their decision ?
  8. My opinion is that there should not be Kirtan competitions , BUT a platform at the Gurudawara made available to anyone who is learning kirtan be they a beginner, intermediate or advanced level. Obviously not just turning up on the day , need to be practicing first. This way gives the student an incentive to learn and a sense of purpose knowing that they will be singing a shabad at their local / central gurudawara. I think this will develop their skills , make they want to learn more , build their confidence and hopefully continue singing shabads and move to the next level of vichaaring the shabad as well as singing.
  9. Waheguru ji ka khalsa whaeguru ji ke fateh In my opinion less is more . There are already plenty of Gurudawaras in the UK . One can meditate anytime and any place . Lets not take opening a Gurudawara lightly. It is the biggest seva one who is blessed by the Guru can do, its not just about building a new building , get income and thats it job done. Gurudawaras about cleansing ones soul , going in dirty and coming out clean blessed with naam, from doing vichaar of Gurbani , contemplting on the shabad and putting it into action . The biggest job in the world , serving Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Granth sahib ji maharaj , with pure sharada , love a sense of purpose to serve humanity , with no personal intentions. I believe one can be walking around , if blessed with love , walking around reciitng Gurbani , an inspiration to others Jagraj Singh did a talk on Gurudawaras absolutely opened my eyes and how true it is today .
  10. Truly Amazing an inspiration
  11. Guest Gurji , This is a very difficult one , and really sympathise with you . I know couples who after 17 years + being together have split up , and its really tough for a woman, physically and emotionally. Its really hard to envisage what your a going through and dont really see it adequate to give you advice but something is telling me to share the experience of the couples who have divorced , which may help you and above all Guru Maharaj will definitely help you. 1. Be strong , have faith in Guru Maharaj. 2. When you come home , put on shabad kirtan , reharas paath , sukhmani sahib . Have Kirtan playing in the background. YOur saviour , person who you can talk to , to get advice will be Guru Maharaj. 3. Have you seeked marriage guidance ? Dont bottle in your thoughts , speak to or family and Guru Maharaj. 3. Think about the future and be prepared . Are you working , can you pay the bills , who will look after your child . Sad but true these are things that will keep going round and round in your mind.... Be strong , dont take any rash decisions . Go to the Gurudawara once/twice a week keep up the routine , again Guru Maharaj will definitely guide you. I sincerely hope that you make the right decision and live a happy and prosperous life . Above all have 100% faith in Guru Maharaj ( also start reading Gurbani , read Sikh history , go to Basics of Sikhi site and view their material. Start teaching your Child about Sikhi , with Guru Maharaj ji's kirpa , your husband might see the positive energy in you and your child and realise his wrong doings.
  12. Guest Eone You "wanting to be with anyone" is your choice . If you , your family , the girl and girls family all agree then thats fine. However , now if the Sikh Girl and you want to get married in a Gurudawara and partake in the Anand Karaj , then both MUST follow a code of conduct . Anand Karaj (blissful/joyful Union)is the most important marriage ceremony for a Sikh , and the one that counts. Basically for a Sikh you go round the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj ( Holy Sikh scrupture containing the word of God ,spoken through the Sikh Gurus and blessed Saints) four times .( each round The Guru tells you how the Union of 2 Souls can be merged with the almighty ( I wont go into this is detail , but can do if required or you can research Anand Karaj for your self and come back with any queries as there are alot of learned Gursikhs on this forum who can provide guidance) Note:- Very important point, you are going around the the Guru , not each other , or family members. But focal point, center point being the Guru ( Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj) So , you are in fact binding to an agreement with your self and the Guru. Now if you dont believe this , or dont believe in the Sri Guru Grant Sahib Ji Maharaj as the Sikh holy scrupture , the word of God . Then simple , dont partake in the Anand Karaj , you can still take blessings from the Guru , have Giani's( preists) recite Kirtan(spiritual songs) , do an ardas for you ( prayers) , have a Civil registry wedding) but not Anand Karaj. As if you partake in the Anand Karaj but not accepting the Gurus message , then it becomes false , then why do it if you have no belief. ( Both parties must agree to this) This is not a one day thing , taking part in the Anand Karaj you are accepting Sikhi and its teachings and will be a life time task. Aiming to become one with the almighty. Regular visits to the Gurudawara , taking part in selfless service , listening and reading to Gurbani , helping others, bettering yourself , enhancing your spiritual journey etc.. The best thing is , this is all brilliant , whats wrong with surrendering yourself to the Guru , and learning , bettering yourself mentally and physically , helping others . Your marriage will be amazing if both partners are on the same path ( you'll have your ups and downs) but the beauty is Guru Maharaj will guide and help you all the way. Please see below link to video , http://www.basicsofsikhi.com/intro-to-bos-and-anand-kaaraj-talk-3ho-solstice-camp-2016-1/
  13. I believe everyone wants the perfect partner , good looking , good character , etc... who doesnt ....but the attraction can be developed over the years and with action. Action by the way one is behaving , seeing each other as friends , sharing your experiences together , attraction will definitely come. Above all have faith in Guru Maharaj , seek guidance from Guru Maharaj , ask Guru ji this question from within your heart and your question will be answered. If physical attraction is a negative and positives outweigh the negatives , then that may be an element to consider. I know a friend who was in the same position as you , got married to someone he was not physically attracted to. but in his circumstances he got married had the Anand Karaj so there was no turning back . For several months . he was sad but plucked up the courage to stick to his vows. He put all his faith in Guru Maharaj , started to go to the Gurudawara , speaking to Guru Maharaj , asking for help .Guru Maharj 100% helped him . Now you cant get him away from his wife , the bond is so strong , its an inspiration. He often says he was a moorakh , but made a decision to change his mindset with Guru Maharaj;s guidance. Before you make a commitment , see the guy again , talk to him have general conversation and then contemplate , and decide whether , he is for you or not.
  14. This is scary stuff , idiots like this obviously not Sikh , but giving Sikh point of view. Do you know if Jon Gaunt Show ,has been emailed stating this jon@talk2meradio.com @talk2meradiouk @jongaunt . If not maybe good idea for sangat to email,tweet Jon in masses , and tell him the truth maybe then he can have another show on this , where members of the sangat are invited and views aired as to people outside of Sikhi pretending to be Sikh and giving false information, trying to damage Sikhi .
  15. ahh ok , but the question still arises did the Gurudawaras in Luton explain to them about the Anand Karaj , not just telling them sorry you cant have a marriage here , but explaining why , the core meaning ...... or unless they didnt want to listen , which is a no hoper and outcome is what we see happening today.