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  1. If anyone is still interested about the site we have upgraded the forum software and server software. Hopefully things will be a bit more stable.
  2. Fateh, We have a lot of pending updates and made the forum as secure as we could previously. We are looking at upgrading soon so hopefully things will become stable. We will also be reviewing the site security again to make sure everything is good. For now we have to opt for on/off method.
  3. Can't you secretly record them? Once you have evidence then take it to HR and if they don't take an.apropriate action then put it online. When the company's reputation is on the line, your company won't side with them.
  4. SSA, don't worry I don't think your id is hacked. It's more likely that there is some bug in the forum software. There is another update pending that we will apply soon that may fix issues like these. Hackers don't spend time to get into websites to mess around with individual accounts like this. What could have happened is that you liked a post but the like never got saved to the database. Next time you visited the topic it showed up as not liked. If you guys see odd behaviour then please msg me with details of what happened, what you were doing and browser . Thanks Balait
  5. Speaking of attention, I was thinking how we simply follow our elders in one way or another. For example, ardase being read at the gurdwara. People give money and Want their name read out (God help the granthi ji if he gets it wrong), this to me is no different to youngsters posting on Facebook to get likes.
  6. Congratultions on the little one. We named our baby boy Jasdeep Singh. Deep for short.
  7. There are two gurdwaras in my town. Women spend the entire 3 days of akhand paths in the kitchen cooking and talking. Forget about the different variety of sabjiyan that get prepared, there are tonns of different kinds of sweets made as well, besan, gulabjamun etc The point I was making was that a lot of people now days are relying on foodbanks etc so if each gurdwara ran a simmilar programme but for the langar then that would stop us sikhs from turning the langar into a all you can consume free meal. Check out the site below...
  8. So i was reading the discussion about langar in the other topic and remembered the sakhi of this sikh couple who would do seva in langar and then eat langar every day. I think they were told that langar became like a payment from the guru to them so they were advised not to consume langar all the time. I might be wrong as i was very young when i read that sakhi. Anyway, so in our gurdwaras usually there is langar leftover after everyone has eaten. There is mad rush to fill tomato tins, Tupperware etc with langar to take home. As we know many people are struggling with expenses, should we be promoting langar to non Sikhs? There could be a list of people who sevadars could send the leftover langar. It would be better than us lot overeating langar. We used to do this at our old location, there was an old peoples home nearby and we used to send them the food.
  9. Clear your browser cache.
  10. Just thought I better mention the word "Langar" as that is available for the starving people.
  11. Fateh, I need full version of the attached shabad. Please let me know if you have it or where I can get it from. If you can tell me who sang it etc that would be good too. Thanks Balait. prabh_jeo_devo_darshan_apna.mp3
  12. I also have my own style. Will post pics later. Please follow my tutorial in the above link to avoid the issue you are having. I have been there and done all that hence the above tutorial.
  13. SSA update from me, since posting in this topic on "14 April 2012 - 10:02 AM", I have been eating ok and exercising a lot more. Also taken up, squash. I have now gone down 1 dress size, from XL to L :D Balait.
  14. I meant to reply to this the other day, apologies for the delay. Having worked as a software engineer for a number of years I can tell you that IT is not the greatest. Money can be good but the work is always quite demanding, unless you are working in a small IT department where there are not many IT challenges. If you go down the engineering route then you will have to continuously upgrade your skills and also deliver what is required. Downside of engineering is that experience is required now days. Even if you have the qualifications, employers want some experience. With experience, you can find plenty of jobs but there is always the danger of jobs being outsourced. If you go down the analytical route, then you could become a project manager, business analyst etc. I would recommend this route for you as your Law degree will provide you some benefit here and may even help you move ahead of other candidates. If it was up to me, I would be doing something else right now which has a lot more interaction with people. 1) How difficult/what type of maths is in the courses, eg. computer science? I don't have A-level Maths, but I have a GCSE grade B. I havnt had to do too much maths. If you do a degree in Software engineering then you will be required to do some maths but most IT jobs dont require complex maths unless you are working for a financial organisation. 2) How can I pick which course is right for me and how can I know if I am cut out for it beforehand? No idea, you have to pick what sounds interesting to you. Report writing (meeting clients, writing reports, attending meetings) or Coding? 3) What are job prospects like? They can be quite good with some experience and depending on how good you are. Most engineering job interviews contain a technical test which if you ace then the job is pretty much yours. Good luck.