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  1. It's difficult with the older generation. It's easier to create young boys than to fix broken old men.
  2. It's just cultural bs brought over by the previous generation. If your parents are doctors, does that mean you are automatically a doctor as well? No, you have to study. Just because your parents are Sikh, it doesn't automatically make you a Sikh, you need to take Amrit yourself. It is not your janam, but your karam that decide who you are.
  3. I agree with pretty much everything said here. Whether it's the parents, the media, western culture or personal weakness, it's hurting the ratio badly.
  4. I'm more interested in the why. Why can women not take Khande Di Pahul?
  5. So, how does a woman have a Guru if she does not take amrit?
  6. Please do not misuse the example of Bibi Rajni. Much respect to all those bibis who wear the dastaar! !!!! And a bloody shame on those who discourage them!!!
  7. I for one do not care whether Baba Sri Chand Ji Maharaj accepted Sikhi in the conventional sense. They are to be given the utmost reverence as the Sahibzade of Jagat Guru Sri Satguru Nanak Sahib Ji. They were greatly respected by subsequent Gurus also.
  8. 1. It is the ustat of our Adi/Jagat Guru, making it completely relevant to Sikhs even though it is not Gurbani *shock*. 2. His appearance, whether jattadhari or not, is irrelevant to his immense importance to Sikhi. Dhan Dhan Baba Sri Chand Ji Maharaj
  9. Regardless of who sung this, this aartaa was written by Baba Sri Chand Ji Maharaj as a worship of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj.
  10. In the Master's Presence
  11. Maybe not. But why should they?