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  1. Why Akali Nihangs Are Nearly Complete Human Beings?

    some have mastered puratan natural vedic medicinal techniques & yoga too ...
  2. This sword is Indian with a Afghan twist, most probably North/South India, late 18 -early 19 C. The massive blade is in a classical shape of a Khyber sword 24 inches long and 3 inches wide. It is finely fullered and with a pronounced T spine. The handle is a Khanda/Tulwar hybrid style half basket handle with a short pommel spike. Nice South Indian style piercings on the handle. Total length ** inches. Very good condition to age. No scabbard. Price £245 +Postage. email me on : singh_the_end@hotmail.co.uk
  3. Shastarvidiya Classes Not Taught By Nidar

    His students are no worse at brainwashing
  4. Sukhvinder Javeed

    shes apni married to a muslim
  5. Current Amrit Sanchars In Uk !?

    VJKKVJKF can sangat please keep posting current amrit sanchars with location on this tread. This would benifit alot of sangat who are finding it hard to find out this information Thank you! vjkkvjkf
  6. Shastar for sale! Akaaal

    @TankaranSingh for the last time ... what you see is what is for sale my friend.
  7. Shaster For Sale

    gold tegha is sold!
  8. Shastar for sale! Akaaal

    Gold tegha is sold
  9. Shastar for sale! Akaaal

    @starstriker , its has a beval which is sharp but is not razor sharp. price is £500 which a steal if you know what gold puratan shaster go for these days. @hsingh from various sources. I can ship worldwide. Sorry don't know any
  10. Shastar for sale! Akaaal

    @gianbansingh these are all sold. i have a gold mutha damascus tegha for sale.
  11. Shaster For Sale

    Puratan 3 foot Tulvaar £150 SOLD!
  12. Shaster For Sale

    REDUCED PRICES : Small straight new 8inch choora/peshkabz dagger- comes complete with leather scabbard. - £100 +PnP Small curved new 8inch peshkabz dagger- comes complete with leather scabbard. - £100 Small curved new 10inch peshkabz dagger- comes complete with leather scabbard. - SOLD! Large antique Dark Iranian 12 inches Wootz kard/peshkabz dagger -comes complete with leather scabbard. - £170 Large antique Indian 12 inches Wootz kard/peshkabz dagger -comes complete with velvet scabbard. - £170 I also have a Gold glided pattern welded damascus Tegha for sale. The gold gliding is recent. The sword & hilt itself are antique. The tegha has a stamp of the maker? on the ricasso. Solid fighting piece with no movement between the blade or the handle. comes complete with a leather scabbard. £550 + Postage worldwide postage available! Regards A.Singh
  13. Shaster For Sale

    Gold tegha reduced to £550 for quick sale! Fruther more I have a damascus Tabar Axe for sale! £80 which is a bargain! Small 7inch total curved serrated kirpan £100 Puratan 3 foot Tulvaar £150 email me on singh_the_end@hotmail.co.uk
  14. Budha Dal

    somethings are better left untouched if you dont know the full story... dont dirty ur soul with nindiya ...if u werent there or havent spoken toe the people in involed or have a reliable source.. then leave it out