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  1. So Jagmeet gets married ....

    No brother not questioning anything about ur rehit.. Was hoping to help u realize what u are doing and maybe spark some introspection. Obviously didnt work, Chalo wat can one say other then Waheguru Bhul chuk maaf.
  2. Sarbat Khalsa

    Do you think that suggests congress were the ones behind beadbi kaands? Its black and white for me Simranjeet, Ajnala, Daduwal and other SK mukhis a gadars as much as SAD(B). But would they stoop as low as supporting the above?? Im not sure. Unfortunately not sure which credible potential leaders that leaves over in punjab. Sad state of affairs Is it time to admit there are unlikely to be any or few khalse left in the motherland that are not behind bars.
  3. Is taksaal in pieces

    If u feel dhumma is mukhi then in my opinion the answer to ur question is No he is neither sant or brahmgiani.. anyone to argue otherwise must be wearing rose tinted chushmey. (thought id answer as this q seems to have been side stepped in previous responses). If you consider somebody else to be the mukhi, then possibly yes depending on who see the mukhi to be..
  4. Sarbat Khalsa

    Specifically interested on ur take on current situation as u always seemed to have ur finger on the pulse when it comed to punjab affairs.
  5. Sarbat Khalsa

    An old thread but just been thinking how quiet it is in punjab on thr sikh rights and justice front, you would think since the badals are now out the picture, the sikh activists behind the sarbat khalsa would get moving again now the sikh butchers (congress) are back in control. A few notable points that come to mind: 1. The sikh killing congress are quite firmly in control of punjab. 2. Badal Dal in freefall 3. Still no closer to unhatching the planners behind the ang ripping of sggs mahraj across punjab 2-3 years ago 4. Congress have recently dropped sedition charges against the front liners and jathedars related to the last two attempts of arranging sarbat khalse 5. akali dal amritsar, baba daduwal and co shtum on biannual sarbat khalse.. all the issues they raised are still there though..... hmmmmmm???? Sounds like the likes of akali dal amritsar, baba daduwal and co have acomplished what they wanted hence no talk of future sarbat khalse. Stinks of a dodgy deal with congress and these fake sikh leaders especially (4), were they doing the bidding for congress all along???? The important kaumi issue (3) seems to have been "forgotten" by akali dal amritsar, baba daduwal and co, or was (3) just a convenient excuse for them to achieve (1) & (2). Can't trust anybody at the sikh political top table. Hopefully the world sikh parliament gets off the ground as diaspora sikh politics is more cohesive, less uncorrupted and not as pendu backward as punjabs sikh politics.. maybe this will lead to reformation of some kind of regular sarbat khalsa type gatherings to bring focus to actual issues and in turn addressing them. Basically posted this to see if anybody else smells some rats in amongst; akali dal amritsar, baba daduwal and co??????
  6. So Jagmeet gets married ....

    Nindo Nindo.. Nindo Moko Log Nindo… Criticise me… Oh Criticise me All you people… please criticize me. The great Kabir ji.
  7. So Jagmeet gets married ....

    And where are you on a scale of 1-10 on following puran maryada of sri guru nanak dev ji? Are you a better gursikh then jagmeet singh? According to gurbani are you beautiful or ugly?
  8. So Jagmeet gets married ....

    Nindiya = people in glass houses throwing stones This singh probably does more good then all of us put together. hes obviously no Saint but he's on the right path. maharaj bless him and the rest of us strength to become a better and stronger singhs then we already are.
  9. Prob many reasons.. One being cows are domesticated animals in punjab.. my families cows in punjab are surprisingly intelligent and have great personalities and given names. Your question is similar in principle to asking why do meat eating brits not eat dog or cat meat.
  10. Would be good if gurdwara members of UK Sikh Council made a similar statement of solidarity against the actions of the hindutva Govt.. and shamed gurdwara committees in India for pandering to the Indian Govt. ...we can all dream I guess
  11. Is amritvela necessary

    This is only response on thread based on gurmat... ignore all others manmat. I
  12. Bhai Jagraj Singh has passed away.

    This guy is a troll or completely illiterate close minded prat.
  13. No sikh of our beloved would make such a pathetic statement. U r a disgrace!
  14. Singh In Gay Night Club

    Stupid topic... Who knows if it was the same guy or if he went in? U r disgracing somebody without any credible evidence/insight.