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  1. Changes as an Amritdhari

    Agreed. And welcome back bro
  2. 18th c antique Khanda for sale

    Totally worth it....just wish I could afford it 😔
  3. Baba Vacancy Ders Sirsa

    What's wrong with GuruMaa?
  4. The Path to a Sikh Renaissance

    Whilst I like the OPs list, I would like to categorically say that we should NEVER, EVER shed the warrior mentality, ever.
  5. Problems with certain Jathebandi's

    Nihangs probably have more baani in their maryada than anyone else (longer rehraas, chaupai, sohila, aarti etc.). They fully worship aad, dasam, sarbloh, including others like brahm kavach, bhagauti astotar and gobind geeta.
  6. Bhai Jagraj Singh has passed away.

    Firstly, I wasted a few minutes reading your post, which unfortunately I'm not going to get back. Secondly, why not help support our parcharaks and their families? Bhai Jugraj Singh Ji gave so much for parchar and the sangat, can we not even do this much? And his wife is running the Mighty Khala project as well. I ask you, is that not a worthy cause?
  7. Shocking

    For flip sake, JUST STOP FIGHTING IN THE GURDWARA!!!!!!!
  8. I'm Scared Of Dying! What Do I Do?

    ...maybe you'll come back as a caterpillar ..... caterpillars' are awesome...
  9. Soordaas Baani

    The pictures actually prove the story. There are many Birs that have the full shabad. But those with the Guru's signature and those written by Baba Deep Singh Ji and Bhai Mani Singh Ji will only have the one line.
  10. Soordaas Baani

    Sant Gurbachan Singh Ji Bhidran Wale explains this in their katha. When Bhagat Soordas Ji was asked recite their bani by Panjve Paatshah, they read the first line and went into samadhi. (Chhad Man Har Bimukhan Ko Sang). Then Guru Ju composed Sarang M5 Soordas. When Bhagat Ji came out of samadhi, they did complete the shabad, but Guru Ji said we will only accept the first line for Gurbani