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  1. Question for you all, what is the proper maryada in terms of dying (coloring) the beard? The reason I ask id I have seen many raagis, parchariks, even samprada singhs use some kinds way to keep there beard black. I ma not sure if there is something that is used that is within the constraints of maryada or it is out right not allowed to color the beards. Can you let me know what you think. Is there some kind've formula that is used to keep the beard black or are they just falling prey to fashion?
  2. My point exactly I have seen many singhs with there shoulders covered with a towel as well when changing the kaschera and that too at sarovers which is why I am asking. I think I may have read this from a post of gyani thakur sing from patiala but cannot find it...
  3. I was reading somewhere that when changing the kashera the shoulders should also be covered? Can someone provide a step by step on this? I know the ponchaa is changed one by one, but the covering of the shoulders is new to me...can someone explain who has knowledge on the topic?
  4. I am talking about the Q&A Derby video and its Jagjit Singh starting the rehras topic...thank you
  5. Can someone with a background or affiliation with a samprada etc answer this question. The above information is ok but I need someone who has sampradaic knowledge. The question and answer Derby thing is not very in depth and is heavy on SGPC's marayada. I find some of stuff they say is laughable. The guy in the grey pug says people don't have enough time so that is why they made it shorter. He says people in the deras are free so can read as much as they want.....the Jagjit Singh person says sampuran is just the name as its given by the dera? Is Taksal a dear? I dont think so...........I need someone who has real knowledge and depth.
  6. I was listening to a video from taksal who say that the rehraas they read is the final version as passed down by Bhai Mani Singh Ji. Then what about the Hazur Sahib and Nihang Singh rehraas, they also claim to be as passed down by Guru Gobind Singh ji....can anyone give some more info on this? Thanks,
  7. Does anyone know where the degh pangtee is from: Karah karan ki bidh sun lejai, Teen bhag samsar kar dejai Majan kar bhanjan dovejai........etc does any one have the full written with source. I know it is in the samprada katha but it does not reference the source
  8. R78...I am not asking for your opinion on whether or not we should light it or not. Simply answer the question if you know the answer, otherwise you can pass on providing your personal beliefs. Seem you don't have much knowledge on these things. What I need to know is when its an Akhand Jot and the wick burns out how do you pull out the wick and not let the jot burn out? Or do you keep another small jot going while you need to fix the main jot. Anybody on here with any experience on this?
  9. Sangat ji, I am thinking of lighting an akhand jot (continuous Desi ghee lamp) for an akhand paat. Does anyone know how to keep it going when the wick burns out? Like at some point the cotton wick has to be changed, how do we do this making sure the jot does not extinguish?
  10. Actually its not measured using bowls, its measured by weight. Pls read up from sooraj prakash."Karah karan ki bidh sun leejai teen bhag samsar ka dejai" In terms of the 4 times of water reference. This is what I was told by the vidvaans from taksal. Because they are from the direct lineage I would say they have the correct formula...
  11. sorry you have missed the point, there is always a formula to everything those who search will find...Read Japji sahib it is full of rules and regulations which have to been followed. Bhagat Dhana ji got vidyaa or gyaan and then attained liberation, read up on it...
  12. Dear Sangat For making degh: The rehat says 3 parts the same by weight (sugar, flour, ghee)then 4 times water. As far as I have heard the water is not weighed. So then how do come up with the 4 parts water? Is it the amount of sugar that is in the baata you just eye ball it and make then add the same amount of water *4?
  13. I have recently got brand spanking new sarbloh karahi (pan) from India, being used for making Degh. In 1 Karahi we have the water and sugar and in the other the Flour and ghee. The karahi that has the water and sugar seems to be rusting while the sugar and water is being heated up....any suggestion on how to remedy this or is it the its supposed to be?
  14. Not all Punjabi/Sikhs were tall and well built, regardless if it is today or back then, thats only your perception or what has been fed to you or what you are led to believe......thats just the reality of it. Bhai Bachitar Singh was only like 5 feet tall and in the khalsa fauj.....lots of different types of builds based on backround and lifestlyes etc. The more educated ones were typically shorter and less built while the farmer people were the built ones...its all genetics. They even say Guru Nanak Sahib and Guru Gobind Singh Sahib were around 5 feet 3 inches. So then they wouldn't fit into your box of what you percieve as the reality of punjabi/sikhs. The same goes for Punjab in general, certain gene pools were tall and certain were not. No different from today.
  15. if you are standing in fron of the prakashed Guru's, then on which side is AAd Baani - Is the left or right?