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  1. Santa ke karaj aap khloya, Har kam kravan aaya ram

    wjkk wjkf

    Appeal from all sikhsangat

    Plz visit the panjpyare.com & read all info & also forward to all ur friends

    can u take a print out of this site?

    if u do plz take & put on the notice board in Gurdwara Sahib .

    i am waiting ur response. (bharbanssingh.karsewa@gm ail.com)

    Thanks & R

  2. Akhand Simran

  3. How Is Everyone Celebrating Guru Nanak Dev Jee's Parkash

    thats why you buy a house close to a Gurdwara!!! :lol:
  4. Yc Nagar Kirtan

  5. Sarbloh Granth

    Only our understanding is "primitive and low level"
  6. Contraversies

    how about the Taksalee singhs marry the AkJ singhnees and the AKJ singhs marry the taksalee singhnees?
  7. Contraversies

  8. Energy Drinks!

    What are the sangats views upon energy drinks such as Red Blue, Rockstar energy drink, etc. etc.?
  9. Gurpartaap Surya Granth

    OHHH. you misspelled it, in your previous post. the topic. I think there are translations online. but I really don't know where the translations are. I have the first pothe at home. Try and check your local Gurdwara if you could borrow it?
  10. Gurpartaap Surya Granth

    is it from dasam Granth? :lol: we need to list all the Granths: Sri Guru Granth Sahib jee Sarbloh Granth Dasam Granth ....
  11. I think the aarth is. that the Guru of Gorakh, Brahma, Parbhatee(maayea) is GURU!!!!!! please correct me If I'm wrong.
  12. What Is Purkarma

    awesome! thanksss.
  13. What Is Purkarma

    SO if a nihang goes anti-clockwise, and a taksali goes clockwise...... they will inevitebly bump in2 each other and fall down. :lol: we shud standardise it to one way for the sake of not bumping into each other. LOL!!!
  14. the person above is correct. haha