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  1. Just been informed of some very sad news. Bhai Sahib has passed away. Update from fb page EVERYTHINGS 13 ANNOUNCEMENT VaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa, VaheGuru Ji Ki Fateh It is with great sadness we announce the passing of Jagraj Singh, founder of Everythings 13. Jagraj Singh was diagnosed with stage four inoperable cancer in December 2016. We request all to respect the privacy of Jagraj Singh’s family and the Everythings 13 team during this period. Any further information will be shared only by Everythings 13. VaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa, VaheGuru Ji Ki Fateh
  2. Sikh areas in America

    Gravesend used to have the largest population of Sikhs, dunno if this is still the case.
  3. I agree with Gurmat Bibek Singh's. Effectively KA when working on projects that are not benefiting Sikhs or propagating Sikhi are practising Dhaan and not Dasvandh.
  4. I'm not convinced. Have you ever tried the langar since the roti machines were installed? The taste is completely different to when 'sevadaars' hand made them.
  5. I think you misunderstood my post, I'm not advocating AI, at least not in a Guru Ghar to the extent mentioned.
  6. Be like a vending machine, swipe payment card for Sukhmani Sahib Paat and return for Auto ardaas 1.5 hours later or 30 mins if sped up, perfect for the ones who can't be bothered but gives them a feeling they've performed a great deed. Some seva is already automated in Langars all over globe, Sikhs should draw the line somewhere. Unfortunately, we have fat bellied (with greed) leaders who care more about where their next hotel is to be built than socio-political issues facing Sikhs. Imagine, walking in to a Gurdwara in the future where a robot is doing chaur sahib or taking vaak, scary!. With the overall decline in youth learning to read Punjabi, many generations will become further detached from Gurbani and unable to take vaak by themselves. I can imagine this being a cheaper option, after initial furore......let's hope these thoughts remaiin just that.
  7. Post Your Favorite Kirtan

    Sarbjit Singh Laddi one of my favourite keertanis. Live recorded at Darbar Sahib http://www.sikhroots.com/audio-mp3/s/bhai-sarabjit-singh-hazoori-ragi-amritsar/mixed-albums/harji-aye http://www.sikhroots.com/audio-mp3/s/bhai-sarabjit-singh-hazoori-ragi-amritsar/mixed-albums/raati-jaye-sune-gurbani and these shabads we listened to loads from one of their albums when my son was born, listen or miss out: http://www.sikhroots.com/audio-mp3/s/bhai-sarabjit-singh-hazoori-ragi-amritsar/mixed-albums/deva-pahan-taariale http://www.sikhroots.com/audio-mp3/s/bhai-sarabjit-singh-hazoori-ragi-amritsar/mixed-albums/bhookhe-bhagat-na-keejei http://www.sikhroots.com/audio-mp3/s/bhai-sarabjit-singh-hazoori-ragi-amritsar/mixed-albums/hamare-kul-kaune-ram-kehyo http://www.sikhroots.com/audio-mp3/s/bhai-sarabjit-singh-hazoori-ragi-amritsar/mixed-albums/kabir-meri-simrane http://www.sikhroots.com/audio-mp3/s/bhai-sarabjit-singh-hazoori-ragi-amritsar/mixed-albums/chali-thakur-pai-haar *added direct links now, oops!
  8. Calm, haha, if only you knew. Criteria for an Admin should be someone with far more time on their hands than I, so quick to respond. Lets say no more than a 2 day SLA. Ideally Amritdhari and one who keeps minimum rehat. Cool headed, approachable, devoid of swearing at any given moment or without thought. (I'm guilty of this at least x2) Good grasp of Gurbani and well read (Sikhi wise) - or at least knows how to use Google Understands Politics and GOI/RSS tactics Is aligned to the Panthic Maryada Not biased towards one Jatha The list can be endless, I hope the right candidate is found - someone maybe set up a poll, excluding me as a choice!
  9. Some more Home Truths

    Sorry for the late reply, was busy. Again, I re-iterate, I do not believe it feasible to be both, I think it's akin to trying to fit 2 talwaraa into 1 mian. There are mysterious forces at play in the presence of Guru Sahib, if they wished a furna to appear in their life long companion, its not beyond comprehension. This link may clear up any further doubts: http://www.sikhanswers.com/gurmat-islam/was-guru-nanak-dev-jis-closest-and-life-long-companion-a-devout-muslim/ Back to the point I was making, Gurbani is sapasht about not being able to achieve mukti outside of Satguru Nanak house and only by becoming Gurmukh is one freed from chaurasi lakh gera. This means those jeevs prior would have to be born as Sikhs again in order to reach sachkhand and not some lower realm like jannat. Gurbani is also clear, there is only one Gurmati naam to be meditated upon and Guru Sahib came to Kaljug to save the world. I can provide quotes if you wish.
  10. Thanks for the vote of confidence but without sounding egotisitcal have already turned down a previous offer as I'm no longer an active member here or any other forum for that matter, usually read the little I find interesting or comment where I feel strongly about something. My vote goes to @Jonny101 The reason is I like his posts the most. His understanding and knowledge is greater than mine and the vast majority of time I agree with his train of thought and well balanced Panthic soch.
  11. Some more Home Truths

    All faiths cannot lead to the same path only up to the point their for want of a better word Guru's reached. I've said this before and we need to stick to what Gurbani teaches, not based on what we think is right. I've never heard that Mardana Jee remained a Sikh and Muslim, where is this written, you can't be both. It many verses Gurbani explains that in the age of Kalyug only through Satguru Nanak can one cross the ocean. We do not need to entertain Muslims who use clever language, chatarpuna and use philosophical approaches/quotes to try and entrap followers of other faiths. If they have seen the light through whatever means then good on them, we have no need to be convinced that Islam is a superior dharam to all others for us Sikhi is khoobsoorat.
  12. Gimmick fight, made the organisers and the fighters richer and temporary entertainment, so glad I did not pay to watch it. Fair do's to Mayweather for dragging it out until the 10th and keeping the McGregors izzat. The many thousands with commonsense stayed away from the arena due to the extortionate ticket costs.
  13. Request To admin/mods for new features to forum

    .........and MODS bring back the original like functionality, allows the readers to weed out fake accounts over time.
  14. Some more Home Truths

    Spot on. With the rise of social media, we see many people performing 'seva' and fully exploit photo opportunities in their bardi (t-shirts), to show the world the good deeds they are committed to. At home, usually it's a different story as you've poignantly summarised, where the elder generation are left to rot in care homes (for all to see on the news what type of care they receive) or the youngsters are too busy out holidaying or partying in place of fulfilling their rightful duties. Where were these do gooders when fb, instagram, twitter were absent? True seva is similar to Abhyaas, one should try and keep it gupt as possible for maximum laha. Note, this post is not in reference to Jagraj Singh..
  15. These sum up the Dhumma or as I like to call him - Gimli (but only in looks) from LOTR , he has helped bring DD Taksal to it's knees. and the icing on the cake
  16. Bhai Jagraj Singh has passed away.

    * CROWDFUNDING PAGE TO SUPPORT JAGRAJ SINGH’S FAMILY * On the 20th July 2017, our dearest brother and friend, Jagraj Singh, lost his fight against cancer. In the immediate aftermath, we celebrated his life, the wonderful legacy he established and heard some amazing stories of the positive effect he had on so many lives. The family of Jagraj Singh, his friends, peers and colleagues at Everythings 13 have been humbled by the love and support of the Sangat and have found much strength in this. Through love and compassion in the Sangat, many people have also asked about setting up fundraising pages, crowdfunding pages and generally asking how they can support the family of Jagraj Singh. These requests have prompted a small group of Jagraj Singh and Sukhmani Kaur’s close friends to set up a public fundraising page to support Jagraj Singh’s family. The aim of this fundraising page is to try and help Sukhmani Kaur pay off the family's mortgage and finance the children’s long- term education. We invite everyone who was inspired by Jagraj Singh to contribute, however small or large. https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/jagrajsinghsfamily (Please note, this is the only fundraising effort with the approval of Sukhmani Kaur. It has been organised by friends of Jagraj Singh and Sukhmani Kaur and is not connected to Everythings13 or any other affiliated organisation)
  17. Post Your Favorite Kirtan

  18. Post Your Favorite Kirtan

  19. A friend shared this with me today. I see they have already held classes in East London (weekly ones to follow) and plan a camp in Coventry.
  20. Can I Start A Parchar YouTube Channel?

    Way too much Tamo Gun being expressed on this site, no wonder why it only has a handful of hardcore posters now and the MODS are clearly super lax - good or bad depending on the age of visitors coming to learn about a Sikhi. How about STAMPING an 18+ sign or warning before logging in, just so they know what type of language might be used on the site. Possibly requires a separate post
  21. Bhai Jagraj Singh has passed away.

    Absolutely agree, I hope Sikh Channel perform a fund raising activity for Sukhmani Kaur and their 3 children, one who is only a few weeks old. *EDITED*
  22. Sikh eating beef

    Is it stamped on their heads or do you have a specially designed nose to sense Jaat Paat?
  23. Bhai Jagraj Singh has passed away.

    “Only SatGuru Ji can give or take life away and they are never wrong, only perfect. In all the Seva that Guru Ji allowed me to do of his beautiful Panth, I’ve made many mistakes and I ask forgiveness from the Sangat. If the Guru’s message has touched you and you feel it’s the truth, I urge you to follow that truth and become a GurSikh as none of us knows how long we have left. Please do Ardaas that Guru Ji gives me a place in his Charan and keeps my family and the Panth in Chardi-Kala. May the Panth flourish, even if I am finished, this is pure joy for me.” Jagraj Singh..
  24. Bhai Jagraj Singh has passed away.

    Thanks, is that a new feature or was it always present? Can't believe I missed it..