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  1. Site Security

    ok so it would seem this site is not running via secure Https. Apparently it's pretty cheap to purchase SSL certs and upload them to the sites servers, however unsure how much effort that would involve for the owners. This https://www.symantec.com/connect/blogs/website-not-secure-how-fix-now may help!
  2. Site Security

    Thanks, but these do not apply in my situation. Think I'll wait for admin to confirm whether this means Chrome is not suitable or the site is insecure.
  3. Site Security

    When logging in using Chrome, does anyone see the same as I? Not tried IE as this is my preferred browser. Google Blurb:
  4. To think BoS were trying to appease them at one point was cringewothy, it's not like they are at an embryonic stage as an organisation where convincing might change their minds, they are a money and power hungry mega structure & beyond saving.
  5. http://www.cbc.ca/radio/asithappens/as-it-happens-tuesday-edition-1.4391247/world-sikh-organization-welcomes-canadian-decision-to-allow-small-kirpans-on-flights-1.4391256 6cm or less, effectively the one worn around the neck
  6. Bhai Balpreet Singh hit the nail on the head.
  7. Muslim Dawa gang

    I agree with this approach and putting them in touch with local knowledgeable Gursikhs, failing that ask them to join a Sikh Forum. Certainly try and convince them to stop being engrossed and brainwashed by the clever use of language (fake pleasantries/rhetoric). Ultimately, they will make up their own minds based on what's destined.
  8. Sant Thakur Singh Ji

    What is there to gain from this question. Since you have asked, read 8th Ashtpadi, Pauri #7 of Sri Sukhmani Sahib, for answers.
  9. Sant Jarnail Singh Ji is back?

    Sant Thakur Singh Jee also believed they would come back and remained in Chardikala. As much as I respected their kamaee and that of old school Taksali Singhs, I find it hard to believe. I replied to a private message on this very topic. Sant Jee's body was found riddled with bullet holes, all at the front, this shows their immense bravery and adherence to Guru Sahib's spirit of never turning ones back on the battle field. What type of Singh with as much Bhagti as Sant Jee would cower in hiding whilst so much paap has been committed since '84. Below is one account from Sant Jee's life. By Dalbeer Singh in "NayRayo(n) Dithay Sant Bhindranvale" Dalbeer Singh Journalist was a close friend of Baba Jarnail Singh It was a Sunday in May 1984. I arrived at Harmandar Sahib at 9 AM, and noticed an odd sadness everywhere. I came to the Parkarma and saw about 25 young men in yellow dastaars with kamarkasas marching. In the room underneath the stairs of Guru Ram Das langar, Sant jee's companions used to plan out strategy and have meetings. All outsiders used to enquire here first. I arrived there and asked Bhai Amreek Singh about the 25 men marching in the Parkarma. He answered "These Singhs are from Hazoor Sahib. They told the Kar Seva Babas that until the existing gurdvaras are secured and protected, there is no need to build new gurdvaras." Today I think that these young men had arrived from all over after receiving training, all according to Sant jee's strategy. Their march was to give warning to the government. Bhai Amreek Singh said that in a little while the Jatha (Jatha Bhindran) would be having an important meeting on the roof of Sree Akaal Takhat Sahib. "Sant jee has asked that you (Dalbeer Singh) should certainly come to this meeting." I said that "I am neither a member of the Jatha, nor even amritdhaaree, how can I go to this meeting?" Bhai Sahib asked Sant jee on the intercom and said Sant jee wanted to speak to me in person. After answering my Fateh, he forcefully said "Gurmukha, you must come to the meeting." Answering my concerns, he said "I'm the head of the Jatha, and it is my decision to make about who can attend the meeting and who cannot". At around 10 AM, I, Bhai Amreek Singh and others went to the highest roof of Sree Akaal Takhat Sahib where the meeting was to take place. Because there were too many Singhs and not enough room, they had made an "L" shape around the dome. Tyaar-bar-tyaar Singhs with yellow dastaars, yellow kamarkassas and knee length cholas and kachheras, with their weapons facing sky-ward were giving an amazing sight. This sight can be seen in paintings of puraatan times. I took a place in the corner facing Harmandar Sahib. Sant jee came and stood in a corner. He could see all the Singhs form this spot. In his pure Punjabi, Sant jee said "Singho, I have called your meeting because the situation is very serious. A Jatha has come from Sree Hazoor Sahib and you should arrange weapons for them. Whoever amongst you have two weapons, should return one. You may choose which weapon you want to keep, because later on, there will be no changes. After this, Sant jee's assistant Bhai Rachhpal Singh took his small diary and began to take an account of the 100 Singhs' weapons. This took about half an hour. Then Sant jee resumed his speech. He said "Singho, the government will according to its strategy surrounded us with 100 000 soldiers. It is possible that jets and helicopters could be used and parachute soldiers could be dropped onto the parkarma. But until then, you will not fire any weapons, until the soldiers fire. Let the government fire first. Until the soldiers jump from the planes, do not fire. But when they do, not one parachutist should land alive. Don't waste ammunition and you should take one life with each bullet at least. If the enemy comes very close, distribute the Ladoos (hand grenades). This will be a very terrifying incident but taking the support of Guru Ram Das jee's feet, we will pass this test. " Sant jee said some other things and then finished his speech. He stopped for a while and then according to his habit, he took his lower lip into the left side of his mouth and began to think of something. He would do this when he was double-minded about something. After a minute or two of silence he spoke in very drawn out voice "Singho, I have to speak to you about another issue as well." He looked towards me and said "Bhaeeyaa, should I do it?" I understood what was in his heart and said he should do it. In a very serious mood, Sant jee said "Singho, that which is going to happen will be very shocking and we should go according to the will of Akaal Purakh. I can't say that at that time what the status on my life will be. If at that time I have breaths, I will tell the name of the next head of the Jatha, if this is not what pleases Akaal Purakh, then the next head should be chosen by consensus. My body should be cremated at Gurduara Gurdarshan Parkaash Mehta, on the street in front of the gate. Taking his right elbow onto his left palm, he said "Put a Nishaan Saahib of about this size there. Don't make any memorial. I want my cremation on the road so that the Sangat can continue to pass over my pyre and I'll get the touch of their feet." Everyone's eyes were teary after hearing Sant jee's words. In his clear voice he said, "Don't lose heart. Remain steadfast. The time has come when the Dharam cannot be protected without giving our heads." After this, all the Singhs quietly went to their own resting spots. When walking, Sant jee put his hand on my shoulder and said "Brother, keep your duty of friendship to the end [yaaree nibhaaee(n)]" After this, Blue Star happened and it remained a very big weight on my mind that who should I talk to about all this? After a lot of thought I shared this with the late Sd. Jagjeet Singh, the respected scholar of GurbaaNee and Sikh principles and the author of the book "Sikh Revolution". I asked why the Sant had called me into that meeting. He said very softly to me, "Dalbeer Singh, the reason is quite simple. The Sant had given a spoken final testament and without writing it down, he made you a witness to it."
  10. SikhSangat Stage 2

    Before starting big, start small. See if there is interest in people doing Nitnem together (outside of personal daily of course) and see how this pans out. More experienced paathis can correct mistakes, add bishrams on a 121 basis. If this is a success then move onto other baanis other than the mandatory 7, so Sri Sukhmani Sahib, Asa Ki Vaar, Baavan Akhri, Sidh Gost and so on.
  11. Leather, Tabla of Goats Skin

    You have different camps, some say Guru Sahib during their hunting excursions freed animals from the churasi. Others believe it was not only to hone skills and have the balls to deal with blood and death but as many historians write, consume game over open fires. Most carnivores will puke at the sight of gutting a carcass let alone veggies. Shooting from afar is one thing it cannot be compared to Jhatka at close quarter. Regardless, meat issue is a waste of breath. Maryada perfectly tells us it is a 'non' issue, just don't touch halal.
  12. Sikhism's Golden period is now

    Sikhi cannot be tarnished, it is evergreen and never fades.