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  1. Clearly there are a lot of people here who ain't gonna get a wedding invite
  2. how deluded is Niddar Sio?

    I didn't miss anything training with him, as I had the intellectual understand to simply walk up to him and ask him any question , and he was always more than happy to explain. It's not rocket science
  3. how deluded is Niddar Sio?

    And again, let's stop side-tracking, eh? If you have answers or evidence, please share. No point in making useless comments. And I actually have states on a number of occasions over the years. I did used to train under him. Unfortunately, due to my own work and family commitments, I couldn't continue my training, but am grateful for the time I did spend training under him.
  4. how deluded is Niddar Sio?

    Again, let's' break it down. Have you trained under him? What is your experience? Have you asked him? Etc. As far as lifting weights goes; one does not become a good fighter simply by lifting weights. I know of many martial arts masters, for whom lifting weights/muscular strength is not in any way a core part of their training regime. As far as eating sausages goes, nihangs do eat meat. And the great thing about sausage is, you know it's never gonna be halal! Still waiting on evidence against SV.....
  5. how deluded is Niddar Sio?

    @Singh123456777, Bro, still waiting on your evidence. ....
  6. how deluded is Niddar Sio?

    I've studied various martial arts for many years as well, and I say it is the real deal. But let's leave subjective opinions out for a second. You say he studied with different instructors of different arts. Do you have any evidence to back up this bogus claim? Who are these phantom instructors? How come they haven't come forward with this magical claim that you've just made? If you look at the various seminars Gurdev Niddar Singh has done with other instructors, they all say it' the real deal. Of course there's some overlap, there always is. That does not constitute plagiarism. For example, a "tiger-style" of fighting will be similar across different martial arts, because it is based on the same animal. Ideological differences aside, every time this topic pops up, I always look for the evidence behind the bogus claims that people make. But in every situation, much like yours, there is no evidence. What a pathetic plight, that the whole world accepts SV as the real deal, except our own people! Awaiting your thoughts and evidence Bro. ...
  7. how deluded is Niddar Sio?

    Says who? Please show evidence for this typical clichΓ© claim.
  8. how deluded is Niddar Sio?

    Let's actually get down to it here. How many of you (yes, you keyboard warriors as well) have actually gone up to him and discussed your grievances with him personally? I gonna guess not much (if any). I used to train under him back in the day (but work commitments have put my training on hold). Whenever I or any of us had a question, we used to ask him directly. And he would take the time (as long as we needed) to explain each point in detail. He is always absolutely open to dialogue, but it seems no one wants to discuss anything with him directly! I've seen this pattern for years now. Now coming downto the point which ruffles a lot of feathers. And some gatka boys may find this offensive. How many people think that what he teaches is not the authentic shastar vidiya? And how many believe gatka is the authentic vidiya. In my many years (yes, I'm that old) I've seen many senior gatka students leave gatka after being disillusioned and join his ranks. Some of these people are from the famous baba ajit Singh akhara from Southall. I've seen both and done both. Bottom line: gatka is a tamasha, SV is the real deal. Period.
  9. Changes as an Amritdhari

    Agreed. And welcome back bro
  10. 18th c antique Khanda for sale

    Totally worth it....just wish I could afford it πŸ˜”
  11. Baba Vacancy Ders Sirsa

    What's wrong with GuruMaa?
  12. The Path to a Sikh Renaissance

    Whilst I like the OPs list, I would like to categorically say that we should NEVER, EVER shed the warrior mentality, ever.
  13. Problems with certain Jathebandi's

    Nihangs probably have more baani in their maryada than anyone else (longer rehraas, chaupai, sohila, aarti etc.). They fully worship aad, dasam, sarbloh, including others like brahm kavach, bhagauti astotar and gobind geeta.