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  1. The pictures actually prove the story. There are many Birs that have the full shabad. But those with the Guru's signature and those written by Baba Deep Singh Ji and Bhai Mani Singh Ji will only have the one line.
  2. Sant Gurbachan Singh Ji Bhidran Wale explains this in their katha. When Bhagat Soordas Ji was asked recite their bani by Panjve Paatshah, they read the first line and went into samadhi. (Chhad Man Har Bimukhan Ko Sang). Then Guru Ju composed Sarang M5 Soordas. When Bhagat Ji came out of samadhi, they did complete the shabad, but Guru Ji said we will only accept the first line for Gurbani
  3. Pendu literally means villager. I.e. someone from the pind / village
  4. Excellent breakdown
  5. You forgot Jakepreet. Seriously though, it will depend on the Gurvaak
  6. White-washed horsesh*t. There is no mystery surrounding Dasam and Sarbloh Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. The stance on same gender marriage is pretty clear in Sikhi as well. This is all flowery/liberal crap
  7. Not one shred of proof supports this theory. And the real tragedy is that apne bande are the only ones spewing this kind of nonsense. Masters from other martial arts who have seen SV say this is the real thing. Are you saying Nidar Singh has fooled them all???
  8. If you do not know what exactly happened with his personal marital problems kindly do not comment as you have no proof and you are stooping to the level of gossiping. Again, as far as the vidiya goes, it's the real thing and I suggest the OP get in contact with him. You do not have to believe in his ideology to learn the vidiya.
  9. Had an affair? Do you know this for sure? How'd you know they didn't just have marital problems and separate? Please don't talk simply based on rumours. I don't know about his personal marital problems so I don't talk about it. As far as training the rss goes, that's not true at all. He teaches ANYONE who is willing to learn. Vidiya of any kind is not an inheritance, it must be learned and earned. And this goes back to my original point; when he was just trying to share the Vidiya with the Sikh community, everyone ridiculed him especially on this forum. Now he is teaching a wider audience you want to complain? Not fair. Bottom line is our people had the chance to learn the Vidiya and (as expected ) they chucked it in the garbage. No point in crying over it now.
  10. When you go from right to left, the Sri sahib is close to Guru Sahib Ji, as the nihang singhs do it. Now, if you were to draw your sword, you would draw it AWAY from the Guru. This means that you keep shastar to serve the Guru, and challenge any dusht that goes against the Guru.
  11. If he has mixed other martial arts , why do you care what he teaches? If he has the original art, why did are people not respect and accept it?
  12. His behaviour is not really my concern. If you want to learn the actual shastarvidhiya, then he has it. Simple as that. What did we do to preserve this art? Nothing. Nidar Singh has the art. And just because he had slightly different beliefs than us, we vilified him every chance we got. I'm not saying it's right that he has (potentially) accepted funding from RSS, but we didn't exactly roll out the red carpet for him either. He has taken the vidiya elsewhere because his own people rejected him. No use crying about it now. If we rejected him before, we've got no right to judge him now, period.