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  1. Headphones

    No real category for this question so hear goes. For those based in UK, I'm after in ear headphones that are comfortable whilst wearing dastar, any suggestions will be welcome. TIA Cant figure out if this guy if for real, but if he is might have to ask relatives in India to keep aside or sew fabric around my cheapo sony's http://pugfone.com/estore/
  2. Isn't he the same guy spearheading the free Akal Takhat movement? Had no idea he started PDL and what controversies..
  3. Sikhi is khaneo tikhi, valo Niki. Unless there are instant results people become weak and expect Guru Sahib to work miracles in their favour. There is no easy answer it's a hard slog for everyone, until you reach the stage of sehaj and have complete control of senses and 5 chor. It's for the reasons you've outlined emphasis has been placed on increasing naam and performing Ardas. This is why Mahapurash perform immense naam kamai to burn sanchit karams and thus form a close bond with Vaheguru Ji. Without this effort we have little chance of finding inner peace, the only other way is direct kirpa 'bin bhaga Satsang na labhai, bin Sangat mail bhareejai jeeo'.
  4. Her wiki page has inserted Singh, it's possible they are trying to legitimise the relationship. I'm really not concerned about Singh's finding like minded partners, is it really such a big issue?
  5. feeding dogs meat

    A dog entered the open space where the sanchar was taking place, the Singh's tried to chase it away a few times but the dog would circle around and return. Eventually it ended up under the manji sahib. Once the sanchar had taken place, this dog came and licked Amrit boonda from the floor. When Hari Singh asked vadhay Mahapurakh about what would happen to the dog, they said for sure it will achieve manukha janam once again, it was vadbhagi as it persisted. This was one of the incidents the ignorant types in Canada latched on to and turned it into the headline 'Hari Singh gives Amrit to a Dog'.....I mean even he asked them how ridiculous this sounded yet they had no response. OP, Guru Kalgidhar Pita kept a peregrine falcon, of course the diet is small mammals. So just because you are a veggie/vegan or whatever you should not restrict animals eating what they were supposed to. In the case of domesticated dogs, it might be the case a veg diet is better suited, I think it might depend on the type of dog in the first instance.
  6. Manjit GK along with Badal, is one of the biggest sell outs. He calls himself a firm Hindustani, the moorakh thinks he was closer to Sant Jarnail Singh than anyone else and even more amusing is he thinks Sant Ji never talked about Khalistan. He has also made false allegations against SFJ, claiming they are extorting money by filing lawsuits in the US court, his family had close ties to I Gandhi, he never challenged BJP on Operation Bluestar being a "largely civil disobedience"....list is endless!
  7. Slough Gurdwara Racial

    First time I've heard of any trouble in Slough where someone has actually entered a Gurdwara Sahib. I'm wondering if he was a Muslim or just shouting Allah Hu Akbar in a racist fashion - as in an ignoramus or like @GurjantGnostic mentioned, he could have a few drinks. Even with the Irish club next door, and we know how much they like to drink, they have never caused trouble or casually walked into the Gurdwara to my knowledge. Who is they, PMKC lot?
  8. Slough Gurdwara Racial

    Is this Singh Sabha or Ramgharia?
  9. Is this a white sikh

    New Mexico
  10. Is this a white sikh

    Was this before or after the bhang?
  11. Why Sikhs are so powerful in Canadian politics

    Sikhs in the main are tarnished by practically all news sources as radicals, fundamentalists, terrorists and khalistanis. This narrative is pushed foremost by the Indian media and lazy journalists in the west who simply copy these stories verbatim without performing sanity checks. Below is another example of biased reporting, thankfully SikhPA (in this particular case Sikh Relief) are doing a great job highlighting and challenging perverted news reports. http://www.sikhpa.com/sikh-relief-response-to-accusations-in-outlook-india/ An article published by Outlook India on February 1st used an unverified source to suggest Sikh ethos humanitarian aid group Sikh Relief’s SOPW project (Sikh Organisation for Prisoner Welfare) ‘is ­indirect support for terror’. Here we share a summary of a response from Sikh Relief in regards to this most heinous and self-admittedly unsubstantiated allegation that would not be allowed to run in nations such as the United Kingdom where Sikh Relief was founded. India unfortunately does not seem to have measures to ensure media reports must be based on fact, and not unfounded accusations. We share this now as we will no longer wait for Outlook India to do the decent thing and allow a right of reply to members of the Sikh community who are labelled with inflammatory tags to tarnish Sikh activism which highlights issues of human rights breaches by the Indian state.
  12. These ******** should be hanged from the takhar sio and left to rot. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/telford-child-sex-abuse-scandal-independent-inquiry-serious-shocking-lucy-allan-a8250521.html
  13. Correction - ਭਜਹੁ ਗੋੁਬਿੰਦ ਭੂਲਿ ਮਤ ਜਾਹੁ ॥
  14. Jewel Thieves

    Got excited there, thought it was an article on the Panj Chors
  15. Today I was sent a very disturbing video via WhatsApp, where 2 Singh's are being attacked and beaten by a mob. There are no further details that I can find, what the reason is behind the attack and whether the mob are right wing Hindus. http://dailysikhupdates.com/viral-video-mob-beats-throws-sikh-man-onto-fire/
  16. I feel sorry for his wife/ bachey, if he's still married that is, he was always out attempting to preach/doss. Obviously he's not all bad as he was involved in setting up the original Boss camps and does have a level of shardha but wants the attention to go alongside and, hasn't clocked his time to leave the student scene is loooong overdue. End of the day everyone has strengths and weaknesses 😁
  17. Kashara

    Try keeping it on and report the results.
  18. That might be the case, still as someone who kept rehit, no way he'd be happy with the attack. Btw, I'm not pro Santa by any stretch of the imagination.
  19. Bob, just hearing that name makes me chuckle. He still thinks he's a student when that time for him passed in the early 90s...fool and full of the brown stuff.
  20. No matter what we thing about Santa Singh and who he allied with, I very much doubt he was chuffed with the attack, no Singh in his right mind would condone it. Whether this is true or not, I did hear he was unhappy with Sant Jarnail Singh for not seeking council of Budda Dal before making plans to defend Darbar Sahib.

    Explicitly from the Veds. Some are mentioning they never believed in 33M devte as facets of creation, and that 33 (Tridasha) are mentioned in Veds. Depending on what you read, various internet sites with Hindu authors have a varying take on the final number, but nowhere have I seen that they believe in one supreme entity, unless Brahman is encompassing all and the Gods/Devte are seen as his manifestations.