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  1. Nitnem of gursikhs/sants

    Used to be able to, slowed down. Found that if one can read Jaap Sahib between 10-11 minutes they know it by heart.
  2. Nitnem of gursikhs/sants

    No need to look at just Mahapursh. Some of the bhindri taksal Singhs have really long Nitnem, barely finish before going to sleep. Bibeki Jatha Singhs daily read Panj Granthi in addition to Maryada prescribed bani. Sant Attar Singh read 100 Japji Sahib daily, Sant Jarnail Singh I hear between 101 and 125 per day. For this you need to be reaching high speed or in surti to read additional paath. I knew a Singh who reads Sukhmani Sahib in 30 mins. Japji Sahib for relatively fast readers is 5 or 6 mins.
  3. Shabad Hazazre patshai 10 maryada

    Is there a maryada for reading specific banian or are you referring to timings?
  4. Punjabi Language

    Guaranteed the gurdwarey there hold Punjabi classes. Check with Sheehy Way or the Ramgharia Gurdwara off the A355. The issue is that youngsters generally are not that interested, they simply have no need to learn and the elders are forced to converse in broken English. Few will insist on making it mandatory to speak in the home. Nowadays kids have no fear or discipline instilled in to them or it's a rare sight. Used to be the case of a few shittar (good seeing to) and kids toed the line, with all the poncy laws in place and children taught to grass on their own parents to the authorities they no longer have the encouragement. There are exceptions to this I've but not come across many. Now that my rant is over... Punjabi schools teach bare basics. If you're serious in learning and once have a grounding and later down the line read Punjabi news/books. I recommend spending time with elders in your extended family that do speak it and holiday in Punjab.
  5. Good question, usually have to go via a vpn for personal masking.
  6. if interested in the case, Mr Mander's site is covering it comprehensively https://naujawani.com/blog/freejagginow
  7. Is India overated?

    What makes Delhi a s1thole of a city are the very people who choose to forget that their family members were butchered in '84, yet they side with the perpetrators and blame Sant Ji.
  8. loaded alright, with dollars from Sonia G and the corrupt running of the 2010 games
  9. Shepherds Bush Gurdwara - this is not right!!

    ... guy in the pink pag, plus wasnt he being investigated for fraud last year? wonder what happened with that case!
  10. Shepherds Bush Gurdwara - this is not right!!

    That guy Peter Virdee is a multi millionaire, he was behind the refit according to a clip I watched on Sikh Channel, he said the committee left the building to rot away, their plan was apparently to sell the land and convert to luxury flats. Much of the labour was seva and Peter through his connections had material donated.
  11. Sorry - OP isn't your username derogatory? here's Arnie suffering from a bad turban day look at this ladoo, at least he has a shot gun and not a blunt kirpan....haha!
  12. Almost always attend the Marches, if not for bringing about change just for remembrance and solidarity, this year no doubt be 'Amarinder/Modi Kut* Maro Juta' narey and usually it's a good day out to meet long lost friends annually .
  13. White Gurdwara?

    The title to me suggested a new White Gurdwara might have been built, NOT ANOTHER ONE I thought to myself A Jatha Singh once suggested a thought provoking idea - imagine having only one Gurdwara (Darbar Sahib, Amritsar), the sharda would increase exponentially, be no beadbi cases and the Sangat will queue for days on end to have a glimpse of the True Guru. No need to bash him or think about the practicalities or that we have massive increase in Sikh populous, just think about it! I'm not interested in the negatives. Even if there was one Gurdwara per country, it can only be of benefit Sikhi in my opinion.
  14. Outside of signing petitions and writing to local MPs, the vast majority, me included, will do sweet FA, just helps lighten the load in to thinking we've done something. The reality is that apart from a few die hard Naujwans, who I might add would be foolish to go to India after publicly backing the campaign, the rest are passive. We can argue the same about the Marches taking place every June in London. In the grand scheme of things, has it really made much of a difference, the K*ti GOI have in fact become more right wing since '84 and the nationalism wave is riding ever high with Modi's support. We haven't forgotten so that's why Sangat attends - without fail year on year and I suppose there is a level of knowledge dissemination to the tourists. Is there a single Sikh petition that has resulted in the UK government actually taking positive action, or is it just a big con to make us feel like our voices are being heard?
  15. Well also that mazbis take Amrit from separate bata...again this might not be the case everywhere.