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  1. The choice is present, no one is forcing them to drink tea and we do not want to go down the road of reading labels, calorie counting and so on. What next ban kheer to satisfy the health conscious or those with health conditions or alter the equal ingredients in Degh, do we think people questioned Mata Khivi when she distributed Kheer as per Balwand?? The correct terms I believe for small quantities of Degh is 'savaia' and for more 'gehra gapha'.
  2. The interface, ease of use and search functions are more user friendly on relative to SearchGurbani site. On my Android tablet, I found it impossible to effectively look up tuks despite using all the search options.
  3. is still down...obviously before Feb. MESSAGE TO USERS: A number of websites, including, on this server are currently not working as the server machine had completely failed in the beginning of Feb 2017, while machine managers were on vacation. While we are back it will take time to restore the websites. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please bear with us, as it will take some time. SUGGESTED ALTERNATIVES WHILE THIS WEBSITE IS BEING RESTORED: IF YOU OWN IPHONE OR IPAD: INSTALL "Isher Micromedia" App from App store and use it. This App has been available for quite some time and has matured. However, improvements will happen in the future IF YOU OWN AN ANDROID DEVICE (phone or tablet): INSTALL "Gurbani Explorer" App from Google Play store and use it. This App is a beta version. Please report bugs if you notice. WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT FROM ABOVE DESCRIBED APPS: These Apps are complex databases of multiple Sikh scriptures (Sri Guru Granth Sahib, Dasam Granth, Kabit & Vaaraan by Bhai Gurdas, and important writings by Bhai Nand Lal) in Gurmukhi, Devanagari and Roman, with their multiple translations that can be searched and read with ease. Apps use multiple easy to understand icons that are needed to be tapped for making selections. After searching the desired text, the user is presented with multiple reading choices. Not knowing what is possible, one may not make the maximum benefit of these App. Exploration is highly recommended. In the home page users make selection out of available choices. Once out of home page, the users will be in one of three kind of pages (1) Search-page, (2) Results page(s) and (3) Reading page(s). It is important to realize that possible options and actions will depend on the kind of page you are in.
  4. Video update by Bhai Jagraj Singh posted Sunday on BoS Fb page.
  5. They met if not exceeded the target on the night. This was just one means of donating, additionally Sangat were able to phone in and pay via BACS - the offline figure. Target: £235,000.00 Total raised incl. Gift Aid: £230,300.79 Total donors: 986 Last donor: Tirath Kaur 25.01.17 Offline fundraising: £60,000.00
  6. Kam did a 'fantastic' job last night and great to see the Sangat Worldwide get behind a worthwhile cause. ** SIKHS DONATE OVER £100,000 IN THREE HOURS FOR AMRITSAR PROJECT ** A live TV fundraiser for the Amritsar Visitor Centre, a project by Basics of Sikhi, saw a remarkable £110,000 donated in under three hours. Aired on 22nd January 2017 on the Sikh Channel in the UK, Europe, Canada and the USA, the fundraiser was done in support of Jagraj Singh, the Basics of Sikhi founder and the visionary behind the Amritsar Visitor Centre project, who is currently battling stage four cancer. The aim was to bring in enough money to buy a site in Amritsar next to Harmandir Sahib, the holiest shrine of the Sikhs, where visitors can learn about the Sikh faith and the history of the area. Community group Sikh Youth UK helped put the show together, in coordination with the Sikh Channel and Basics of Sikhi, in a show of unity for a project to spread Sikh philosophy and help the people of Punjab. Sandeep Singh, trustee of charity Everythings 13 who power Basics of Sikhi as well as several other projects, said of the fundraiser, “What happened during the fundraiser was remarkable. The generosity of the Sikh community is known throughout the world but I don’t think anyone could have expected such a massive drive within just three hours. “All associated with the charity are extremely humbled by the support shown. We thank the countless organisations, businesses and individuals that have shown their support to this project. Mainly, we thank Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj. Once again, we see that with our Guru’s support anything can be achieved. We will get things started and share updates as soon as we can.” The show aired live from the UK, West London, from 7pm to just past 10pm, hosted by Kam Singh. A respected Sikh community figure, Kam Singh has supported Basics of Sikhi since the creation of the organisation, even leading another live TV fundraiser raising in excess of £20k in 2013. Kam Singh’s enthusiasm and drive throughout the show has been hailed as key to bringing in donations to reach the target required. Kam Singh said of his involvement, “Jagraj Singh is someone who has done a massive amount of Seva (selfless service) for the Sikh community. I was humbled to be asked to host the show by the Everythings 13 team and there was no way I could say no. “In the last 20 minutes of the fundraiser we were looking for £1000 a minute to reach the target, and we did it! What we did showed what can happen through unity and this is something I hope will continue. Through working together there is nothing the Sikh community cannot achieve.” The Amritsar Visitor Centre project is being managed by the Basics of Sikhi - India team. The three storey site targeted for purchase will be designed to educate people in different languages, whilst also providing a space for talks, meditation and more. The Sikh Channel were instrumental in the fundraising process, dedicating all international channels to the live appeal. Sikh Channel CEO Davinder Singh Bal said of the fundraiser, “Everything that happened was only possible due to a huge team effort, led by Kam Singh. The Sikh Channel team worked tirelessly around the clock to deliver the Amritsar Visitor Centre appeal. Thank you to the thousands across the world who donated generously and showed great love for Bhai Jagraj Singh and his legacy.” For more information on the Amritsar Visitor Centre project, visit #BasicsAmritsarProject #BasicsofSikhi
  7. Sangat Ji, This Sunday 15th January, Jagraj Singh, Baljit Singh and other Basics of Sikhi Sevadars will be LIVE from 7pm on the Sikh Channel (Sky 829) for a live Q&A session and also to raise awareness, raise funds and answer questions about the#AmritsarInformationCentre project. Please spread the word and be sure to tune in at 7pm. If you want to be part of the studio audience to ask a question or share your thoughts, please inbox us on Facebook and we will try to accommodate you. If you can’t make it to the studio but still want to share your thoughts or ask a question, please inbox us on Facebook!
  8. Good news is back up.
  9. Real shame, wonder if they simply lost funding or were unable to manage the sites! Using Searchgurbani atm, not the simplest platform for searching Shabads. Regardless, found what I required. thx for checking.
  10. Tried accessing these and both seem to be down, anyone else having the same experience? This site can’t be reached took too long to respond. Search Google for sri granth org ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT and for Forbidden You don't have permission to access / on this server.
  11. #PrayforJagrajSingh A Tribute ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂਜੀਕਾਖਾਲਸਾਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂਜੀਕੀਫਤਿਹ With Maharaj Ji's Kirpa, my wife, baby and I visited Jagraj Singh bhaji a few days before he got this horrible diagnosis. We were talking about possible outcomes and death and he said with a beautiful smile, "Singh, don't worry. I already died 16 years ago. This has all been borrowed time." The glow on his face was incredible when he said this. When you are blessed with Dhan Guru Gobind Singh Ji's Amrit, you become Immortal. Through Guru Ji, one conquers even death. Jagraj Singh bhaji's mission in this life is to help liberate others and attach them to the Charan of Guru Sahib Ji. I know many of us feel powerless at this time and wish there is something that we can do to help. There is. Pray. We're asking anyone from any religion or background to lovingly pray to The One. Even if you've never spoke to our Creator before, please Speak to Them now. Go inside yourself and ask Vaheguru Ji to bless our brother Jagraj Singh ji and his beautiful family. Ask for them and Guru Ji's Panth to remain in Chardi Kala. The story is not over yet. Guru Ji can do anything! Miracles do happen. Bhaji's life is a miracle! The greatest power in this world is the Power of the Sangat, the Power of Ardaas and the Power of SatGuru, Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Maharaj. Jagraj Singh bhaji's life is a teaching. We should learn the lesson. Our next breath is not guaranteed. We must stop squandering time and work towards our soul's True Mission. Jagraj Singh Ji could have easily spent the last 5 years building his business and there is no doubt he could have easily been a millionaire by now. He's just that guy. He has a young family and could have done exactly what 99% of the rest of the world do, as he had the exact same excuses we all use. But he didn't choose do to that. He took Hukaum (command) from Guru Ji and disengaged himself from the world of personal material wealth and diligently dedicated himself to Seva, Service of Guru Ji and Guru Ji's Panth. The whole world is a better place because of him. He epitomises Sarbat da Bala. In the process, through Guru Ji, he's actually changed the world. People from all over the world, from all different backgrounds and many different walks of life have managed to transform their lives and bring Guru Ji into their lives. Jagraj Singh's personable manor of speaking, his incredible intellect, his massive heart and genuine love for humanity are all direct blessing from Guru Ji that bhaji has used to serve. He is a true role model and elder brother to me and my two biological brothers. His seva has not only transformed me, but is blessing our entire family. Guru Ji is doing Their work through Jagraj Singh! My favourite thing about Jagraj Singh bhaji is that he's an ordinary man. He's anyone of us. He's an ordinary family man that's been transformed into a modern day living Saint. He is Sikhi. He's the best example I've ever had in my lifetime of how to win this game of life. I pray my children are like him. Any praise of Jagraj Singh bhaji is actually direct praise of Guru Ji as I've said from day one the best thing about Jagraj Singh bhaji is Dhan Guru Sahib Ji. When the I in me leaves, then comes He! Jagmeet Singh
  12. More or less stopped posting here, but just want to say we should make an effort to attend on Sunday and of course can do paat at home as well.
  13. Come on Jagsaw/WLS/WSL you will miss it no doubt. You can always join SA if not already a member, I believe it's run by none other than NEO. Then again time away can be cathartic, I've contemplated it myself recently. Regardless, when you decide to return, just try and be civil even if you hold polar opposite views to others. As for all the good work you're doing you know what they say 'failure is the road to success'.........
  14. Always like Ramta's voice