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  1. jee you liu moi


  2. How To Sit In Chounkree Longer?

    Nothing wrong with a bit of Desensitization.
  3. How To Sit In Chounkree Longer?

    You should try doing sqwats and stretching your legs more.
  4. Wow man thats luvly. When you said Guru Ji had a lot of things (diamonds,,gold,,money lot of things), when you remember Guru Ji you get the nine treasurers, you only have to read Ardas to find out this too. I think the reason why Guru Ji have you Gutkha Sahib is because Guru Ji maybe wants you to read gurbani? And the people I think that got the nine treasurers read Gurbani? The fact that you saw Guru Ji is also remembering Guru Ji. I also think its good to share experiences, to me thats the idea of Sat Sangat. Having theses dreams are good signs.
  5. This is not true because Muslims wear turbans, Christans and Jews used to wear Turbans. And how many Sikhs today are being confused to being a Muslim, no matter what Pugh or Patkha style you wear? Go to any Islamic country (where sikhi is not known) and the Muslims would even think your Muslim. The Dastarah/Turbans were worn by Warriors in battle because it protecting them from blows to the head. When Guru Har Gobind started the Akali movement Guru Ji asked them to wear Turbans. Now what im going to say is controversial to most Sikhs on this forum. Guru Nanak used to wear a topi (Hat). If you see old pictures of Guru Nanak Dev Ji he is seen wearing a Seli topi which is worn by Holy men but im guessing im not going to get anyone agreeing with me because "old pictures theses days there are considered Anti-Sikh". And Shia Muslims have soo much love for Guru Nanak and think of Guru Ji as a great Sufi Saint.
  6. How To Sell Mind To Guru Sahib

    In my view do Bhagatey, install God's name inside your heart.
  7. What Is Darshan?

    When the soul bride becomes married, she see's the face of her beloved everywhere.
  8. Theres Is No Heaven Or Hell

    Cheers your that
  9. Theres Is No Heaven Or Hell

    Any chance theres a PDF version on the internet?
  10. Theres Is No Heaven Or Hell

    To be with SatGuru is Heaven. To be without SatGuru is hell.
  11. Kaurs In Punj Piarey

    Ive heard somewhere that in Dasam Guru Granth, Guru Ji describes women as being superior and that women think faster. But most Sikhs theses days think that Guru Gobind Singh Ji didn't write or compile Dasam Guru Granth.
  12. Maya

    I've also been thinking the same thingy lately. The thing is we dont even know what Sach Kand looks like from the start, I think Guru Ji said it was indescribable. But we can not see beyond theses Five senses.
  13. Whats Is A Surname?

    Can you put the whole bani in rather then picking one line and changing the meaning. When I read Guru Jis bani which you posted like that, its like i'm reading the ending first before the beginning of the bani.
  14. Whats Is A Surname?

    So if your blood sister changes her name to Kaur, does that mean you can marry her? Im not trying to be bad but if you go with this logic years from now, you wouldnt know who your blood sisters or brothers are. Guru Ji also said not to be proud of your jaat, does that mean rejecting it all together? No. Guru Ji also says not to be proud of your wealth, does that mean we have to throw it away? No. Everything that is mines is actually his. http://www.sikhnet.com/sikhnet/music.nsf/S...7e2f21!Open